"A Million Dollar Bounty Above Our Heads"
Season Survivor: Bermuda - Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty
Author Tangle
Episode Number 7/14
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This is the 7th episode of Survivor: Bermuda - Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty!


Immunity Challenge: Ballin' A Jack
Challenge Mechanics: The castaways will each stand on a small block while stabilizing a ball against an overhanging piece of wood. If at any point they lose their concentration or their balance, the ball will drop and they are then out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins.
Winner: TBD


Night 16

Stovel Tribe 

(Following Xavier's elimination, the five remaining members of Stovel return to camp.)

Veronica: That was a close one! I was so sure I was going to be voted out. Thank you, guys. 

Will: What do you mean, you were sure? You were in the majority. You weren't going anywhere.

The choice to eliminate Xavier over Isla was a little difficult, as there was reason for eliminating both of them, but in the end I decided to vote Xavier out. Although Xavier made some points as to why he should stay, he also never even spoke to us until his Master, Ryan Huangker, was eliminated. So how the hell was I supposed to know what he was saying was true? He could have run right back to Somers and I was not giving them an extra number. The other reason was Veronica. I needed to keep her trust and she wanted Isla around. I figured that if I did that for her, not only would she stick by me, but Isla would at least partially forgive her and I could be connected to Isla too, because you don't want that stupid petty bitch against. Of course this was all before the <expletive> idiot actually voted for Veronica, so I hope that Veronica stops being a <expletive> SJW for one second so she doesn't play the victim complex, although she does have this pathetic mindset right now that she deserves everything she gets because Isla's mad at her. I hope that wins out for now, otherwise things might start getting out of hand.

Will Donovan

Isla: (throwing her bag down) Ugh... you guys <expletive> suck. 

Veronica: Isla, could we please talk? 

Isla: Ew. (She pauses, followed by a deep sigh) Whatever, but don't make me walk, like, ages away because that's too much effort and I'm not in the mood.

Veronica: It's okay, we only have to go a little way. 

(With a huff, Isla starts walking out of camp. The camera focuses on Veronica, who sighs.)

I was really hurt that Isla decided to vote against me tonight, especially considering I worked so hard to save her. Someone even wrote "Moronica" on their parchment and I'm pretty sure it was her because Xavier just doesn't strike me as that kind of person. It upsets me that Isla would do something that nasty, but I know I'm completely deserving of it because everything happening to her now is entirely my fault and she has every right to be furious. (sighs, then blinks away tears from her eyes) This whole situation is just awful. The friendship between Isla and I means a lot to me. I want to do everything I can to smooth things over because I want to work with Isla in this game, it's just a matter of whether she wants to work with me. I'll apologise a million times more if I have to, but I hope the fact I did save her from the vote- because there were a couple who wanted her out- will be enough to have her forgive me.

Veronica O'Hara

(The camera then transitions to Isla and Veronica as they walk out of earshot of the others, to the top of the beach, before Isla abruptly stops.)

Isla: This is where we're stopping, I'm not going any further.

Veronica: Okay, that's fine. (sighs) So, you voted for me tonight, right? 

Isla: Duh. 

Veronica: Did you do the "Moronica" vote?

Isla: Yes. You totally deserved it though because you <expletive> me over. 

Veronica: I know, I know, but that was really hurtful. 

Isla: I. Don't. Care.

Veronica: (sigh) Isla, our friendship meant- and still means- a lot to me and I hate that one mistake has driven us apart. I fought so hard to save you Isla, because I really felt terrible about what I'd done. I spent almost every single moment in the discussions I had with that group vouching for you and telling everyone you'd be more loyal than Xavier. There were a couple of people that really wanted you out. In fact you're lucky no one trusted him at all, because they were really thinking of voting for you, but I refused and they settled on him because they thought he'd go back to Somers. 

Isla: Wait, so you really spent two days trying to save me? 

Veronica: Yes! I hope you can forgive me for my stupid mistake in our first Tribal, Isla, because I really want to work with you. What do you say, are we friends again? 

Isla: Well... I'm still mad that you even put me in this position but... (sigh) I really don't want to go on the pre-jury trip with Kelsie and you did save me, so... I guess I can forgive you, just this once. But if you <expletive> me over again I will literally put so many rocks in your canteen that I'll clog it and you won't be able to drink any water so you'll die of thirst. 

Veronica: (excited) Really? Oh my God, Isla, thank you so much! 

(She leans forward to hug Isla, but Isla rears back, repulsed and mortified)

Isla: (shrieking) Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew! Don't hug me, I swear to God, ew. If you do that I'm taking back everything I said because only cute boys are allowed to hug me and you're neither cute nor a boy so no.

Veronica: (laughs) I'm sorry, I just got excited, but I'm so glad we're back to being friends! I promise I'll never screw you over again! Thank you so much, Isla! 

(Delighted, Veronica starts going back to camp. The camera focuses on Isla, who rolls her eyes.)

Don't get me wrong, I still hate Veronica, but since everyone on this tribe decided to ruin my life by voting Xavier out and production's, like, actively trying to rig me out of the game, I have to trust someone on this stupid tribe if we don't merge because I <expletive> refuse to go on the pre-jury trip with Kelsie. Like, I'd rather let Veronica hug me. (shudders) I can't believe she was about to do that! I would have been, like, so emotionally traumatised. I would have had nightmares about that forever.But anyway, I'm being forced to trust her because she saved me, so I guess she's good for, like, one thing. Everyone else on this tribe sucks, except for Adrian because I know stupid Constance, who is literally just jealous that Adrian likes me better than her, forced him to vote for Xavier because I totally had him in my pocket. I hate this stupid tribe so much. If we don't merge I'm just gonna die.

Isla Barrett

(The camera focuses on Veronica as she comes back to camp. Adrian and Constance see her and walk over.)

Constance: Hey Veronica, mind if we have a little chat of our own? 

Veronica: (a spring in her step) Of course not! Let's go.

(As they walk off to a private area, the camera focuses on Constance.)

I know, after our move tonight, a lot of people are going to be screaming at their TV sets, "Why didn't you get rid of Veronica, you idiots!? She doesn't like or trust you!" and believe me, if I was watching from home, I'd probably be doing the same thing. (laughs) Aside from the obvious of not trusting Xavier one bit because he never even spoke to us before today and then threw Isla under the bus, it was about trying to win Veronica's trust back. There's no doubt we were on shaky ground with Veronica, but the people she'd want to work with come a merge are some of the people that Adrian and I want to work with too. It would be great for us to be able to work as a cohesive unit of five since we could quite easily control the game, but we can't do that without Veronica. She's closest to Luca, which means if she wants to go against us, he might. He and Phyllis have also spent a long time together, so she could also go with him against us, which would be a disaster. Veronica didn't trust us enough last vote to work with the plan we wanted, but I think having had direct power to eliminate her and not taking it will sit well with her and go a long way towards us being able to work together strategically. That's why we saved Veronica and I'm hoping it doesn't turn out to be the dumbest move in Survivor history.

Constance Vaughn

(The camera picks up again as Adrian, Constance and Veronica begin talking.)

Veronica: So, what do you guys want to talk about? 

Constance: We just wanted to let you know that we were approached by Xavier and Isla tonight to get rid of you, just in case any funny stories get back to you. 

Veronica: Oh, really? Well, I can't say I'm surprised, but why did you guys keep me? I thought you hated me. 

Adrian: Veronica, we do not hold any disdain for you under any circumstances. We decided to direct our votes according to William's specifications because it is our desire for your previously withstanding mistrust of us to be voided to enable the three of us to work in a functioning strategic partnership. 

Veronica: Wow! I never expected to hear those words from you guys. 

Constance: It's true that we got off to a rough start and we haven't always agreed on things. Once again we're sorry for how we treated you, and I know that it's going to be a while before we completely earn your trust back. I know you didn't trust us last vote but I hope this proves that we definitely want to work with you in the future. 

Adrian: Affirmative. Veronica, we wish to eradicate all previous problems in order for you to refrain from viewing us in an unfavourable regard. Thus, we have been cautious in aligning our votes with your specifications and not those had by others which involved eliminating you from the competiton. I offer apologies for the words I have spoken that have caused you offence and furthermore, I apologise for the hostility between us during the elapsed period of the competition where we were a part of Gombey. 

Veronica: (taken aback) I really don't know what to say. I never expected you guys to save me after how horrible I was to you. I... thank you, thank you so much. 

Constance: Not a problem. We just hope this proves to you that we have no grudges and actually want to work with you. 

Veronica: Thank you again. This goes a long way! 

Constance: That's exactly what we wanted to hear. 

(The three of them begin exchange smiles before Veronica walks back to camp. The camera focuses on her as she is thinking.)

