"A Fool's Errand"
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Season Survivor: Venezuela
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 10/14
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This is the tenth episode of Survivor: Venezuela.

Previously on Survivor


Reward Challenge: Burn at Stake
Each castaway must fill out a questionnaire that asks personal information and private opinions on others. Then they must vote on what they think the most common answer would be. Each castaway who answers a question correctly would be allowed to cut a section of rope connected to the torch of the castaway they wanted eliminated. Three cuts of the rope would send the torch to the survivor's effigy, eliminating him or her from the challenge. Last person left with their effigy intact wins reward.
Reward: A lunch in a floating hut.
Winner: Dahlia (takes Domino and Edward with her)

Immunity Challenge: Counting Stars
The survivors will chop five ropes releasing a bag of wooden tiles numbered from 1 to 100. After arranging them in the correct order, they must take the seven tiles with a star painted on the back, and bring them to a third station where a math riddle waits. The answer to the math riddle is the combination to a lock box containing an ax. First player to use the ax to chop a rope (raising a flag) wins immunity.
Winner: Dante


Night 25

After being left in the dark at Tribal Council, where Katrina got blindsided, Dante demands an explanation as to how the vote came to be. Domino and Maggie explain that he and Katrina were potentially a powerful couple and needed to be split. Still displeased about the decision to leave him in the dark, Dante vows to himself he would "demolish" the remaining Immunity Challenges. To ease the tension, Jaycee pokes fun at Dante, telling him that the girls he flirted with (the first being Tiffany) went home immediately right after.

Last night's vote was a complete "WTF" moment for me. I was stunned. I couldn't speak. My knees were shaking. I have to win all the challenges from here on out.


Going out to pee, Dahlia and Mai are talking in the woods. Dahlia tells her closest ally that Katrina's plan, as foiled as it was, she wants to follow what Katrina left off, Dahlia wants to produce something else: To take out Domino, Dante's real, silent ally.

If anyone still thinks Domino is not a threat, they are brain dead.


Day 26

Knowing she devastated Dante last night, Domino approaches Dante and personally apologizes to him for not informing him of her plan to blindside Katrina. Dante tells her he was completely transparent to her the whole time, as he was the one who informed her about Katrina's plan to blindside Maggie or Louise, and he is disappointed that it wasn't mutual. Domino promises to keep him posted on what goes on at camp.

Dante is very upset of what happened with Katrina. I have to convince him to play with me again. He is my million dollars.


Meanwhile, at the well, Maggie and Louise discuss last night's split vote. Louise expresses her anxiety on the idea of the split vote, because it is the best known way to flush out Hidden Immunity Idols. Maggie reflects, saying that given the circumstances, they will have to use theirs at some point. The two agree to keep each other informed if such a plan comes up.

Last night's vote was very indicative of what these bitches are capable of. They split the vote on a potentially powerful couple. The same can apply to me and Maggie.


This game is really getting into me. Each person has a distinct reason why they should go.


The eight remaining players meet Jeff Probst for their next challenge. Each contestant is given a questionnaire about their peers, then they are quizzed as to what the tribe answered as a group.

It's a surprise that Dahlia won this kind of challenge. She's more aware of what's going on than she is given credit for.


Back at camp, Louise talks to Maggie about the idea of another plot to split the votes between them. Maggie promises she will let her know of any plans.

At the reward, Dahlia, Edward and Domino enjoy heaps of food. Dahlia resurrects the plot to split the votes between Maggie and Louise. Dahlia reiterates that the plan is to really vote out Dante, and scare Maggie and/or Louise to play their idols. That way, not only they have eliminated the biggest physical threat, but also the threat of any idols in play. Edward, who has the secret third idol, is at least happy that no one still suspects him having the third idol, while Domino silently eats her food because Dahlia seems to talk like her plan was actually to warn her about getting too close with Dante.

I think Dahlia's is giving me a subliminal message to me about my relationship with Dante. With what happened to Katrina, Dahlia pretty much is warning me that if I do something to save Dante, she would go against me. Am I threatened? Of course. But does Dahlia have the means to pull this off? I don't think so.


My plan is to just say that we really need to take Dante out and flush out the two active idols. But knowing Domino's close with Dante, it is a warning shot on her. If she doesn't follow my lead, she is following Katrina's steps. How I wished I did this much earlier, but at least, Domino will finally take notice of me not just as a physical person, but a strategical person as well. They think getting rid of Domino is impossible? I will prove it can be done.


