"A Hot Mess"
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 11/15
Episode Chronology
Previous "The Boat Is Sinking"
Next "Consider It Done"

This is the 11th episode of Survivor: Burma.

Previously on Survivor

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Reward Challenge: Survivor Auction
Winner: See below

Immunity Challenge: Monkey Business
Tribe members must untie a bag of puzzle pieces and clip them to a rope that is placed over and under a monkey bar. After reaching the end of the monkey bar, they must empty the bag's contents and start building their puzzle. Once the puzzle is solved it will reveal a set of coordinates (unique to each player) which would help them retrieve a key beneath a sand pit. They would then use the key which would raise their flag. First person to raise his or her flag, wins immunity.
Winner: Zach


Night 27

After voting Nigel out of the game, the Galone tribe returns to camp with Jolanda trying to convince Kendra and Conway to make an all-Magan final three happen.

Quote1Kendra, please, reconsider. What are your odds Molly and Donna will really keep you if me and Danny go home? You're playing a brilliant game so far, but if you vote me out tonight, I won't give you my jury vote.Quote2- Jolanda
Quote1Jolanda, I know you're fighting to stay alive. But so do I. I respect you as a person, but please understand I'm playing my game, and you're playing yours; and I can't just turn my back on them. Your statement always comes from sore losers. I expected more from you.Quote2- Kendra
My back and Danny's back are up against the wall at this point. We have to find an idol. Now!


Probably, Jolanda wouldn't vote for me because I didn't return the favor to her, I might not get her vote. Bitter as she was, that's poor sportsmanship. Regardless, that's a jury vote wasted. I'm such a hot mess right now. I have to gain at least Jolanda's favor, but I will never compromise my alliance I tried so hard to keep.


Day 28

After doing morning chores, Molly and Donna goes to Tree Mail to see if there are any challenges for the day. The girls are ecstatic to discover envelopes each containing $1000, implying a Survivor Auction. Molly brings up Jolanda for being a physical threat and a hindrance for their alliance. Donna says Molly should not worry of her, and even if Jolanda wins the next Immunity Challenge, Danny would be next, then Jolanda. Kendra approaches them, saying that it is them three until the end.

Quote1Jolanda's really braiding Kendra's neck last night. We really should vote her out. With her gone, Danny has no chance against us. We'll just have to strive hard to not let him immunity.Quote2- Molly
Quote1Don't worry about her. It's her, then Danny, and we're on our own.Quote2- Donna
Quote1No, we're final three.Quote2- Kendra
Quote1Hey, Kendra.Quote2- Molly
Quote1See, I want us three til the end. We made this alliance to have us three sitting up there facing the jury. With the men around, we won't stand a chance. Now let's play!Quote2- Kendra
I'm pulling all the stops right now. If I need to win, I need to start to play aggressively. I want to prove to my folks I can be self-reliant.


Galone tribe meets Jeff Probst for a Survivor Auction. Jeff notes that they may share money and items. Bidding will be in $20 increments.

Auction Results
Contestant Purchased Notes
  • Power to send to Exile Island ($500)
  • Mystery item (a bowl of nuts; $220)
  • Lasagna ($1000)
Molly exiles Danny
  • Mystery item (a subway sandwich and iced tea; $280)
  • Mystery item (chicken breast and rice; $680)
  • Burger and fries ($600)
  • A whole pepperoni pizza (pooled money with Zach; $1200)
  • Mystery item (a bowl of the severely spicy soup; $600)


Sent to Exile Island by Molly (does not spend anything)
  • A whole pepperoni pizza (pooled money with Zach; $1200)
  • Mystery item (spaghetti with meatballs; $600)
  • Oreo parfait ($800)
  • A clue to Molly's rehidden idol ($200)
No one has enough money to outbid her for the idol clue
  • An advantage at the next Immunity Challenge ($900)
Note must remain sealed before the Immunity Challenge

Returning to camp from the auction, Jolanda wastes no time finding for the idol. Meanwhile, Zach and Rashad watch her every move.

Quote1Do you think she'll find it?Quote2- Rashad
Quote1No, I don't think so. Jolanda's impatient and fiery. She won't find it.Quote2- Zach
Quote1And if she does find it, let's just split the vote.Quote2- Rashad
Quote1The only way to make it work is if neither Danny or Jolanda finds the idol.Quote2- Rashad

At the shelter, Molly and Kendra converse about voting Danny instead of Jolanda. Molly insists that Danny is a gentle giant, whereas Jolanda's pugnacious. Donna intervenes, saying that it is their best interest to not let Jolanda win immunity or find the idol because she is the only person left who could rattle their final three plan. If Danny wins another Immunity Challenge, Conway will surely be willing to vote either Zach or Rashad out.

The next tribals will test our strength as an alliance. Our best chance to win is to get rid of Jo and Danny at the next two councils. If not, we'll have to cannibalize, which is not good.


In the evening, as the tribe prepares to sleep, Jolanda declares she was not able to locate the idol. To prove her statement, Jolanda empties her bag. While stoking the bonfire, Donna asks Kendra about her idol (nobody from Molly, Rashad, Conway or Zach knew Kendra had Nagar's idol). Kendra states she prepared too much before the game, she actually bore a secret compartment inside her running shoe in case she finds an idol along the way.

I am such an overthinker, I bore a hole in my shoe sole to give my idol a more secure place to hide in.


Day 29

After reading the morning's Tree Mail, the Galone tribe meets Jeff Probst for their next Immunity Challenge. Danny reunites with the tribe, with Jolanda whispering the word "clue" to him.

If Jolanda steps on my toes today and tomorrow, I'll let them vote her off.