I don't know, maybe it's just because they caught me in a really good mood, but I'm actually starting to believe what Constance and Adrian are telling me! At first I thought they just wanted me for my vote, but their actions have shown they've been nothing but genuine to me during our time on Stovel, even after all the drama we went through on Gombey. So, maybe they have changed. Knowing that they were given the option to eliminate me and didn't take it says a lot about how much they want to work with me. We've definitely turned a corner when it comes to our game relationship. Call me completely crazy, but I think I'd actually like to be in an alliance with them. Obviously I'd still love to be with Will because I trust him the most, but being with Constance and Adrian after all we've gone through would really show how much I've grown as a person out here and how I was willing to forgive past grudges. I think this could be the first step towards me winning the entire thing! It's shaky ground for now, but trust is starting to form and I think they'd have my back.

Veronica O'Hara

(The camera then goes back to Constance and Adrian, who are still standing in the  same spot.)

Constance: That went well. I think Veronica really trusts us. 

Adrian: Affirmative. (he pauses, before continuing) Constance, please interject if you view this idea as preposterous, but are you of the belief it could be beneficial to employ our various social connections, should we not merge, to devise a stratagem entailing the elimination of William? There is compelling evidence supporting the idea that he is a threat to the successful execution of our strategic plans and thus, it may place us in a more advantageous position if he were not present to interfere. 

Constance: I'm following this. Will could definitely move against us, especially if he has social connections and since there's five Gombeys left. He'd be exactly the kind of person to notice it and make a move against us. 

Adrian: We shall sleep and then reconvene in the morning to discuss this further.

(The two of them begin walking back to camp. The camera focuses on Adrian.)

I consider myself a socially conscious individual and, based on the mannerisms of William, I believe he could pose an imminent threat to the execution of current and future strategic schemes developed by Constance and I. I believe, at present, we are perfectly poised to execute a plan that shall culminate in William's elimination. Veronica appears to have forgiven our transgressions and, although I anticipate we have evoked a considerable level of annoyance in Isla by deviating from her specifications, I believe she may attribute that fact to Constance and she still believes I am manipulable. Thus, I believe we could be reliant on Isla, especially given her vehement disdain for William, to vote in accordance with our wishes. I must confess to desiring the delay of a merger so as to devise and execute this plan, for I believe the success of such a move could, upon the conclusion of this competition, result in me emerging the victor. I do not believe William is anticipating such a move at present, so now would be the most opportune moment to strike. (chuckles)

Adrian Redford

Day 17

Reward Challenge

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

(The Somers tribe enter first, followed by the Stovel Tribe.)

Jeff: Somers, getting your first look at the new Stovel Tribe. Xavier voted out at the last Tribal Council. 

(As the Stovel Tribe enter, the camera focuses on Celia, who looks incredibly annoyed.)

Celia: (shakes head) Another Somers...

Jeff: Normally you guys would be here for a challenge, but today, things are a little different.

(The camera focuses on Jacob, who perks up with interest.)

Jeff: There are twelve of you left now. For the past seventeen days you've been fighting it out as two tribes, winning challenges together, living together and playing a team game. Well now, it's all about to change. You guys can drop your buffs. We are officially merged! 

(There is an uproar of celebration as the castaways drop their buffs, however, one voice raises above them all.)


(Everyone momentarily stops what they're doing and looks at her)

Isla: (excited) I don't have to go on the pre-jury trip with Kelsie!

(Everyone laughs as Jeff brings out the buffs and tosses them.)

Jeff: Here are your buffs!

(The camera shows Constance unwrapping a dark purple buff.)

Constance: Ooh, I like this colour. 

(The camera then focuses on Isla as she unwraps her buff.)

Isla: Production may be trying to rig me out of the game but at least they've given me a nice colour to wear while doing it!

Jeff: You guys are officially one tribe. You'll be living on the Somers beach-

Isla: You better be bringing my chair over! I am not being on a beach without my chair!

Jeff: (smirks) Yes, all rewards won by Stovel will be transferred over to the Somers camp. You guys will also have to come up with a name for your tribe. Well, it's time for you guys to head back to camp and get to know each other. I'll see you soon!

(The castaways head back to camp. The camera focuses on a disgruntled Celia as she walks next to Oswald and Maria.)

Celia: Well this is brilliant, right? 

Okay let me get one thing straight: I don't even like Xavier and I don't like Ryan much more, but the fact that Stovel went to two tribals and both brawns are gone pisses me off. It can't be a coincidence. These guys are deliberately targeting us just because of this stupid idea that, since we're the brawn tribe, we're going to be the best in challenges, so their coward asses just whittled down our numbers before the merge. Of course no one seems to care that Gombey made up majority on that tribe and there's still five of them left. Just <expletive> watch, the second we hit that beach they're all going to gang up on us as the challenge threats and then Gombey will make up the majority. Are you <expletive> kidding me? I did not come out here to get <expletive> twelfth because these assholes are too short-sighted and only thinking about challenges. And don't they realise that we're not the only ones good at challenges? There's some really good Gombey people too, but watch, no one will care about that. Thank God Oswald has the idol because I think we're going to need it. I just hope some people actually have brains in their heads and align with us.

Celia Mosteller

Merge Tribe

Jovial music plays as the twelve newly merged castaways arrive back to the old Somers beach. 

Oswald: To those who have never been here before, welcome to the Somers beach! 

Isla: OMG, this camp is so much better than ours. Ugh, how come I got the ugly camp?

Will: (inspecting the shelter) You guys have done a pretty impressive job on the shelter. 

Maria: Well I'd be pretty embarrassed if we didn't! 

Phyllis: (gasps) Oh my goodness, everyone, there's a whole feast here! 

(In excitement, everyone turns behind them and marvels at the wide selection of food behind them.)

Veronica: Oh, wow! Food! Real food! 

The jovial music continues and excitement fills the air as the castaways rush to pile their plates with food. There is bread, cheese and crackers, cold meats, fruit, salad, cookies, and plentiful supplies of beer, champagne and soda. The camera shows Celia piling up on cold meats, while Phyllis is shown grabbing a handful of fruit and Luca is shown grabbing a scoop of salad. The camera focuses on Veronica, who has a smile on her face like a kid in a candy store as she puts some of everything on her plate.

When I saw that feast, it was the most amazing feeling! Since I was on Gombey and then Stovel, I never got to win a food reward, so this is my first actual food apart from rice and coconuts since I've been out here. It was amazing to be able to have all this meat, cheese and fruit. You don't realise how much you take basic things like food for granted in every day life until it's all been stripped away from you. To everyone watching, it might just seem like cheese and meat, but to me it was the best thing I've ever tasted! (sighs) I'm proud of myself, you know? It was a real struggle for me in the beginning but I think I've definitely turned a corner, first with Constance and Adrian saving me, then making the merge and now getting to eat some decent food. I've had some painful emotional lows out here but this is the happiest I've been and I really hope this is the start of something new for me!

Veronica O'Hara

(Following Veronica's confessional, the camera focuses on Jacob and Adrian as they are around the table. Jacob grabs two beers.)

Jacob: Hey, buddy, want a beer?

Adrian: Does the occasion warrant the consumption of alcoholic beverages? 

Jacob: Gesundheit! (giggles) I'm Jacob. What's your name? 

Adrian: The name assigned to me at birth was Adrian. Jacob, I am perplexed. You previously uttered the German word gesundheit in response to my query regarding whether it was appropriate to consume alcoholic beverages. However, I believe the appropriate word was "ja", indicating affirmative, or "nein" indicating negative. Gesundheit is, in English equivalent, "bless you", a response to sneezing, but I did not sneeze. 

Jacob: You're a smart one! Here, take a beer. (he hands one to Adrian)

Adrian: I am appreciative. (He and Jacob undo their bottles and take a sip). Adrian rears back in surprise.) This tastes pleasant! 

Jacob: Wait... don't tell me this is your first time drinking! 

Adrian: I could make a testament in regards to that statement, however, it would be fallacious. 

Jacob: Oh God... (giggles) You have fun with that! Good luck. 

(Jacob walks off, drinking his beer.)

Adrian: (taking another swig, shrugs) I was unaware the consumption of alcohol was intended to be an entertaining experience. 

(The camera then transitions to Veronica as she walks around the camp with her plate.)

Luca: (calling her over, waving) Veronica! 

Veronica: (excited) Luca! 

(Veronica walks over to him and sets her plate down. The two exchange a hug.)

Luca: I'm so glad you made it. I'll be honest, when I saw how the tribes were split, I was worried for you. 