At El Dorado camp, Dante, who is still disturbed by Katrina's boot, combined with the fact that he was answer to every prickly question at the Reward Challenge, goes around camp individually asking everyone if they are voting for him. Mai, who is highly frisky for being called, "the most undeserving" of the eight, yells at Dante, telling him to shut up.

I was in full bitch mode all day because I was called undeserving. It kinda deflated me. My pride was bruised. But hey, if I get to the end because of this, I will just have to play with it.


Dante, on the surface, you see one handsome, confident guy. But once you bruise his ego like what happened to him last night and in today's challenge, you see who he really is: An insecure, bumbling, paranoid jerk who acts more dashing than he actually is.


I'm very nervous right now. After what happened to Katrina, it took the wind out of my sail. This paranoia is legit!


Dahlia, Domino and Edward return to camp, and Edward immediately approaches Jaycee on how the reward went. Not wanting to be caught by Dahlia talking to Maggie, Edward tells Jaycee the lowdown on the reward and relay the message to Maggie. Maggie happens to walk by after Edward finishes his story. Edward merely says "hi" to Maggie before walking away.

Quote1What's up with Edward? What was that about?Quote2- Maggie
Quote1Edward told me about some stuff, and he wanted to avoid you for the rest of the day so Dahlia won't suspect.Quote2- Jaycee
Quote1I don't get it.Quote2- Maggie
Quote1So, Ed says Dahlia is brewing up a plot against Dante.Quote2- Jaycee
Quote1In English?Quote2- Maggie
Quote1*laughs* Dahlia said she wanted to make it seem that us six will split the vote between you and Louise. That way, not only we get rid of Dante, we also get rid of the idols.Quote2- Jaycee
Quote1So she's carrying out what was supposed to be Katrina's plan?Quote2- Maggie
Quote1Pretty much, and Edward said, the way Dahlia explained her plan, it was also aimed at Domino.Quote2- Jaycee
Quote1Because of "Double D"?Quote2- Maggie
Quote1Yeah. Edward said it sounded like if Domino makes a move, Dahlia's gunning for her.Quote2- Jaycee
Quote1I never thought Dahlia as a strategy girl. I thought she's just a brawn girl.Quote2- Maggie
Quote1Well that's what she made us to think. I'll let you know if there are any improvements.Quote2- Jaycee
Quote1...But, does she have the numbers to pull this off?Quote2- Maggie
Quote1She has Mai and Louise, and she thinks [I and Edward] on board as well. Edward seems to be interested with the plan, and for the record, it's good for us because the Mapoyos are turning on each other.Quote2- Jaycee
I feel uncomfortable after what Jaycee just told me. Once again, Louise and I are on hot water. I almost want to throw my idol to the fire...NOT!


Meanwhile, Domino and Dante discuss strategy as well.

Quote1So how's the reward?Quote2- Dante
Quote1It was gorgeous, but do you know what's better?Quote2- Domino
Quote1What?Quote2- Dante
Quote1Dahlia is pulling off another Katrina.Quote2- Domino
Quote1How so?Quote2- Dante
Quote1Dahlia wants to take you out the same how Kat got blindsided. She wants to vote you out but at the same time, she scares Louise and Maggie so that they will use their idols.Quote2- Domino
Quote1I really have to win then. You have no idea how paranoid I am right now. While you guys were away, I've been to every single person at camp all day, and nobody gave me a satisfying answer.Quote2- Dante
* Dahlia eavesdrops *
Quote1Okay, here's the plan and it's very simple. All we need is the Arawaks. We split the vote between Maggie and, instead of Louise, we vote Dahlia. That way, Maggie uses her idol and it gets flushed out, and for the record, if Louise and Maggie ties and we get another deadlock, we'll draw rocks. Whoever wins immunity, plus Maggie and Louise, won't draw rocks. That puts us in the bad spot.Quote2- Domino
Quote1I guess you're right.Quote2- Dante
Quote1Wha we'll do is simple as the last vote: we don't go with the split vote, and we blindside Dahlia.Quote2- Domino
I actually like Dahlia picking what Katrina left off. First, it would gain the favor of the former Arawaks because all three of them will stay three more days. If they go to the jury, they are likely to vote in unison. Second, if I manage to tweak the vote by switching Louise with Dahlia, not only we vote out the strongest female out here, we also get to flush Maggie's idol. Louise, I could care less, but taking Maggie's idol out of the equation is the priority at hand.

