"A New Power Rises"
Season Survivor: La Mosquitia
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This is the 4th episode of Survivor: La Mosquitia.

Previously on Survivor...

On the seventh day of the game, the tribes came in to compete for their third reward challenge, but it would be as new tribes. Right before competing, the tribes were switched. The new Warunta tribe now had Piper, Michelle, Ivan, Erick, Olive, Parker and Esther. The new Segovia tribe had Astrid, Xavier, Quinlan, Tevin, Dennis, Keena and Lester. At the reward challenge, Segovia beat Warunta by a matter of seconds. At Warunta, three new members and the remaining original Warunta members made an alliance between the six of them, leaving newcomer Erick on the outside. The next day, Esther searched the mangrove trees at Warunta's camp and found their idol as well giving her a huge advantage by having both idols in the game. Meanwhile at Segovia, the original Segovia members left on the tribe sensed the newcomers were a full alliance. Quinlan, Tevin and Keena knew they were at the mercy of who they called the Warunta Four. At the next immunity challenge, both tribes put up a valiant effort with Segovia winning by mere seconds again. With the six allied together, the only target was Erick who they voted off. With only the six of them on the tribe, can their alliance last?

Thirteen are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Idol Hands
One member from both tribes will hold a handled pedestal with an idol on top. The goal is to knock the other person's idol from their pedestal. First tribe to score five wins reward.
Reward: Pillows and blankets
Winner: Warunta

Immunity Challenge: Thrash, Splash, and Bash
Tribes must race to a steep hill and remove knots from a drawbridge. Once the drawbridge opens, one tribemate must chop through a piece of wood using an axe, releasing dozens of bamboo cylinders. Tribe members must retrieve the bamboo cylinders with letters written on them. Two other tribemates must identify a mystery phrase. First to spell out "LIVE TO PLAY ANOTHER DAY" wins immunity.
Winner: Warunta


Night 9

"Jeff's right. If we are to keep this new formed alliance together we need to go out there and show Segovia that they can lose. I don't want this whole thing to fall apart before it even starts," Olive told the rest of the tribe.

"We were only off by a few seconds the last two challenges so we aren't that far off from beating them," Esther said.

Michelle added, "We have another challenge tomorrow. Let's go and redeem ourselves a little bit with a win one challenge at a time."

"Sounds like a plan," Ivan replied.

"Then let's not dwell on it and try to get some sleep," Piper told them.

The six of them broke and went into the shelter to get as much sleep as they could.

Day 10

Idol Hands

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. Segovia came in and then they were followed by Warunta. "Segovia, getting your first look at the new Warunta tribe. Erick, voted out of the last tribal council."

"Well look at that. They survived," Astrid said.

Jeff continued, "Are you guys ready for today's reward challenge? For today's challenge, one member from both tribes will hold a handled pedestal with an idol on top. The goal is to knock the other person's idol from their pedestal. If both idols fall, the first one to touch the ground is the one that counts. First tribe to score five wins reward. Want to know what you are playing for?...Comfort. We have pillows and blankets to keep you warm at night or soften your shelter's floor. We'll get set up and start in a couple of minutes."

"Our first match up is is between Parker and Quinlan. Two former tribemates. Parker has a huge advantage with the height, however," Jeff said.

Parker raised his idol high, reached around Quinlan and knocked his idol to the ground. The second match up was another unfair one. Esther squared off against Astrid. Esther was almost a complete foot taller than Astrid. Esther employed the same tactic that Parker used. She raised her idol out of Astrid's reach while cornering Astrid and knocking her idol off.

"Warunta leads 2-0. Next match up," Jeff said.

The third match consisted of Ivan against Xavier. Ivan and Xavier squared each other up for while before Ivan tossed his idol in the air and charged Xavier's idol. Xavier's idol hit the ground before Ivan's idol hit. The fourth match was Piper versus Keena. Keena reached in to knock off Piper's idol, but before she could, Piper knocked off Keena's.

"Warunta leads 4-0. If Warunta scores one more, they win reward," Jeff commentated.

Next up was Olive against Dennis. As soon as Jeff gave the go ahead, Olive tossed her idol in the air. She charged Dennis's hand that was holding the idol. She swatted his idol to ground just before hers hit the mud giving Warunta is first win in while.

"Warunta wins reward!" Jeff announced. Warunta cheered as the tribes moved their way back to their mats. Jeff continued, "Warunta, it's been a while, but you have won. Here's the reward. See you in a couple of days. Segovia, for the first time in several days, I have nothing for you. Go on and head out."

We won. Now we just have to translate this single victory and make it a run of victories so Segovia knows who they are dealing with.

–Michelle Rosas


"Well it would appear that they came out to win today," Quinlan said, "They sure did have a height advantage on a couple of times."

"Yeah, another performance like that could give them the immunity win," Tevin replied, "If that were to happen, we would not fair well. The Warunta members would most certainly vote one of us off."

"Who do you think would be the first to go?" Quinlan inquired.

"You are good in challenges. I'm going to say, you are safe. I don't know where I stand, but it is Keena that is on the bottom of the totem pole and is more than likely the top one on the block," Tevin answered.