Veronica: Me too. I thought I was toast, but I made it work! Actually, I nearly went against them on the first vote, but I ended up sticking by them. Then, they had the chance to get rid of me at the next Tribal but they didn't. I really think I've turned things around with them! 

Luca: That's so great! I got along really well with Phyllis, too, so it looks like we're all getting along great with each other. 

Veronica: Yeah! It's a surprise. If you'd asked me a few days ago if I'd be okay with them, I would have laughed. But things have changed now and I think I'm starting to trust them.

Luca: I'm so proud of you for putting all that stuff in the past! You have no idea how happy that makes me. 

When the tribes were swapped, I was terrified that Veronica was going to break away from Constance and Adrian and either someone would be gone or I'd have to pick sides when we merged. Veronica is still my number one ally out here, followed in close second by Phyllis, but I really want all five of we Gombey members to work together. Adrian, Constance, Phyllis and Veronica are all lovely people who fully deserve to make it far, and for me to be alongside them at the end of the game would be honour, so I was delighted to hear that Veronoica had made amends with Constance and Adrian. I love Veronica to death but she can be a very emotional person, so I think the fact she was able to put all that emotional baggage behind her speaks volumes as to how much she's grown as a person. I'm so proud of her for how far she's come since I comforted her while she was crying her eyes out on day two. I'm thrilled to be able to continue working with her in this next phase of the game.

Luca Enmore

There is a montage of the castaways eating and drinking, before the camera hones in on Adrian drinking a beer, then going back to get another, and then another. 

We all really enjoyed the feast. It was a great chance to get to know new faces, catch up with old ones and get some nice food in our bellies. I think (laughs) I think Adrian enjoyed it quite a lot more than the rest of us. He downed those beers like water and then I'd see him go for another, then another, and soon enough he got very very drunk, very quickly. Adrian's a fairly reserved fellow who doesn't speak out of turn or draw attention to himself, so it was hilarious, to say the least, watching him stumble around drunk. (laughs) You knew immediately, just from watching, that he'd had no experience with alcohol before. Poor guy. I just hope this isn't too embarrassing for him when he watches back.

Phyllis Carmichael

Adrian: (stumbling around) Look! individuals, turn your attention to me, I'm... considerably intoxicated. Do I... require evacuation? I am beginning to feel... (he staggers backwards) disorientated...

Constance: (sighs, smirking) Adrian, buddy, you're staggering everywhere. Sit down before you hurt yourself.

Jacob: Hey, his name's not buddy, it's Adrian. (giggles)

Adrian: Affirmative. My lopsided gait may... collerate.,..correate...correlate with the fact I am incredibly intoxicated at present. Slurred words. (laughs) Another symptom of intoxication. (He turns towards Jacob) JACOB! Jacob... I made acquaintance with Jacob today, everyone!

Jacob: (giggles) Yeah, you did, Adrian. 

Adrian: Jacob, why did you not... inform me that alcoholic beverages resulted in this effect? (Adrian staggers forward and trips and falls in front of Jacob) Greetings, Jacob. Did you.. did you witness that? The ground attacked me! 

Jacob: Yeah, bad ground! Come sit next to me, dude, we don't want you hurting yourself. 

(Adrian sits next to Jacob as the castaways quieten down.)

Misty: We should all play a game to get to know each other. How about... truth or dare? 

Isla: Oh my God, yes, that sounds so fun. 

Adrian: I've never participated before! How... how does one play? 

Isla: Well, like, someone asks you truth or dare and if you say "truth" then you have to answer their question with the truth, and if someone says dare, you have to do whatever they say. 

Misty: Okay, who wants to go first? 

Phyllis: I will... Misty, truth or dare? 

Misty: Um... truth. 

Phyllis: Okay, what's your funniest memory as a child? 

Misty: Okay, uh... Oh! I know one. When we were younger, my dad hated Jehovah's Witnesses. (laughs) So we used to play this game called "Hide from the Jehovah's Witnesses" and when one came around, dad would yell "Quick! They're coming! Hide!" and me and my brother would hide under the bed trying not to laugh too loud until they were gone. (laughs) Oh, it sounds so boring, but it was great. 

Veronica: Aww, that sounds so sweet! 

Constance: (laughs) Don't get me started on Jehovah's Witnesses. People talk about shoving religion down your throat, that's it right there. 

Will: If a Jehovah's Witness comes to my door, I open it, tell them God isn't real, then slam it in their face and laugh while looking out my window at how offended they are. (laughs)

Luca: That's horrible! (laughs)

Celia: I like this guy!

Misty: Alright, my turn. Jacob, truth or dare?

Jacob: Okay, let's spice things up a bit. Dare!

Misty: I dare you to... act like a chicken for thirty seconds. 

Jacob: (laughs, rolls eyes) Boring... Misty! Alright then. 

(Jacob walks around camp acting like a chicken, evoking laughter from the rest of the tribe. He sits back down.)

Jacob: My turn. Isla, truth or dare? 

Isla: Truth. And ask me something good because I'm not answering a boring question. 

Jacob: Wow, no pressure. (laughs) Okay, who did you lose your virginity to and how old were you? 

Oswald: This is a bit inappropriate. (laughs)

Isla: I already told you this before, Jacob. Ugh. I was 15 and it was to this really hot Latino guy. Like, OMG, I used to never be able to get any work done because he was just so hot. I'm still, like, super good friends with him. He had, like, amazing muscles and perfect hair and OMG, he had the most enormous-

Phyllis: (quickly breaking it up) Moving on! Your turn, Isla. 

Isla: Ugh, just ruin my story when it gets to the good part. Adrian, truth or dare? 

Adrian: (gasp) I have been selected! Dare. 

Isla: (giggles) I dare you to kiss Jacob. 

Constance: Come on, that's not funny. 

Adrian: Aff... affirmative. (he moves towards Jacob)

Jacob: (moving away) Woah, Adrian! Dude, you're hammered! Don't do this. 

Adrian: But... I was... dared. Where, under the regulations of truth or dare, does it...declare a dare void due to intoxication? Jacob, I was dared. Don't you want to kiss me? Am I... not visually appealing?

Jacob: No, it's not like that, I... help?

Constance: (standing up, looking pissed off)  Right, come on, Adrian. You have to go to sleep.

Adrian: Negative... Constance, I am participating in truth or dare!

Constance: Not anymore you're not. Come on, sleep. (She begins walking him away)

Adrian: (trying to fight) Negative!

(Constance leads Adrian away.)

Isla: Ugh, why do people ruin everything? 

Luca: I'm so glad Constance stepped in. That could have been really embarrassing for him. 

Veronica: Come on, you can't argue that seeing Adrian kiss a guy when he's so adamantly against homosexuality would have been funny on some level. 

Jacob: He's against homosexuality? Oh, yikes. 

Luca: (frowns) No, that wouldn't have been funny at all! 

Maria: Oh well, this game was fun while it lasted. Let's get this stuff cleaned up. 

(The castaways begin cleaning up.)

(The camera transitions to the shelter, where Constance is trying to settle Adrian down.)

Constance: (trying not to be annoyed) Adrian, you need to sleep.

Adrian: Negative... Constance, I want to continue participating in truth or dare. 

Constance: No you don't. No one's playing anymore. See? They're all gone. 

Adrian: But... if I did not perform the dare, have I been defeated?

Constance: No, you didn't lose anything. You're well within your rights not to do stupid dares and that was a stupid dare. Now, come on, sleep this off, Adrian. 

Adrian: Constance... do these individuals hold me in a favourable regard? 

Constance: Yes, Adrian. Everyone here likes you. 

Adrian: Negative. Veruh... Veronica... holds a vehement disdain for me... and I hold a vemehe.. vehement disdain for her too...

Constance: No, Veronica doesn't hate you and you don't hate her. Come on, sleep

Adrian: Individuals don't really hold me in a favourabe regard, do they? I'm not... cool. Is that... how my generation refer to socially accepted individuals? 

Constance: (sigh) You don't need to be "cool" to be liked, okay? Whoever told you that was wrong. You just need to be you, and that's what you're doing, and people like you for it. Okay? Kissing Jacob wasn't going to make you cool; cool is a stupid thing invented by popular people to make anyone different than them feel inadequate. Just keep being you... and go to sleep, for crying out loud. 

Adrian: Affirmative. I... I have a deep, platonic regard for you, Constance. 

Constance: I love you too, Adrian. Now sleep.

(Adrian settles down to sleep. Constance sighs and walks out of the shelter.)

