"A Ripe Pair"
Season Mongolia
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 9/15
Episode Chronology
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A Ripe Pair is the ninth episode of Survivor: Mongolia.


Reward Challenge: Kicking and Screaming
One member of each team would hang on to a post. Two members of the opposing team would attempt to remove the team member from the post and drag them across the sand to the finish line. The first team to get the member of the other team across the finish line would receive one point. The first team to score two points would win.
Reward: Pizza and beverages
Winner: Cassie, Elliott, Jake, Melissa, and Tony

Immunity Challenge: Roadblocks
The castaways would start on the outline of a series of intersecting balance beams. The castaways would then maneuver through the balance beams in order to have the castaway fall off a beam. Trapping is allowed, but intentional contact with another castaway is not. The last one remaining on a balance beam wins the challenge.
Winner: Jake

Previously on Survivor...

After the two tribes of Noyon and Sevrei merged, it didn't take long for conflict to arise. "Julia has barely lifted a finger tonight. She just does not contribute." The next morning, once the former members of Noyon returned from their reward, Julia dug herself an even deeper hole by stealing some of the food from the feast. "There's only one person I'm looking out for out here and that's yours truly." However, it didn't take long to notice Julia's actions. "We're fifteen minutes in, and she's already stealing food!" "That instantly puts the target on her back." When the smoke finally settled, two majority alliances stepped forward: the Noyon Four and the remnants of the Pretty People Posse, which left Cassie and Tony in the middle. Elliott saw this and was quick to jump on the opportunity. He brought the two aside and showed them his hidden immunity idol. "If I'm open with them, then maybe they feel like they can be open with entire game is resting on those two right now." But the rest of Elliott's alliance wasn't on board. "Oh, I really think you shouldn't have done that." "All I can say is, I hope this goes through." At the immunity challenge, Julia's perceived advantage from the food she ate won her immunity, something that she did not mind sharing with the rest of the tribe. Once the tribe returned from the challenge, they scrambled since Julia was the easy vote. Jake brought Tony aside to make a deal. "What I want to offer to you is a final four deal with you, me, Cassie, and Katie." Meanwhile, Elliott reinforced his offer with Jenn at his side, but Jenn had her own argument. "Go with your guys will do the right thing, trust me." At Tribal Council, the former Manlai members targeted Eric for being a challenge threat. But for the same reason, along with Jenn's motherly advice, Cassie and Tony sided with the Noyon Four to vote out Antonio. Ten are left. Who'll be voted out tonight?


Night 22

The camera shines on the moon floating through the night sky as the now ten remaining Survivors return to their camp after voting out Antonio.

Katie (as the tribe unloads their belongings): The first thing I would like to say is that I don't speak for the rest of us, but I'm not mad with either of you. You did what you thought was best for the both of you, and you made your decision tonight. So, there is no ill will towards either of you.

Cassie thanks Katie and the two then share a hug.

Well, here we are...minus Antonio. This really stings. I hate that Cassie and Tony didn't come over to our side cause that would've sealed the deal for us that were at Manlai. But it's possible anything can happen still. Those two are a ripe pair. They haven't been spoiled just yet, so maybe we can sway them back over.


It cuts over to Jake, Katie, and Melissa privately discussing their options.

Melissa: I still think we can work on those two.

Jake: I mean, I did everything I could today to get them to come with us.

Katie (pulls out her idol): Well, don't forget that we still have an idol to work with. Obviously, if I had known that we were down on numbers, I would've played this.

Jake: Well, we can't change the past, so let's work on extending our future in this game a little bit.

The three return to camp.

The less numbers we have, the more I'm apt to play the idol. I certainly don't want to make a rash decision when it comes to timing, but at the same time, I don't want to go home with this in my pocket. Thankfully, the only people that know about it are in my alliance, and that's Jake and Melissa. If we can survive another vote, then maybe we can make some noise.


The camera focuses on Julia crawling into the shelter.

(intro plays)

Day 23

It fades to the next morning as the Noyon Four are seen in private celebrating their triumph at the previous night's vote.

Eric: Alright, way to go guys!

Jenn: If we're going to thank anyone, it's Elliott. Showing them the idol took guts.

Elliott: Well, there's still a long way to go, but you're right. Right now we've got the advantage...and it feels so good!

