"A Deal With the Devil"
Los Haitises Park2
Season Survivor: Dominican Republic
Author User:Gavin316
Episode Number 8/13
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This is the eighth episode of Survivor: Dominican Republic

Previously On Survivor...

The Yuna and Payabo Tribes merged into a new Tribe called Sabana de la Mar and right from the start Jenny tried to butter up the members of the former Yuna Tribe. She did this in the hope that when the time came she and Wild Bill could use them to their advantage. Kendra realized exactly what Jenny was trying to do and so she cautioned Hector about trusting Jenny.

The members of the former Yuna Tribe stressed over the fact that they had no power coming into the merge due to the numbers disadvantage. However, Hector and Denise offered a deal to work with the former members of the Yuna Tribe if they would agree to get rid of Jenny and Bill. The former members of the Yuna Tribe agreed with this move and they along with Hector, Denise, Sully, and Kendra voted Jenny out. This left Wild Bill without any allies in in the game. Nine are left, who will be voted out next?


Reward Challenge: Rock Block
The castaways would be divided into teams of three: black, red, and white. The teams would have a row of eight team-colored ceramic tiles on frames belonging to them. Playing in rounds, one member from each team would throw a metal ball at the other two team's tiles to try to break them. When all eight tiles of a team were broken, the team would be out of the challenge. The last team with an intact tile would win.
Reward: The winning team will fly over Los Haitises National Park in a helicopter after the flight is done the winning team will have a picnic on a private beach.
Winners: Kendra, Hector, Sully

Immunity Challenge: Last Gasp
The players must swim under a steel grate and stay above the water. As the tide rises, player will run out of breathing room. If the fear of drowning is too much, that person can bail out. The last person still under the grate wins the challenge.
Winner: Kendra


Night 21

The Sabana de la Mar tribe returns from their first Tribal Council as a merged tribe. Not much is said as we see night vision shots of various castaways talking.

When we got back from Tribal I was very surprised that William did not say a word. I mean the dude just got screwed over and he did not say a peep. Then after the majority of the tribe went to lie down it happened... Hurricane William was unleashed.


Wild Bill begins singing I Want to Rock n’ Roll All Night at the top of his lungs (off-key naturally), occasionally looking over to where his sleeping tribe mates are to see if he is disturbing their sleep. When he gets very little reaction he walks into the shelter proper and begins to sing.

Remarkably nobody really reacts to him and it is at this point that he begins yelling about how the people of the former Payabo Tribe are not to be trusted and that they will turn on the former Yuna people at the first opportunity they can.

It is at this point that Denise, who has had enough, stands up and says that they took out Jenny before she and Bill could take out them and it is as simple as that. Bill laughs and says that they might have taken out Jenny but he is still here and he intends to stay there even if he has to will himself to win every Immunity from here on out. With that Bill mutters about going to sleep out on the beach and he leaves the shelter and heads out to the beach.

I’ll tell you what, Bill is a piece of work. He knows he is screwed and so he walks around singing and yelling about how we the former Payabo Tribe can’t be trusted. Then he says that he is going to will himself into winning every Immunity Challenge from here on out. I just laughed over the absurdity of that comment.

From a strategic perspective I am not sure what he was trying to do last night. I mean all he did was cause eight other people to not get any sleep. Eight people who will decide his fate out here. Man I just can’t wait to get rid of that bitter, annoying, old fool. Camp life will be so much better.


Day 22

Day twenty two begins with a confessional from Wild Bill who is sitting on the beach.

You know I bet there are people out there who are scratching their heads wondering why I acted the way I acted last night. Well simply put there is always a reason for me doing stuff out here.

Look if I am being honest with myself, I have not had a chance to win this game since day one. Day one when the game first started my chances were low and now my chances of surviving another three days are pretty slim. However, what I did last night was try to make myself look like an attractive final two candidate and I hope someone saw that. I want to be the goat because second place and a hundred thousand dollars looks mighty fine to me.

