"A Worthwhile Paradise"
Season Mongolia
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 15/15
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A Worthwhile Paradise is the season finale of Survivor: Mongolia.


Day 37 Immunity Challenge: Learn From Past Mistakes
This challenge combines previous challenges and puts them into one general challenge. The castaways start by walking along a series of intersecting, color-coded balance beams. Once they are across without falling off, each castaways is to solve four equations at four respective stations to release a key. Once all four keys are obtained, they are used to unlock a wrecking ball that is used to smash four pots. The first castaway to smash all four pots wins immunity.
Winner: Elliott

Day 38 Immunity Challenge: Hand on a Hard Idol
Each castaway is to hold on to the immunity idol, without letting go, while standing on a small pedestal. The person who lasts the longest wins immunity.
Winner: Melissa

Previously on Survivor...

Thirty-six days ago, twenty Americans were stranded in the mountains of Mongolia for a chance at one million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor. Quickly, they learned that the game was on. "I've got news for you...we aren't starting out in tribes." "I need you to repeat that one more time...did you say we aren't on any tribe?!" With this twist, relationships were immediately formed..."Elliott and I had a chance to talk a little bit...and I love the guy!"...while others let everything happen around them. "We've got to get rid of these threats as quickly as possible." "She’s playing too hard." "Danielle?" "Danielle, the tribe has spoken." Once tribes were formed, the alliances became more concrete. Over at Noyon, a majority alliance of four consisting of Elliott, Jenn, Ruth, and Eric was formed and it would change the complexion of the game. Elliott became the strategic mastermind by controlling the votes and finding the idols. "Nicholas, the tribe has spoken." At Sevrei, the pair of Cassie and Tony was immediately targeted by Scott, Julia, and Henry. But when Tony stumbled upon an idol, it changed everything. It created blindsides..."Victoria, the tribe has spoken."...and headaches. "For the headaches, it’s possible he may have a middle ear infection. It’s something that we don’t have to pull him for. He can stay here, and we can check on him tomorrow morning and see how he’s doing then." "Everybody here is worried about Henry. Nobody knows what’s wrong with him, and it seems like he’s getting worse. He needs to be taken out of the game for his own safety." "The tribe has spoken." But while Noyon and Sevrei took turns going to Tribal Council, they both looked up to Manlai, the most dominant of the three. They went on an impressive winning streak, but not without their share of drama. Melissa created unnecessary fractures by being judgmental towards her tribemates and their past..."I'm not here for her to ridicule. She needs to stop."...while Katie found a hidden immunity idol. " God! This is it! This is the real thing!" On Day 16, the game took yet another turn as the tribe absorption was at hand. After dominating all the previous challenges, Manlai couldn't deliver on the one that mattered most. "Manlai, you are no more. Step off your mat and wait to be picked." On the following reward, the alliance that would be named the Noyon Four made a pact to the final four. And with the power of numbers, hidden immunity idols, and persuasion, this alliance carried its dominance to the merge. Being able to sway Cassie and Tony to their side, Elliott and the rest of the former Noyons were able to pick off the outsiders of the alliance at the first three Tribal Councils after the merge. Katie, however, didn't go down without a fight. "It couldn't have played out any better today. They vote me, I play the idol, and one of them goes home." "I'm here to say that it is mine and has been mine for a long time. So, here you go, Jeff." "This is a hidden immunity idol. Any votes cast for Katie will not count." "Thirteenth person voted out and the fourth member of our jury...Ruth." "Ruth, the tribe has spoken." With the Noyon Four broken up, Katie and Melissa looked to Cassie and Tony to level the playing field. However, the last two Sevreis stayed true to their post-merge bond with Jenn and eliminated the biggest threat at that point. "Katie, the tribe has spoken." With Katie gone, Melissa was the last member of a sunken ship, but Eric had other ideas. He plotted to remove Elliott, who had just found a second idol, from the game. He informed Jenn and then Melissa of the plan. However, unbeknownst to Eric, Melissa was considering all of her options. She then let Elliott in on the planned blindside and then turned the vote back on to Eric. "I'll gracefully accept defeat. Well played, guys." Now down to five, Melissa suddenly became the swing vote between the two pairs of Cassie and Tony and Elliott and Jenn. But when Cassie won the loved ones challenge and brought Tony and his mother along, lines were drawn. "Well, we all know now who has whose back." "So think about it, Melissa. You join us and we can take the two kids out and cruise to the final three." "No, I'm definitely down for that. Believe me, it's a better spot than what I was in two or three votes ago." "Then it's settled. This is your final three standing right here." And with Elliott up to his old tricks and showing her an idol, Melissa made up her mind. At Tribal Council, Elliott played both idols on himself and Jenn, but it did not change the result. Melissa sided with the former Noyons to knock Cassie out of the game for good. "The tribe has spoken."

Now, four remain.

Elliott, the hairstylist who has played the most strategic game up to this point and has no plans on stopping.

These last three days are going to be the most difficult for me. I don't have anything protecting me anymore, so now I have to prove that I'm more than just a one-trick pony.


Melissa, the housewife who has battled herself and, at times, others to get to where she is now.

I have fought...I have clawed...I have survived the slimmest of odds to be standing here in the final four. But I'm not here to play second-fiddle to anyone. I have to show the jury and everyone back home, especially my kids, that I've earned my shot at the million.


Jenn, the bakery owner who has used her social skills to get her this far.

I haven't played the flashiest game so far, but I think I've played a very solid game still. I know I'm not the biggest threat left, but that's what could be my downfall. I have to keep the target off of me for three more days, but this is Survivor. Anything's bound to happen.


Tony, the delivery boy who has been an underdog the entire game but has found a way to reach the final four.

I started this game out by being put into a position that I was not comfortable with when I had the idol. I feel like I'm still recovering from that. I've been defying all of the odds so far, and now I'm in a position to defy them again. I'm driven and I know what I'm winning this game for. Nothing is going to stop me.


Can Tony overcome the odds once again and reach the Final Tribal Council? Will Elliott continue his dominance and not fall short of the ultimate prize? Can Jenn make to the end on her social game alone? Will Melissa's past come back to haunt her? The answers to these questions and more on the finale of Survivor: Mongolia!

(intro plays)


Night 36

The camera fades in to the final four returning to camp from Tribal Council. They set down their belongings right outside the shelter.

Tony: Well, I know you guys had to do what you had to do. I just want you guys to know that there's no hard feelings.

Jenn: And we understand. She was with you the entire game.

Tony starts getting ready for bed as they continue to go over the vote. Elliott and Melissa are seen tending to the fire.

Even though I've faced my share of adversity in this game, this is probably going to be the toughest three days to get through with Cassie gone. Melissa sided with Elliott and Jenn, but it didn't matter who she picked. Elliott took his two idols, which was a shock to me, and played them on him and Jenn. My only hope now is to win these last two challenges if I'm going to have a chance of making it to the end.


While tending to the fire, Melissa looks over her shoulder to make sure Jenn and Tony are not listening or far enough away for them to not hear her.

Melissa (softly): So, Elliott...

