"A Second Chance"
Season Survivor: Kenya
Author Wafflefreak
Episode Number 3/10
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This is the third episode of Survivor: The Jungles of Kenya

Previously On Survivor...

  • Shocked by being blindsided so early, Stephen and Brock search for answers as to why they weren't informed about the switching of the vote.
  • Lynsie, Nessa, and Rachael form a Girl Power alliance, and hope to use Shaun and Natally as extra votes.
  • In a game twist, it's revealed whichever tribe wins immunity can kidnap one member of the opposing tribe, who can then mutiny if they so wish. Luhya decides to kidnap Lynsie, but in the end she decide's she wants to remain a member of Elgon.
  • Elgon is sent to tribal council, where Johnathan lays everything out at tribal council. However in a shocking turn of events, Dong lays down his torch in order for Johnathan to remain in the game.


Reward Challenge: Web Over Water
The tribes race one member at a time up a ramp and onto a rope spider web where there are eight bags for each tribe. Crawling underneath the web, they need to retrieve a bag. Once they have one, they must jump into the water below the net and make their way back to the start. The first tribe to retrieve all eight bags wins reward.
Reward: Egg laying chickens

Immunity Challenge: Dragged Through Mud
Both tribes are attached to each other by a rope and must retrieve the other tribe's flag at either end of the mud pit. If after 15 minutes neither tribe has retrieved the other tribe's flag, it will be a one-on-one match between one player from each tribe.


Night 6


It's a colder night than typical. Heavy clouds begin to quickly roll in, dimming the light from the midnight sky. The walk back into camp is a long, and uncomfortable one.

I made a few comments tonight, not expecting to be coming back to camp (he says with a laugh). In all seriousness though, I am so grateful to still be here. Dong, if you're watching, thank you so much. I feel like I have a new lease on life.


Natally drops her bag of belongings next to the shelter with a long sigh, and makes the sarcastic comment that Johnathan should tell her how he really feels. Johnathan tries to explain himself but Natally quickly cuts him off, and sternly says she has no interest in talking to him.

Tribal was nuts tonight. Everything was laid out for everyone to know. Umm.. I have to say I'm surprised in Johnathan. I saw a side to him tonight I didn't like at all. He really put his foot in his mouth, and now Natally's out for blood.


Johnathan: I'm sorry guys.

He says with a shrug.
Thunder can be heard in the distance, and shortly after the clouds open up. It's the first down poor since the game had started, and it truly showed off the amount of holes in the shelters roof. The Elgon tribe members all know they're in for a long, uncomfortable night ahead.

Day 7


The rain lets up just before sunrise, leading to a beautiful bright pink sky. Both Nessa and Lynsie sit in the mouth of the shelter to admire.

It was a long, long night. I don't think anyone really slept at all. I'm remaining optimistic though, I hope the sunrise is a sign of things to come for our tribe.


Shaun marks the seventh day off on the side of a tree, and quickly begins to start breakfast.

My strategy thus far has been to play house husband. I cook, I clean, and just do the chores around camp to keep people happy. So far it's been working out quite well for myself.


As Shaun's about to begin the rice, he realizes that he cooking pot had been left out all night and had collected water. He exclaims to his tribe mates, as this is the first cold water they've had in days.

living here we have to boil our water to make sure it's healthy to drink. So this stuff that collected from the rain, was cold, and pure. We could drink it without boiling it, and it was such a refreshing surprise.


Natally jumps up and down, clapping her hands in excitment. The group huddles together and passes the pot along, each person being able to take a sip. They then fill their canteens with the remainder and get on with their day.

The day continues uneventfully. Nessa, Rachael, Lynsie, and Natally all decide to go for an afternoon swim.

We really wanted to solidify a fourth vote in our alliance, just to string along for numbers. Natally doesn't really like Nessa all that well, therefore we thought it might be hard to get her on our side. However with the way things went down last night, she was left vulnerable. We used this to our advantage to reel her in. She felt personally victimized, so we pretended that we did too, to gain some trust.


Nessa, Rachael, and Lynsie exaggerate how they feel about what was brought out at the previous nights tribal council. Although they all agree with what was said, they want Natally to feel as though she has a safe place within their group.

Natally: I just can't believe he called me out like that.

Rachael: Everyone's got something to say about someone out here, you just got to know the right time to hold your tongue.

Natally: Am I lazy though?

Nessa: I really don't think so.

Lynsie: I think it was more of a case of trying to throw a stronger member under the bus. If he convinced us to vote out Dong, he's safe for one tribal council. If he convinces us to target someone stronger, he then guarantees himself safety passed Dong's elimination and yours. I don't even know if he truly feels that way, it could've all been strategy.