–Wild Bill

Out in the woods Rodney and Jill are talking about Wild Bill’s outburst during the previous night. Jill said the whole situation was very awkward and she did not know what to do. She really wanted to get up and leave the shelter but she was afraid that if she did so, Bill might turn his attention onto her. Rodney says that he can fully understand why the people from the old Payabo Tribe want him gone. He then tells Jill that he was really annoyed when Bill began singing during the Immunity Challenge because that caused him to lose his concentration and is what ultimately caused him to lose the challenge.

Back at the camp proper, Sully, Hector, Denise, Esther, and Damion are all sitting close to the fire eating breakfast. Moments later Wild Bill comes over and sits down next to Sully and Hector. He smiles at Sully and pats him on the knee.

Quote1So Gilbert, what happened to Payabo till the end? What happened to us getting rid of what you called the deadweight of the former Yuna Tribe?

I guess you are only loyal when you need to be…well that’s cool dude cuz now we all know that you and your buddies can’t be trusted. And your word out here means jack squat.Quote2
- Wild Bill

Quote1Dude you need to…Quote2- Sully

Quote1Sully I got this man. Look William why don’t you go back to the beach and sulk some more and let the adults have a moments peace for once.Quote2- Hector

Quote1Sulk…oh I ain’t going to sulk ese. Nah sulking isn’t my style.

No I think I will sit here on this beach with y’all and have a nice conversation about loyalty.Quote2
- Wild Bill

Quote1Loyalty…loyalty? You’ve got to be joking about that. After all you planned on screwing us last night and your vote for Hector proves that. We just had the numbers last night.Quote2- Denise

Quote1I didn’t screw anyone. I voted for Hector because I figured out that the four of you weren’t going to keep your word and stick with me and Jenny.

So my vote last night had nothing to do with me being disloyal. No…my vote last night had everything to do with me wanting to piss Hector off.Quote2
- Wild Bil

Quote1Well you can vote for me all you want William, because at the end of the day your vote does not mean much because your game is pretty much over. My only suggestion to you is to win Immunity, because if you don’t…well then you’re going to go home eight to one.Quote2- Hector

With that both Hector and Sully get up and start walking towards the beach. Wild Bill gets up and follows them. This causes Sully to angrily turn around and ask Bill why he is following them. Bill says that there is no rule in the game that says he can’t follow someone around so he is going to follow him and Hector all day so that he can remind them of how disloyal they are. He then goes on to say that if he truly does have only three days left in the game, he wants to have some fun and hound the former Payabo people while he remains in the game and he will not stop hounding them until he gets bored.

Man I had a front row seat to all that drama that Wild Bill brought today during breakfast. Ya know what?

I actually like that dude that dude is crazy as all hell but I thought he was funny following those two dudes around the camp. Plus it helps that I don’t like that Sully guy, so anyone that goes outta their way to annoy him is cool in my book. Know what I’m saying?


William followed Gil and me around on the island for much of the morning today. He kept on repeating the same stuff over and over again. Talking about how we were backstabbers and how nobody should trust us.

I must admit that he did get to me after a while, I mean if I knew I could punch him without getting kicked out of the game I would have done so in a heartbeat. But I’m not going to get kicked out of the game for him.

So Gil and I just let him do his thing. We both knew he was looking for a reaction and neither one of us gave him the satisfaction of giving him one. He ended up giving up after about an hour or so and then we didn’t see him for the majority of the day after that. I had no clue where he went and truth be told I didn’t really care. I was just happy he was not around me anymore.


Back at the camp Esther, Kendra, and Denise talk about Bill’s outburst during the previous night and early that morning. Esther tells Kendra and Denise that she does not understand why they would keep him around if he always acts like a petulant child. Denise laughs and says that she wanted him gone a long time ago but they kept on winning Immunity and so the opportunities to get rid of him were just not there and when they were the rest of the team decided they wanted to keep him for his strength in challenges.

Esther says that nobody like him should have been allowed to last in the game no matter how good he is in challenges. Denise laughed and said to Esther that after a while you learn to ignore him like he is background noise and soon you forget that he is even there.