She thinks she has the means to take me out? Well, it's a hands down, a fool's errand.


Evening at camp, Louise approaches Maggie once again to talk about whether or not she's on the chopping block. Maggie tells Louise that Dahlia's plotting to oust Dante at the expense of their idols. Having a good read on Dahlia, Louise verifies that Dahlia would not directly plot against her.

Maggie told me Dahlia's plotting against Dante, but in the process, she wants to scare us into using our idols. Is she stupid, like, does she know how Katrina left last night?


Day 27

While fishing, the Arawaks, Jaycee, Maggie and Edward, discuss strategy. Edward and Maggie express to Jaycee that they are most willing to take out Dahlia next, but Jaycee thinks differently. Jaycee proposes to instead of Dahlia, they vote out Domino, saying that Domino has stayed long enough, and they should realize how big of a threat she is. That way, Domino will not be expecting the vote, and Maggie gets to keep her idol.

I don't get it why people still keep listening to Domino. They're like Adam talking to the snake. Maggie and Edward should realize that Dahlia is a one time threat that we can take out next time, but Domino? She has stayed far long enough and her being a threat is too obvious to ignore. If you can't see her as a threat, you're Helen Keller.


Maggie expresses her concern over the split vote thing, thinking that it was a ruse being made by Mapoyo to trick them. Jaycee eases her doubts, saying that the Mapoyos do not need an elaborate plan to vote them out systematically.

I am so paranoid right now, and for all I know, Mapoyo's just playing me.


Maggie getting increasing paranoid by the day makes me rethink my perception of her. She's not as calm and collected than I maker her out to be.


At camp, while Domino is away, Dahlia confirms to Mai that the Arawaks are on board in voting out Dante. Louise shows up and asks them about strategy. Dahlia tells her the plan of voting out Dante. Louise is suspicious.

Something tells me that there is some fishy business with Dahlia.


The Arawaks return to camp, Louise privately talks to Maggie, asking her if she is aware about Dahlia's plan to take Dante out. Maggie says she is aware, but she should not fret because the plan is in place.

I have a good read on Dahlia. I can tell if she lies to me. The discussion regarding my and Maggie's idol has been the talk of the town, and if she is pulling one on me, I will know it, and I will use my idol tomorrow.


Meanwhile, Dante continues to convince himself that he is not going next, and continues to assure his safety from the tribe. Mai is once again infuriated by the bar owner, but unlike yesterday's circumstance, she lets him paranoid and takes a nap.

Dante's getting on my nerves. He was walking around camp like a freakin' Tasmanian Devil, asking people one by one if they are voting for him or considering to vote for him. I just went to sleep so he won't bother me.


Day 28

Feeling the need to win the next Immunity Challenge, Dante goes to retrieve Tree Mail to read it firsthand.

I need to win this, by hook or by crook.


Before the tribe leaves for the challenge, Dahlia talks to Domino if there are any deviations from the plan. Domino lies by saying that there are no signs of any last minute ruckus regarding the upcoming vote.

Dahlia believes I'm with her, but she's in for a very embarrassing surprise.


The El Dorado tribe meets Jeff for the Immunity Challenge.

While Dante establishes an early lead, he frantically throws his number tiles like a madman. Jaycee, who is on Dante's tail, is methodical. Domino and Maggie soon follow. Dante gets his number tiles and goes to the final station. While admitting he is terrible at puzzles, Dante ignores the math riddle and rambles through every possible combination he could think of. Jaycee, and the rest of the tribe catches up. However, to everyone's surprise, Dante accidentally finds the correct combination, winning himself immunity. Jaycee protests that Dante did not even bother to read the math riddle and just rambled his way to win. Jeff defends Dante's win, saying that if it was his strategy, it worked for him.

Dante likes to have things go his way, and he does not work hard to get what he has. If Dante lives by this, I could use this to my advantage in the long run.


I don't play hard. I play smart. Take that, Jaycee!


He says he goes by the "play hard, not smart" mentality. I have no problems with that. My problem is, HE IS NOT SMART! I've finished second place every single time, and this loss is the most annoying.