"That means you and I should survive if we happen to lose in couple of days," Quinlan said, "But with our challenge performances, we shouldn't lose. Wait a minute. I might have just jinxed us."

"Don't say that. We're good to go and win," Tevin said. He muttered the next statement under his breath, "I hope so anyways."

I do not like what is happening on this tribe as of now. Warunta seems to be gaining steam like a snowball running down a mountain. Yes, I know it was one win, but that was a statement win. They are here to play. A new power rises if they continue this dominating show of force. We edged them out several times, but they lifted us up today and whooped our asses. I do have a feeling that new power is rising like a submarine and we are the deflating raft in the big ocean of Survivor.

–Quinlan Bartholomew


The losing streak is over! We went out there and showed the other team that we are not dead. We are a force to be reckoned with. What we do next is go out and win the immunity challenge in a couple of days and then we will be the new dominant tribe.

–Piper Milton

"It is about time that we won a challenge," Ivan said, "That one immunity win at the beginning was just not going to do."

"I know what you feel," Michelle said.

"You know what, let's just enjoy this and we'll think about the next challenge when it comes up," Parker said.

"He's right. We need to take this one challenge at a time," Piper told them.

"We need to go into every challenge as if it a postseason game. Win and you're in. Lose and go home. That's all it is," Esther said.

"Esther's football analogy is a good one. I agree. From this point on until the immunity challenge, let's not dwell," Olive told the group.

The six of the all agreed and broke apart to do their own things around camp.

What I said earlier to the tribe is true. This is like a postseason run. Our alliance has six members. There are only six members of this tribe left. We win and we're in all the way to the merge. Lose and one of us goes home. It could be anyone of us. Actually, anyone of us except me because I have both hidden immunity idols. Yes, I brought hat up again. I love it!

–Esther Walker

Parker and Esther were sitting on the riverbank again. Parker asked, "Are you going to share the idol information with anyone else?"

"Who?" asked Esther.

"Olive maybe," Parker answered.

"Olive is the last person who I would show that idol to," Esther sternly replied.

"Why?" asked Parker, "She's our ally."

"I know she's our ally. She's also the one who is playing the game the hardest right now. Give her the information that I have two idols is not going to be good. She flush out both idols. Probably by tying the vote three ways. One to me, one to you and one to someone else," Esther said.

"That would mean that it would be me or the other person going home," Parker said.

"You wouldn't go home. If I knew that would happen, I'd give you an idol. It's the least I could do. You're my greatest ally out here. I know you would do the same for me," Esther smiled as she looked up at Parker.

"You're right I would," Parker replied.

Esther said she would give me an idol if I was ever in danger. That is good to here and know she would, but she only would since she has two idols. I'm not going to make any illusions otherwise. But it still give me confidence. She's right though. I would give her an idol if I had two also.

–Parker Matheson

Day 12

Thrash, Splash, and Bash

Jeff called in the tribes for the immunity challenge. Warunta came in first and was followed by Segovia. Jeff asked, "Are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First things first. Segovia, I'll take it back...Immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, each tribe must race to a steep hill and climb over it. Then you will run to and remove knots from a drawbridge. Once the drawbridge opens, one tribemate must chop through a piece of wood using an axe, releasing dozens of bamboo cylinders.Each tribes must retrieve the bamboo cylinders with letters written on them. Two other tribemates must identify a mystery phrase. First to spell out a certain phrase wins immunity. I'll give you a few minutes to set up."

After several minutes, Jeff said, "Survivors, ready. Go!"

The tribes took off down the ramp from their starting platform. Warunta instantly gained a slight lead with it's taller members. Parker, Esther and Ivan were the first three to climb the hill. The rest of the castaways were right behind them. The Warunta tribe beat Segovia on the hill portion of the challenge. Warunta started untying the knots on the draw bridge. Parker started working on the top left knot. Michelle sat on Ivan's shoulders working on the top right knot. Piper, Olive and Esther were working on the bottom knots.

"Segovia finally makes it to the drawbridge where Warunta has a large lead. It doesn't look like they are slowing down. Parker and Michelle are flying through those top knots. Segovia needs to pick it up if they are going to close this gap!" Jeff announced.

Parker finished his knot. He got out of the way so the others could finish their knots. Michelle finished her knot and jumped off Ivan's shoulders. For Segovia, they were effectively untying their knots as well, but were falling behind with Warunta's third knot being untied. Only a moment after the third knot was undone, the final knot for Warunta was undone. The tribe knocked down their drawbridge. Parker ran to the block of wood. He started hammering at the wood.

"Parker is chopping away at his wood block. In fact, he is demolishing it like it's putty," Jeff commentated.

Parker chopped through the rope holding the puzzle pieces. Their pieces fell down. All six of them raced to the pieces. Tossing aside the blank pieces, Warunta continued to find pieces with letters. Halfway through Warunta's pieces, Segovia finally dropped their bridge. Warunta got all their puzzle pieces. Esther and Piper started working on the puzzle.