Day 23

As day twenty-three begins, Hector and Denise are walking to the tribe’s water source which is a well that is about a ten minute walk through the woods.

Quote1You know I like where we are in the game right now. I really think that we can trust Kendra and Sully to keep their word and get rid of William. After that happens…well the sky is the limit to what we can do.Quote2- Hector

Quote1Well if I am being honest, I am still a little iffy about Gilbert. I mean just a few days ago he wanted to keep Bill in this game for as long as possible and now he is all gun-ho about getting rid of him.Quote2- Denise

Quote1Trust me when I say this, Gil is sincere in wanting to get rid of William. Especially after what William did to the two of us yesterday. William is going next there is no doubt in my mind but after he is gone we then got to deal with that messy final eight pact that we made with the ex-Yuna people.

We have to see if one of them will be willing to flip. I think trying to get Esther to flip is our best bet. If she won’t flip then we might have to deal with a tie in the final eight vote…Quote2
- Hector

Quote1Yeah well let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. We still have to make sure the former Yuna people keep up their end of the bargain and get rid of Bill. You know he could very well join up with them and give them the majority. If that happens we’re screwed.Quote2- Denise

Quote1I don’t see that happening. I mean why would the Yuna people do that?

After all we saved them. We could have easily voted with Jenny and then dismantled their team but we went out of our way to keep the four of them in the game.

Plus, who in their right mind would be willing to work with William. The man is a cancer out here and he needs to be removed as soon as possible. There is nobody in this game that should be willing to work with him.Quote2
- Hector

Man I love Denise, she is like a sister to me out here; I know she is the one person that will look out for me no matter what. But sometimes I wonder where her head is at. She is always thinking of the worst case scenario in everything that goes on in this game.

She also puts way too much stock in how good of a player William is. I mean come on there is nobody in this game that is willing to work with him. That dude is a pariah and he will be gone come next Tribal Council…well that is unless he wins Immunity.


Reward Challenge:

It is now time for the Reward Challenge; the Sabana de la Mar Tribe enters the challenge area. After the contestants settle in on the mat Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge and what the winning team of challenge will get. For this challenge the teams will be broken into three teams of three. Here is the breakdown of the teams for this challenge:

Black Team: Wild Bill, Jill, Denise
Red Team: Kendra, Hector, Sully
White Team: Damion, Rodney, Esther

Round 1:

Bill, Kendra, and Rodney take part in the first round of the challenge. Both Kendra and Rodney hit their targets, which is the Black Team’s tiles, while Bill does not hit anything.

Round 2:

Denise, Sully, and Esther take part in this round. Both Sully and Esther fail to break any tiles. Denise manages to break one of the white team’s tiles.

Round 3:

Jill, Hector, and Damion take part in this round. All three castaways manage to break tiles. Jill broke a Red Team Tile, Damion broke a Black Team tile, and Hector broke one of the Black Team’s tiles.

At the end of round three the Black Team has four tiles left, the White Team has seven tiles left, and the Red Team has seven tiles left.

Round 4:

Bill, Kendra, and Rodney are the participants in this round. Both Bill and Kendra manage to break tiles, while Rodney does not. Bill broke one of the Red Team’s tiles, while Kendra broke another of the Black Team’s tiles.

Round 5:

Denise, Sully, and Esther are up in this round and none of the managed to break any tiles.

Round 6:

Jill, Hector, and Damion take part in this round. Both Hector and Damion manage to break tiles, while Jill did not break anything. Hector and Damion both broke tiles belonging to the Black Team.

At the end of this round the Black Team only has one tile left. The Red Team has six left and the White Team has seven left.

Round 7:

Round seven saw all three participants break tiles. Bill broke one of the Red Team’s Tile, Rodney broke the Black Team’s final tile, and Kendra broke one of the White Team’s tiles.

With that the Black Team is eliminated from the challenge. The Red Team has five tiles left and the White Team has six tiles left.

Round 8:

Round eight saw Sully break one of the White Team’s tiles. Esther failed to break any tiles for the White Team.

