"Ace Up the Sleeve"
Season Survivor: Portugal
Author User:PeaceOut12
Episode Number 10/14
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This is the 10th episode of Survivor: Portugal.

Previously On Survivor...

Previously, Rose and Ralphie had their backs against the wall after their ally Cooper was voted out 6-3. At the Reward Challenge, Dover solidified Rose with Chip and Skylar, not knowing that the latter two were still with Joel, Casey, and Carmen. Back at camp, Casey started a campaign against Joel to oust him to improve his spot in the alliance.

Chip won his second Immunity challenge and the vote was going to Ralphie. Casey tried to stir up last-minute votes in Dover and Rose, but the former hockey player was taken down, 6-2.


Reward Challenge: Survivor Auction
Each player will get 500 US dollars and can bet on any item in the auction, good or bad. Some items will remained sealed while others are open for everyone to see. You can bet in 20 dollar increments and up to how much money you have. The Auction can end at any time.

Immunity Challenge: Rope-a-Dope
The castaways will be attached to a rope that is tangled around three obstacles that they will have to jump and climb through in order to untangle it and make their way to the finish. The first four to finish move on to the final round, where the rope is attached to a three-level high obstacle that they will have to make their way through. The first person to finish wins.
Winner: Dover


The Vencedor tribe comes back from Tribal Council where Ralphie was just voted out. Casey immediately apologizes to the Litoral alliance for his vote towards Joel. Chip is easily to forgive, but the rest become suspicious of Casey.

He flipped against us, and I don't think I can trust Casey after that. He has shown how easily he is to flip. He might be "forgiven" but will not last long soon.


Meanwhile, the twosome of Dover and Rose are sitting on the beach, surprised at the plan actually working. Dover is still awkward from the incident a couple days ago, but Rose has dismissed it and is working on new strategies to get through the game.

I was given a new chance at this game, and I am taking every step to get to the end.


Everyone gets to sleep after making a small fire, keeping a nice warm flame going throughout the night.

Day 28

The next day, Carmen and Dover go to Tree Mail to see seven envelopes with their names on them. Both of them excitedly grab the envelopes and the note brought along and run back to camp, knowing the Auction is upon them. The seven soon travel to a secluded part of the jungle with the beach behind them and Jeff at a counter with a gavel.

Quote1Today is the Survivor Auction. You each have 500$ in your envelopes. One at a time, I will reveal or not reveal items, in which you bid on in 20 dollar increments on whatever you like. The first item is...chicken wings and two beers.Quote2- Jeff
Quote140$!Quote2- Chip
Quote160$!Quote2- Casey
Quote1100$!Quote2- Chip
Quote1100 dollars going once...going twice...Sold to Chip!Quote2- Jeff

Chip grabs his prize and begins to eat.

Quote1The next item up for grabs is a large bowl of pasta and meatballs, with a soda.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1200$!Quote2- Carmen
Quote1200 dollars going once...going twice...sold to Carmen!Quote2- Jeff

Carmen happily runs over and grabs her food and drink and happily eats away.

Quote1The next item up for grabs will remain hidden.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1100$!Quote2- Skylar
Quote1200$!Quote2- Casey
Quote1260$!Quote2- Joel
Quote1260 going once...going twice...sold to Joel!Quote2- Jeff

He reveals the basket, and too Joel's horror, a plate of balut, fertilized duck embryo, is under the cover. He grabs his "prize" and walks back to his seat. Chip finishes his meal while Julianna is still continuing hers.

Quote1The next item is...shampoo and soap for a bath for as long as the Auction!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1300$!Quote2- Skylar
Quote1320$!Quote2- Rose
Quote1340$Quote2- Skylar
Quote1340 going once...going twice...sold to Skylar!Quote2- Jeff

Skylat takes her soap and shampoo and heads to the tub to start cleaning herself off. Carmen finishes her meal. Joel has thrown his behind the group.

Quote1The next item up for grabs will remain hidden.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1400$!Quote2- Dover
Quote1440$!Quote2- Rose
Quote1500$!Quote2- Dover
Quote1500 going once, going twice...sold to Dover!Quote2- Jeff

He reveals a scroll for Dover, and says that this is an advantage for the immunity challenge.

Quote1The next item up for grabs is a whole pizza.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1200$!Quote2- Chip
Quote1200 going once, going twice, sold to Chip!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Cool.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Now, before you take this, I will give you an option. You can take the pizza, or get two full sacks of potatoes for your tribe if you don't take the pizza.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Well, screw you Jeff, I have to take the potatoes.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Yes!Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Thank God for Chip.Quote2- Casey

Chip takes his potatoes back.

Quote1I'll take 300 for that pizza.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Well, the pizza is yours, unless anyone else disagrees...well, sold to Casey!Quote2- Jeff

Casey takes his pizza and sits back down and starts to eat it.

Quote1The next item will remain hidden.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1100$!Quote2- Rose
Quote1120$!Quote2- Carmen
Quote1120 going once, going twice, sold to Carmen!Quote2- Jeff

Jeff reveals the item to be a chocolate milkshake, which Carmen ecstatically grabs and starts drinking.