Elliott slowly turns his head towards Melissa to acknowledge her.

Elliott: Mmm?

Melissa: When were you going to tell me about that second idol?

Elliott: Honestly, I wasn't planning to play it. You can ask Jenn. I was wanting to take it home as a souvenir. But at Tribal Council, I just wanted to make sure I had all of my bases covered. I really would've told you, but I couldn't be tapping on your shoulder saying, 'Hey, I'm playing another idol...hope you understand.'

Melissa: But it didn't matter either way. I voted with you guys tonight. You should've kept your souvenir.

Melissa rashly leaves the fire and walks to the shelter as the camera shifts focus to Elliott watching the fire with a hand on his forehead.

It's hard to say whether I made my first blunder of the game or not. I'm sure I've made plenty of blunders already but this is the first noticeable one. By not telling Melissa about my second idol, it's possible that I lost a lot of her trust that she originally had with me. If she despises me enough, I might be able to convince her to take me to the end if it came down to that. (laughs) But on a serious note, I can't have her joining up with Tony and potentially forcing a tie tomorrow. Wait, tomorrow's Day 37...and there's four of us left. (Expletive), I just realized that this is going to be a final two instead of a final three! (chuckling) God, I am such a dumbass!


Day 37

The camera skips through the night and settles on the camp right after sunrise. Elliott and Jenn are walking along the trail to retrieve tree mail, but the camera goes back to a half-awake Melissa tossing in the shelter.

These little mini-outbursts are something I need to control, especially with three days left in the game, but I was not happy with last night. Period. I felt like Elliott used me to make sure that he had the numbers going in to last night's vote. He showed me the idol last night to reel me in, and he played that and another one that no one else even knew about. As far as I'm concerned, that's enough for me to say he has to go next.


Melissa then gets out of the shelter and walks over to Tony, who is walking up from the dock.

Melissa: I know I'm a little late on this, but looking back I probably should've joined you guys last night.

Tony: It didn't matter either way you went. He played both idols, so whoever they were going to target was going home.

Melissa: Well, I still don't like that he bullied me into joining him...or at least that's how I feel about it.

Tony: I mean, I could've told you that yesterday. He did that to us at the beginning of the merge, and we were digging ourselves into a hole by following him. I didn't know it at the time, but that's exactly how it wound up.

Melissa (getting to her point): So, Elliott tonight, then?

Tony (hiding his tiredness of Melissa): Let's do it.

The two shake on it as the sunshine reflects off the lake.

Even though her vote wasn't the deciding factor last night, it still makes my head spin trying to think of what kind of game Melissa is playing. She told me that she felt like Elliott used her to make sure that he had the numbers. (shakes head in disbelief and scoffs) Now, she's coming to me saying that it was a mistake to vote with him last night and she wants to now vote him out. I'm trying to tell her that it didn't matter either way, but I honestly believe that I'm just not reaching her. She might be the only way I stay in this game, but right now I've got to focus on winning this challenge today. Otherwise, there's a solid chance that I'm out the door.


It cuts back to Elliott and Jenn returning with tree mail and start to read it with Melissa and Tony in attendance, shortly thereafter.

Going into this challenge, I do feel the most vulnerable I've felt this entire game. It's because it's so late in the game and the fact that I don't have any idols to hide behind anymore. So, winning this challenge is going to be essential for me to make it to Day 38.


The camera shifts focus to the challenge area, where the final four arrive to the vast, open field. Probst grins as they step on to their mat. Afterwards, he congratulates them for making it as far as they have made it and goes on to explain the challenge. Once they take their starting spots, Probst starts the challenge. The four dash to the colored balancing beams and begin to follow their assigned color. Elliott, wearing blue, takes a slight lead in front of Tony, wearing black, and Jenn, wearing yellow. The latter two then come at a crossing of paths. Tony has to hesitate to let Jenn by and then continues on. Melissa, wearing red, is staying with the other three, but remains dead last. Elliott is the first to complete the balancing beam section and proceeds to his first station, Station 2. His problem to solve is (16+8)/12-1, with the answer equaling to 1. Tony, Jenn, and Melissa are all not far behind Elliott, as they too finish their balancing beam. Elliott calls Probst over to check his answer. He states it to be correct as Elliott hastily pulls his blue lever to release his first key. Tony and Melissa arrive at the Station 4 with the equation 6-3/3+(9/3), which equals to 8. Elliott runs over to Station 3, which gives the equation of 8-4/2-(18-10)+16, with the answer of 14. Jenn is at Station 3 as well, as she calls over Probst to validate her answer. Probst confirms Jenn's answer as she retrieves her first key. Right after that, Tony and Melissa turn in their answers to Probst, who confirms both answers. Tony then goes to Station 2, where Jenn is currently, while Melissa goes to Station 1, which provides the equation (23-17)/39x26 and the answer of 4. Elliott then extends his lead by showing Probst the correct answer to Station 3 and proceeds to Station 1. He arrives at Station 1, where Melissa is completely stumped by the equation. Probst notes that mental fatigue certainly plays a factor into a challenge like this. Jenn solves her second problem and goes to Station 4 after retrieving her second key. Melissa finally comes up with a ridiculously high number to show to Probst, who immediately denies it. Elliott, in turn, shows his answer while Probst is still around. Probst confirms Elliott's correct answer as Tony then calls him over to confirm his answer on Station 2. Tony runs over to Station 4 and joins Elliott and Jenn in the solving of the equation. Jenn calls over Probst to confirm her answer. Elliott then discretely looks over to Jenn's answer to save him some time and immediately writes it down. Tony, completely oblivious to Elliott's actions, focuses on the problem. Probst gives Elliott and Jenn the green light on their answers. Jenn moves on to Station 1, where Melissa still writes various answers down and hopes she's right, and Elliott moves on to the final stage of the challenge. He begins unlocking the "cage" that holds the wrecking ball. Jenn solves her final equation and then mouths the answer to Melissa.

Melissa (quietly in disbelief): I should've known that...

Probst confirms both ladies' answers as Jenn joins Elliott, who is already hurling his ball at pots, in the final stage. Melissa rushes over to Station 3 as Tony exclaims to Probst that he has his answer for Station 4. While Probst lets Tony know of his correct answer, Elliott bashes his first pot. Jenn unlocks her wrecking ball and begins to hurl it at pots as well. Melissa calls Probst over for her answer on Station 1 and is subsequently confirmed. Tony arrives at Station 1 as Melissa arrives at Station 2. In the meantime, Elliott smashes another pot, giving him only two left. Jenn flimsily throws her ball and manages to collect a pot in the process. Then Elliott, in one throw, smashes one pot and then the final pot, as the ball zooms back in the direction of Elliott, to win his second immunity challenge. Elliott raises his arms in the air and smiles from ear to ear with the knowledge that he is safe for another day. Probst then places the necklace around Elliott's neck as he explains the situation.

Probst: Elliott cannot be voted out tonight and is guaranteed a spot in the final three. The rest of you: Jenn, Melissa, Tony, one of the three of you will be voted out tonight and become the eighth member of the jury. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. Elliott, congrats.