What do you know...last night was a success. I'd like to think I played a huge part in that by hopefully getting through to Cassie and Tony. Sure, Elliott got the ball rolling with his idol gamble, and I want the others to think that. But I feel that those two, being as young as they are, needed to feel comfort from a side in order to make a decision, and that's where I took them under my wing a little bit.


It cuts to Jenn with Cassie and Tony in another private area of the woods behind camp.

Jenn (hugging the other two): First off, I want to say thank you. You stuck your necks out for us, and I will be the first to tell you guys that we won't forget it.

Tony: It's no problem. We kind of decided that we trusted you all more than we did Jake and all of them. You made us feel right at home...

Cassie: And that was part of our decision, how comfortable we felt with each person in each alliance.

Jenn: Well, I can't tell thank you enough, but I really do mean it. If you guys need me for anything, just give me a shout...or...just come find me. I don't know about shouting.

The three laugh it over and hug each other and return to camp.

Last night, we were obviously the swing votes going into a vote that may or may not shape how this game turns out. And part of making the decision that we made was mostly due to Jenn. When Elliott left and said whatever he did about the idol, Jenn stayed behind and made sure that we were making the decision based off of what we wanted to do. No deals or anything. The best part about it, though, was that she was, and still is, completely sincere about it. That makes me want to play this game with Jenn as long as I can cause I really like having her around.


The camera shifts over to a sandy part of a valley very close to the desert, where two poles and two mats are seen. The ten remaining contestants file in single file and await Probst's instructions. He informs the Survivors that they will be playing for reward and goes on explain the classic challenge. Once the reward and the challenge are explained to the castaways, the teams are randomly assigned and the challenge begins. The red team consists of Cassie, Elliott, Jake, Melissa, and Tony. The blue team consists of Eric, Jenn, Julia, Katie, and Ruth. The first round starts with Cassie and Ruth holding on to their respective poles with the pairs of Eric/Jenn and Jake/Melissa trying to pull them off. Eric and Jenn arrive to Cassie's pole and begin to unclasp her hands from the pole as she fights to stay on. Ruth, meanwhile, will not budge as Jake and Melissa attempt to uncross her legs, which are wrapped around the pole. Over time, both girls strain to hold on to their pole. Finally, Eric forcibly causes Cassie's hands to release, as the two members of the blue team try to drag her to their mat. However, Ruth remains latched on to her pole, ignoring Jake and Melissa's efforts. Cassie then loses her grip on the ground, and Eric and Jenn are able to drag her to their mat, which scores the blue team a point. The next round has Melissa and Julia holding on to the poles with the pairs of Katie/Ruth and Elliott/Tony trying to remove them. Both pairs run out to their targets, with Melissa holding on as tight as she can and Julia being more lax than her former Sevrei mate. Elliott and Tony are able to easily detach Julia, who pretends to fight, off the pole. Julia claws through the sand to slow them down, but Elliott and Tony quickly dispose of her, much to the chagrin of Julia's teammates.

Is there any way we can throw the immunity challenge and just vote Julia out now? She is just awful. Something has to have gotten up her butt and stayed there for the past couple days, cause it's wearing my patience thin. First the food, now the quitting in challenges. I, or everybody for that matter, don't want her here.


The third and final round has Tony and Katie holding on to the poles with the pairs of Eric/Ruth and Jake/Cassie trying to get them off. Both pairs reach their target as Jake and Cassie are able to remove one of Katie's hands from her pole, while Tony hugs his pole at full force. Katie fights back by wrapping her legs around the pole while her second hand is removed from the pole by Jake. Meanwhile, Eric and Ruth still are not able to remove even one limb of Tony's from the pole. With her back away from the pole and on the sand, Katie's legs are the only thing keeping her attached to the pole. Jake and Cassie realize this and begin working on her legs. Eventually, they slip off and they begin to drag Katie, who tries to find a grip in the sand, back to their mat. Katie, however, is unsuccessful and the red team wins reward. After the challenge, the red team is congratulated by Probst and is told that they will enjoy the reward away from camp for the evening. The five winners leave a different way in which they came into the challenge to go enjoy the reward. The other five, however, leave empty-handed as the camera zooms out and fades to break.

