"A Very Poor Strategy"
Season Survivor: The Beginning
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 3/13
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This is the 3rd episode of Survivor: The Beginning

Previously On Survivor...

Jennifer and Billy were in trouble at Sabah for being outsiders of Pen, Bob and Olive's alliance. Pen decided to name his alliance "The Force". Jennifer and Billy agreed to stick together to survive. At Sarawak, Helga continued to be lazy, irritating everyone. Walter came up with a plan to take control of the game. He made two fake alliances with everyone in Sabah, except for Helga. Ryan attempted to bring Charlie into the alliance, but Walter refused. Meanwhile, Violet and Vanessa bonded while talking about strategy. Back at Sabah, Peter entertained his tribemates. Bob revealed to Olive that he didn't trust Pen. So Bob and Olive made a deal to boot Pen once Jennifer and Billy were gone. At the Immunity challenge, it came down to Benny versus Billy. But Benny was triumphant, winning Sarawak Immunity. At Sabah, The Force decided to put the votes between Jennifer and Billy. However, at Tribal Council, Bob voted for Pen, forcing a re-vote between Bob, Jennifer and Billy. And Jennifer was voted out. Fourteen are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Treasure Chest
The tribes must race into the ocean and retrieve an underwater chest. They must then drag it back to shore. First tribe back wins reward.
Reward: Proper fishing gear, including a spear.
Winner: Sarawak

Immunity Challenge: Rescue Mission
The tribes must build a stretcher and choose someone to go on it, as well as to pick a leader. The tribe must race into the woods and rescue their tribemate from a tree and put them on the stretcher. The first stretcher to be carried back wins Immunity.
Winner: Sarawak


Day 7

At Sabah, Pen angrily yelled at Bob for voting against him the previous night. Bob told Pen that he thought everyone else would be voting either Pen or himself, and he felt he had to keep himself in the game. Pen forgave Bob and they agreed to not vote against each other, unless they have no other choice.

I really do not trust Bob after last night. He'd best not pull another trick like that.


Billy was now convinced that he would be next to go unless Sabah won Immunity. Billy came to the conclusion that Pen would be the safest vote if he were to attend the next Tribal Council, because Pen got a vote against him the previous night. Billy decides that he will try extra hard in challenges to ensure that he doesn't go. Pen then met with The Force and told them the plan to take out Billy if they ever lose, and enter the merge either with the numbers or equal with Sarawak. Olive, noticing Pen's behavior, began to think that starting The Force wasn't such a good idea.

I regret starting this stupid alliance. The only thing it's doing is ripping apart our tribe! But for now, it's all we have.


At Sarawak, Jane was happy to be seven days in with the tribe completely in tact. By the beach, Ryan meets Charlie and tells him about Walter's plan. Charlie tells Ryan that Walter told him, Vanessa and Jane the same thing. Ryan realizes that Walter is playing both sides as a strategy to get far. Ryan and Charlie agree that since they both want Helga gone so badly, that they'll keep this a secret so no one votes off Walter in her place.

He's playing both sides? That's a very poor strategy. Walter clearly doesn't think.


While going to the water hole, Violet and Vanessa strengthen their friendship. They then make a final two deal. Violet comes up with the idea to bring Benny into the deal for being strong and able to help them. Vanessa then adds that they can cut Benny loose whenever they need to. Back at camp, Violet and Vanessa ask Benny if he's in. Benny, not trusting Walter's alliance, accepts the offer.

Just look at me, I've found my way into some silly pact. I hope I don't get blindsided or anything like that.


Day 8

Sabah and Sarawak meet Probst for their first reward challenge. The reward is the chest from the challenge and it's contents(which are fishing gear). The race is long, but Sarawak wins reward.

After returning to Sarawak, Walter decided to use the spear to go fishing. Helga claimed that spear- fishing is very difficult and that Walter wouldn't be able to do it. Shortly afterwards, Walter returned to camp with fish. Ryan then secretly tells Charlie that if Walter is going to be the sole provider of food, they should just keep what they know secret.

Keeping a secret makes me feel weird. However, if it means that Walter provides us with fish, I'd keep anything secret.


Day 9

The following day, both tribes recieved treemail instructing them to make stretchers, as well as choose someone to go on the stretcher, and also to choose a leader. Sabah chose Victoria to go on the stretcher and Pen to be the leader, while Sarawak chose Helga to go on the stretcher and Benny to be the leader. In the Immunity challenge, Sarawak, for the fourth time in a row, became victorious.

After returning to Sabah, Victoria began to fear that they might end up like Ulong from Palau. Bob then summoned all members of The Force, except for Pen. Bob told them that they could potentially blindside Pen. Bob claimed that no one wanted to put up with him, and there's only one outsider left. And Billy can't harm them, being only one person. Peter told Bob that Billy is still lazy, while Pen at least works. They then were left to choose between Billy and Pen.

Who do I vote off tonight, the lazy one or the annoying one? Tough decision.


Surprisingly, at Tribal Council, all members of The Force decided to stick together and Billy was voted out unanimously in a 5-1 vote. Due to this, every Sabah outsider of The Force was gone.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:


Luke (1)

Billy (5 votes)

Luke (2)Luke (4)Luke (5)Luke (6)
Luke (7)

Bob, Olive, Pen, Peter & Victoria

Luke (5)
Pen (1 vote)

Luke (1)

Billy Edwards

Voting Confessionals

The Force is triumphant.


I feel that you're the best vote for tonight. I have to stay alive.


Final Words

I saw that coming. When it comes to breaking alliances, it's really hard to do. I had a fun time the short time I spent here. But I hope that the alliance knows that now, they have to take out one of their own. Goodbye everyone!


Still in the Running

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Author's Notes

  • The title was said by Ryan when describing Walter's strategy.