Elliott thanks Jeff as the final four gather their belongings and proceed back to camp. The camera then fades to break.

The camera fades back in to the afternoon, where clouds begin to form and partially shield the camp from the sun. The four remaining Survivors file back into camp, with Elliott setting his immunity necklace on a branch extending from the shelter as a coat rack.

This necklace means everything tonight. I can guarantee you that I was the primary target going into tonight's vote. Not just for playing two idols and dominating this game strategically, but after last night's vote, Melissa didn't like the fact that I basically conned her in to voting with myself and Jenn. So, if I'm to make it to the now final two...(laughs)...I still can't believe I didn't realize that until last night. Anyway, if I'm going to get to the final two, I need to earn Melissa's trust back. And that's not going to be an easy task.


Elliott, Jenn, and Melissa sit in the shelter as Tony is off filling the water canteens.

Elliott (curiously): Where's your head at, Melissa?

Melissa (somewhat shrugging him off): I don't really know. It's all over the place I can tell you that much.

Elliott: Well, what's it going to take to not have us make fire tonight?

Melissa (matter-of-factly): A lot. I'm still not happy with you about yesterday.

Elliott: And that's very understandable, but I'm not the only one that's asking for your vote.

Elliott turns to Jenn, who has been sitting back and observing the entire time.

Jenn: Well, I don't want to write anyone's name down, but we made our bed at the last vote...and you did too. He may be asking for your vote, but I'm doing nothing short of pleading for your vote. Cause if you don't vote him, then you're voting me.

Melissa: And I don't want to do that.

Elliott: Well, it sounds like you just made your decision, then.

Melissa sighs as Elliott goes on.

Elliott: I'm willing to admit that Jenn and I have been on top for a lot of this game. Tony really hasn't. Part of the reason you're in this position that you're in right now is because of him. He and Cassie made the big move of siding with us rather than you at that first vote after the merge. He's the one that the jury is rooting for right now...what better time to vote him out than now.

Melissa stares out from the shelter without a response.

So, what Tony and I had talked about this morning is, by all means, out the window. Now, I'm stuck with the dilemma of sticking with Jenn and Elliott for another vote or do I go with Tony and change the vote from Elliott to Jenn. Elliott brought up the fact that Tony is the one the jury is rooting for right now. That might be true, but Jenn hasn't really done anything to tick the jury off either. Of course, they're both pretty much the same when it comes down to weighing the pros and cons, so I have to do what I believe is in my best interest and go from there.


Jenn: Elliott, as much as I appreciate you looking out for me, I want to defend myself here. I haven't made the big, flashy moves that Elliott's made, or even Tony's made for that matter. So if you're wanting to take the bigger threat out, then Tony's going to be your best bet. Granted, I'm not saying that I haven't done anything. I have helped and have voted with Elliott every step of the way, but I'm saying that he's the bigger threat...if that's what you're basing your vote off of.

Melissa: Well...let me go think about it.

Jenn: Alright, no rush.

Melissa calmly leaves the shelter as the camera shifts focus to Tony in the process of filling the canteens at the water well.

With Elliott winning the challenge today, it all points to me now. Melissa's idea and what we had discussed this morning is pretty much dead in the water. That gives me two people to vote for; Jenn or Melissa. I mean, it was hard writing Jenn's name down last night. I really don't want to do that again.


As he continues filling the four canteens, he suddenly stops with the look of a lightbulb turning on in his mind.

Tony (to himself): If I can get those two to vote Melissa, then I'm fine. Why didn't I think of that earlier?

He cracks a smile and shakes his head as he wraps up his chore.

Then while I'm over at the water well, an idea pops into my head. If I can get Elliott and Jenn to turn on Melissa, then it gives me another day in the game and a shot at the final two. Melissa has been and is still driving everybody up the wall, including me. At the beginning of the day, I thought that she was only way for me to stay in the game but for different reasons. It's changed from her being a possible ally to me having to write her name down in order for me to make to tomorrow.


It cuts to later in the day, where Jenn and Tony are taking a walk in a field away from camp.

Tony: So, I'll ask you straight up...has my name come up today?

Jenn: As much as I hate to admit it, it has.

Jenn pauses briefly.

Jenn: I don't want to have to vote you out tonight. It was hard enough having to write Cassie's name down, let alone seeing her torch snuffed.

Tony: Well, it wasn't easy writing your name down either.

Jenn: But what choice did we have? That's the game I suppose...

Tony: I mean the only way out tonight is if we vote Melissa.

Jenn takes a step back and gathers her thoughts.

Jenn (laughing): Ah see, this is where my heart and my head are saying two different things. My head's telling me that there's no way I can do that, but my heart's wanting to keep you over her.

Tony suggested that the three of us, Elliott, myself, and he vote Melissa. Believe me, you have no idea how much I want to, but the tricky part is that we're so close to the end and this is where relationships and gameplay are so hard to separate. It's just like I told him, my head's saying that it's probably not the best idea to go along with his plan, but my heart's saying the exact opposite of that. I've built such a strong relationship with Tony that it would just pain me to see him go, but at the same time, this is a game for a million dollars. This is just a really difficult spot to be in.


Tony: I know this is hard for you, and I know you'll do what's best for you. Will I be happy if vote with me tonight? Definitely, but I'm not going to be bitter if you don't. You're still going to be my friend when this is all said and done.

Jenn starts to tear up and hugs Tony. It cuts to right before the castaways are to leave for Tribal Council, where Melissa is seen sitting in the shelter contemplating her options.

Tony hasn't come to me after we got back from the challenge today, which probably means that he's throwing my name around, and I don't blame him. We're all at risk today, and I know where I stand with him compared to Jenn. Those two are close, so it's almost guaranteed that he's siding with her for tonight's vote. My only block of concrete I can lean on is Elliott, which I would not have expected if you had told me this before the challenge. I'm just hoping we go Tony tonight and that I'm coming back tonight and sleeping in the same shelter I've been sleeping in for thirty-six days.


The three of Elliott, Jenn, and Melissa start gathering their bags and torches right outside the shelter. Melissa then subtly tries to get Elliott and Jenn's attention.

Melissa (whispering): It's still Tony tonight, right?

Elliott gives a thumbs up as does Jenn, but not without slight hesitation. Melissa then goes to the other side of the camp to grab a few more things before leaving. Elliott then turns to Jenn, sensing her slight hesitation.

Elliott: Are you good?

Jenn: Yeah, I just really don't want to have to do this tonight.

Elliott: I know it's going to be hard for you, but that's the game. You know that.

Jenn: I know that it's the game and speaking of which...

Jenn looks up to make sure Melissa is not returning to the shelter.

Jenn: What if we go Melissa tonight?

Elliott (quietly, but angrily): No! We can't change it now! If we go and talk to Tony about this and Melissa finds out, she's going to go crazy...ier!

Jenn: I know, I know. That's my heart talking. I know that that would be shooting ourselves in the foot, but that's where it's really hard for me.

Elliott: Well, we've voted together since we became Noyon. Let's not change it now...not with two days left.

The final four start their trek to Tribal Council.