"Warunta is now on the puzzle. Segovia finally drops their pieces. They have a lot of ground to make up if they are going to win this challenge," Jeff said.

Piper and Esther worked seamlessly together as they made their way in deciphering the puzzle. After being behind the whole time, Segovia got to the puzzle portion of the challenge as well. Solving the puzzle for Segovia was Astrid and Quinlan. Several minutes passed. A light bulb went off in both Astrid and Esther's head. Now it was a race to see who could solve the puzzle first. Piper recognized that Esther figured the puzzle out and got out of her way. Astrid told Quinlan she figured out the puzzle. She asked him to get out of the way, but he didn't. He moved some pieces that Astrid placed. She snapped at Quinlan who didn't listen to her as she tried to solve the puzzle. As for Esther, she spelled out, "LIVE TO PLAY ANOTHER DAY".

Jeff walked over and declared, "Warunta wins immunity."

Astrid threw the puzzle piece she had in her hand into the giant pile of non-letter pieces. The tribes returned to their mats. Jeff handed immunity to Warunta, "It's been a while, but it back to Warunta. As for you, Segovia, I'll see you tonight where one of you will be the fourth person voted out of this game. Go on and head out."

Something happened to Warunta. The last two challenges, they have come out to win. It's a statement. They aren't going to roll over like I personally thought. It means that I have to be on guard more than ever.

–Tevin Southern


Astrid gathered her alliance together. She was still upset from how the puzzle portion went down. She said, "I know who we need to get rid of. We need Quinlan gone. Sure he's good in some challenges, but he ignored me and cost us the challenge. I want him gone."

"I don't know if that's a good choice," Dennis told her.

"I do," Xavier replied, "But not for the reason you want him gone, Astrid. He and Tevin are tight. We need to break them up. I perceive Quinlan is the one who has more command."

"Then I guess that's what we do," Lester said, "Quinlan goes tonight."

Dennis resigned to his alliance, "Quinlan goes."

Yes, I wanted Quinlan gone because of how the challenge went. I didn't even think about the fact him and Tevin were allies. A power couple can consist of two males and not just a male a female. I wouldn't call them a power couple though. Actually, I don't care what they are called. I want Quinlan gone. Maybe it's just because he pissed me off today. To be honest, that's probably why.

–Astrid Beaumont

Tribal Council


Jeff interviewed the tribe. From the interview, it came out that the new Segovia members were going to target the old Segovia members. The impression given was that it was Keena that was going to go home and not the plan of Quinlan.

Voting Confessionals

I hope we gave the impression Keena was going home, but guess what. She's not. It's you.

–Astrid Beaumont

I truly think it should have been Keena. I was outvoted.

–Dennis Coleman

Breaking up Tevin and you is what I've been wanting

–Xavier Griffith

Xavier had a good idea of getting rid of you.

–Lester Greene

It would appear that it is you, little girl.

–Quinlan Bartholomew

You're a nice woman, but it's you tonight.

–Tevin Southern

This sucks. I hope it's not me tonight. I would love that so much

–Keena Flowers


Jeff went, got the urn and returned. He said, "Once the votes are read the person with the highest number of votes will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Tevin.

Second vote: Keena.

Third vote: Keena.

Fourth vote: Quinlan."

"What?" asked Keena and Quinlan at the same time. Quinlan's had a little more force behind it though.

"Fifth vote: Quinlan.

Sixth vote: Quinlan.

The fourth person voted off of Survivor: La Mosquitia: Quinlan. Quinlan, that's four votes. That's enough. Please bring me your torch."

Quinlan got his torch and told the others on the way out, "To all you guys, have fun without the quirky old dude. Tevin, you go and win this. You hear me?"

Quinlan placed his torch in front of Jeff. Jeff snuffed his torch, "Quinlan, the tribe has spoken."

Quinlan left. Jeff turned to Segovia, "Judging from Quinlan's reaction, that was not expected. If that was the right decision will be determined. Go ahead and head out."

Tribal Council 4:
Quinlan Barthalomew
Quinlan (4 votes)
Astrid BeaumontDennis ColemanLester GreeneXavier Griffith
Astrid, Dennis, Lester, Xavier
Keena Flowers
Keena (2 votes)
Quinlan BarthalomewTevin Southern
Quinlan, Tevin
Tevin Southern
Tevin (1 vote)
Keena Flowers
Quinlan Bartholomew
Quinlan Bartholomew

Final Words

They sure did surprise me tonight. I'm not mad at any of them. I will be rooting for Tevin win this thing though.

–Quinlan Bartholomew

Still in the Running

Alina Jenkins
Erick Varney
Esther Walker
Keena Flowers
Olive Canton
Parker Mathisson
Quinlan Bartholomew
Tevin Southern
Astrid Beaumont
Dennis Coleman
Inez Zapata
Ivan Connelly
Lester Greene
Michelle Rosas
Piper Milton
Xavier Griffith

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  • This episode was named by Quinlan Bartholomew when he was describing the new dedication by the Warunta in the challenges.
    • Quinlan was voted out at the end of the episode.