What we're telling this girl is so phony, we probably sound like bad actresses reciting a script. The girls an idiot and I'm glad she was called out.


Rachael: It's simple. Next tribal we vote him off, then after that our scapegoat is Shaun. After that, there is no after that. I refuse to believe we'd lose more than that, we'll merge before one of us would have to go.

With a laugh Natally thanks the girls for the talk, and expresses that she feels much better. A few hugs are exchanged, and they head back to camp.


Meanwhile at Luhya, everyone is on the go. Stephen, Brock, and Corinne are off collecting wood as Brock refuses to let the pile diminish. Even if they have enough to last a few days he still insists on gather more. Esther, Dan, and Dana all head down to the shoreline of the lake in attempts to catch some minnows. While Esther and Dana stand with their ankles in the water, cupping their hands trying to catch some protein, Dan gets distracted splashing his face with water.

It's no secret that I'm completely out of my element. I live in the city and I have gone camping maybe twice my entire life. Living in the woods is strange, but the stranger thing about it is that I'm getting used to it. The hardest thing to deal with out here is the poor hygiene. A person really takes for granted a clean face.


As a pair, Esther and Dana manage to catch about 15 small fish. Before heading back to camp all three take turns using the mud to paint masks onto each others faces. Dan scrunches his nose, but agrees to go along. To his surprise, upon washing it off his face felt the cleanest it had in days. Esther laughs and tells him she discovered it helped talking the oils off days ago, and jokes about it being her own secret beauty treatment.

Dan, I don't think the poor kid knows why he ever signed up to be out here. He's a hoot. He'll be a natural outdoors man by the time the game's done.


Esther, Dana, and Dan take the pot of fish back to camp, and begin preparing lunch servings in preparation for Corinne, Brock, and Stephen returning from wood gathering.

At the same moment, Stephen and Brock work together carrying a long, heavy log on their shoulders while Corinne walks slightly ahead of them, picking up dead twigs. Knowing they have her cornered, Stephen takes the opportunity to confront her about going back on her word to them.

Stephen: So why'd you do it?

Corinne: Do what?

Stephen: Switch the vote.

Corinne: I didn't switch it.

Stephen: That's not what I was told.

Corinne: Did I tell Dan? Yes. But it wasn't me who flipped it.

Stephen: Then who the hell did?

Corinne: first of all, relax. Dan, Esther, Dana, and myself talked about it as a group. We decided it would be in the tribes best interest to vote off Daryl. We had heard he was conniving.

Stephen: But why not fill us in?

Corinne: We thought he was plotting with you two, that's why!

Stephen: From who? Who on earth told you this? I bet it was Esther, right? Come on now, you're smart! She was just trying to save her own ass.

Corinne: It wasn't Esther, I just heard through the grapevine.

She's talking all over the place, I know she's lying. Initially it made me unsettled I wasn't in on the change of plans, especially considering Corinne and Dan lead us to believe they were voting out Esther. But after this afternoon's conversation, I'm more confident than ever that the four of them are working together.


(Laughing) This is exactly what I wanted! Stephen coming at Corinne like that will do nothing but piss her off! In that case it'll save me from at least being booted first, and hopefully if I stay I can throw the reward challenge, and have Lynsie pull me over to her tribe so I can mutiny. I'm on the outs here, jumping ship can't hurt me anymore than I'm hurting right now.


Day 8

Reward Challenge

Jeff Probst: Come on in!

Luhya first enters the field and piles onto their orange colored mat, followed by Elgon.

Jeff Probst: Luhya getting your first look at the new Elgon tribe, Dong decided to quit at last night's tribal council.

Nobody on the Luhya tribe is surprised by Dong's absence, as he is the person they had mutually suspected would leave. Although the news he had quit was enough to bring a look of question onto Esther's face.

This is a tough game, it's not meant for everybody.


Jeff Probst: It's time for your next reward challenge, here's how it works. The tribes race one member at a time up a ramp and onto a rope spider web where there are eight bags for each tribe. Crawling underneath the web, they need to retrieve a bag. Once they have one, they must jump into the water below the net and make their way back to the start. The first tribe to retrieve all eight bags wins reward. Everyone understand?

Castaways: Yes!

Jeff Probst: Good. Here's what you're playing for... 3 egg laying chickens! These chickens and the cage they're in will be all yours. You can eat 'em, you can fry the eggs. It's up to you what you do with them. It's definitely worth playing for.


Jeff Probst: Luhya wins reward!

The Luhya tribe celebrates exceptionally loud. Esther and Dana hug each other as they jump up and down, the tribe is happy that they'll finally have some real solid food in their stomachs.