Jenn's relationship with Cassie and Tony honestly could've been avoided. I would've intervened if I was given the chance to because she is really stressing me out about tonight. She's not able to separate her head and her heart when they need to be the furthest thing away from each other. If she jumps ship, then I have Melissa...crazy Melissa going up against Tony in a fire-making challenge. And there's no way she beats him, absolutely no way. But if I know Jenn like I think I do, then she puts her head before her heart. She did in last night's vote and tonight should be no different...I hope.


The camera shifts from camp to that night at Tribal Council as the final four file in with their torches lit. They set them in their holders and take a seat.

Probst: We'll now bring in the members of our jury.

Antonio, Julia, Jake, Ruth, Katie, Eric, and now Cassie take their respective seats on the jury's side of Tribal Council as the four remaining in the game await Probst's questions.

Probst (taking a seat): Okay...Elliott, I'll start with you. How big was today's challenge for you? Because now you don't have any idols to play these last two days.

Elliott: Jeff, it was the biggest win I've had in this game. I know I've played a great game so far and that I have the biggest target of the four of us left, so me winning immunity today was so crucial for me.

Probst: Tony, now that Elliott does have immunity around his neck, it sounds like it made tonight's vote wide-open.

Tony (shrugging his shoulders): Eh, not really. I knew that I was a target coming in here tonight, so I've been doing everything I can to make sure that I'm here tomorrow.

Probst: Why is there a target on you specifically, Tony?

Tony: I'm basing most of it off of the last vote. Cassie and I were the minority even though Elliott played his two idols. Other than that, I don't think I've done a lot to make the jury mad at me. I may have been put in the middle at the beginning of the merge, but they understood why Cassie and I made the decision that we made. So, I might be a target for being a jury threat.

Probst: Jenn, do you feel safe tonight?

Jenn (crosses her legs as she thinks on his question): No. That's not to say I think I'm going home, but I don't have immunity. So, it very well could be me tonight. I don't anticipate it being me, but you never know.

Probst: Melissa, what about you?

Melissa: Nope. I think I'm a target for being the last Manlai standing and making it this far, but I've made sure with Elliott and Jenn that I'm not going home.

Probst: Which would point your vote to Tony, then?

Melissa nods her head in agreement.

Probst: Tony, how do you react to Melissa's comments of it being you tonight?

Tony: Not surprised, really. I had talked to her about possibly drawing a tiebreaker tonight, but it never really turned into anything. So, I've put my hope in Elliott and Jenn and am really relying on them tonight.

Probst: So, it seems like it is down to Tony and Melissa. Elliott and Jenn, it sounds like you're in the middle of all of it. It is time to vote. Elliott, you're up.

Elliott goes to the booth to cast his vote. After him, the other three go to cast their vote one at a time. Melissa and Tony's confessionals are the ones that are aired as the voting ends and Probst collects the votes.

Probst (placing the urn down): Okay, once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Melissa looks on in anticipation as the other three seem calmer.

First vote: Tony (1)

Tony simply looks on as the jury is seen anxiously watching as well.

Second vote: Melissa (1-1)

Melissa gulps a bit as Elliott and Jenn can only glance at each other.

Third vote: Tony (2-1)

Tony brushes his hand through his hair stressfully as Cassie places her hand over her mouth in disappointment.

Fourth vote: ...

Probst: Seventeenth person voted out and the eighth member of our jury...Tony. Need you to bring me your torch.

Tony gets up from his stool as the camera switches over to the jury, who look on in disappointment. Tony sets his torch in the holder before Probst.

Probst: Tony, the tribe has spoken.

With his torch now snuffed, Tony bids a farewell to the final three and the jury. Cassie waves back as Jenn, seeming disgusted with herself, watches him leave the Tribal Council area.

Probst: Congratulations, you have made it to the final three. Tomorrow, you will compete in your final immunity challenge. Try to get a good night's sleep. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

The final three arise from their seats to grab their belongings and torches.

Jenn (mouthing to Cassie as she leaves): I'm sorry...

As the final three leave Tribal Council, Tony's final words are played and it then fades to break.

The camera fades in to the final three stumbling their way through the dark right outside of camp. They eventually make it to camp and begin unpacking.

Melissa: Well guys, thank you.

Elliott: Oh, you don't have to thank us. We're happy to be here as much as you are.

The three share a hug. Afterwards, the camera focuses on Jenn preparing to go to sleep.

These past two days have been some of the most gut-wrenching, difficult, and character-building days I've ever experienced. In a way, I am happy that Cassie and Tony aren't here, so I don't have to vote them out. But there's still that sting of writing both of their names down. (shrugs shoulders) It's something I'm going to have to put in the rear-view mirror. I hopefully have two days left to play, and I can't let anything deter me.


As Jenn prepares for bed, Elliott follows suit and begins to curl up in a blanket.

With Tony gone, I've got this game in the bag now. Jenn has done absolutely nothing strategic, and Melissa has more sides to her than a dice does. She honestly has gone from on the outs to having 'Crazy Lady Swing Vote Syndrome' in a matter of, like, six or seven days. She changes her mind every hour, and it's something I'm going to want to bring with me to the final two.


Day 38

The camera breezes through the early hours of the morning to right after sunrise. It cuts to the three walking down the trail to check on tree mail.

Melissa: I honestly can't believe that I'm standing here on Day 38.

Jenn: I can't believe it either. If you had asked me how long I would last when this thing started, I probably would've told you a week if that.

Elliott and Melissa smirk at Jenn's comment as they arrive at tree mail. They open it up and read the parchment, which describes the Rites of Passage that they will soon participate in. Afterwards, they are to compete in their final immunity challenge.

If you were to tell me at the beginning of the merge that I would be sitting in the final three, I would've called you crazy. It seems so unreal to be sitting here about to take part in the Rites of Passage and being one challenge away from potentially a million dollars. I've had some hiccups along the way, but if I can survive one more day, then it'll be worth it.


It cuts to the final three starting to scale a mountain distanced away from camp. There, they arrive at the first torch and start their journey through their fallen comrades.

The final three, with all of the fallen castaways' torches in hand, reach the summit of the mountain they have scaled. At the top is a pit with vast amounts of brush and kindle. Each of the three set the torches carefully atop the brush as Elliott grabs a nearby torch and lights the pit ablaze. As it burns, the final three put their arms around each other's backs and reminisce the events of the previous thirty-seven days in their own minds.

The Rites of Passage was a nice chance to hear Elliott and Melissa's opinions about everybody that was voted out, but more importantly, it gave me the chance to take in to consideration all the relationships I have made in this game from start to finish. The tree mail this morning said to pay my respects to each castaway because they each played a part in the three of us getting here, and I did exactly that. I made sure to cherish every moment because this has been a worthwhile paradise.


The camera flies away from the funnel of smoke that is being created by the burning of the torches and then fades to break.

The camera returns to various shots of the mountains and wildlife before zooming in on the edge of the Gobi Desert, where a long, thin immunity idol is surrounded by three pedestals. The final three walk in from the Rites of Passage to their final immunity challenge as Probst greets and then congratulates them. He then explains the simple concept of the challenge, hold on longer than the other two and win immunity. Once Probst goes over the stakes, the final three take their places on their pedestals. Once all three have a hand on the idol, the challenge begins. It immediately skips to 10 minutes into the challenge.