Zach makes it across his ladder bridge with his bags, while Jolanda and Danny on his tail. Molly and Kendra whisper to Zach to get past them. Zach, Jolanda and Danny all make it to their puzzle-solving stations, where Zach and Danny take the lead. Kendra and Donna catch up. Jolanda and Zach solve their puzzle, revealing their coordinates. Jolanda struggles at finding her bag, whilst Zach gets his. Zach pulls the bottle containing the key, shatters it, and uses the key to raise his flag, winning himself immunity.

Evening at Galone, Danny and Jolanda sit by the beach to converse strategy. Being the only two outsiders of the Three Tribes Alliance, Danny says he will try to convince Zach, Rashad and Donna to at dispose the alliance's brains: Kendra and Conway. In the middle of their conversation, Rashad walks by, which catches Danny's attention.

Quote1Hey RashadQuote2- Danny
Quote1Hey. Can't sleep yet?Quote2- Rashad
Quote1I was guessing, but let me finish. Do you guys know your odds against Kendra and Conway? They're inseparable. What makes you think they will being to to final three? Look, if Molly's wise enough, she wouldn't align herself with you. You have a great backstory, and Molly's just using you.Quote2- Danny
Quote1And what are you doing then?Quote2- Rashad
Quote1Look, if you vote with us and convince Donna and Zach to do the same thing, I will give you my jury vote.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Same goes to me. Think about this. Molly has no reason why she should keep you. She won't let people, let alone struggling ones to use their socio-economic status to get by. Think about this.Quote2- Jolanda
Quote1I don't know.Quote2- Rashad
I know what Danny and Jo's thinking. They're holding on for dear life, yet they're still around.


As Rashad leaves the conversation, Danny asks Jolanda what exactly she found on Exile Island.

Quote1You were whispering "clue" to me. What was that about? You got an idol clue?Quote2- Danny
Quote1Yes, but no luck in finding it.Quote2- Jolanda (hands clue to Danny)
Quote1Hmm...Let's see. "Where your tribe pride faces the sun..." I'd say it's under the flag.Quote2- Danny
Quote1That's my guess too. But I can't seem to make them not suspect.Quote2- Jolanda
Jolanda's in a idol hunt today, but she can't yank it out of the sand because it's right in front of the shelter.


Day 30

At dusk, when everybody is still sleeping, Danny, who has yet to sleep, silently walks toward the flag and starts digging for the idol. Danny retrieves it after digging a two-feet deep hole. Hiding it in his bag which he uses as a pillow, Danny blissfully goes to sleep.

This is going to be the biggest blindside in the entire history of forever!


At sunrise, Molly and Kendra collect water from the well. Molly speculates that Jolanda might have found the idol. Kendra tells her a simple alternative: split their six votes between Jolanda and Danny to at least eliminate one of them. Molly relays the new to Donna, Zach, Rashad and Conway. The six-person alliance decide that the women would vote for Danny while the men vote for Jolanda.

Meanwhile, Jolanda and Danny, both hanging out in the shelter, converse.

Quote1Hey Jo, I have the idol.Quote2- Danny
Quote1That's sweet!Quote2- Jolanda
Quote1The kids are in the jungle. I pretty sure they're splitting the votes.Quote2- Danny
Quote1I figured. What's your plan?Quote2- Jolanda
Quote1Rashad's the new kid on their block, we must convince him to vote Kendra out because she's the ringleader of their alliance. Chances are slim, but we've got to try.Quote2- Danny

An hour before Tribal Council, Danny starts working on Rashad.

Quote1Rashad, do you think you have a chance against your allies?Quote2- Danny
Quote1Sorry, I'm not interested.Quote2- Rashad
Quote1I'm begging you. Can't you see? Molly brought you in that alliance as a spare tire. If anything, once we're gone, you're next.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Any ideas?Quote2- Rashad
Quote1Don't screw me over okay?Quote2- Danny
Quote1I swear on my mother's name.Quote2- Rashad
Quote1I have the idol, okay. Listen, you just need to vote Kendra tonight, and you, me and Jolanda will be final three.Quote2- Danny
Quote1I don't know. But I promise I won't tell anyone. But I won't promise you anything.Quote2- Rashad
Danny came up to me and made me wonder. Like, Molly and I had a mutual understanding, being both tormented kids. Now here's Danny proposing to usurp her. But Danny's right, I joined the alliance last, so I have a hunch that they might be gunning for me once Jo and Danny go home. What to do, what to do?


At Tribal Council, Jeff asks the castaways about tribe dynamics. Molly bluntly states that either Danny and Jolanda's number is up for elimination, and speculates that Jolanda might have her rehidden idol, so she said they will be splitting the votes. Jolanda rebuts that she does not have the idol, and a revote might be a waste of time. After the vote, Danny draws the Hidden Immunity Idol from his back pocket, negating all votes cast against him, boosting his confidence. The alliance, as promised, split their votes between Danny and Jolanda. The tally becomes 2-2 between Kendra and Jolanda, with Danny expecting Rashad voted for Kendra. To Danny's disappointment, Rashad keeps his allegiance with the Three Tribes Alliance by still voting for Jolanda. After a 3-2-0 vote, Jolanda, the last of the three returning contestants, is sent home. Danny gives a piercing stare at Rashad, but Rashad says he did not tell any of his tribemates of his plan, and stresses that he did not promise anything. Puzzled by the building tension between Danny and Rashad, Molly goes at Rashad, saying he has "some explaining to do." Rashad nods in agreement.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Donna, Kendra, & Molly
(votes not counted)
Jolanda (3 votes)
Conway, Rashad, & Zach
Kendra (2 votes)
Danny & Jolanda
Jolanda Jones

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Will Danny be able to infiltrate the Three Tribes Alliance, or the alliance be able to eliminate its last and biggest threat?

Author's Notes

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