It's a morale boost that we so desperately needed.


Are you kidding me? I'm on the most useless tribe of losers imaginable.


The tribes assemble back onto their respective mats. Jeff tells Luhya that it's time for them to decide which member of Elgon they wish to kidnap until the next immunity challenge.

Before the Luhya tribe can assemble together into a circle to be able to discuss their decision, Johnathan quickly steps forward from his fellow teammates.

Johnathan: Guys, please. Pick me, I'm begging you. I so desperately need to get out of here.

The Elgon tribe's faces quickly light up with looks of shock, betrayal, and disgust.

Salvation! Immediately I know this guy's in a similar boat as mine and if he mutiny's, that's a potential number for me.


Nessa however is quick behind Johnathan to step forward as well and offer herself as a volunteer.

I know right away what he's doing! I can't let him jump ship, if he mutiny's that completely (bleep)s up my game plan.


Before any decision can be made, Brock shouts forward that they'll be kidnapping Johnathan. With barely any time to register what was happening, the rest of the Luhya tribe just goes along with Brock's decision. Johnathan clenches his fist in celebration and looks to the sky, almost as if he was thanking every god he could think of. He then leaves the Elgon mat, and walks over toward Luhya.

I'm (bleep)ed on that team, they wouldn't think twice about voting me off. At least if I mutiny I can escape a guaranteed exit at the next tribal council.



Returning from the reward challenge, the Elgon tribe is pissed.

Everyone stays gathered around the vicinity of the shelter, completely surprised that Johnathan had the nerve to step forward the way he did.

Nessa: Well, he's not coming back.

Rachael: Nope.

Shaun: Good job though Ness, I never would've been so quick on my feet.

Lynsie: Yeah, great thinking Ness.

I think it's safe to say we've lost Johnathan. I mean, I can't hate him for it. He did do the smart thing. That ladies and gentlemen is exactly why you never let the person who's at the bottom, know they're at the bottom.


In my eyes he was (bleep)ed either way. Luhya can't trust him, they'll just look at him as a trader.


It's just so frusterating! Because we were tied, and now we're down in numbers!


Panicked, Lynsie pulls Nessa aside, into some nearby shrubs that lie just out of camp. The two crouch down to avoid being seen.

Lynsie: So what do we do now?!

Nessa: Hope's not all lost. We have to win, we can't keep losing. If we do we'll just be whipped out at the merge.

Lynsie: I'm just freaking out, does this mean we'd target Shaun next?

Nessa: Yeah, everything's fine! Don't be silly, just because Johnathan's gone doesn't mean it fractures our alliance.

I really do like Lynsie, but the thing about her is that she panics about everything. Here paranoia level out here is so high, I swear she'll be lucky to make it through the game without a break down (laughs).


Lynsie: I literally cannot believe he did that.

Nessa: Surprisingly, I can. Why do you think I was so quick to do the same?

Lynsie: This just... (sighs) Ugh! It stresses me out.

Nessa: He's an asshole. But you know what? We're going to kick ass at the next immunity challenge, and they'll vote him out for being a backstabber to his own tribe. If not, we vote out Shaun. You're fine girly, trust me.

Lynsie: He's not coming back, is he?

Nessa: Not a chance.

This game is so stressful, and so crazy. It's nice to feel safe and have a gameplan. But of course, WOOSH! Things get thrown upside down, and it's scary. If I didn't have a secure alliance to help me get through this, I'd be pulling my own hair out.



Returning to camp, everyone's in high spirits. Brock carries the cage of chickens into camp, and sets it down betwen the fire and the shelter. Dana's quick to name the three chickens. Edward, Stuart, and Ella.

She named the (bleep)ing chickens...


Dana hums and sings to the chickens, as she nabs a few eggs to fry up for the tribe. As it grinds on her last nerve, Corinne decides to go for a swim and leaves camp.

(laughs) I'm so hard on her, but maybe I'm the crazy one? I mean I'm the dumby that agreed to align with her and keep her safe.


Johnathan settles himself onto the stump stool, and gets right to the point. He asks if anyone would mind if he decided to mutiny, and nobody voices any negative feelings toward the idea. Although Esther is certain Corinne will kick up a stink about the extra mouth to feed.

Johnathan: Sincerely guys, thank you so much. I was completely done-zo over there. They were a tribe of lazy, bullies.

Dan: (laughing) They probably hate us for taking away their safety net.

Johnathan: I don't even care at this point, I like this tribe so much better already. Lynsie kept talking about low spirits, but you guys seem like such a genuinely fun group!