Quote1Okay, last item. Letters from home. You can get them for 60 dollars.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I want mine.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Me too.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1I would like my letter also.Quote2- Rose
Quote1Me four.Quote2- Joel
Quote1I would also like my letter.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Please!Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Damn...Quote2- Dover
Quote1Sold to all of you except Dover!Quote2- Jeff

Dover looks grim because he spent all his money and watches as Rose hands out everyone's letters. The tribe returns to camp with their potatoes, earned from Chip.

Contestant Item(s) Bought
Carmen Litoral Carmen
  • Pasta with meatballs and a drink of soda ($200)
  • Chocolate milkshake (120$)
  • Letter from home ($60)
Casey Litoral Casey
  • Whole pie of pizza (300$)
  • Letter from home (60$)
Chip Litoral Chip
  • Chicken wings and two beers (100$)
  • Two sacks of potatoes for tribe (200$)
  • Letter from home (60$)
Dover Selva Dover
  • An advantage at the next immunity challenge (500$)
Joel Litoral Joel
  • Balut (260$)
  • Letter from home (60$)
Rose Selva Rose
  • Letter from home (60$)
Skylar Litoral Skylar
  • Soap, shampoo, and a bath (340$)
  • Letter from home (60$)

The Vencedor tribe returns to camp and is baking two of their potatoes from their prize while Dover and Rose walk away to collect more fish. But when they actually get to the beach, they start silently cheering and hugging over the fact Dover has the advantage for immunity.

Quote1Holy crap we have the immunity in the bag!Quote2- Dover
Quote1This is exactly what we needed and can use to help us. Thank god you got it.Quote2- Rose
Quote1This is so exciting. We can actually make a move.Quote2- Dover
Quote1We have this all in the bag for this round. I have a plan.Quote2- Rose
Quote1Hit me with it, I'm down for anything at this point.Quote2- Dover
Quote1They are still a little peeved about Casey flipping against them. We voted with the core of that alliance and unanimously vote off Casey. It's perfect!Quote2- Rose
Quote1This is awesome, let's go through with it.Quote2- Dover

The two head back to camp where everyone is enjoying the food.

This advantage is the ace up the sleeve for me and Rose. We can turn it around if I win immunity.


Day 29

Casey comes to talk to Chip, Skylar, and Carmen about his actions.

Quote1I have come to apologize about me breaking from the group.Quote2- Casey
Quote1It was a really stupid move, the vote was almost unanimous against Ralphie. What made you think Joel was a good target?Quote2- Skylar
Quote1He's a goat to the end, and is floating between everyone on the tribe. He's gonna become a threat.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Yes, but we need unity in our tribe or Dover and Rose can get through and to the end.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1They are becoming dangerous together, almost like a showmance.Quote2- Chip
Quote1I think they are becoming a showmance. The past 3 to 5 days they have been hanging out everywhere.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1They need to be split up now. If Dover wins, Rose gets voted out, and if not, Dover must leave.Quote2- Skylar

I don't want to blindside Dover this early, as I still feel on the outs a little bit. Chip and Skylar are a power duo and honestly, they might need to be taken out, but I just don't know if I can yet.


Meanwhile, Dover and Rose are sitting on the beach, talking.

Quote1Do you think that us two can make it to the end together?Quote2- Rose
Quote1It's gonna be hard but if we can convince Carmen and Casey to flip back with us, it's very possible.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Alright, if you say so. I just hopefully don't want it to be my last couple days on this beach. Please, try and help me survive.Quote2- Rose
Quote1I will baby, I promise.Quote2- Dover

The two lay on the beach for a couple more minutes before returning to camp.

Day 30

The next day, the final seven enter the challenge arena for the next immunity challenge.

Quote1First off, Chip, I will like to take it back.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Here ya go Jeff.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Okay, for today's challenge, you will be attached to a rope that is tangled around three obstacles that they will have to jump and climb through in order to untangle it and make their way to the finish. The first four to finish move on to the final round, where the rope is attached to a three-level high obstacle that they will have to make their way through. The first person to finish wins. Dover, at the auction you received an advantage, please read it aloud.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1You bought an advantage today at the auction, which automatically puts you into the final round. Congratulations.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Dover will skip this part of the challenge, which means only three of you will now move on. Everyone time to draw spots.Quote2- Jeff

The players draw for spots and get ready. The six contestants are all attached to the rope while Dover sits and wash. Jeff says go and everyone starts traversing the course. It is a simple beam with some boards connecting it to the ground, but the rope is twisted back and forth so that all the contestants have to go under, over, and through the boards and the beam. Chip and Carmen take an early lead with Rose right behind them. Casey and Skylar are not far behind Rose and Dover is stuck with the ropes at the beginning, and is losing the challenge fast. Casey has caught up to Rose and both are trying to catch up to Chip and Carmen. Chip finishes first and taps the post, followed right behind by Carmen. It's a quick race, but Casey stumbles trying to get over and Rose finishes before him.