Round 9:

Hector and Damion both broke tiles for their respective teams, which means after nine rounds both teams have only four tiles left.

Round 10:

Both Kendra and Rodney managed to break the tiles of their opposing team during the tenth round of the challenge.

Round 11:

Neither Sully or Esther were able to break any tiles in this round which mean both teams are still tied at three tiles apiece heading out of the eleventh round.

Round 12:

The twelfth round saw Hector hit his mark and Damion failing to hit his mark.

Round 13:

Both Kendra and Rodney manager to break the tiles of their opposing team. This means that the White Team only has one tile left and the Red Team has two.

Round 14:

The fourteenth round saw Sully put the White Team out of their misery as he broke the White Team’s final tile and thus won the challenge for the Red Team!

Jeff congratulates the Black Team (Sully, Hector, and Kendra) on their victory. He then the rest of the castaways that he has nothing for them.

Kendra, Hector, and Sully are shown flying in the helicopter above Los Haitises National Park. The trio communicates through headsets while flying in the helicopter. After the helicopter ride is over with we see the trio sitting on the beach eating. Hector tells Sully and Kendra that he was happy that they were on his team because he knew that, that meant he would be able to enjoy the reward if they won.

Kendra laughs and says she did not care what team she was on as long as it was not Bill’s team.

I have to admit I was scared getting into that helicopter today. I have never flown in a helicopter before this afternoon and so when I realized it was one of those choppers without any sides…well I pleaded with Kendra and Hector to allow me to sit in the middle.

I am man enough to admit when I am scared and today was very much one of those times.


The reward today was very cool; I got to enjoy it because I was around people I actually like. There was no drama…just a peaceful afternoon.


While Hector, Kendra, and Sully are off enjoying their reward, Wild Bill is trying to think of a way to stay in the game. He approaches Rodney in the camp and asks to talk to him. The two of them plus Damion go off into the woods as Denise watches them.

Quote1Okay I’m not sure what sort of deal you guys got with my former team but I’m here to go all Don Vito on you guys and make you an offer you can’t refuse. I want to help you guys eliminate my former teammates.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1I don’t know man…I mean I am a man of my word and once I give my word I don’t really like to go back on it.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1I respect that dude but you have to look at the bigger picture here Rod. What was the offer they made you guys?Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1They said that we should vote Jenny and you out and then when it came to the final eight all gloves are off and whichever team came out on top would be the dominate alliance.Quote2- Damion

Quote1You can’t be serious. Is that really the offer that they made?Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1Yeah…Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Well then I think it is about high time that I become Monty Hall because I want to play Let’s Make a Deal with you guys. Look, I am willing to flip and join the two of you and Esther and Jill. That makes five, which would make us the majority.

If I help you guys out it also means, barring any ill-timed Immunity wins by one of them, that I can guarantee you four a spot in the final five. Once we get to the final five the four of you can vote me out or if you see the value of keeping me around...well then that works as well.

All I am asking is for you guys to think about it. There is also one more thing while I’m thinking about it. You guys should want me around because I’m gonna make the perfect final two partner. If we get rid of my former teammates the they will be the majority in the jury and there simply ain’t no way any of them are going to vote for me to win, so whoever takes me to the finals with them would be guaranteeing themselves a victory.

Keeping me around is a win-win for all of us. Now I know y’all already have your final four and final two pacts set. But just do me the favor and think over what I am saying because getting to the final five without any speed bumps is much better than getting to the final eight and having to battle it out to see who stays.Quote2
- Wild Bill

Bill pitched the idea of joining up with the Core Four and taking over this game this afternoon. I must say that it is a very intriguing idea. I mean making it the final eight is just not going to cut if for me and so to have a final five offer out there waiting for me…well I just might have to try to convince Esther and Jill to take Bill up on his offer.

Though I keep on thinking the same thing over and over again, working with Bill is like making a deal with the Devil.


Bill spoke his peace and he brought up some good points. I mean there isn’t no way any of them Payabo folks would be willing to vote for Bill in any final two match-up and that alone makes me willing to work with him.

