"A Friend in Need Is a Threat Indeed"
Season Survivor: Tarutao
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 6/14
Episode Chronology
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This is the sixth episode of Survivor: Tarutao.

Previously on Survivor


Reward Challenge: Wicker Flicker
The tribes must start by selecting one member to be a ball launcher. The remaining tribe members, who will be situated at four different stations, must use wicker baskets in order to catch balls thrown from their tribe's launcher. At the same time, they must try to prevent the other tribe from catching their balls. First tribe to catch five of their balls wins reward.
Reward: A feast lunch
Additional Stipulation: The winning tribe will get to pick one member of the losing tribe to join them at their feast.
Winner: Naak (chose Megan to join them)

Immunity Challenge: Pressing En-cage-ment
Five tribe members would race out into the ocean and climb over and into a bamboo cage. They would then have to untie twelve weighted crates containing puzzle pieces submerged underwater, before untying knots to an underwater door and swim back to the beach. Once all puzzle pieces are brought to shore, the sixth tribe member must use the pieces to solve a puzzle. First tribe to solve the puzzle would win immunity.
Winner: Jarakay


Night 15

As the Jarakay tribe walks back to camp from Tribal Council, where Lauren got viciously blindsided, Giovanni vents that Megan should have been voted out instead of Lauren, who was more physically able than Megan will ever be. On the other hand, also puzzled as to how Lauren's elimination came to be, she talks to the culprit, Asami, who initially wanted to vote with Megan in eliminating Giovanni using the idol, but swerved the vote to Lauren, whom she didn't trust since the beginning. Asami explains that Lauren is a bigger threat because she has been playing both sides, and having her around will be more unhealthy for the tribe. Megan agrees with Asami, but tells her she should have approached her, as she could have agreed had she known Asami's plan.

I realized that Lauren is a genuine threat because she's playing both sides, but I wished Asami informed me beforehand because I would have agreed with her had she told me about her plan. After how tonight's vote went down, I really don't trust anybody from this tribe.


Day 16

At the Naak tribe, Cam talks to Helena, asking her if she is still worthy of his trust. Helena promises to save Cam, assuring him he is her closest ally in the game. Cam feels unsure because of Helena's nervous voice tone.

All this time, I thought Helena's my number two. But since our supposed alliance was wiped out, Helena's my only remaining ally. In this game, an ally is nothing if you don't have numbers. It seemed that it's either me or Helena going next. But if my hunch is right, that is, hearing her nervous tone and approach to me, the joke's on me. I have to use my idol the next time we go to Tribal.

–Cam, on Helena's suspicious gestures.

At the Jarakay side of the One World beach, Asami tries to initiate a conversation with Megan, but the food technologist merely fluffs her off, saying she does not trust her anymore since her hat trick with Lauren.

I really don't care for Asami anymore. I almost hate her as much as I hate Giovanni. Can I just vote everyone form my tribe off?


Day 17

The tribes meet Jeff Probst for their next Reward Challenge. As the tribes walk toward their tribe mats, they notice a bountiful feast waiting for the winning tribe. Jeff states that there is an additional layer to the challenge, which is in a sealed note. The tribe leaders, Helena (Naak) and Brody (Jarakay) are to choose who will be their shooter and catchers. Helena chooses herself to be the shooter, leaving her male tribemates catch the balls, while Brody chooses Megan to shoot, while the others catch.

Megan haplessly throws her balls, angering her tribemates. On the other hand, Helena experiments, trying every possible angle where the Naak men can use their significant height advantage over the Jarakay men. After a blow-out 5-0 win, Naak wins reward and the enormous feast. Jeff then reveals the added layer to the reward: Naak has to pick one member from the losing tribe to join them in their reward. With no hesitation, Naak unanimously chooses Megan.

After that twist, it is truly confirmed. Naak really has their sights on bringing Megan to their fold. With Naak being down in numbers, their only hope is to take one of us and make him or her turn against us. Without question, Megan is more than happy turning against us. Especially now that she's eating with them. I'm not sure if throwing a challenge is a good idea, but I'm leaning towards it just to get rid of Megan before she gets the opportunity to flip. If she's not with us, she's with nobody!