Probst: You guys are ten minutes in. How is everyone holding up?

Jenn: Definitely something to get used to.

Elliott and Melissa do not respond.

Probst (to the audience): Not even a word from Elliott or Melissa. It takes a lot of focus to be doing this after thirty-eight days, and I believe we're just getting started.

The camera fast-forwards through the morning and skims through highlights of the final three either readjusting or standing completely still. It then cuts in to the 45-minute mark, where Probst once again asks the contestants how they are holding up. Jenn now joins Elliott and Melissa without a response.

Probst: Everyone's focused...just how it should be on what could potentially be a million-dollar challenge.

The camera fast-forwards once more as it now rests at the hour and a half mark without any activity from the final three.

Probst: You guys are now at one hour and thirty minutes. Just a warning, once we hit two hours, you will rotate positions every thirty minutes until we have our winner.

The camera focuses on Elliott, who hasn't moved in the ninety minutes, and Jenn, whose leg starts spasming. It cuts in at an hour and forty-five minutes as it turns its focus to Jenn, whose leg is still spasming. She visibly pains through it until she steps off and falls into the sand. Melissa briefly glances up at Jenn and then returns her focus to the idol. Probst clocks Jenn's time as an hour and forty-six minutes. She then gets up from the sand and disappointedly takes a seat on the bench nearby. This leaves Elliott and Melissa remaining on the pedestals. It flashes to the two-hour point, where Probst instructs the two left in the challenge to rotate to their right. They do just that while keeping one hand on the idol as they move.

Probst: It's especially tricky to keep your focus and one hand on the idol while walking through that thick sand. It will definitely play its part in this challenge.

With highlights of Elliott and Melissa remaining perfectly still, it fast-forwards to the two hour and thirty minute mark, where Probst asks them to rotate once more. Right after he asks, a gust of wind hits the challenge site and causes sand to fly up into the air. Inadvertently getting sand in his eye, Elliott takes his hand away from the idol to tend to his eye. He immediately realizes his mistake, which gives Melissa the final immunity win. With it still somewhat windy, Probst awards Melissa the necklace for the final time.

Probst (squinting through the sand): Elliott. Jenn. Day 38 will be the end of this journey for one of you. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. I'll see you all tonight at Tribal.

The camera fades to break as an elated Melissa cherishes the necklace that she wears around her neck.

It returns to the final three arriving back at camp. Elliott and Jenn half-heartedly congratulate Melissa, who sincerely thanks them.

(flails his arm in the air, then slaps it on his leg in frustration) This is what my Survivor comes down to. A gust of sand coming out of nowhere and making me lose my focus at the challenge. Now, Jenn and I now have to sit around and watch the other plead their case as to why she should bring them to the final two with her. It just sucks that she won the challenge like that. I had this game won. I had it won!


Melissa (as she puts the immunity necklace on the shelter's coat rack): First off, I would like to say that my mind is made up. I know who I'm voting for tonight, so I don't want either of you coming and begging me to stay.

Elliott and Jenn glance at each other, almost scoffing simultaneously.

Once we get back from the challenge, Melissa makes the announcement of 'I've already made my decision.', and we're both like, 'Really?'. I'm sure she's been thinking about it, but the fact that she's not giving either of us a chance to state our cases...I think it rubbed both of us the wrong way.


Melissa is seen twiddling around with the fire while Elliott and Jenn are sitting at the dock.

Jenn (frustrated): I'm sure that it's been on her mind, but at least give us a chance.

Elliott: I know, right? I don't know why, but that just didn't sit well with me. I mean, I feel like whoever she picks tonight is not going to vote for her tomorrow. We didn't come out here to sit on our asses for an afternoon that has a million dollars on the line. God, that ticks me off.

Jenn: Well, she wouldn't be doing this if she didn't win today.

Elliott: And we wouldn't be doing this if we won today.

Elliott and I talked about Melissa's announcement and how much of a slap in the face it was to both of us. I'm out here to play the game and win, not get on my knees and pray that it's not me for an afternoon. We came to the conclusion that whoever she does take to the final two is going to stand a really good chance of winning because she's so unpredictable. I'm just hoping that by whatever conclusion she's draws to, if any, it's me that she's taking.


It cuts back to Melissa poking logs in the fire as she is seen deep in thought.

I told Elliott and Jenn, once we got back from the challenge, that I had already made my mind up. Truth is, I'm nowhere near coming to a decision. The reason I don't want either of them to make their case to me is that I want this to be a decision I make for me without any outside influence. This is potentially a million-dollar decision. This could help my kids' futures tremendously. I want to be the one that makes this decision for me. At the end of the day, it's a matter of weighing the pros and cons of each and seeing which of the two I stand a better chance of beating.


It cuts to that evening as the final three start packing their bags for Tribal Council. Elliott and Jenn do not even acknowledge Melissa, who is still zoned in thought.

With all of this hoopla that Melissa's made today, it isn't going to stop me at Tribal Council. I'm still going to state the reasons why Jenn should go over me and how she's a bigger threat than I am. I have to be careful, though. We're both still at Melissa's mercy until she casts the vote. If I go overboard, then she may vote me out of spite. That seems really low and rash for a million dollars, especially when she's voting one of us to the jury, but it would not surprise me to see Melissa do that.


The camera powers through the sunset and focuses on the full moon over the Tribal Council area. The final three take their seats after placing their torches behind them as Probst brings in the jury.

Probst: We'll now bring the members of our jury.

Antonio, Julia, Jake, Ruth, Katie, Eric, Cassie, and Tony, the newest jury member, take their assigned seats opposite of the final three.

Probst: Melissa, it's got to feel good having that necklace around your neck tonight.

Melissa (instantly beaming): And then some. I knew that if one of these two won today instead of me, then chances are I would be the one going home.

Probst: So Elliott, for you and Jenn, it had to have been a tense afternoon then.

Elliott: Tense is a very good word to use. When we get back to camp today, Melissa announces to us that she will not be hearing any of our arguments or pleas or cases and that she's already made her decision.

The jury, especially Jake and Julia, can't help but roll their eyes.

Probst: So, what you're saying is that Melissa completely shut down the strategy today?

Elliott: Yep, and I'm sure there's a method to her madness, but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it.

Jenn (intervening): Neither of us are.

Melissa: Well, I'm sorry but I said that my mind was made up and didn't want either of you to sway me.

Elliott: But isn't that the point of today? Aren't we supposed to be telling you why the other person should be getting your vote? I thought that it was going to help you make a decision.

Melissa: I told you that I already made my mind up.

Elliott (agitated): Bull.

Jenn sits back and keeps to herself as the jury looks on in amazement.

Elliott: Who are you voting then?

Melissa (defensively): I can't say.

The two go back and forth until Elliott finally gives up on the matter.