I’m not sure if I can trust him though because I’ve been told by others that he is not to be trusted. But the folks that are saying that might just want him out of the game and so they are willing to dis him. I don’t know, I talked to Rodney a bit and he seemed down with working with Bill. So I guess it’s up to Jill and Esther. If they’re willing to work with him then I say let’s get rid of those Payabo fools.


So I made my pitch this afternoon to the former Yuna guys. I put myself out there and I pled my case. Now I hope the two of them have enough smarts to see that I am their best option to advance in this game. Because if they’re not smart enough…well then I’ll be gone from the game.

–Wild Bill

Day 24

As day twenty-four begins we see Denise, Hector, and Kendra on the beach talking. Denise is apprising Hector and Kendra about how Bill, Damion, and Rodney went off into the woods and the three of them were gone for a good twenty minutes. Hector dismisses this as being nothing major, he tells Denise that he expected Bill to try to make a move but he highly doubts Damion and Rodney are willing to work with him because of all the havoc that Bill has caused throughout the game thus far.

Kendra says that she does not agree with what Hector is saying and she thinks they should be worried over anytime that Bill is seen cozying up with the former members of the Yuna Tribe. She says that if the five of them were to vote in a block then they would have the majority. Hector tells the women that he will have a talk with Rodney and Damion and see what is going on.

Back at camp Rodney is filling Esther and Jill in on Bill’s offer. Esther, who has become friendly with Denise, does not seem to like the idea of working with Bill. She says that Bill will look for the first opportunity to screw them over and he is only looking for a way to stay in the game.

Rodney laughs and says that is exactly what is going on. He says that Bill is desperate to stay in the game and the three of them plus Damion can give him the chance to do so and in giving him the opportunity to stay in the game it will allow them to last longer in the game as well.

Jill says she is open to working with him but only if Esther is willing to work with him. Esther seems very non-committal over the whole thing and says that she is not sure if she would be willing to work with a jerk like Bill.

Later on in the day Hector asks Rodney and Damion to take a walk with him so that they can discuss some things.

Quote1Sorry to be that guy, but Denise told me that she saw the two of you talking to William while Sully, Kendra and I were at our reward. Is that true?Quote2- Hector

Quote1Is it a crime to talk to folks out here man? Quote2- Damion

Quote1No, not at all but I was just wondering what the three of you could possibly have to talk about. The paranoid part of me was getting a little nervous when I heard that from Denise.

I guess what I want to know is if we’re still good. I mean if Bill doesn’t win Immunity, he will be the next to go.Quote2
- Hector

Quote1We’re good…I mean I’ll be honest with you Bill did try to talk us into saving him. You really can’t fault a guy for trying to stay in the game even if you don’t like him.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Yeah I know…but have you guys thought about taking him up on his offer. I mean Sully, Denise, Kendra and I kept you and your allies in this game. We could have easily voted with Jenny and gotten rid of one of you.Quote2- Hector

Quote1That’s true and that’s good looking out for us, but truth be told you probably would’ve only gotten rid of one of us. Because the six of you were not going to keep on voting together and you would’ve had to use us. So the vote was a mutual thing dude. You know what I’m saying?Quote2- Damion

Quote1Yeah man I get were you’re coming from. Look like I said, I don’t want to be that guy. The guy that gets overly paranoid. So I am going to walk away from this conversation and hope that we will continue to work together.Quote2- Hector
Man I already don’t like that Sully dude. Now Hector is starting to work my last nerve, the Bill deal is looking better and better by the minute.


I hope the members of the former Yuna Tribe stick to their word and work with us to get rid of Bill. When I talked with Rodney and Damion earlier I felt like they were being a little shady so I am not sure what they will do when it comes time to vote.


Immunity Challenge:

The nine remaining contestants arrive at the challenge site and Jeff explains the rules of the Immunity Challenge. He then asks Wild Bill, to give him back the Immunity Necklace.