As Naak and Megan enjoy the feast, Megan spills all of Jarakay's secrets, with Giovanni running the tribe, and leading the majority alliance, which consists of himself, Paul, Gabriella and Brody. Megan continues by telling Naak how last the last Tribal Council went down, and her openness to flip. On the verge of tears, Megan tells the tribe how her tribe has mistreated her. Cam and Helena comforts her, telling she is fully welcome to join the Naak alliance. Megan is very thankful of Naak.

Being ostracized for being different is just sickening. When I was a teenager, I was told to eat 5 Big Macs a day to gain weight. Now i'm definitely feeling it through Giovanni's treatment of me. But I gotta re-establish myself in this game to survive.


As the Naak tribe and Megan return to camp, Megan goes back to her tribemates and gives them some leftovers. Giovanni thanks Megan for the food, and brings her to the other side of the beach, apologizing to her for his past actions toward her. Giovanni offers her a spot in his alliance, something that Megan deems as an opening for her to strike.

Quote1Hey Megan. I'd like to apologize for the ill feelings towards you these past few days.Quote2- Giovanni
Quote1The moment you apologized, all is well.Quote2- Megan
Quote1Would you like to join our alliance?Quote2- Giovanni
Quote1Awesome.Quote2- Megan
Quote1I don't care what they say about me, but you deserve a chance.Quote2- Giovanni
Quote1Pleasure to work with you.Quote2- Megan (before making a face at the camera)
Giovanni has pulled me aside, and told me he's bringing me to his fold. Of course I know it's genuine. Him telling me i'll be under his wing is like saying you're taking me to the end as a goat, and I don't want that. I want to make it to the end on my terms. No one carries me but me!


Giovanni comes to Gabriella, Paul and Brody, telling them about including megan to the alliance. Gabriella is averse to the idea, telling that keeping Megan is like keeping "a sack of rotten rice in the stack." Giovanni replies that Megan is just an extra number, and they will dispose of her immediately once they have enough numbers to a point where they can already afford losing Megan.

Adding the one person we wanted to get rid of to the alliance is outright absurd. I hate Megan, and always will. She better keep the distance between me and her in the shelter, or else, I'll nudge her to the fire.

–Gabriella, on Megan

At night, at Naak, Aries asks Helena about her grand plan of stealing Cam's idol before voting him out. Helena tells Aries that she would want to keep the plan an plan until they lose an Immunity Challenge, for Cam is still part of their numbers as a tribe. Aries agrees. Helena promises to stay in touch with Cam and keep him on his good side, so he won't need to use his idol.

As much as I would want that idol for myself, Cam is still part of the tribe. Megan's planning to flip to our side, but we might lose Cam at the merge. It's in our best interest to keep Cam on his good side, instead of planning to yank out the idol from his pocket before disposing him.


Day 18

The tribes met Jeff Probst for their next Immunity Challenge. The tribe leaders, Brody and Helena choose Megan and Cam to do the puzzle solving part for Jarakay and Naak respectively, while the tribe leaders, and the rest of the tribe retrieve the puzzle pieces.

The tribes are dead even from the start, with both tribes having different, but effective strategies to retrieve the crates with minimal effort. At the puzzle-solving phase, Megan edges out Cam. With a 3-second margin, Megan completes her puzzle first, winning immunity for the Jarakay tribe, while Naak is tasked to go back to Tribal Council, reducing their roster to five after the night.

When the tribes return to camp, at Jarakay, Brody talks to Giovanni about the possibility of Jarakay's Hidden Immunity Idol being rehidden after it was used by Megan at the last Tribal Council. Giovanni suspects that Megan's idol was hidden somewhere at camp. The two agree to secretly find the idol to further their tribe's post-merge success. The two scour the jungle for any possible hiding places, but to no avail.

Giovanni and I looked around the jungle for the rehidden Idol, but our efforts were futile. Though I want the idol for myself, I wanted to make sure that Naak won't stand a chance at the merge.


At Naak, while the tribe is on edge due to the idea of another member of their tribe is going home, the tribe spends their time enjoying their rice lunch. Colin and Cam, who used to squabble even with the smallest of things, start to make jokes about each other.