Probst: I guess tense is the word that sums up today. Jenn, you had mentioned that you weren't particularly happy with Melissa's actions either. How tricky is it when you're on the cusp of Day 39, a million dollars, and the title of Sole Survivor to try to plead your case to the person that will ultimately decide your fate tonight when they don't necessarily want you to?

Jenn: Very tricky. It made everything awkward around camp today. We didn't have anything to do, so we just sat there and waited for Tribal. Maybe this was her plan all along. I doubt it, but you never know.

Probst: Well, clearly both Elliott and Jenn are frustrated, but I'm seeing two different ways it's being handled. Elliott, you're more vocal about it than Jenn is. Do you want to share why you're being more animated about it?

Elliott: I'd be glad to, actually. I have a feeling, more or less, that it's me tonight. That's why I'm so frustrated is because whether she's made up her mind or not, I'm not able to tell her why it should be Jenn over me tonight.

Melissa: And I don't want you to.

Elliott scoffs and then laughs insecurely.

Elliott (to the jury): You see what I'm talking about? This is what you're going to be dealing with tomorrow night. For a lack of a better word, I can only that this is sorry. Just sorry.

Probst: Melissa, even if you have made up your mind on who to vote for, are you still taking into consideration what you're hearing tonight?

Melissa: I am, but it's not going to waver me.

Probst: Okay, it sounds like, Melissa, your mind is set on your initial decision. Let's get to the vote. Melissa, you're up.

Melissa walks up to the booth as some of the jury, Katie and Cassie specifically turn their head to watch Melissa cast the vote. She hesitates once she takes the cap off the marker, which causes Katie to turn back and quietly laugh in disbelief. Once she casts her vote, Probst goes to collect the vote.

Probst (once he sets down the urn): Once the vote is read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the vote.

Probst pulls the parchment out of the urn as Elliott and Jenn nervously watch on.

Probst: Eighteenth person voted out and the ninth and final member of our jury...

He delays revealing the vote as Elliott shuts his eyes. Probst turns over the vote for Elliott.

Probst: Elliott. I need you to bring me your torch.

Jenn exhales deeply as Elliott removes himself from his seat and gives Melissa a cold stare before grabbing his torch.

Elliott (as he proceeds to place his torch down): Well, I know what my vote going to be. Now fellow members of the jury, I hope you see the light as well.

Probst: Elliott, the tribe has spoken.

Elliott, with his hands on his hips, firmly looks on as his torch is extinguished. He leaves without any words or acknowledgement.

Probst: Jenn. Melissa. Congratulations, you have gone as far as you can go in this game. Now, the power shifts to the jury. Nine people that you had a hand in voting out now hold your fate in their hands. They will decide who is worthy of the title of Sole Survivor and the million-dollar check that goes along with it. You have one more night under the stars of Mongolia. Try to get a good night's sleep. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

Jenn and Melissa rise from their seats and grab all of the things they brought with them. Melissa takes off the immunity necklace and places it on her stool before they leave the Tribal Council area. Elliott's final words are played and the camera fades to break.

Day 39

The camera skips through the night and settles on the view of the sunrise. It shows Jenn and Melissa still asleep in the shelter. It pans to another view of them sleeping, but with a close-up of the traditional Day 39 feast with items such as orange juice, champagne, various cheeses and fruits, sausage patties, and bacon strips. It cuts over to when the final two wake up and see the feast before them. The two congratulate and hug one another before setting up plates for themselves.

We wake up this morning and see this smorgasbord of food right outside the shelter. Stuff like cheese, fruit, bacon, name it, we had it this morning.


Melissa (raising her glass of champagne as a toast): To a hard-fought thirty-nine days.

Jenn (accepting Melissa's toast): To a hard-fought thirty-nine days!

The two clink their glasses and begin their feast.

I feel like even though I was attacked last night by Elliott, I still have a good chance of winning this game. I won three individual challenges, I fought my way from the minority into a power position in the latter stages of this game. I think I've played a well-rounded game, and I'm ready to convince the jury of that.


Jenn and Melissa are seen continuing to enjoy their hearty breakfast by the fire pit.

Going into today, I like my odds against Melissa. I may not have played a game defined by physical and strategy prowess, but I laid low, was in alliances with the right people, and made close relationships that will last beyond this game. Melissa hasn't done any of that. I will be surprised if the jury does not eat her alive tonight. I would feel sorry for her, but it would be after the fact. There's still a game to be played until Jeff takes the votes back to the States. And I will be playing it hard until then.


It cuts to that evening, where Jenn and Melissa, with torches in hand, leave camp one last time for Tribal Council. The camera focuses on the moon behind partly cloudy skies as the final two make their way into Tribal Council for the final time. Probst grins as Jenn and Melissa place their torches down and take a seat.

Probst: We'll now bring in your jury.

In the following order, Antonio, Julia, Jake, Ruth, Katie, Eric, Cassie, Tony, and Elliott take their spots on the bench opposite of Jenn and Melissa. Elliott sits down with a piercing look directed at Melissa.

Probst (taking his seat): Welcome to your final Tribal Council! Congratulations, this is as far as you can go in this game. Tonight, the power shifts to the jury. Nine people you had a hand in voting out will now decide who gets the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollars that come with it. We'll start with opening statements...your first chance to address them about why you deserve to be crowned Sole Survivor. Then they'll get their chance to address you. Then we'll vote. Jenn, we'll start with you.

Jenn: Hey guys, I know I'm sitting before a jury that's worthy of being in the spot that I'm in right now. The game I played wasn't the flashiest. I didn't perform well in challenges, I wasn't the mastermind behind big moves, but what I was was a good relationship former. I got to know each and every one of you once we merged and some of you even before that, and at the end the of the day, that's what Survivor is all about. You build a living space with total strangers. Along the way, you build relationships as well. I'm confident in my chances tonight and I'm going to answer any and all questions you have for me. Thank you.

Probst: Melissa, you're up.

Melissa: Okay. Guys, how's it going? I just wanted to start off by saying that I share Jenn's sentiment of being before a worthy jury. I may have not made as close of relationships as Jenn made, but I make up for that in challenges. I won three individual immunities, and before the merge, I was kicking butt over at Manlai. I know that those of you on Manlai can vouch for me on that. After the merge, though, I immediately was on the wrong side of the numbers. It took awhile, but I eventually got to where I was the deciding vote on at least two votes. That's not an easy feat, and I hope I've done enough for you all to realize that I'm worthy of being called Sole Survivor.

Probst: All right. Jury, some of you have waited quite a few days to address Jenn and Melissa. I'm going to give you a minute to let you finalize any questions you may have or points you would like to address. Then we'll get in to it.

The camera pans across the jury as they anxiously await their chance to address the final two. Jenn and Melissa share the jury's anxiety as it fades to break.

It returns from break to an overhead view of Tribal Council and then another pan of the jury awaiting their turn at the final two.

Probst: Alright, jury. This is your first chance to address Jenn and Melissa. Your job is to elicit the information you need to make a million-dollar vote. Let's get to it! Eric, get us started.


Eric gets up from the jury bench and stands in the middle of Probst and the rest of the jury.