I don't care if I'm voted out next, I already feel so good about my decision. I cannot wait until the immunity challenge to officially declare that I've mutinied.


Day quickly turns to night, and the fire which had been roaring while cooking the eggs, has turned into nothing more than golden embers, emitting enough light to illuminate camp. Corinne, Dana, and Esther are already sleeping, while Dan and Johnathan are both laying down for the night as well. Stephen and Brock are the only two still up. They sit beside the fire pit, brainstorming ideas to keep each other in the game. Stephen walks over to the shelter, and whispers Johnathan's name. They (Stephen and Brock) manage to steal him away from camp without anyone noticing, and disappear down the dark path toward the lake.

Stephen: Okay so here's the deal, you're on the outs, we're (including Brock) on the outs too. I can tell you right now if Corinne gets her way, you'll be out first. She's extremely territorial, and doesn't like rationing food more than necessary. If you work with us, we'll hold a 4-3 minority, but with the extra number we might be able to pull something off!

Brock (continuing what Stephen was saying): It's obvious by Corinne's body language, she hates Dana. She cannot stand the hag. Let me tell you something about Corinne, she's a flipper. I think if we approach her with you, that she'd see we'd have the votes. We'll charm her with the idea of voting out Dana, and use her vote to gain majority.

Johnathan: Who am I to say no? You guys know the dynamics around here better than I would. I got to do whatever it takes to keep my ass in the game.

The conversation went a thousand times better than predicted! I think Johnathan's on board, I think his vote might be enough to gain us some leverage in this game.


I didn't flip to put myself back into the minority. I'll agree, because I'd be stupid to tell them no! But heck, I'm going to try to weasel my way in with Corinne, it seems that'll be what'll get me in with the others. If I can't, I don't want to go so I'll take Stephen and Brock up on their offer. But until my initial plan proves futile, they just need to think I'm with them.


Day 9

Immunity Challenge

The two tribes shuffle in, and stand on their respective mats.

Jeff Probst: Before we start, Luhya I need to take back Immunity.

Jeff takes the Immunity Idol back from Luhya and places it back on its pedestal.

Jeff Probst: Immunity is back up for grabs. Both tribes are going to be attached to each other by a rope and must retrieve the other tribe's flag at either end of the mud pit. If after 15 minutes neither tribe has retrieved the other tribe's flag, it will be a one-on-one match between one player from each tribe. Everyone understand the rules? Good. One last thing, Johnathan after being kidnapped you have the option to return to Elgon, or mutiny and become a member of Luhya. What have you decided?

Johnathan: I've decided,





Johnathan: That I'd like to remain over here, Jeff. (He says with a smile)

Natally shoots him a scowled look.

Jeff declares the mutiny official, and hands Johnathan his new orange buff.

Jeff Probst: Immunity is back up for grabs! survivors ready? Go!


The 15 minute mark is reached, and neither tribe has scored a point. The Elgon tribe chooses Rachael to represent them in a duel, while the Luhya tribe selects Johnathan.


Jeff Probst: Luhya wins immunity! Elgon, once again you'll be joining me tonight at tribal council, where the second member of your tribe will be leaving the game. Head on out, you have the afternoon to think about it.

If you ask me, it's poetic justice that I was the one that won this challenge for Luhya. I really hope I proved my worth, and made the girls of the Elgon tribe feel like garbage.



The sky is overcast, and the afternoon proves to be cooler than most so far. The weather seemingly to accurately represent the emotions of the Elgon tribe.

It sucks to lose for the second time in a row. It's an even harder pill to swallow knowing that Johnathan was the one that sent us to tribal council.


All five tribe members just stand around camp, expressionless. Nobody wanting to be the first to make a move. Lynsie finally breaks the ice by motioning with her finger toward Shaun as he has his back turned. With a nod, Nessa agrees, sealing the deal.

It's going to be hard voting out anyone at this point. The only person who's not in our alliance, doesn't necessarily deserve to go. Unfortunately it's a game about numbers and that's just the way things go sometimes.


Later in the afternoon, Shaun's cooking up some beans for lunch, while Natally's in the shelter resting. Nessa stands off to the side of the fire, where she has a view of the entire camp. She stands here, just observing.

Shortly afterwords, Nessa pulls both Lynsie and Rachael aside for a private talk.

Nessa: We need to switch the vote, we got to. Natally needs to go.

Lynsie: Oh my god, what?

Nessa: She doesn't do anything! She's a vote for us, but we hold the majority anyway. She's a lot weaker than Shaun, if we vote off Shaun we'll just continue to lose!

Rachael: It's true, Lynsie. If we keep Natally in this game, we jeopardize being whiped out, especially in a merge scenario.

