Aaron McCarthy
Aaron McCarthy
Contestant Profile
Birth Date June 15, 1984 (1984-06-15) (age 33)
Hometown Cincinatti, OH
Occupation Athletic Recruiter

Survivor: Caucasus

Tribes Rioni
► Alazani
Placement Second Runner-Up (3/20)
Challenges Won 11
Votes Against 8
Days Lasted 39

Aaron McCarthy was a contestant on Survivor: Caucasus.


Aaron McCarthy is a 28 year old Athletic Recruiter from Cincinnati, Ohio. In high school, Aaron was the star quarterback of his football team and was responsible in getting his team to state, and after graduating, received a full scholarship to play football at the University of Cincinanati, Ohio. Aaron planned on going for the NFL afterwards, but a knee injury ruined his chances of ever getting in. This caused him to settle with being a recruiter, but he hopes that by winning Survivor, he'll get the fame he once had.

Survivor: Caucasus

As Aaron arrived to the Caucasus Mountains via helicopter, he was immediately put on the Rioni tribe. After arriving to their campsite, his tribe struggled to make decisions and an arguement broke out between tribe members Hazel Quezada and Heather Villegas. An annoyed Aaron then tried to fix the situation by recommending that they both build their own shelter, which ended up hurting the tribe. However, his tribe managed to pull a win at the combined reward and immunity challenge despite the internal conflict. Back at camp, Aaron took the flint they got from the reward and then discovered a hidden clue reading that there were many fake immunity idols hidden around the campsite. Heather then immediately took notice and told Aaron to keep this between them, to which Aaron seemed very displeased about.

On Day 4, Winston Grant was added to Aaron and Heather's alliance and the next day, Aaron's tribe was able to win the next Reward Challenge. After getting back from the challenge, his alliance immediately took the clue hidden in the reward. However, his tribe lost their next challenge and was told by Winston that Max Fisher was the next target. At Tribal Council, Aaron voted for Max.

After winning the Reward Challenge on Day 7, Aaron immediately went for the idol clue hidden in the reward, in which he managed to find. He then quickly went to show it to his alliance and the three decided to go look for it while the rest of teh tribe dug into the food they won. Once the three got together, but weren't able to find the real idol, but did find several fake ones and then Heather came up with a plan to use the fakes ones to their advantage. In a confessional, Aaron noted how cool Heather now was. The next day, his tribe ended up losing the Immunity Challenge, and after overhearing Hazel talk to swing vote Agatha Christenson, Aaron came up with the idea of giving Agatha one of the fake idols in order to earn her trust and her vote. He and Heather executed the plan the next day and at Tribal Council, their plan worked as both Agatha and Martin Bowell joined their alliance in voting out Hazel. After returning from Tribal Council, Aaron and Heather both celebrated in their success and soon after, Aaron went for a kiss on an unsuspecting Heather. She then invited him to bed, but the day after, Heather stated that the events of the day before were a one time thing and will not happen again. To get over it, they decided to give one more attempt in finding the idol, but to no avail, which frustrated Aaron as idols were so easy to find in the past. But it did not matter as his tribe won the next Immunity Challenge.

On Day 13, Aaron was still hungover about his kiss with Heather and decided to confront her about it. However, he shot down by Heather, stating that what happened was a mistake. Later on, everyone finds out that both tribes will be attending Tribal Council. The next day, Aaron noticed that tribemate Gerardo Guzman had something in his pocked and figured that it must have been the Hidden Immunity Idol his alliance had been having a tough time looking for. He talks to Heather about splitting the vote between Gerardo and Rachel Hudson as Yessica Chang won immunity and then told Heather and him that they have her vote. At Tribal Council, their plan is set in motion but are suprised to see that Yessica went back on her word, creating a tie between Winston and Gerardo. At the revote, hurt that they weren't told about the plan, Agatha and Martin flip to the other side, eliminating Aaron's ally, Winston.

Voting History

Aaron's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Rioni Tribe Immune
2 Max -
3 Hazel -
4 Rioni Tribe Immune
5 Gerardo;
6 Alazani Tribe Immune
7 Van -
8 Van Van, Sebastian
9 Alazani Tribe Immune
10 Samantha Samantha
11 No Tribal Council
Derek Daniel, Derek, Amy,
Gerardo, Yessica
12 Yessica -
13 Agatha -
14 Daniel Individual Immunity
Amy Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Aaron
Eliminated2, Day 39
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In She Can't Blame It On The Alcohol, the vote ended with a 3-3 tie between Gerardo and Winston, forcing a revote, where the only eligible for elimination were Gerardo and Winston. At the revote, Aaron still voted for Gerardo.
^2 A tie in Jury votes between Daniel and Yessica made Aaron the final member of the Jury. He then had the chance to vote for the eventual winner, in which he voted for Yessica.


Shortly after Survivor: Caucasus, he began dating fellow castaway, Heather Villegas.



  • Aaron's Luxury Item was a Football.
  • Aaron is the first and only contestant to be both a finalist and a member of the Jury in the same season.
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