The camera fades back in to the winning team walking into a reserved part of the mountains, where they find a table topped with pizza and soft drinks as much as it can fit.

We walk into this clearing in the mountains, and there's this little table that has so much food on it. Pizza, soda, you name it. It's not the healthiest of rewards, but it'll do, given what we've gone through since we've merged.


The five sit down and begin to freely help themselves to whatever food they can get their hands on. Tony stuffs a piece in his mouth within two bites. Melissa takes a more timely approach, as she tries to savor the food. After diving in to the reward, Elliott notices a rolled up piece of paper stuffed under one of the dishes. At the same time, Jake also notices the same roll of paper. The two guys reach over the food to try to grab before the other could get it. Jake is able to yank it from the table before Elliott can. Elliott then tries to guilt Jake into reading the clue.

Elliott: Go ahead and share the clue. It's not like we don't know you have it.

Jake (stuffing the paper in his pocket): Nah, I think I'll hold on to it.

Elliott: Then we vote you out next. It won't be that hard, trust me.

Melissa then urges Jake to share the assumed clue for his own sake as Cassie and Tony watch things unfold. Hesitantly, Jake pulls the paper out, unrolls it, and reads the clue to the immunity idol hidden back at camp.

Jake (reading the clue): Keep a level head, through the woods, and past the lake. Finding this trinket will certainly be more than a piece of cake. Not too high, not too low, through the foliage you'll be looking to and fro.

Jake puts the clue away in his pocket as the five awkwardly pause on the reward.

Knowledge is power, and power is crucial in this stage of the game. I saw the clue at the same time as Jake did. He grabbed before I did, so the only way I could think of being able to have access to the clue was to blackmail him into reading it in front of everybody. Maybe it was shrewd, but I'm here for a million dollars, damn it.


Tony (as the lengthy pause continues): So, let's get back to the pizza, guys.

They slowly return to eating, but everyone remains quiet.

That was literally the worst-case scenario for me. I felt like I had no choice but to read it after Elliott threatened to vote me out. My position just got that much more precarious, thanks to him. He's like a snake that wears glitter...


It focuses on Elliott shoveling food down and then transitions back to camp, where the losing team of five is located at. Katie and Julia are seen sitting in the shelter silently. Katie sternly looks at Julia, who notices, then looks away.

No one wants to be on my team. No one wants to talk strategy with me. I'm like the outcast of the tribe because of what I did with the food, and I kind of find it hilarious. I didn't really have a plan when I did that. I thought someone would be smart enough to make like a final three deal with me cause my actions certainly make me an easy vote to go up against. Instead, these people completely ignore me. Idiots...


Katie then leaves the shelter, citing that she has 'things to do' around camp. Julia scoffs at her as she leaves.

Julia completely ruined our chances at reward today. Nobody knows why she did what she did. I don't even think she knows why she did what she did! She screws everything up to where it hinders everybody's game, including mine. She's just the biggest waste of space around here.


It cuts over to the Noyon Four, minus Elliott, as they are seen sharing Katie's sentiment about Julia.

Eric: Pizza sounds really good right about now...

Ruth: Too bad Miss Diva messed it up for us. If I could, I'd just hit her right in the (expletive) jaw and get it over with. Forget about the tribe, my fist has spoken.

Jenn and Eric chuckle at Ruth's frustrations with Julia.

Eric: I just hope she doesn't win the next immunity so we can get her packing.

Jenn: Well, there's nine of us and one of her. Hopefully, it's not that hard to do.

As Jenn finishes, Katie stumbles on the three, and they begin to share their opinions on the challenge.

Katie: Isn't she the worst?! Why did we even agree to having her on the pole?

Ruth (shrugging her shoulders): We weren't using our heads, I suppose.

Katie: Well, I don't know how you guys are voting next, but I'm definitely on board for getting her out of here next.

The other three visibly agree and then go their separate ways.

Part of me is certainly wanting to knock Julia out of the game and get rid of the cancer of the tribe, but there's also part of me that's thinking about making moves. Sure, Julia's the easy vote, but why not take out a Jake or a Katie instead. They're bigger threats in my opinion. Besides, if Julia keeps it up, I may have a use for her later on in the game. It's what the others want to do, though. I can't branch out and do my own thing unless they're with me on it. I'm stuck right now.