Jeff reminds them that the winner of the challenge will be safe from the vote at Tribal Council. While anyone without Immunity will be eligible to be the eighth person to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

Everyone with the exception of Damion looks comfortable at the start of the challenge. Damion opts out of the challenge pretty quickly.

Man it ticked me off that I had to be a stereotype today during the challenge. I mean shoot I’m from the city, there ain’t no swimming pools in the city so I never learned how to swim. Oh well I guess I should’ve listened to my mom and took swimming lessons before I got out here.


We now get a time lapsed view of the challenge, as nothing eventful happened after Damion’s elimination. Jeff informs the castaways that an hour has gone by in the challenge. Moments later Esther drops out of the challenge.

I just wanted to see if I could last an hour in this challenge. It turns out that I could, but after the one hour mark was reached I realized that I would not be able to continue much longer so I quit the challenge.


As the water begins to crest over the top of the grate, we see people dropping from the challenge like flies. Sully, Denise, and Bill all drop out of the challenge in rapid fire succession. This means that only Hector, Kendra, Jill, and Rodney were left in the challenge at this point.

We get more time lapsed view of the challenge before it stops and at the bottom of the screen we see a graphic informing us that this challenge has been going on for an hour and twenty-six minutes. It is at this point that Hector chooses to bow out of the challenge.

At the one hour and thirty-seven minute mark, Rodney drops out of the challenge which means that this challenge is between Kendra and Jill. Neither woman seems phased by what is going on in the challenge and both seem comfortable in their current position.

The challenge finally comes to an end when Jill opts out of the challenge after two hours and seven minutes. Meaning Kendra has won Individual Immunity!

The members of the Sabana de la Mar Tribe return from the challenge and people begin breaking off into smaller groups to talk strategy. The members of the Yuna Tribe head off to the beach to talk about the two viable options that they have for the night’s vote.

Quote1Okay we know what is on the table for us tonight. We can go one of two ways and there is a risk going either way.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Man, I’m down for voting with Wild Bill. That dude is really our best option to get us deep into this game. If we stick with those other folks, it’s much more of a crapshoot. There ain’t no telling what will happen when we get to the final eight Tribal Council.Quote2- Damion

Quote1I am not sure if I am willing to work with someone like Bill. The man has no morals to speak of and he is a huge pain to deal with. Also, if he is so willing to flip on his former teammates…well who is to say that he would not do that to us later on…Quote2- Esther

Quote1That is a very valid argument, but really I can’t see him trying to screw us over. I mean do you think any of the Payabo people would be willing to work with him after all he has said to him.

Look, I am going to be honest with you guys. Our best option is to work with Bill; working with Bill will guarantee that the four of us make it to the final five. If we work with the others, we may or may not become the next four eliminated from this game.

The thing is I want this to be unanimous, if we can’t all agree on working with Bill. Well then we will have to stick with our original plan and take a gamble that we get the majority in the final eight vote.Quote2
- Rodney

Quote1It’s just…well I would rather see good people advance in this game and Bill is not a nice person at all. What do you think about this whole situation Jill?Quote2- Esther

Quote1Oh gosh, I am totally not sure which way to go. I think that working with Bill makes the most sense but he is kind of creepy so I am not sure if I want to go down that road or not.Quote2- Jill

As the former members of the Yuna Tribe continue to deliberate on if they want to work with Bill or not, Sully, Kendra, Denise and Hector are having a conversation about whether they can trust the former Yuna people to vote Bill out. Hector tells them about the conversation which he had earlier with Damion and Rodney. He tells his allies that he believes that Rodney and Damion or on the fence over working with Bill but he thinks that in the end they will not work with Bill.

Kendra says they would be dumb not to work with Bill because working with Bill will allow them to gain the majority. Sully thinks that they would not risk working with Bill because if they do, then the four of them (Sully, Kendra, Denise, and Hector) will make of the majority of the jury and he does not think the Yuna people would want to alienate the jury.

This remarks causes Kendra to laugh, she then says that if there are two people from the Yuna Tribe in the final two it would not matter if they were the majority on the jury or not. This is because as members of the jury they would have to vote for one of them to win.