Adrian got really drunk at the feast. We were all playing truth or dare and having fun, and then Isla goes and does something stupid like dare him to kiss Jacob. Of course he was out of his mind and couldn't think clearly, so he was going to do it. Not only is Adrian not gay, but he's also against homosexuality full stop and if he found out he did it, he'd be humiliated. Adrian is someone I've grown to care about very deeply. We've been through a lot together and he's my closest friend out here. I was not going to sit by and let him be totally and utterly embarrassed like that. He's grown up his whole life on the outs of social circles and not fitting in with the crowds so of course he's looking for any way he can to be accepted and that was just multiplied by a thousand when he's drunk. Someone's got to look out for him so he doesn't do anything he'd regret and I've taken that on. It really pisses me off, quite frankly, that Isla was going to put him through that when she knew he was drunk, just for her own amusement. I truly can't <expletive> stand that bitch. She's been trying to get to him for a while and I know she only has terrible intentions. Anyone who wants to hurt or manipulate Adrian in any way is gong to have to do it over my dead body. I'm not letting my best friend get hurt.

Constance Vaughn

(There is a short timeskip. The camera picks up again as Constance meets with the rest of the castaways.)

Maria: Did you get Adrian to sleep okay? 

Constance: Eventually. He'll be groggy in the morning but other than that he should be good. 

Jacob: I feel really bad, honestly.I feel so embarrassed for him. 

Oswald: Don't. You did the right thing, Jacob. 

Phyllis: Moving on, how about we come up with a tribe name? Adrian should be okay with whatever we pick, right? Does anyone have any suggestions? 

Veronica: How about a portmanteau of the tribe names? What could we make from Gombey, Stovel and Somers? How about... Sombeyvel? 

Will: That sounds like something a drunk person would write. 

Misty: Yeah, it does sound like a bit of a mouthful, unfortunately. I'm not sure if we could make anything from those names that rolls off the tongue. Good start though! 

Isla: I have an idea! We should totally call the tribe IBIQ. 

Celia: I-bick? What the <expletive>? 

Will: Spell it. 

Isla: I-B-I-Q. 

Oswald: That's not a word I've ever heard of before. What does it mean?

Isla: It's, like, Bermudian for merge. It would be really exotic. 

Will: There is no way you know words in any language other than English. 

Phyllis: Sorry to burst your bubble, but there's no such language as Bermudian. Bermuda's official language is English, so if we were to call the tribe the "Bermudian name for merge", we'd be calling it "Merge". 

Constance: We are not calling our tribe Merge.

Isla: Ugh, you ugly dinosaur bitch, why do you have to ruin literally everything?

Phyllis: (taken aback) Ugly... excuse me? 

Will: Just ignore everything she says. Isla, what does it actually mean?

Isla: It stands for Isla Barrett Is Queen and it would totally be the best tribe name. 

Will: Not happening.

Jacob: Damn, girl, you would have gotten away with that on any other season! What an amazing tribe name that would have been too. 

Isla: See, Jacob likes it.

Constance: Not happening, sorry. 

Luca: I have a suggestion. How about Vireo? The name comes from the White-eyed vireo. Bermuda's vireo is called  Vireo Griseus Bermudianus. It's a bird endemic to Bermuda, which means it can't be found anywhere else. It's a small bird with a yellow patch above its eye. 

Celia: Then why isn't it called the yellow-eye vireo? 

Luca: (laughs) That does seem funny, right? Anyway, the bird's population went down considerably around World War II thanks to the destruction of cedar trees in Bermuda. I figured that, if we really wanted to name it after something to do with Bermuda, then Vireo is a perfect choice. It rolls off the tongue really well, too! 

Isla: Thank you for that boring lesson on the history of a bird no one's ever heard of and doesn't care about.

Luca: (slightly hurt) I care about it.

Maria: I quite like the name Vireo. You're right, Luca; it's easy to say and rolls off the tongue well. 

Will: As long as it's not IBIQ I don't give a <expletive> what we call it. 

Jacob: Vireo sounds great, I'm down for that. 

Constance: Anyone else object? 

Isla: Ugh... they should have called a bird Isla, then you'd want to name the tribe after me. 

Constance: Then we are officially the Vireo tribe! 

(The castaways break apart. The camera focuses on Luca, who has a huge smile on his face.)

Ornithology has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. All through school I was that weird kid who liked birds and I got bullied for it quite a bit, but despite that I never gave up on my dream. I've been an ornithologist ever since I left school and I intend to be until the day I die. Coming on to this show, I was worried that I'd be seen as the weird bird guy again, not be able to relate to these guys and fall on the outs, so to be able to make the merge, name the tribe after a bird and explain it with almost no judgement means a lot. Survivor is one of those shows that brings people together from all walks of life and because everyone is so different, no one is ever judged. I'm over the moon to have been able to do this. It's not something I expect many people to understand, because it's something so small, but I consider this a huge personal victory.

Luca Enmore

(Following Luca’s confessional, the castaways have broken apart. The camera focuses on a small part of the forest, where Isla, Jacob and Misty are sitting down and talking.)

Misty: So, Isla, how were things over on Stovel? 

Isla: Ugh, it was <expletive>. I hate that stupid tribe. Like, I literally want them all to die, except for Adrian because he has an amazing ass.

Jacob: Uh oh, that doesn’t sound good. What happened?

Isla: Well, like, Will was such a dick the entire time.

Jacob: (giggles) Honey, when isn’t Will a dick?

Isla: OMG, I know, right? Well, like, there was this super hot guy called Ryan and, like, I had him totally around my finger and he was with this guy Xavier, so I had three. Then Veronica randomly decided we were best friends even though she’s so annoying, like, ugh, so then I had an alliance of four. But obviously Will got jealous, so he targeted Ryan.

Misty: Oh, that couldn’t have ended well.

Isla: It was literally the perfect plan but Veronica was just a dumbass and randomly voted Ryan at the last second with Constance and Adrian so, like, she just screwed me over for no reason even though I told her I’d vote Will if she wanted.

Misty: Oh… really? She doesn't sound reliable. 

Isla: Yes! Ugh, so then I tried targeting her and I started flirting with Adrian and was totally getting to him, but Constance was a jealous, ugly bitch so she ruined my life and made Adrian vote Xavier instead of Veronica. But, like, apparently everyone wanted me out and Veronica saved me, so I don’t hate Veronica as much as the rest of them.

Jacob: Wait, so Veronica saved you, but you want her to die still?

Isla: Um, yes, because she’s annoying.

Misty: So Will’s in a group with Adrian and Constance?

Isla: Yes, Veronica’s kinda with him but she’d totally be with me. Ugh, you know what we need to do? Get rid of Will. I hate him so much and he’s probably trying to get me out.

Misty: (frowns) So there’s no chance of you guys working together? I thought you were okay.

Isla: Ew, no, I hate him. Like, we should make a four with us three and Veronica and just get rid of him and then get rid of stupid life ruiner bitch Constance, because that means we can get Adrian on our side and be five.

Jacob: I’d be down for that! We could probably get the Somers guys on board because they’re gonna be such big targets they’ll vote for whoever.

Misty: Well sure, I’d like to see us work together, but don’t you think we should get rid of Constance first? If Veronica’s loyal to Will she might not go after him.

Isla: That’s literally why we have to vote Will out, so Veronica isn’t tempted to be a dumb bitch and screw me over later. Legit, this is the only time we can do it, because Veronica feels, like, awful for screwing me over- like she should- so she said she’s not gonna screw me again. I can totally guilt her into voting Will out.

Misty: I’m just not sure that going after Will this early is something that would be smart.

Jacob: I’d be down for whatever you guys think is the best move, because  I wanna work with y'all. 

Misty: Okay, I’m with you guys too.

Isla: Great! We’re gonna be the best alliance.

(The three of them confirm their plans before heading back to camp. The camera focuses on Isla, who has a confident smirk.)

Even though the tribe has the most stupid name ever, getting to the merge was, like, totally the best thing that could have happened to me. Now I'm back with my best friends, and the only people on this island I actually like, Misty and Jacob. That was such a good conversation. We're gonna make the best alliance ever, like, it's gonna be so great. I'm gonna take Veronica- because I totally guilt tripped her into working with me- and then we're gonna get rid of Will and Constance because they both suck. That won't be a problem because now everyone knows they're together, and then once they're gone, I'll bring Adrian over to my side and we'll have a great alliance of five. From there since, like, every single one of them is gonna be tied to me, I'm gonna coast to the end with so much control and no effort at all... and then I'm gonna win! I'm right back to running things now. I'm gonna show everyone who's too stupid to realise it, or doesn't know it already, that Isla Barrett is Queen!

Isla Barrett

(The camera then focuses on Misty as she starts frowning.)

Jacob: Uh oh, I know that face...