Eric is seen walking back to camp and stroking his scruff in thought as the camera fades to break.

Day 24

The day starts with Tony waking up at the crack of dawn and wandering into the woods. He puts his hands in his pockets and walks all the way to the lake, all the while deep in thought.

This morning I just woke up wondering about my game and my family. How does what I did at the last Tribal Council affect my chances going forward? What will my mom and the rest of my family think of the moves I've made? It all got to me this morning. I just want to win for her, and this is the best opportunity for me to change her life for the better.


It cuts back to camp, where a half-awake Jenn notices that Tony is gone from the shelter. Jenn starts calling Tony's name, but not too loud for the others to hear. She eventually finds him still slouched back by the lake.

Tony: I'm not looking for an idol, I promise. I've just had a bad morning.

Jenn: Well, tell me what's going on.

Tony then opens up with his mom's story to Jenn. Jenn reacts by simply hugging Tony. Jenn tells Tony about only having a bakery to go back home to. The two share the hug for a little while before Tony thanks Jenn for being supportive since the two tribes merged.

Jenn: Well, of course. I'm here to help.

The two return to camp with a stronger bond.

Seeing Tony at a really low and vulnerable point today was gut-wrenching. I couldn't stand to see it. Even though I don't have any kids back home, I sort of see him as a son out here. He's mature beyond his years, and I'm just happy that he's still here. It's hard to not get too close to him cause it could affect my game, but he's the closest thing I have to family out here. All I have left is my grandma and my bakery, and I can't really bring either of them out here to Mongolia. This is such an eye-opening experience, and I just can't believe what I'm going through out here.


The camera fast forwards the sunrise and to later in the day, as it cuts to the site of the immunity challenge. The ten remaining survivors file in and stand on the mat.

Probst: First thing's first, Julia. I will take it back.

Julia (taking off the necklace): Only if you promise to give it back to me.

Probst smirks as he places the necklace back on its holder.

Probst: Immunity's back up for grabs.

He then begins to explain first-time challenge where the ten Survivors would start on the edge of the intertwining balance beams and are free to move around in any direction. Last one standing wins immunity. The ten draw for spots and begin the challenge. Julia starts in the corner with Jenn and Ruth on either side of her. Immediately, they corner Julia to where she has hardly any place to move. Jenn and Ruth stay where they are while the other seven maneuver across the balance beams. Cassie and Eric reach an impasse at one intersection. Cassie then loses her balance and falls off the beam as Eric continues on. Meanwhile, Melissa wobbles her way across the beams as Elliott, Jake, and Katie slowly work their way around the course, observing where everyone is. Jenn and Ruth continue to corner Julia, who decides to stay still on her beam. Ruth then tries to intimidate her by quickly springing off the beam, which in turn, makes her lose her own balance and fall off. Without a partner to corner Julia with, Jenn retreats into the middle of the course, but Julia remains motionless on her beam. All eight, with the exception to Julia, are now moving across the beams while trying to avoid any other contestants. Eric suddenly loses his balance and falls off. Melissa is behind Eric as he falls, and she wavers but regains her balance. Tony is seen inching towards Julia, who notices and starts to back away from him. Tony calls to the other six to help him get Julia out. Katie and Melissa are the nearest to go aid him. Before she can get there to help, Melissa's unsteadiness finally catches up with her, and she falls off. Katie zigs and zags to meet up with Tony. Jake is seen hurrying across to lend a hand as well. Julia voices her displeasure of being teamed up against. Ruth responds by simply saying that she shouldn't have messed with the merge food. Still in her starting corner, Julia is now blocked off by Jake, Katie, and Tony. Elliott and Jenn are seen in the background still maneuvering around. Deciding that she has run out of options, Julia rushes in the direction of Tony and tries to hop to an adjacent beam. However, she does not make the jump and plunges to the ground. Julia walks to the bench and isolates herself from the other four. The five remaining in the challenge now turn on each other as Jake, Katie, and Tony are clustered together. Katie tries to rush away from the other two, only to lose her balance and fall off. Jake hurries to the middle of the course while Elliott, Jenn, and Tony scatter across the outer parts. The three then verbally agree to team up against Jake. Jake reveals to Probst that this is very telling of the alliances that have been formed back at camp. On the way to corner Jake, Jenn and Tony both stumble and jump off the beams to avoid injury or anything of the sort. Elliott and Jake are now balancing across from each other, as Jake starts to observe the other beams around him. Elliott stares intently at Jake to make sure he doesn't pull a fast one on him. Jake then stomps closer to Elliott on the beam, which starts to vibrate. Ultimately, Elliott can't stay on the unstable beam and flails off, winning Jake immunity. After the challenge, Probst puts the necklace on Jake and tells the other nine that one of them will become the second member of the jury that night. The castaways file out of the challenge site and back to camp.