This camaraderie that we're having right now is something our tribe needed all along, just that, it only came out late after we lost another Immunity Challenge. I sucks to lose all these times, and I really wanted one of us winning it, but of course I want it to be me.


At the beach, Donny and Colin converse about Helena's long-term plan of taking Cam's idol. Colin confesses his worry, that since Helena and Cam are close, Cam may have passed the idol to Helena, but Helena's devious plot to steal the idol from Cam was enough to make him believe Helena is a far more serious threat than Cam is. Donny proposes to split the vote in case Tribal Council goes awry, adding that, with Jarakay's idol used at the last Tribal Council, tentatively, there will be no idols in play soon. Donny reiterates that having the idol is their only chance to rebound if Megan sticks with Jarakay by the merge. The two bring their insights to Aries, who wonders about their plan of action in case Cam doesn't give the idol to Helena. The three then agree to tell Morrison that their tentative plan is to split the votes between Cam and Helena.

Helena's plot is very risky because she knows she's the next target if Cam doesn't lend her the idol. At the same time, if Cam uses the idol to save himself tonight, we will lose an ally in Helena, and I definitely trust her more than Cam. Very tricky.


The pressure is on me, because I know the men are targeting me as well. If I don't get Cam's idol, I could be going home.


While collecting firewood, Helena approaches Cam, telling him her worry about getting voted out. Cam tells Helena that while he is starting to like Colin's peppy personality, his general likability is threatening, so he hatches a plan to save them both.

Quote1I think I'm leaving, Cam.Quote2- Helena
Quote1What makes you say that? I'm the next target.Quote2- Cam
Quote1But you have the idol.Quote2- Helena
Quote1If anything they will just split the votes between us two.Quote2- Cam
Quote1Possibly. But the fact remains. The idol is the only leg up we have since they already used theirs. If Megan sticks with them, the idol is our only hope. So, I don't think them splitting the vote is the best idea. They'll direct their votes at meQuote2- Helena
Quote1Hmmm... we have no choice. We have to use the idol tonight. Numbers or no numbers, idol or no idol we have to live another day. Look, I will make it seem I still have the idol, but I will give it to you. Use it tonight, and vote Colin out. That way we both live another day.Quote2- Cam (gives idol to Helena)
Quote1I don't know what to say. Thank you!Quote2- Helena

Helena goes back to Aries, showing them the idol, confirming that Cam did pass the idol to her. Helena told them it was hard to put up a straight face while begging for Cam to hand her the idol. The tribe agrees that Cam's demise is set in stone.

It's hard to blindside Cam like this. It's hard to keep up a straight face.


At Tribal Council, Jeff asks the tribe that now the merge is almost upon them, and with their numbers down, what is the tribe's only hope. Morrison answers that Megan was being mistreated back at Jarakay, and she already told her potential flipping come the merge. Jeff brings up the topic of the Hidden Immunity Idol, looking at Cam. Cam states that if the men is splitting the vote between him and Helena, it won't benefit them because he claims he is the only chance they have if they merge 7-5. After voting, Jeff asks them the usual question if someone's playing the idol. To Cam's surprise, Helena remains seated. As votes against him pile up, Cam gets more and more shocked in disbelief. After a 5-1 vote, a tearful Cam leaves the island. As Cam walks away, Helena becomes emotional for hurting her friend's feelings.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Cam (5 votes)
Aries, Colin, Donny, Helena, & Morrison
Colin (1 vote)
Cam Cutrone

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Whaddayaknow? I got suckered and it was painful! Helena outplayed me tonight, big time. I didn't know I was being played. It hurts to go home in this kind of fashion, but hey, not everyone has said they did this, and I am grateful for this experience. I hope Helena puts the idol into good use, and I wish Naak the best. The lesson learned tonight is: A friend in need is a threat indeed.


Next Time on Survivor

  • Helena is both the most valuable member of the Naak tribe, but is also the most vulnerable.
  • Both tribes' Hidden Immunity Idols are rehidden. Who will find them?
  • Is the merge coming next episode? Find out!

Author's Notes

  • This episode is a nod to the author's elimination from his first Online Reality Game (ORG). One tribemate asks him to give him his idol as a form of loyalty. Little did the author know, he was about to get suckered.

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