Misty: I just... I want to work with Isla, but she's so hellbent on targeting Will and I'm not sure that's the best. I mean, maybe they did fall apart but... do you think Isla's exaggerating a little bit? I know how Will works and if he wanted Isla gone, he would have gotten rid of her. Perhaps he wants to work with her. I think it's fairly stupid to break up one of our numbers up. (sigh) Would you be comfortable working with Will? 

Jacob: You're right, Isla could be exaggerating. She does kinda have a habit of it, but it sounds like she's pretty adamant against him. I could probably convince her to hold off for a round or two? I don't like Will much and I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me, so I wouldn't be comfortable working with him for too long, but I'm down for whatever you want to do. 

Misty: Thanks... (sigh) I can't believe Isla was so quick to jump ship.

I'm in a really uncomfortable situation. When the tribes swapped, I thought Will and Isla would stick together, perhaps I could work something out with Jacob and we'd stick together, then the four of us would end up working together at the merge. Well apparently Isla jumped the second they hit the beach and now everything's up in the air. She's adamant about getting him out and now I'm not sure what to do. I've got a close relationship with Isla and Jacob and I know they'd stick by me, but the same goes for Will. I don't know how much has changed since he's been with Constance all swap, but at one point he said he trusted me the most, so I'd still really like to work with him as well. I'm going to try and get Isla off this vote, because I know it's not smart to get rid of one of our numbers when there's five Gomeby and three enormous physical threats left, nor is it smart to get rid of someone who'll work with me. I need to talk to Will and see if there's any hope of getting him and Isla on the same page, otherwise things are going to start getting messy and I'm going to have to pick sides, which I really didn't want to do this early. (sigh) This is crazy.

Misty Lamoureux

(Following Misty’s confessional, the camera transitions over to a hidden area on the beach, where the Somers Trio are meeting.)

Maria: Well we made it to the merge, but I don’t exactly see anyone exactly running to align with us.

Celia: No of course they aren’t, because everyone’s obsessed with challenges, so they’re going to target us right off the bat. Thank <expletive> God we have that idol is all I can say.

Maria: If they’re going after challenge threats I’m going to be the first one they target. Not to brag but I was easily the strongest out of the three of us.

Oswald: Nobody’s disputing that. Obviously there’s the necklace that’s hopefully gonna keep at least one of us safe this round, but we can’t rely on immunity to get ourselves to the end. We have to find some sort of crack in that group.

Celia: Well there’s five Gombey members left on a tribe of twelve, how hard can it be? Oh wait, hard, because these people are idiots!

Maria: I think a lot of people are scared at how tight a trio we are. That seemed to be the problem at the swap. It looks like we’re going to need to drag individual numbers over, or at least find someone who wants someone else out more than us.

Celia: I think Jacob will easily work with us. I got some information out of him before so I can do it again.

Oswald: Misty apparently had connections to the other members of Stovel so I think she’s only the slimmest of chances at this stage unless we can convince her that the Gombey Five are together, but even then I think they’re going to take a tight, physical trio out first.

Maria: I might be able to get something with Phyllis. If the Gombey Five is a thing, then they’ll be looking to cover it up with cross-tribal connections. I think our safest bet is Jacob, though, without a doubt. If he has any buddies from Stovel, he could bring those over too.

Oswald: With any luck we could get the whole of Stovel on board with us to go against a Gombey. Worst case scenario is the nine of them gang up on us and do a split vote which is gonna turn the damn idol in my pocket into a useless lump of wood. (chuckles)

Celia: Don’t jinx it! Ugh, I <expletive> this.

Oswald: I do too, but like you said, Jacob is our best option. It’s like digging for gold. Jacob’s our metal detector and if we hit the right spot with him, we’re gonna mine that Stovel gold and make ourselves rich!

Celia: …Where the hell did you come up with that?

Oswald: Just pulled out of my ass. (laughs)

Celia: Well put it back in there. (rolls eyes)

Maria: I’m happy to focus on Jacob, just as long as we’re settled on us being the final three.

Oswald: Absolutely no doubt in my book. It’s the Somers Trio until the end.

Celia: Ditto with me.

(The three of them continue relaxing on the beach as the camera focuses on Oswald’s smiling face.)

There's no doubt that we Somers folk have got an uphill battle ahead of us. It's no secret we're three of the strongest physical competitors so it would make sense for the nine of them to be a little scared and get us out while they can. Our plan of attack is getting to Jacob, who I'm led to believe formed a pretty tight friendship with Celia back on the swapped tribe. If we can get to him I think we've got a damn good shot of getting to all of Stovel, especially if we can play up the fact there's a lot of them Gombey folk left. Jacob's our main hope but all that matters is finding some crack, 'cause there's got to be one in a group that large. If we can find people willing to work with us, like Jacob, or perhaps someone who wants someone else out a lot more, we'll be safe this round. I've got my idol too but I'm pretty sure Phyllis knows I have the damn thing so it's not entirely useful. I just hope they don't all band together and go nine-on-three on us, 'cause it's gonna be like climbing Everest if we have to fight back from that, and a necklace and idol can't save all three of us.

Oswald Carter

Day 18

Vireo Tribe

The sun rises on day 18 for the Vireo tribe with the group, minus Adrian, gathered 'round the fire, eating breakfast. The camera shows Adrian asleep in the shelter. 

Misty: (looking in the shelter) Is Adrian still asleep? Gosh. Did he get up at all last night? 

Phyllis: I think I heard him stir in the middle of the night. He was a little groggy, but otherwise fine and went back to sleep right after. He's been dead to the world ever since. 

Jacob: Note to self, if you want a good sleep out here, get hammered off your face. (giggles)

Oswald: He's still gonna be a bit groggy this morning, I reckon. (laughs) Poor guy's a lightweight. How many did he have, three? That's nothing but a warm-up for me.

Jacob: It's also his first time drinking, so he had no clue what was hitting him.

Maria: I guessed as much, he was downing them like soda.

Luca: He's going to need some looking after, that's for sure. He'll have a monster headache so he'll need plenty of water. I'll fill up a canteen for him. Would anyone else like theirs filled?

Celia: No it's alright, we'll get our own later. 

Luca: Okay.. Which one's Adrian's canteen? 

Constance: (reaching over and picking one up) This one. 

Luca: (taking it from her) I'll be back. 

(Luca leaves camp.)

Oswald: He's a really nice guy. 

Phyllis: Oh, he is. Really genuine and sweet. 

Luca's the kind of guy who does things just out of being a genuinely nice person. It never has anything to do with the game, you never have to think to yourself that there's ulterior strategic motives for anything he does. He's living for adventure, builds genuine friendships and isn't hiding anything for strategic benefit. Luca may not be the savviest player in the game or the loudest personality, but he is without a doubt the most pure and real out of any of us here. A lot of people I know like Luca and I'm one of them. There is no reason to hate the guy because he's so lovely to everyone he meets. In this day and age with the way Survivor has evolved, in an era where people praise flashy games, strategy and big moves, it's so heartwarming to see someone who's here just for the experience and isn't letting himself get caught up in the deception of the game. Anybody would be lucky to have Luca in their life.

Phyllis Carmichael

(There is a timeskip. The castaways have cleared camp by the time Luca comes back. As he reaches the shelter, Adrian has begun to stir.)

Luca: Good morning, Adrian. 

Adrian: (groggy) Luca.. (he lets out a small cry of pain, grabbing the side of his head) My cranium is aching profusely.

Luca: That's called a hangover. (He hands the canteen to Luca) Here, take this. It'll help. 

Adrian: Much appreciated. 

Luca: You're welcome. Are you hungry? I'm pretty sure there's some rice left over. 

Adrian: Negative. I am not currently experiencing the urge to consume food. I feel nauseous. 

Luca: That's normal too, but that's okay. Just keep drinking water and you'll eventually get better. 

Adrian: Affirmative. I observe the camp has become desolate as our fellow tribe members have deserted it. You do not have to remain to care for me if you wish to converse with other individuals.  

Luca: No I really don't mind. In fact I offered, because you're my friend and I want to make sure you're okay. Hangovers can be really rough. 

Adrian: I reiterate my previous expression of gratitude. (He pauses awkwardly) Luca, there appears to be absences in my recollection of yesterday's events subsequent to the commencement of the feast. What occurred?

Luca: (laughs) Oh goodness. Well, suffice it to say you were quite drunk, staggering around, you actually fell over at one point. Then we played truth or dare and... 

Adrian: Is this grave? 

Luca: Well... you got dared to kiss Jacob and...

Adrian: (horrified) Did I... did I engage in homosexual activities with Jacob?  Negative... I couldn't have... I am not homosexual.

Luca: (sigh) Well you were going to, but Constance stepped in and stopped you, thank God. If she hadn't done, I would have. 