Lynsie sighs and rubs the side of her head with her hand.

keeping someone like Natally in this game for a vote, at this point is ridiculous. We'd be all giving away our chances at the million dollars.


Nessa: So it's a plan, then?

Rachael: I guess so. I'd hate to do it to the girl, but it's what needs to be done.

After a short pause, Lynsie agrees to the plan too.

Lynsie: Yeah, there's no other option.

Stuff like this makes me feel like a snake. I feel like it's such a dirty way to take somebody out of this game.


I worry about Lynsie sometimes. This game is stressful, and I don't know if she can handle it. I don't doubt that she's loyal, I just hope she doesn't fall through when we really need her.


Back at camp, Lynsie sits on the ground in a fetal-like position. Her thought process reads across her entire face. Internally she's debating if ousting Natally truly is the answer for tonight's vote. Concerned, she pulls Rachael aside, as she finds Rachael a lot more nurturing than she does Nessa. Lynsie expresses her concern.

Lynsie: I just.. I just... ugh (sigh), I cannot shake the feeling that this is the wrong thing to be doing tonight.

The problem I believe is, is that Lynsie is a nice, loyal, honest person back home in her every day life. Therefor betraying someone so badly is hard for her, she struggles to separate the game and reality. People don't behave their normal selves in this game as they do in reality.


Rachael puts her hand on Lynsie's shoulder, and looks her in the eye.

Rachael: Lynsie, look at me. I promise you, it's going to be fine. If we keep Natally in this game we're just going to keep losing and having to vote people out.

I can't for the life of me shake the feeling that this is a bad idea. I don't know.. I just, I don't know. I might have to try my hardest to get this thing switched before tonight.


Tribal Council

Carrying their torches, Elgon walks single file into tribal council.

Jeff Probst: Welcome back, Elgon. We have lots to get to tonight, starting with Johnathan's mutiny. Natally, he had some interesting words for you last tribal, what's your opinion on it all?

Natally: Honestly Jeff, he screwed himself even more than he was. Nobodies going to look at someone who mutinied as someone they can trust.

Jeff Probst: Now is that fair to say despite he was going home if he remained on his tribe, did he really screw himself?

Natally: I just don't think he's destined to win this game.

Jeff Probst: Nessa, do you agree with that statement?

Nessa: I think that if he wants to, he's got a long way to go to get there.

Jeff Probst: The dynamics of this tribe have no doubt changed within the passed 3 days. Dong quit, and Johnathan mutinied. Who does that leave now at the bottom of the food chain, Lynsie?

Lynsie: That's the scary part, who knows? I think tonight's vote is going to establish where everyone stands.

Jeff Probst: That sounds a lot to me like the answer of a girl who's about to be voted out.

Lynsie: (Laughs) Nah, I really don't think it's me tonight. I could be surprised, but I'm doubtful.

Jeff Probst: So Rachael, if Lynsie's telling the truth about lines being drawn after this vote, how do you decide who to vote for tonight?

Rachael: Well Jeff, I think it's all about distinguishing who brings what to the table. You have to get rid of all personal feelings, and vote for who can't help you in the game.

Jeff Probst: Why don't we just get to the vote and eliminate the uncertainty in the air, Nessa you're up!


Jeff Probst: I'll go tally the votes..


Jeff Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Jeff Probst: First vote, Natally.

Jeff Probst: Second vote, Shaun. We're tied, one vote Shaun, one vote Natally.









Jeff Probst: Third vote, Natally.

Jeff Probst: Second person voted out of Survivor: Kenya, Natally. That's three, that's enough, you need to bring me your torch.

As Natally stands, she sarcastically says, "Thanks guys", and grabs her torch.

Jeff Probst: Natally, the tribe has spoken

Jeff snuffs her torch, and she leaves the tribal council area.

Jeff Probst: Clearly Natally never saw that coming. If tonight's tribal council teaches you anything, it's never be too confident of where you stand. Grab your stuff, head back to camp.

Tribal Council 3:
Natally (4 votes)
Lynsie, Nessa, Rachael, Shaun
Shaun (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

I feel like garbage doing this to you, I'm sorry.


Unfortunately, you didn't do anything at all. This vote just represents that you should've worked harder to gain loyalties.


Final Words

I really don't know what to say, the girls shanked me. (Bleep) them, that was messed up. It was a cool experience, but it was a lot more miserable that I could have ever imagined. I think if anything it taught me I belong at home, in my apartment. Not camping.


Still in the Running


Next Time on Survivor: The Jungles of Kenya...

  • The game gets turned upside down for the castaways.

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