Great, now Dante's now immune. Everything I wanted out of my plan, crashed. I'm so gone after tonight...


With Dante immune, Domino scrambles to stay in the game, thinking that Dahlia is targeting her instead. Once the tribe returns to camp, Domino calls Dahlia out about her plan to flush the idols but in truth, she's targeting Dante. Dahlia is stunned at Domino's actions, but tells the entire tribe that she is the biggest threat there is on the tribe, and if they plan to take her to he end, she is sure to win. Dahlia further burns Domino by telling the tribe she is Dante's puppet master. Dante dispels the accusation, saying that whatever Domino did strategically, the two of them did together. Dahlia chides him, saying that Domino will take all the credit while he will be seen as her bumbling sidekick. The Arawaks are amused to see the once-dominant Mapoyo tribe falling apart in front of them.

Out of nowhere, Domino comes after Dahlia because she realized that after the reward, she would've been the next target if Dante won immunity, which happened. Domino may be 5'4" and stick skinny, but she's very feisty and she won't back down without a fight, even with the likes of Dahlia.


Later, Domino privately talks to Maggie, warning her that Dahlia is a bigger threat for being good at challenges and being able to blow Domino's cover. To further convince Maggie, Domino reminds her that Dahlia was willing to trick her into playing her idol for nothing. Domino also reminds Maggie that they shared a bond, and even if they are not exactly allies, they have been willing to exchange info to each other which became pivotal moments in the game. Maggie tells Domino that she is undecided still, and is likely to remain so until Tribal Council.

Dahlia was willing to make me waste my idol. Maybe Domino's telling me the truth. I don't know.


This vote will be a very defining moment of this game. Maggie will tip the scales tonight.


Minutes before Tribal Council, Maggie consults Jaycee and Edward, asking them if they have made up their minds on the next vote. Jaycee and Edward confirm which side to pick.

Right now, Domino and Dante are on one side, Louise, Mai and Dahlia are on the other, then it's us Arawaks who are the swing votes. It's going to be an interesting Tribal Council.


At Tribal Council, Domino and Dahlia plea their cases to the tribe, explaining why they should stay, while mudslinging at each other. Jeff gives the two women a chance as to why the other should go. Domino says that Dahlia is a more versatile player, being very well at challenges, and is a late bloomer in strategy, which makes her not have as much blood in her hands than she does. Dahlia pleads her case next, saying that Domino is a much more silent threat, and she is the true closest ally of Dante. Jeff then asks Louise and Maggie if they are considering to use their idols tonight. A confident Louise beats around the bush (she has a good read on Dahlia, knowing that Dahlia will not vote for her), while a very unsure Maggie implies that she might use her idol not for herself, but for someone else.

The El Dorado cast their votes. Louise, who realizes she can't trust Dahlia, votes her. The rest of Mapoyos follow her lead. Dahlia and the three ex-Arawaks vote Domino. Maggie votes last, and as she walks back to her stool, she pulls out her Hidden Immunity Idol with her head down, thinking who would receive her idol. In the end, Maggie uses her idol on Dahlia, much to Domino's shock. Domino whispers to Louise, requesting her to lend her idol. Louise refuses. Turns out, the vote would have been a 4-4 tie between Dahlia and Domino, but because Maggie played her idol for Dahlia, only votes against Domino are counted. With four votes against her, Domino, one of the dark horses of the season, is blindsided. Domino silently walks out of Tribal Council. Maggie appears to be firm in her decision.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
El Dorado
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Dante, Domino, Louise, & Mai
(votes not counted)
Domino (4 votes)
Dahlia, Edward, Jaycee, & Maggie
Domino Vaughn

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • For the second time in Ian's fanon series: An undesirable "loved one" showing up in the loved ones challenge.
  • Just when Arawak thinks their sail to the finish is going to be a smooth one, one of them is caught up in a lie. 
  • With her Hidden Immunity Idol gone, Maggie is in trouble.
  • With Domino gone, Dante's all alone. Can he win an immunity streak?

Author's Notes

  • "A Fool's Errand" means, a very difficult task, which could be impossible to accomplish.
  • The episode took more than a week to finish because the author originally slated Dahlia to be the next boot, but he decided to make changes in the top 8 boot order. Domino was supposed to be runner-up.

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