Adrian: (even more horrified) I was intending to engage in homosexual activities? Luca, am I... am I homosexual? I did not believe I was, however, the evidence you have presented is quite damning. 

Luca: No, no, of course you aren't. You were drunk, Isla told you the rules of truth or dare were you had to do whatever was dared and you were following the rules. That doesn't make you  gay, Adrian. 

Adrian: I am relieved, however, also perplexed as to why I consumed so much alcohol to ascend to such levels of intoxication. 

Luca: Constance was telling me afterward that you kept asking her if you were cool and if people liked you. I think something in you must have thought you'd be accepted if you had alcohol and got drunk like "normal" people. She already told you this, but you probably don't remember, so I'll say it again. You really don't need to drink alcohol to fit in. I was in the same boat as you when I reached the legal drinking age. I thought drinking would make me cool and fit in and I'd binge drink quite often. Then I realised that I was me and as long as I had friends, I was going to be okay and didn't need to change for anyone. I've never had a drop of alcohol since. People do like you Adrian. I think you're actually one of the nicest people out here and I consider you a good friend. A lot of other people feel the same and it's because of who you are, not how much alcohol you can drink or how well you conform to everyone else's standards of normality. Don't forget that. 

Adrian: (not knowing what to say) I... I am touched. For the third time I must express sincere and immense gratitude towards you. I consider our interpersonal bond to be quite strong as well and am grateful for our friendly relations. I desire for it to continue for the duration, and following the commencement, of this competition. 

Luca: Absoltuely, and don't worry about it. I'm just being a good friend. 

(The camera focuses on Adrian as he takes a sip of water from the canteen.)

I am immensely grateful to have been able to form such a close interpersonal bond with an individual like Luca. He is caring and considerably pleasant and, following the conclusion of every conversation, I discover something else I have in common with him. He disclosed to me what had occurred while I was intoxicated and informed me he would have intervened if Constance had not, which relieves me as the situation, even sans the homosexual activity, is immensely embarrassing. He further conversed with me regarding his experience with alcohol and his desire to utilise it in his efforts to integrate with socially accepted individuals. I am appreciative of this conversation and feel it has only strengthened the interpersonal bond Luca and I share. Disregarding Constance, he is the only other individual I can confidently assert is, at all times, genuine towards me in this competition.

Adrian Redford

Luca: (pauses for a moment, before continuing) Sorry, Adrian, this probably isn't the appropriate time to talk about this with you, but have you thought about alliances since we've merged? 

Adrian: Not to a substantial degree. However, I do wish to maintain a strategic partnership with you and Constance. 

Luca: Well that's good news. What about Phyllis and Veronica? Sorry if it feels like I'm being imposing, and please tell me if I am, but I'd love it if the five Gombey members could work together until the end. 

Adrian: Negative, you are not being imposing. In fact, I have had similar thought processes. My only concern is Veronica. 

Luca: You don't need to worry about that at all. She told me that you guys saved her last Tribal and she trusts you.

Adrian: Excellent. Hence it would be beneficial for the Gombey individuals to unite in strategic partnership. We could disguise it via utilising our connections created upon the swapping of tribes and strike when appropriate. 

Luca: That's exactly what I was thinking, especially since I think people would want to target the three Somers members. 

Adrian: Affirmative. We should discuss this with Constance, Phyllis and Veronica. 

Luca: We should, and thank you for being on the same path as I am. I really want a Gombey final five, so I hope it works out. 

I'm never going to claim to be the most strategically savvy player out here but I know that there's an easy fallback alliance of five with the remaining members of Gombey. Since we make up such a large group it would make the most sense. Actually, to be honest, I'm not even doing this for strategic reasons. I'm quite close with everyone from Gombey and like them all a lot, so I'd love for the five of us to be sitting as the final five. I don't want to get ahead of myself but I believe it's quite achievable if we hide it well enough. I was worried that these guys would have made stronger connections on their swapped tribes but, to my relief, Adrian seemed completely on board with the idea. I just hope everyone else is. What an honour it would be to wake up with my four closest friends and I being the last ones left!

Luca Enmore

(Following Luca's confessional, there is a transitioning shot of nature before the camera picks up on Misty and Will walking through the forest.)

Misty: I'm glad I finally get the chance to talk with you one on one. How were things over on Stovel?

Will: I'm glad too, it means I managed to survive on that tribe without <expletive> killing myself, which is a miracle. Don't get me started.

Misty: It was that bad> (laughs) I've heard stories. 

Will: Isla's already been in your ear? Great. I'm sure she's told you how I've ruined her life. 

Misty: She may have mentioned something to that degree. She told me you were with Constance and Adrian. 

Will: (sigh) We barely hit the beach and she's already spreading <expletive> about me? Yes, I'm aligned with Constance and Adrian. What happened was Ryan, young, stupid, more muscles than brains, wanted to lead the tribe and was aggressively targeting me. Isla went with him and against me because she wanted someone to spoonfeed bull<expletive> to. I aligned with Constance, Adrian and Veronica, but Veronica also had something close with Isla. Apparently Veronica switched her vote from me to Ryan at the last second so that, according to Isla, means I ruined her life and has she let me know it. She's making me <expletive> miserable. 

Misty: Sounds like you had a close call. 

Will: But I got out of it. No one targets me and lives to tell the tale. So, are you working with me again, or what?

Misty: (laughs) Always right to the point, no BS. That's what I like about you, Will. Yeah, I'm happy to work with you. I was actually hoping you'd survive so we can link back up.

Will: Good, because you're my most loyal ally. No matter what you hear I'm prioritising you over them. But they'd be good for a cross-tribal alliance as guaranteed numbers. How did things go for you on Somers?

Misty: That's great to hear. I aligned with Phyllis and Luca but it was pretty much out of necessity. Those three Somers are really tight. I'm not sure how well it's going to hold up, if it does at all. 

Will: Doesn't matter, but if that Somers group is tight and physically dominant, one of them needs to go first. How did things go with Jacob?

Misty: Oh, I agree completely. Jacob and I actually mended fences quite well and he's already told me he's on board. The only thing I'm worried about is you and Isla. Would you be willing to work with her? 

Will: Why do you think I saved her? I know she doesn't like me but I'm sure I can utilise her vote through Veronica, so that should give us an extra vote for the time being. We'll have to keep a watch on her to make sure she doesn't have too many stupid ideas floating around. Actually, it's Isla, of course there's stupid ideas floating around. To be more specific, none that concern voting me out.If she can prove her loyalty for the next couple of rounds we should be fine. 

Misty: Got it. Well, Jacob's with us, so me, you, him, Veronica, Constance and Adrian makes six. Seven if Isla's on board, which is majority and leaves us able to target the Somers Trio. I could try with Phyllis and Luca and see if they'll take us up to a supermajority of nine. As long as it's fine between you and Isla, there should be nothing to worry about. 

Will: It's fine on my end, but make no mistake: if I hear so much as a whisper that Isla's plotting to get me out this round, I'll cut her immediately. I don't give a <expletive> how tight and strong that Somers Trio is. 

Misty: Noted. Good talking to you, Will. I hope we can make the end together. 

Will: Me too. 

(The two of them continue walking. The camera focuses on Will as he frowns.)

I was glad that Misty made the merge because it means I can talk to someone who doesn't make me regret my decision to apply for this show every time they open their mouth. I may have made connections on Stovel but Misty is the one I trust the most. It was good to hear that she mended fences with Jacob. This is exactly why I aligned with her, aside from the fact she was the only sane person and the only one on Stovel I could tolerate for more than five minutes. She's good socially, I'm not. I could never mend fences with Jacob, so we compliment each other. She's also managed to maintain a working relationship with Isla without needing a mental institution and that's good too, because I learned from her that Isla's already apparently telling people about Stovel and who I was aligned with. I kept Isla around last vote because I felt I could use her thanks to Veronica's idiotically misguided sense of loyalty to her and I just hope it doesn't end up biting me in the ass. If I got voted out by... that, I'd die of embarrassment. I want to get one of the Somers Trio out but I have to be careful of Isla, because who knows what the <expletive> she'll do. Unbeknownst to her, I have eyes and ears into whatever group she forms. (laughs) if that bitch even thinks about moving against me, the next thing she'll be doing is complaining about how much effort it is to walk to Jeff and have her torch snuffed.

Will Donovan

(The camera then focuses on Misty, who is smiling.)