Julia's been in everyone's crosshairs for days now, so she's been the obvious target. Now that Jake has immunity tonight, it limits my options for a potential move. Katie and Melissa would be my other targets, but neither of them are as threatening as Jake is. As much as I don't want to stick to the plan, that's probably what I'm going to have to do tonight.


The camera fades to break.

The ten castaways return to camp as the camera fades back in. It focuses on Jake, who wears the immunity necklace.

Going into the challenge today, I knew I needed to at least have Julia lose if I was not to win. Turns out, I contributed to her falling out today, and I win the challenge on top of that! It definitely makes me more secure and puts the target squarely on Julia.


It cuts to Jake and Melissa talking to Cassie and Tony about strategy.

Jake: So, do you guys mind if I ask how you guys are voting tonight?

Cassie and Tony give each other a carefree look then proceed to answer Jake.

Cassie: I think we're all at a consensus for tonight, then figuring everything else out after tonight.

Tony (agreeing): Julia tonight.

Melissa: Then we'll follow suit.

The four agree and disperse their separate ways. Meanwhile, the Noyon Four are seen discussing their options with Katie.

Katie: If we can slide by another vote, then that's great. I'm just trying to get rid of the wicked witch of Mongolia.

Elliott: We know and that's probably what we're going to do anyway.

Katie: Well, it's not like you're going to tell me if you guys change your mind...

Ruth (smirking): Trust me, I want that witch gone more than you do. This is just me speaking, but I think you're good.

Katie (giggling): Okay, thanks Ruth. So, Julia tonight, guys?

Elliott and Jenn verbally agree while Eric simply nods. Katie then leaves the Noyon Four to privately discuss strategy.

Hearing Ruth say that she wants Julia gone more than Katie sealed the deal for me. I'm not making a move at this point of the game, but it's something I want to do when the time is right. Now seems like a right time, but everyone is so dead set on getting Julia out of here that they won't even think about it. It sucks to tell you the truth.


It cuts to Julia sitting in the shelter as the fire cracks and sparks. She then gets up while no one else is around and darts into the woods.

I've gone from the top down to rock bottom in a matter of like seven days. What would possibly bring me back to the top? An idol, of course! So, I go out to look for it cause I'm pretty sure they're voting me tonight. If I can find this thing...(laughs)...then this camp is going to be in chaos this time tomorrow. How sweet would that be?


It cuts back to Julia looking under rocks and in trees, but to no avail. She goes deeper into the woods until she gets to the other side of the lake, which the clue she does not know about states, and starts looking there. After a bit of digging, she stops. The camera does not show whether she found the idol or not. She returns to camp with the rest of the tribe watching her.

Ruth (whispering to a couple others): Somebody's been digging...

Jenn: Are we sure we don't want to split votes? Just in case she has it.

Elliott, Eric, and Tony muddle over the prospect of splitting votes.

Elliott: If we were to split the votes, how about the three girls vote Julia and the guys vote...Katie. But we don't know if they have an idol to play too. Katie's worried about getting through this vote.

Julia just screwed a lot of things up at camp by going off on an idol adventure earlier. Everybody's worried that she found it and will play it tonight. They're wanting to split the votes between her and Katie. I personally think she doesn't have it, but that's just me. I can't speak for the whole alliance.


Jenn: Wait, wait, wait. What if Julia catches wind of this? You have those three, us three girls, and you three guys. Her vote could screw everything up.

Ruth: So, just stick to the original plan?

Elliott: Yeah, let's do that...

The ten castaways are seen preparing for Tribal Council as they grab their torches and exit the campsite.