For the second round, Carmen, Chip, Dover, and Rose are all ready to take on the course. Jeff says go, and the four take off, climbing up and over posts and platforms. It's a clear race between Chip and Dover, as the two girls are not getting up and over some platforms quickly, and the two boys's muscles quickly overpower the two girls. Chip is edging ahead as he gets to the top floor, but Dover is right behind him. But Chip gets stuck trying to go through the post, and Dover overtakes him. He slides down the pole, finishing the course.

Quote1Dover wins immunity!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes!Quote2- Dover
Quote1Dover has a one in six chance of winning this game. For one of you, that chance will be gone. You have the rest of the afternoon to decide that. I will see you at Tribal Council.Quote2- Jeff

The Vencedor tribe returns to camp and Dover pulls Carmen aside with Casey.

Quote1Can you guys flip against us and vote out Chip? He's a threat to win and we can change this game.Quote2- Dover
Quote1I really don't know Dover, if Casey wants to do it, I'll be ready for it.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1I'm down. Let's do this.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Thank you guys so much!Quote2- Dover

Dover leaves to get ready, and Carmen turns to Casey.

Quote1Are we really gonna vote Chip off?Quote2- Casey
Quote1No, he's our only chance to stop Dover from winning immunity. There's no point in trying to get out strength on our side. We're still voting Rose.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Good, let's take them out.Quote2- Casey
Quote1Yup.Quote2- Carmen

That night, the Vencedor tribe heads up to Tribal Council. They put down there torches and take a seat. Cooper and Ralphie walk up and sit down at the jury bench. Ralphie has a shaven face and shorter hair, and wearing a jersey of his with blue jeans.

Quote1Introducing the members of our jury, Cooper and Ralphie, voted out at the last tribal council. Alright, Dover. Happy you got immunity?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Hell yes! I am on the outside right now and I really needed this.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Chip, is that true?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Basically, as the last two Selva, Dover and Rose are the two biggest targets.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Rose, by that, you should be voted out next. Why shouldn't you?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1As you can see, there are only two Selva members on the jury. At most, if I get to the end, I could possibly have only 3 votes, and any one of them could get the other 4 or more. I'm not a jury threat.Quote2- Rose
Quote1Carmen, with that logic, you should flip and join them, would you?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1It's logical, and we'll just have to see if anyone falls for that.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Well, it's time to vote. Dover, are you keeping immunity?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes, I'm keeping it.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Okay, Chip, you're up first.Quote2- Jeff

All 7 go up to vote and return to their seats. Jeff goes to retrieve the votes after all have been cast and returns. Cooper and Ralphie look on.

Quote1If anyone has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so...alright. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave Tribal Council immediately. First vote, Rose. Second vote, Chip. Third vote, Rose. Fourth vote, Chip. Fifth vote, Rose. Tenth person voted out of Survivor: Portugal and third member of our jury...

Rose. Rose, please bring up your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Damn. Good luck Dover, miss ya already. *sniff*Quote2- Rose
Quote1Wow, bye Rose.Quote2- Dover

Right before Rose brings her torch, Dover goes over and hugs her tightly.

Quote1I'll win this for you.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Okay.Quote2- Rose
Quote1Rose, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Bye everyone.Quote2- Rose
Quote1Well, Dover, you remain as the original Selva. Can you survive four more tribal councils?Quote2- Jeff

Vencedor grabs their torches and returns to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Rose Selva
Rose (5 votes)
Carmen LitoralCasey LitoralChip Litoral
Joel LitoralSkylar Litoral
Carmen, Casey, Chip
Joel, Skylar
Chip Litoral
Chip (2 votes)
Dover SelvaRose Selva
Dover, Rose
Rose Selva BW
Rose Daniels

Voting Confessionals

If this was a better time, I would join you. Now is not the time.


There is a time and place for everything, just not now.


One step closer to win, sorry girl.


Chip, you're a threat against me. I need you to leave tonight. Good bye and hopefully you do well on the jury and in life.


Bye Rose, can't say I won't miss you, but Lover Boy needs to be taken down.


Hopefully, this isn't my time to go. Please, please let it not be me leaving.


Sorry Rose, but Dover won immunity. You would have survived.


Final Words

I'm so upset that I never got to go farther and that I was so close to the end. I made a new friend and potential love in Dover, and he will always be my favorite person in this game, and I will root for him to win until he joins me. Good luck to everyone, and I will miss you all.


Still in the Running

Cooper Selva BW
Dover Selva
Emma Selva BW
Julianna Selva BW
Laurel Selva BW
Lukas Selva BW
Ralphie Selva BW
Rose Selva BW
Audrey Litoral BW
Brady Litoral BW
Carmen Litoral
Casey Litoral
Celeste Litoral BW
Chip Litoral
Joel Litoral
Skylar Litoral

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Dover, all alone, tries to win immunity.
  • The idol makes its reappearance, blindsiding someone from the game.
  • A tribe gets divided.

Author's Notes

  • The immunity challenge is a variation of the challenge used in the Survivor: Guatemala episode, Eating and Sleeping With the Enemy, the Survivor: Tocantins episode, The Biggest Fraud in the Game, the Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains episode, Banana Etiquette, and the Survivor: Philippines episode, Hell Hath Frozen Over.