I was really glad to get the chance to catch up with Will and I'm happy that the alliance between he and I is still intact. I probably wouldn't ever meet someone like him in real life, but out here he's someone I've grown pretty fond of and have a strong connection with. He confirmed everything Isla told me and I was pleased that he was a heck of a lot more open to working with her than she was him. I chose not to mention to Will that Isla had already talked about voting him out. I really don't want to have to pick a side this early because with twelve people left, I don't want to open myself up to being a target. I'm hoping that, by telling Isla that Will wants to work with her, I can convince her to hold off on Will for a couple of rounds and target one of the Somers Trio, then get to work on the Gombey Five. As long as I can talk Isla around, I think I'll be alright to keep flying under the radar for the next few rounds. Things are looking up and it seems like I'll be able to get Stovel back together after all.

Misty Lamoureux

(Another transitioning nature shot is shown before, somewhere in a separate part of the forest, the camera picks up as the five original Gombey members have met up. Luca is leading Constance, Phyllis and Veronica to a spot where Adrian is already waiting.)

Phyllis: Hey there! Are you feeling alright this morning?

Adrian: Greetings, and affirmative. My cranium still aches slightly, however my condition has improved since awaking. 

Phyllis: That's great to hear. Can I just say how glad I am that the five of us have all made it here? 

Constance: I feel the exact same. 

Phyllis: Things are alright on your end, are they, Veronica? Please don't take offence to this, but I was a little worried when I saw you'd been swapped with Adrian and Constance. 

Veronica: Absolutely! I worked with them for the couple of votes we were together and they actually saved me last vote, so I'm fine! 

Constance: (smiles) I'm glad we've been able to work things out, Veronica. 

Phyllis: So, Luca, what exactly is this about? It seems a little shrouded in mystery. 

Luca: (chuckles) Right, sorry, let me clear all this up. I'm really happy that the five of us made it back to the merge, because I think you're all great people. I'd really like to go deep in the game with you. I don't intend in the least to try and dictate how you vote, and please tell me if you think I am, but I hope the five of us can form an alliance and go to the final five together.

Constance: That's not dictatorial at all. In fact, it sounds like a good idea, if the rest of you are happy with it. We'd be able to mask it through our connections. Adrian, Veronica and I aligned with Will over on Stovel, so we could just link up on that until it was time.

Phyllis: Luca and I linked up with Misty, so we could go with that.

Luca: Yeah, I mean, I feel quite bad about it, but I recognize it’s the only way the five of us are going to go undetected. We just need to make sure that one of those Somers guys is the first to go.

Veronica: Yeah, definitely. We need to get the Somers people out, otherwise they'll just keep winning challenges.

Constance: And that could completely derail us. But, like I said, I’m absolutely comfortable with this being the final five.

Adrian: I concur.

Luca: That’s great! I’m really happy about this. I’m going to be completely honest with you guys and I ask that you all do the same. I want this to go all the way so, on that note, I have something to tell you guys. (He reaches into his shorts pocket and pulls out the fake idol) I found the Gombey idol and I’m happy to use it on whoever needs it.

I decided to share my idol with the group because I wanted to make sure there was complete honesty between us so they knew I was serious about this alliance. As far as I’m concerned, although the rules technically say it belongs to me, this idol is property of the Gombey Five and I’m willing to use it on whoever needs, to ensure that the five of us make it to the end. (laughs) The looks on their faces were priceless! I’m sure they didn’t expect it of me but at least now they know I’m 100% loyal to them all.

Luca Enmore

(Phyllis’ face falls. Constance and Adrian raise their eyebrows.)

Constance: I… wow, I never once suspected a thing. When did you find it?

Luca: I know, it’s pretty shocking, isn’t it? (laughs) I found it right before the tribes swapped.

Adrian: (to Veronica) Were you aware of this fact?

Veronica: Yeah, he told me right after he found it.

Luca: I showed this to you guys because I really want you to know I’m serious about this Gombey Five. Isn’t this the greatest thing ever?

Phyllis: (guilty, surprised) Yeah… it’s great.

Luca: With this thing in our pocket, we’ve got a fallback in case things go wrong. I’d say we’ve got a great chance of making it to the final five! Let’s do this!

Constance: Absolutely. Final five!

(The group all confirm this plan before breaking apart. The camera focuses on a guilt-ridden Phyllis.)

I’m starting to deeply regret this fake idol nonsense. The whole situation is getting seriously out of hand. I’m with this Gombey Five idea just as much as Luca but I never knew he’d show the entire group that idol. I feel absolutely terrible for him. He’s so convinced it’s the real thing and he’s really excited about it. It’s going to shatter his heart when the truth comes out- and I’m saying when because it’s only a matter of time before he tries to play it now. It was a good idea at the time but now this could seriously backfire, and although I want to do whatever it takes to get to the end, I don’t want to hurt someone like Luca so severely. I’m torn, because part of me is just saying, “tell him it’s fake now before his feelings get hurt”, but then I’d have to tell him I’ve got the real thing and he’d have to tell the whole group it’s fake. That means they’d all have to know about it too and that’s the last thing I want. I want to make a calculated strategic decision and not feel obligated by a group. (sigh) Oh my Goodness, I feel like this is going to explode in my face. This has escalated far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I’ve no idea what to do.

Phyllis Carmichael

(The camera then transitions to Veronica and Luca as they walk away from the group.)

Luca: I’m excited for this, Veronica. I have a good feeling about it all. I just hope you know that, regardless of our Gombey Five, my loyalty remains to you before anyone else.

Veronica: Thanks. (takes a deep breath) Luca… I’m really not sure about this.

Luca: (concerned) Not sure about what?

Veronica: This. The Gombey Five. I said I was starting to trust Constance and Adrian but I trust Will a lot more than them and they’ve got ties to Will too. Are you sure this is the best idea?

Luca: I think everyone’s on board for this. I believe it in my heart. You can trust these guys, I promise. I talked with Adrian before the group just to make sure he was thinking along the same lines as me and he was.

Veronica: That makes me feel a little better I guess, but… I don’t think this is all sunshine and rainbows like you think. I’m worried one of them is going to jump us with their connections to make sure they get to the end.

Luca: Veronica, listen. I promise that I’ll do everything I can to protect you. Just trust me when I say this is going to work out. By the time we get the Somers people out, we’ll hold a 5-4 majority so it’ll be easy to make our way to five.

Veronica: I trust you. I know you’ll protect me. It’s they who are the problem.

I’m not completely comfortable with this Gombey Five. Luca’s super excited for it and I trust him a lot, but I have people on Stovel- like Will and Isla- who I trust a lot more than Constance and Adrian. I’m starting to trust them, and Luca says Adrian’s genuine, but they still worry me. (sigh) If we got to 5-4, they’d be exactly the kind of people who’d use Stovel to jump and take one of us out to make sure they both get to the end, and that someone would probably be me. And who even knows where Phyllis’ head is at? I haven’t been on a tribe with her for days and I rarely talked to her on Gombey. Is it really smart for me to fully commit to an alliance of all Gombey when I’m not sure about them and I’ve got Stovel numbers who’ll definitely work with me? Maybe I’m overthinking but this whole situation makes me nervous. I feel like I’m being backed into a corner and things will only end badly.

Veronica O'Hara

(There is a small timeskip, before the camera transitions to Will and Misty as they approach Constance, Adrian and Veronica.)

Will: We need to talk to you, let's go.

Constance: Okay, right behind you. 

(They begin walking out of camp. As they do, they bump into Jacob, who is just coming back.)

Jacob: (noticing the group) Aww, you guys are having a party without me? Rude.

Misty: Actually, we were just about to come looking for you. This talk involves you tool.

Jacob: Alright, cool. 

(The six of them walk to a private area in the forest.)

Will: Okay, I'm not going to waste any time here. I think the six of us need to form an alliance. 

Adrian: Affirmative. I believe a strategic partnership would be beneficial for the six of us. 

Constance: You guys, Misty and Jacob, you were on Stovel originally, right?

Misty: Yeah, that's us.

Will: They'll be loyal, Constance. Don't worry about that. 

Constance: Well I'm glad to hear it. We're only six, though. We'll need at least seven for a majority. 

Misty: I'm pretty sure Isla would be on board if she knew we were all going this way. She was friendly with Jacob and I on Stovel, and Jacob and I are loyal to this group, so she'll be happy to come with us.

Veronica: Yeah, Isla's loyal to me too so she'll be a great addition! 

Constance: (rolls eyes) Great. Well, I suppose any seventh is better than none. 

Jacob: Not Isla's biggest fan, huh?

Constance: That's an understatement. 

Jacob: Well you aren't the first to say that! 

Will: Okay, so we're all settled on this alliance of six, potentially bringing in Isla as a seventh. As long as we all stick together and target one of the Somers Trio first, we'll be fine. They're tight and physical threats so it's imperative one of them go first. 

Veronica: I completely agree! They'll beat us all in challenges if they don't go first.

(The camera focuses on Jacob as a worried look comes over his face.)