Denise tells her alliance mates that she will do her best to work Esther before they go to vote and that maybe she can persuade Esther to vote with them to get rid of Bill. That way even if Jill and the boys decide to vote with Bill, it will not matter because they will have the majority.

Bill, Rodney, and Jill are having a conversation about what would happen vote wise if they were to vote with Bill.

Quote1Hypothetically speaking, if we were to vote with you. Who would we be voting for?Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Well that’s easy, we get rid of Hector. After all he is their leader…might as well cut the head off the snake.Quote2- Wild Bill

Quote1There is no way you could be talked into voting out Gilbert?Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Well I mean I guess we could vote that way but it don’t make much sense because Hector is the glue that is holding them three together. Without Hector, they ain’t really a tight unit.

Getting rid of Sully would only mean you’re getting rid of a physical threat and that’s it. I mean the kid is a dumb as a box of rocks…Quote2
- Wild Bill

Quote1Well the thing is Damion can’t stand Sully because of the way Sully taunted our tribe after we lost a challenge to you guys. So Damion has been clamoring to vote him out as soon as possible.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1I understand where he is coming from…I really do. But Hector has got to go because he is their leader. Plus I want to have the satisfaction of not only blindsiding him, but also making him the first jury member.Quote2- Wild Bill

After that conversation is done we see the members of the Sabana de la Mar Tribe gathering their torches as they head off to Tribal Council.

I’m not sure if I am going to be in this game after tonight. But I will tell you what, if this is my last Tribal Council, I’m gonna go out with my guns blazing. The members of the old Yuna Tribe are going to show me if they are smart or not tonight.

If they are then they will keep me…if they’re not then they will vote me out. It is as simple as that.

–Wild Bill

Tribal Council:

After settling into their seats Jeff asks Bill if, after the last vote, he has rethought his feelings about working with the members of the former Yuna Tribe. Bill laughs and says that because he is dead man walking at tonight’s Tribal Council, he did pitch the idea of working together with the former members of the Yuna Tribe. He said that if the four of them did decide to work with him then they would be the majority and they could take out his old teammates.

Jeff asks Denise’s opinion about what Bill has just said. She says that she cannot blame Bill for trying to stay in the game but she hopes he is the one that is going home tonight because for the past twenty-four days he has done nothing but make life camp life miserable for his fellow castaways.

Wild Bill laughs at her answer and says the reason why he has acted the way he has acted is because he does not like or respect any of his former Payabo teammates. He says that he never got along with Hector and Denise and both Kendra and Sully have stabbed him in the back. So he has no reason to like or trust any of them and if the members of the old Yuna Tribe are smart they would not trust the four of the either.

Jeff says that Bill has brought up an interesting point; he then asks Sully if the former Yuna Tribe members should trust Sully and his allies. Sully says of course they should, he says that at the last Tribal Council they could have easily voted together and gotten rid of Jill or the two guys (Esther did not seem happy that he did not mention her.) but they chose to keep them around and work with them at the expense of alienating one of their former tribe members.

Wild Bill laughs at the comment and says the Payabo people had always planned on getting rid of him and Jenny as soon as they possibly could. He then goes on to caution the Yuna people into not believing that the reason why one of them was not the first to go at the merge, was because the Sully and company wanted to work with them.

Jeff asks Rodney if anything that has been said at tonight’s Tribal Council has swayed him one way or the other. Rodney gives Jeff a sort of non-answer saying that both sides have offered him very good deals and he just has to decide what is best for him.

With that last comment it is now time to vote.

After the castaways have all voted, Jeff goes off to tally the votes.

Jeff reveals that the first vote is for Wild Bill. Bill nods his head knowing full well that his name will be coming up a lot over the next few minutes. The second vote shown has Wild Bill written on it as well. Also, “This is for Thom!” is written directly under Bill’s name. Bill starts laughing after seeing that because he knows that, that was Denise’s vote.

The third vote has Hector’s name written on it. When Hector is shown he just blinks and he is not at all bothered by that vote because he fully expected Bill to throw a vote his way.