Eric: Okay. Jenn. Melissa. Congratulations to the both of you for making it this far. I think I'm standing before the two of you and can fairly say that I hold both of you responsible for me being voted out. I came to both of you with a plan to blindside Elliott, and you go and break the news to him. I just want to know the reasons and thought process behind it. Jenn, I'll start with you.

Jenn: Well Eric, the red flag for me was that had been so quiet throughout this game, and you want to make a move all of a sudden. To me, that was a really big question mark as far as trust is concerned because I had no idea how long you were intending on doing this. I didn't know if this was something that had originated on Day 3 or Day 30. Also, to be fair, I'm not trying to throw Melissa under the bus, but I was just standing there while Melissa told Elliott of your plan to blindside him.

Eric: Is that true, Melissa?

Melissa: No, it totally is, but at the time I was fighting for my life. You all had just voted Katie out and that left me to fend for myself. I felt like that there may have been a better option than going with you because you didn't give very many details to work with. By telling Elliott, it gave me more options to work with.

Eric: Alright, that's all I needed to know. Thanks, ladies.

Probst: Thanks, Eric.

Eric takes his seat.


Probst: Cassie, you're up.

Cassie walks over to where Eric was standing.

Cassie: Alright, ladies. My question to both of you is simply this. What the reason I should not write your name down?

Probst: Melissa.

Melissa: Okay, I think I did play a good game overall. But to answer your question, I think the only reason you shouldn't write my name down is the fact that I didn't really make a big move. I don't have a signature blindside on my resumé that says that I should be the clear cut winner.

Melissa ends her answer abruptly, which irritates both Antonio and Jake.

Cassie (smiles): Alright, Jenn.

Jenn: There are a lot of reasons you shouldn't vote for me, and I said most of them in my opening statement. I didn't play a flashy game. It was more under the radar and with that, I wasn't good in challenges. Like Melissa, I also don't really have a signature blindside to bolster my chances.

Cassie: Okay. Very good answers. Thanks, guys!

Both Jenn and Probst thank Cassie as she goes back to her seat.


Probst: Antonio.

Antonio rises from his seat to address the final two.

Antonio (firmly): Melissa, I'm going to just lay it out for you right now. Your answer just now...was a load of crap.

Melissa (caught off-guard): What? How so?

Antonio: You really don't think you had other faults in this game other than not making a big move?

Melissa: No, I don't!

Antonio (chuckles in disbelief): Okay, let me document them then. At Manlai, you were the most condescending, judgmental person I can recall ever meeting. That's not just to me. You were these things to Benjamin. You were these things to Heather. After the merge, you played a very selfish game. I get it being an individual game, but I was under the impression that you never took into consideration anybody else's game other than yours. All of this can attribute to an atrocious social game that you have been playing since Day 1.

Melissa discretely rolls her eyes and shakes her head in disagreement.

Antonio: Jenn, I know Cassie just asked you why you shouldn't win this game. But out of all of those or it could be something else, what is your biggest regret of this game?

Jenn: I think if I had to do it over again, I would've played a more strategic game. Elliott was my closest ally in this game, and I just there as he made move after move. I was in on the moves and the votes, but Elliott was the one orchestrating them. My regret is that I would've liked to have played more of a game like his.

Antonio: Alright, thank you.

Antonio takes his seat.


Probst: Tony, you're up.

Tony gets up from his seat and faces the final two.

Tony: Guys, how's it going? Long time, no see.

Jenn and Melissa politely say hello to Tony in unison.

Tony: Just want to start off by congratulating you and thanking you as well. I saw both of you as my second and third moms while I was out here. I don't have any questions for either of you, but I want to stay on the subject of family. I want to say to the jury that while these two ladies played very different games, they do have one thing in common. Everything, they did out here was for family. Melissa's game was for her husband and her two kids back in Florida. Jenn's was trying to make family and relationships out here because she doesn't have that much family back home. Jenn adopted Cassie and myself as two children and played in our best interests once we had merged. That's the main reason why we voted the way we voted on that first vote. Melissa, while she has said that she didn't make the relationships Jenn made, again played for her family and did what was going to be best for them. I just ask you all not to be bitter in a very important vote for both of these ladies. And that's all I've got. Thanks, guys.

Melissa (as Tony takes his seat): Well said, Tony. Thank you.

Probst: Thanks, Tony.


Probst: Ruth, keep us going.

Ruth (getting up from her seat and stretching): Don't mind if I do, Jeff.

Her antics generate several laughs from Probst, the final two, and the jury.

Ruth: Okey dokey, my question to the both of you is... Now, stay with me on this. Is there anything you would've liked the person sitting next to you to have done to improve your game? Melissa, I'll start with you.

Melissa: That's a really good question, actually. Um, I think the biggest thing I wish Jenn wouldn't have done would be getting so close to Cassie and Tony. There were plenty of times where could've used both of them to change the game, and they never sided with us cause I think they didn't want to turn on Jenn.

Ruth: Okay, good answer. Jenn?

Jenn (jokingly): I think if Melissa didn't win all of the challenges she won, it would made the game a lot easier for me and you too, Ruth.

Ruth smirks as she ends her questions and returns to her seat.


Probst: Jake.

Jake gets up and firmly stares down Melissa.

Jake: Melissa, I've been wanting to address this to you for thirteen days now. When you knew more or less that it was me going home that night, you still took the easy way out and voted me off. These people have told me that you were never a target and the only reason you got votes was to flush Katie's idol out of me. I just want to know your thought process that Tribal Council and the afternoon leading up to it.

Melissa: My intention was to never take the easy way out, Jake. I heard my name come up and usually in Survivor when you hear your name being thrown around, you tend to panic a little bit. I came into this game wanting to be a good role model for my kids and have them look back at this in ten, fifteen years and say that I played this game right. There's no way I could keep that going if I was possibly going home that night.

Jake: And you just completely contradicted yourself. You want to be a role model in the eyes of your kids, so you decided to change your vote, without consulting anybody from what I know, even though I was the target? I understand that it's normal to freak out when you hear your name tossed around, but could you have had at least a little bit of faith in Katie and myself before doing your own thing that night? And I'm going to just leave it at that. Thanks, Jeff.

Probst: Thanks, Jake.

Jake takes his seat.


Probst: Katie.

Katie gets up from her spot on the bench and walks over to the designated spot.

Katie: Jenn. Melissa. Congratulations to the both of you. Unlike some of the jurors tonight, I don't harbor any resentment to either of you. I'll start by saying that I learned a lot about myself and people in general in my thirty-one days out here. Mongolia has changed me for the better and I would like to know if it's changed either of you for better or for worse.

Probst: Jenn.

Jenn: Okay, I came out here with nothing really attached to me back home. All I have back in Portland is my bakery. Hardly any family, hardly any friends, and with that I tried compensating for it out here. And I feel like I did. I met a lot of great people out here, and I see Cassie and Tony as the two children I've never had. So to answer your question, I'm going to take away a lot of positive changes from this.

Jenn tears up a bit as Katie shifts to Melissa.