So I pretty much just got thrown into a six, probably seven person majority. It's cool because I trust Misty, who trusts Will, and if we bring Isla in- which is a big if right now- then I'll trust her too. Adrian and Constance seem cool and Isla seems to trust Veronica, so it's not the makeup of this alliance that bothers me. What's getting to me is that these guys are so obsessed with taking out Somers. Like, yeah, they're physical threats. I get that, but I don't think it's in my best interests, especially since they seem like they want to work with me and I've got a tight bond with Celia. I don't want them to go but if this is a huge majority I'm not sure what I can do. I could probably work the votes to keep Celia safe, but that's it. It sucks, but if I make too much noise it's gonna end up being me out instead and I don't want that to happen. I'll see how this unfolds and try to figure out what to do from there but it's a crappy situation to be in.

Jacob Chapman

Misty: So I've been filled in on what happened with Isla and I guess there's a chance she might not want to work with us. If that happens, how do you guys feel about Luca and Phyllis?

Will: I have no idea who they are.

Adrian: I believe they would be willing to align their votes to our specifications. 

Jacob: Have they talked about getting rid of Somers too?

Constance: I think it's just a consensus at this point.

Misty: Alright, cool, well I'll go get them and we can confirm this. I'll bring Isla along too. It seems like the best thing moving forward to have everyone on the same page. 

(Misty walks away. The camera focuses on her as she does, with a slightly concerned look on her face.)

The plan Will and I came up with about that six person alliance, with Isla maybe as a seventh, worked out well. I wanted to get Isla in on it right away to make sure she was comfortable so she'd stay put and I didn't have to pick a side. Getting Luca and Phyllis on board was just a matter of making sure everyone was in on the same plan. Make no mistake, though, I'm very conscious of the fact there's five Gombeys left and I'd be more surprised if they hadn't formed an alliance than if they had. This alliance, for me at least, is to keep up appearances and avoid making waves. As long as we let Constance and Adrian think that we think they're with Will and won't do anything, they'll leave us alone and we'll be able to get them. I do agree with getting one of the Somers out now, because they're a strong group, and I'm hoping it's either Maria or Celia. Oswald is the one I'm tightest with and know I can rely on to make a move against Gombey when I'm ready. Something tells me that, although one of their numbers will probably go down, Somers are going to become very important to all of us later on. That's why these bonds with them are so crucial, because it hopefully means they'll stick with us. I just hope they understand we have to break one of them up just so we can stay under the radar.

Misty Lamoureux

(The camera picks up again as Misty approaches Luca, Phyllis and Isla at camp.)

Isla: Ugh, thank God you're here, these guys are boring.

Phyllis: Well thank you.

Misty: Can you guys come with me? I need to talk to you about something.

Luca: That sounds rather ominous. 

Misty: You'll understand when we get there. Can we go now?

Isla: Ugh, where are we even walking to? I was actually comfortable before you came along and ruined it. 

(They continue walking until they reach the others.)

Phyllis: Wow, this is quite the gathering!

Misty: We were talking about getting everyone against the Somers Trio. Would you guys be happy with that? 

Phyllis: (nods) I was thinking the same. I mean, look at me. (laughs) I certainly won't be able to compete with them. 

Isla: Fine, I guess. 

Will: Isla, listen. I know you might think that I'm not really working with you here, but I am. I saved you over Xavier for a reason. If I wanted you out I would have gotten rid of you, okay? 

Isla: Ugh, yes, I get it. I'm with the alliance.

Will: Good, then  it's the nine of us against the three of them.

(The group begin to break apart. The camera focuses on Isla, who rolls her eyes.)

I literally only said yes so Will would shut the <expletive> up. I still want him out because he annoys me so much, and then I'm getting rid of Constance. I hate them and the Somers Trio haven't pissed me off yet, so, like, why would I get rid of them? I literally don't care what anyone else wants. I want Will out so he's going out. Like, did I listen to Melissa when she told me to still be friends with Whitney? No. Am I going to listen to these guys who tell me to get rid of a Somers? No. I do what I want and everyone else's opinions are wrong and unimportant. I'm taking Jacob, Misty and Veronica and then I'm going to the Somers guys and telling them about this alliance. If Will thinks we're working together, then he's wrong. I'm the Queen of this game and I'm taking control with, like, zero effort as usual.

Isla Barrett

(Following Isla's confessional, the camera transitions to Jacob as he walks down to the beach, where the Somers Trio are sitting.)

Jacob: Hey, hey, hey! I thought I'd find y'all here.

Celia: Oh thank God, someone with a brain in their head. 

Jacob: Now hold on, that hasn't been proven yet. (giggles, then goes over and sits down with them) What's up?

Celia: No one wants to work with us. Are you going to?

Jacob: Uh... well, honestly, I'm really not sure.

Celia: Ugh, are you <expletive> kidding me?

Jacob: Don't get mad, let me explain. Literally everyone has agreed to vote against you. Like, everyone, everyone. No one seems open to working with you, although Isla has mentioned getting Will out. She seemed fine when she was in that discussion though, and two of the people she wanted to take Will out seem totally against it. 

Celia: This is <expletive> ridiculous. They're following like sheep. Don't they <expletive> realise that there's five Gombey people left? But no, get rid of us because we're the challenge threats. That makes so much sense. 

Jacob: Celia, girl, you need to take a chill pill.

Celia: I'm pissed off!

Maria: Jacob, are you sure there's no one who wants to work with us? 

Jacob: Like I said, Isla mentioned something, but the people she was talking with shut her down. They might split, but...

Maria: Is there anything you can do to shift the target off of us? 

Jacob: I can try, but it's such a huge majority right now. They're just scared that you're super close and strong in challenges. I really have no idea what I'll be able to do.

Oswald: We'd be loyal to you, Jacob. We can promise that. 

Maria: Which is more than we can say for some people. That nine person majority won't last. 

Jacob: I know it's not the most stable, but... (sigh) I like you guys, I really do, but I have to look out for myself too. I'll do anything I can to see if anyone wants someone else out, but if I stir up too much, it's gonna end up being me in the firing line and I don't want  that. I promise I'll have your backs though. 

Oswald: Thanks, buddy. We really appreciate it.

Jacob: I should probably go before they see me talking to you. I'm really sorry about this situation because it totally sucks. I want to work with you guys, know that. 

Oswald: No dramas. Do what you can.

(Jacob walks away. The camera focuses on his guilty looking face.)

That conversation did not feel good at all. It was pretty much me just going up to them and being all, "yeah, sorry, there's a supermajority against you already, kinda can't really do much, but I'll try!" Yeah, that's gotta make them real confident, right? This sucks because I like and trust these guys more than some others in that group of nine, but my hands are tied right now. I guess I could talk to Isla and see if she's still down for Will or Constance, but that's still only five and I really don't want to draw too much attention to myself. Yeah I wanna save these guys, but I don't want to end up sacrificing myself to do it! ' I feel like they're expecting me to pull something out of my ass and save them like I'm some superhero, but I'm not. I'm Jacob. (sigh) Everyone wants them out, and why wouldn't they? They're physical threats who are super tight Maybe I'm dumb for trying to save them. I mean, what am I supposed to do?

Jacob Chapman

Oswald: Well... the worst case scenario just happened. 

Maria: They're probably going to split on us, too.

Oswald: We just have to find a way out of it. It's nine against three, so there has to be cracks in that group. Jacob reckons they all want us out, but there has to be someone who wants to target someone else. 

Well dang it, dang it, and dang it again! (laughs) It looks like we've got a million dollar bounty above our heads, because every single one of those guys has jumped in an alliance to get us out. It's the worst case scenario but I'd be a damn fool if I didn't come in here expecting it. They're scared by our strength. Luckily all hope isn't lost. We've got Jacob who's openly said he wants to work with us and he'll try and save us. It's gonna be incredibly difficult to keep the Trio alive at this next Tribal, especially if we don't win immunity. The most important thing is finding someone, anyone, who has some sort of beef with someone else and using that to our advantage. With any luck, we can move ourselves into a position that'll have two sides wanting our vote. I'll write down any name to save this Trio. I promised them final three and that's where we're going! I don't care what the statistics say. There's been an 8-4 comeback before, so 9-3 shouldn't be that much harder, should it?

Oswald Carter

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Author's Notes

  • This marks the earliest merge in Tangle's fanon series. 
  • Original Somers members Maria OrtizOswald Carter and Celia Mosteller, as well as original Gombey members Phyllis Carmichael and Luca Enmore, hold the record for the least pre-merge Tribal Councils attended while making the merge in Tangle's fanon series, with 1. 
  • The episode title was said by Oswald Carter, relating to the fact the other nine castaways had formed an alliance to get the Somers Trio out.