"A Bunch of Idiots"
Season Survivor: The Beginning
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 1/13
Episode Chronology
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This is the season premiere of 'Survivor: The Beginning'


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Quest for Fire
Tribes must float a cauldron through the ocean while lighting torches along the way. Then they must carry it across the shore and light a giant Fire Spirit. The first tribe to light all the torches and the Spirit wins.
Reward: Waterproof matches and Immunity
Winner: Sarawak


Day 1

At a small fishing village, 16 castaways boarded a boat headed to where Survivor began, in Borneo. Jeff Probst opened the show, revealing that the 16 new contestants will be playing the same game as the original cast in Borneo did. The castaways were divided into two tribes, Sabah and Sarawak. In the ocean, the boat stopped and Probst gave them one minute to take whatever they can from the boat. After the minute was up, Sabah and Sarawak jumped on their rafts with everything they took and headed for Pulau Tiga.

After hours, Sarawak arrived at their camp. After arriving, they decided to immediately get to work. Everyone was working except for Helga. Violet noticed this and asked Helga to help her. Helga replied by saying that she isn't very strong and wouldn't be much help anyway. While sorting out the items from the boat, Benny and Jane made first impressions of one another. Neither of them thought the other looked very helpful. Helga then called everyone to gather around. She claimed that they needed to discuss survival. Mainly, she just annoyed everyone when they were trying to work. In a confessional, Helga revealed she was trying to play like the first ever winner.

I want to play this game like the original winner. This is based on the original Survivor after all. I have no need to work.


Charlie and Ryan went to get wood for Sarawak and formed an almost instant friendship. Vanessa saw that Walter was strong and thought he would be best to align with. Vanessa attempted to speak with Walter about aligning, but Walter felt he had no need to align with an old lady. Walter said in a confessional that he feels he's the smartest on the tribe.

It's become obvious that I'm the smartest on the tribe. As for everyone else, well... They're all just a bunch of idiots!


Finally, Sabah reached shore at their camp. Bob saw no need to waste time, so he began telling everyone how they were going to set up. Pen, however, didn't like that Bob was acting like a leader. Pen confronted Bob on the subject, and the two argued. Natalie suggested that everyone just starts working and ignore Pen and Bob. However, Victoria wasn't feeling well after the long paddle, so she went to lay down. While looking for a water hole, Natalie and Jennifer made conversation. The two revealed that neither of them have much experience camping.

Jennifer and I have a lot in common. She seems like someone I would hang out with regularly.


Billy decided to lay down next to Victoria, for he didn't want to work. Peter got angry when he noticed Billy and Victoria being lazy. Pen and Bob continued arguing and Olive decided that she had had enough. Olive went to Pen and Bob and suggested that the three of them form an alliance, because they all have good leadership ability. Pen and Bob agreed to it, but Pen secretly hated the idea.

I could care less about what Olive thinks. I already can't stand Bob. Hopefully I won't have to stay loyal to this alliance for too long.


Upon nightfall, neither tribe had a good shelter. Sarawak's was too small, so Walter and Vanessa volunteered to sleep outside.

Day 2

Once again, Vanessa attempted to align with Walter after the previous night. Later that day, Sabah and Sarawak met Probst for their first challenge for both Immunity and Reward.

Sarawak took an early lead, but Sabah began to catch up. Once the tribes reached the beach, Benny led Sarawak straight to the finish, thus winning the challenge and sending Sabah to Tribal Council.

Day 3

At Sabah, Natalie began losing it out of depression from losing the challenge and having to vote someone off. Jennifer began to worry.

Apparently Natalie has emotional problems. I feel bad for her, but it will be hard to have to put up with it for 39 days.


But Victoria claimed that she was feeling much better and was ready to work when needed. Meanwhile, Pen suggested to Olive and Bob that they bring Peter and Victoria into the alliance. Olive was skeptical at first, but decided it was a good idea. The three then asked Peter and Victoria if they wanted to be in an alliance.

An alliance? How could I say no? You're pretty lucky if people just come up to you and ask for an alliance.


They agreed to it and the five created the first alliance of the season. They wanted to take out Billy for being lazy, but they felt Natalie would have a hard time getting by if she cries every time they lose.

At Tribal Council, Natalie, Jennifer and Billy felt that the vote would be random, not knowing about the alliance. Natalie and Billy were convinced it was Bob going, while Jennifer cast a throwaway vote for Olive. But the alliance ultimately decided that Billy would be more useful in challenges and Natalie was eliminated, becoming the first person voted off in a 5-2-1 vote. The Sabah tribe were then able to take their torches back to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Luke (3)
Natalie (5 votes)
Luke (2)Luke (4)Luke (5)Luke (6)
Luke (7)
Bob, Olive, Pen, Peter & Victoria
Luke (2)
Bob (2 votes)
Luke (1)Luke (3)
Billy & Natalie
Luke (4)
Olive (1 vote)
Natalie Sherman

Voting Confessionals

I'm sorry, Natalie. But we can't have people around here who can't keep themselves together.


I don't react kindly to being bossed around. Goodbye.


I have to vote for someone, and I don't talk to you as much as others. Sorry.


Final Words

I didn't see that coming. To be perfectly honest, I'm not really sure what I did to deserve getting voted off. I would have never expected to be the first out. They got me.


Still in the Running

Luke (1)
Luke (2)
Luke (4)
Luke (5)
Luke (6)
Luke (7)
Luke (8)
Luke (9)
Luke (10)
Luke (11)
Luke (12)
Luke (13)
Luke (14)

Author's Notes

  • The title was said by Walter when he was saying that he was the smartest on the tribe. It refers to the other tribe members.
  • The season One World had an episode with the same title.