Wild Bill is written on the fourth parchment and at this point Bill seems resigned to the fact that he will be leaving the game tonight.

Jeff now reveals the fifth vote which was for William. Bill is shown rolling his eyes.

The sixth vote has Hector’s name written on it. This causes Hector to shoot accusatory glances at the members of the former Yuna Tribe as he realizes that he might not be as secure in the game as he thought he was.

Hector sees his name written on the seventh parchment and one can tell at this point he is not entirely sure if he is going to be voted out or not.

Jeff holds up the eighth parchment and Hector’s name is written on it. Bill lets out a deep sigh of relief and uses his buff to pat some sweat off his forehead. Meanwhile, Hector has his hands blocking his face, only peering through the slots of his fingers.

Jeff informs the contestants that the vote is tied at four votes apiece. Jeff then reveals the final vote is for Hector who is the eighth person voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic and the first member of the jury.

At this point Denise bursts out into tears. Hector does his best to hide the fact that he is seething with anger. Wild Bill has a broad grin on his face as he watches Hector get up and hug the still crying Denise. Hector then pats Sully on the shoulder and says…

You should’ve kept Thom in the game. This is on you buddy…good luck.


With that Hector approaches Jeff, who snuffs out Hector's torch. Hector does not bother to turn around and look at his fellow former castaways. He instead makes the walk of shame out of the game.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
Sabana de la Mar
Hector Guzman With Beard
Hector (5 votes)
Wild Bill Gokey With BeardDamion Pendergarst With BeardEsther Ryan
Rodney Burish With BeardJill Landry
Wild Bill, Damion,Esther,
Rodney, Jill
Wild Bill Gokey With Beard
Wild Bill (4 votes)
Hector Guzman With BeardKendra Brolin
Denise KesselGilbert Sullivan With Beard
Hector, Kendra,
Denise, Sully
Hector Guzman eliminated

Voting Confessionals

William, you’ve been nothing but a giant pain in the ass to deal with since we first came out here. I hope the old Yuna people do the right thing and help me get rid of your crazy ass.


I take great pleasure in casting this vote. Game, set, match ese.

–Wild Bill

Hector you seem to be a very nice young family man and I truly hate to do this to you. However, I do believe my survival in this game hinges upon me getting rid of you and so I have to cast this vote against you.


This is for Thom!


I probably should have made this vote a long time ago. You add nothing to this game and you are a miserable person to be around. I can’t wait to see you gone.


Truth be told I would rather cast this vote against that punk Sully. But it is what it is, know what I’m saying?


Dude the way you acted towards me after the Jenny vote sealed your fate in this game. I thought you were a cool guy…I guess I was wrong about that.


Oh gosh, I am just voting this way because I was told to do so. I totally have nothing against you Hector.


Sorry bud, Bill made me a better offer and because of that you have to go.


Final Words

I’m not going to lie this hurts. However, I am not going to be bitter about it either.

I knew keeping Bill around would be not only my downfall but the downfall of the rest of the Payabo Tribe in this game. The thing is I lost sight of that once the merge happened because I truly did not believe that the members of the old Yuna Tribe would be desperate enough to align themselves with someone like him. Well I guess I was wrong about that.



Members of the Jury
Hector Guzman With Beard

Still in the Running

Th John Dissmore-1
Esther Ryan
Rodney Burish With Beard
Martha Hughesbw
Damion Pendergarst With Beard
Carly Pattinsonbw
Mark Heiden eliminated
Jill Landry
Sherri Goulet eliminated
Hector Guzman eliminated
Denise Kessel
Gilbert Sullivan With Beard
Jenny Chang eliminated
Wild Bill Gokey With Beard
Wild Bill
Kendra Brolin
Thom BradleyB&W

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Denise tries to make new alliances in the wake of Hector being voted out.
  • Sully continues to annoy Damion due to the lack of respect he has for his opponents.
  • Wild Bill tires to sell Rodney and Damion on an all-guys alliance.

Author's Notes