What are we even doing tonight? It's gone from everybody voting Julia to splitting the vote to everybody voting Julia again. The bottom line is that if she found the idol, then the rest of us and this entire game are in for a tilt.


It transitions to Tribal Council, where ten lit torches file in to the Tribal Council area. Each castaway takes a seat.

Probst: We'll now bring in the first member of our jury.

The castaways look in the direction in which they came in to see a clean Antonio climb the steps, acknowledge the remaining Survivors, and take a seat opposite to the other ten. Probst starts things off by asking Julia about not having the necklace when the target's square on her back.

Julia: It's no secret. Everyone's gunning for me for whatever reason, but that's okay cause I've done some searching around camp.

Probst then asks her about searching for the idol and whether she found it or not. She does not answer if she found it or not, but she explains where she looked. Elliott then challenges Julia by saying that she did not find the idol.

Julia: You'll find out eventually...

Elliott: Yeah, you don't have it. If you did, you'd be gloating about it to each and every one of us. You're not a hard book to read.

Everyone else, including Antonio, is either holding back laughter or dying laughing from Elliott's strong challenge. Julia is speechless, but she still does not give an answer to finding the idol or not. Probst moves to ask Jake about the flip side of that coin and winning immunity to potentially save him from the vote.

Jake: No question. If this was around Julia's neck, chances are I would be joining Antonio right after this, so this is so invaluable to have around your neck each time you come here. You never know what could happen.

After that, Probst asks Cassie if there was any consequences to her and Tony's decision to pick a side.

Cassie: Surprisingly, no. Katie came up to me after the vote and said that there were no hard feelings, and we hugged it out.

Katie: It's true. They have their reasons for picking the original Noyon over us, but that doesn't mean we're going to be bitter about it. The three of us are going to keep working on trying to get ourselves further in the game.

After a few questions to various contestants, Probst commences the voting by starting with Eric. After that, each castaway goes up to the voting booth to place their vote. Jake's confessional is the only one seen as Probst goes to tally the votes. He returns with the urn.

Probst: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to...

Julia stops Probst as she shuffles through her bag.

Julia (after a few seconds of searching): Yeah, I don't have it.

The other nine share a feeling of relief and satisfaction after the idol does not surface.

Probst: Okay. Once the votes are read the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Julia (1)

Julia rolls her eyes.

Second vote: Julia (2)

Third vote: Elliott (2-1)

Elliott lets out a slightly-worried exhale.

Fourth vote: Julia (3-1)

Fifth vote: Julia (4-1)

Sixth vote: Julia (5-1)

Julia begins packing her bags.

Seventh vote: ...

Eleventh person voted out and the second member of our jury...Julia. That's six, that's enough. I need you to bring me your torch.

Julia gets up from her seat and does not acknowledge anyone. Ruth breathes a sigh of relief as Cassie smiles from ear to ear. Julia places her torch before Probst.

Probst: Julia, the tribe has spoken.

Julia (walking off): That they have...that they have.

Julia leaves the Tribal Council area silently.

Antonio (mouthing the words to the remaining nine): Now, I'm stuck with her.

Jake and Katie chuckle a bit.

Probst: Well, a unanimous vote this time means everyone had a common enemy or the same idea. The question going forward is 'now what'. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

The nine castaways grab their belongings and torches and leave the Tribal Council, with most of them grinning from ear to ear.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Julia (9 votes)
Cassie, Elliott, Eric, Jake, Jenn, Katie, Melissa, Ruth, Tony
Elliott (1 vote)
Julia Liu

Voting Confessionals

Now you can have all the food you want.


Final Words

Eh, what are you going to do? It's been a long ride; some good, some bad. Sure, I was selfish and it backfired on me, but I was still playing to win. I mean, the fact that I was on Survivor, a lot of people can't say that. I'm proud of myself for what I accomplished out here.

–Julia Liu

Still in the Running

Manlai Noyon Sevrei N/A

Next Time on Survivor...

One castaway has an announcement to make..."Guys, there's something I would like to share."...and it comes with consequences..."You just moved yourself to the top of my hit list, buddy."


  • The episode title was said by Melissa when she was describing Cassie and Tony as a pair, in hopes of swaying them to her alliance.