Melissa: Well from what some of your fellow jurors have told me, I have thought about my actions over the past thirty-nine days while I've sat here. And they're right. I shouldn't have been so judgmental and narrow-minded early on in this game. As the game went on, I did start to think that maybe I should consider what the person had gone through before judging them. So, like Jenn, I'm going to take away nothing but positives from here.

Katie: Okay, thank you. Melissa, I will say that I did start to notice a change of how you thought of other people right before I was voted out. But having said that, some of these people sitting here tonight are going off of first impressions, and that's really hard to ignore for them. That's including myself in that as well. Good luck to you. Jenn, good luck to you as well.

Probst: Thanks, Katie.


Probst: Elliott, you're up.

Elliott forcibly removes himself from his spot on the bench and faces the final two.

Elliott: Melissa, after yesterday, I have no questions, comments, or concerns for you. You just don't know how to play this game.

Melissa simply scoffs as Elliott directs his focus to Jenn.

Elliott: Jenn, my vote is going to be determined by how you answer the following. You were my closest ally out here, but my back has been hurting from carrying you all this way. I think you rode me all the way to the final two. You're sitting there, I'm standing here. I get that. What I want to know is if you can redeem yourself and tell me why you are not the coattail rider I perceive you to be.

Jenn (passionately): Like I said earlier, I didn't play the flashy game that you did, but that doesn't mean I sat around and let everybody make decisions for me. At the beginning of the merge, I was the one that convinced Cassie and Tony to side with us and vote out Antonio. Touching on what Tony had said earlier, I was playing in their best interest. I wanted to make them feel like I was playing for their best interest in the game and gain their trust in the process.

Elliott: Hold on, I'm going to stop you there. I think the reason that they came over to our side was because I showed my idol to them...

Jenn (interrupting Elliott): No, no, no. They felt threatened by you. You did the exact same thing to Melissa, and you saw first-hand how that turned out. So, what I had to do was have them trust me or just one of us to make sure that they felt safe. As the game went on, I would tell them each vote to do what's best for them. And all of that was sincere. Heck, you can even ask them if I'm right or not!

Elliott (turning to Cassie and Tony): she right? Did you feel threatened by me?

Cassie and Tony nod their heads in approval.

Elliott (taken back a bit): Okay, that's all I've got then. Thanks.

Elliott slowly takes his seat.


Probst: Julia, close us out.

Julia gets up from seat and almost trips over her heels.

Julia: Whew...could've been a little more graceful.

She turns to the final two.

Julia: I would just like to say to the both of you that neither of you deserve to be here. There are plenty of people here sitting on the jury that are far more worthy of the chance of becoming Sole Survivor than both of you combined. Neither of you followed the credo of this game: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast. You may have outlasted all of us, but you did not outplay us, and you certainly did not outwit us! I think the two of you are the least-worthy final two in the history of Survivor, and from what all of the jury has said tonight, I would expect no mercy when it comes to the vote.

Julia takes her seat as Probst starts to wrap it up.

Voting and Reading of the Votes

Probst: Alright, jury. Some very healthy back and forth between you, Jenn, and Melissa. Hopefully, the answers that you got from the final two have given you the information you need to make a million-dollar vote. I'll give you a minute to take in all that you have heard and then we'll vote.

The camera shifts its focus around various jury members, such as Cassie grinning, Jake intensely staring, and Eric simply looking on. It then fades to break.

The camera returns from break to highlight various jury members once more. Then it shifts to Probst.

Probst: Alright. Thirty-nine days and it comes down to this. One final vote. Tonight, you are voting for a winner. You're voting for either Jenn or Melissa...who you think deserves the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollars that come with it. For the last time, it is time to vote. Antonio, you're up.

Antonio gets up and proceeds to the voting booth to cast his final vote. Afterwards, the jury takes turns in making trips to the booth. Only Julia and Cassie's confessionals are aired as Probst collects the votes one last time. The camera focuses on the final two anxiously looking on. Probst then returns to the center area of Tribal Council with the urn in hand.

Probst: Jenn, Melissa, jury, thank you for a great season of Survivor. I know you would like for me to read the votes right now after thirty-nine days, but we have to wait until we get back to the United States. See ya there.

Probst walks out of Tribal Council with the voting urn as the final two and jury look on as he leaves. It transitions to the festive stage in Los Angeles, where Probst walks in to the applause of the audience and the Survivors that attended the final Tribal Council. Probst walks on to the stage, sets the urn down, and thanks the lively audience and the contestants once more for a great season. He then reiterates the implications and rewards of the night's vote. With that, he proceeds to read the votes.

First vote: Jenn (1)

Second vote: Melissa (1-1)

Third vote: Jenn (2-1)

Fourth vote: Jenn (3-1)

Fifth vote: Jenn (4-1)

Sixth vote: ...

Probst: The winner of Survivor: Mongolia...Jenn!

Jenn puts her hands over her face in shock as she and Melissa get up from their seats and congratulate one another. They are joined by the jury, who come to give their congratulations as well. Jenn then goes down to the audience to meet with her friends that she brought to the finale with her. They celebrate with Jenn as Probst prepares for the reunion show. Once he finishes that, the credits roll and the season ends just like that.

Reunion Show Highlights

  • Jenn discusses her win and what's next in her life.
  • Melissa defends herself, saying she still thinks she played an admirable game.
  • Cassie and Tony deny rumors of a possible post-Survivor romance.
  • Henry reveals that he has made a full recovery.

Tribal Council

Day 37

Tribal Council 17:
Tony (3 votes)
Elliott, Jenn, Melissa
Melissa (1 vote)
Tony Alvarez

Voting Confessionals

Only trying to get closer to the million. Sorry.


It's either you or me tonight...that's basically it. Best of luck to you.


Final Words

Well...whaddaya know. I knew coming in that there was a more than a chance of me going home tonight. But y'know, I left it all out there. I played as hard as I could've played. I'm not going home with a million dollars, but as long as my mom is proud of me, then it's all worth it.

–Tony Alvarez

Day 38

Tribal Council 18:
Elliott (1 vote)
Elliott Trudeau

Voting Confessionals

  • Melissa's confessional was not aired.

Final Words

Man, I hope I get another shot at this. To have today come down to sand in my eye and a senile mother of two really irritates me. I know I had the best chance of winning this game amongst the three left, I don't know if the jury would've liked it or not, but...going out this way just sucks.

–Elliott Trudeau

Final Tribal Council

Tribal Council 19:
Jury Vote
Voted for
Jenn (8 votes)
Antonio, Cassie, Elliott, Eric, Jake, Katie, Ruth, Tony
Melissa (1 vote)
Melissa Edwards
Jenn Klesko

Voting Confessionals

Only because I spent more days out with you than I did with Jenn. I still stand by what I said.


Hey, pretty lady! You're getting my vote because you mastered the art of forming relationships with the right people. I hope you get four more. Good luck!


Final Results

Manlai Noyon Sevrei N/A

Next Season on Survivor...

Sixteen new castaways are introduced to some of the harshest elements and the one of the toughest games on the planet. Until they hit the beach, they're completely unaware that two former players, that are hungry for redemption, are playing alongside them. Tune in to Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands!


  • The episode title was said by Jenn as she reminisced on her time in Mongolia.