Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Caucasus
Namesake Main river in Eastern Caucasus
Tribe Type Starting tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe Rioni
Tribe Status Merged with Rioni on Day 25
Challenge Wins 8
Lowest Placing Member Stan Bailey (20/20)
Highest Placing Member Daniel Marvin (Runner-Up)

Alazani was a tribe on Survivor: Caucasus.

Despite having a leader, the tribe failed to win a majority of the challenges. After the tribe-switch, this tribe became the new all-male tribe.

The name comes from a river which originates from the Greater Caucasus Range and becomes one of the main tributaries of the Kura River in eastern Georgia. The Alazani also forms the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan.



Amy CorazonDaniel MarvinDerek PhuLauren FaasMary-Jean Pettie
Phoebe NoyolaSamantha MarinoSebastian HibbardStan BaileyVan Stevenson

Post-Tribe Swap

Tribe History

Alazani started the game very well compared to their rival tribe. With Sebastian stepping up as leader, the newly aquainted tribe worked well to complete their shelter, but faced setbacks such as not being to create a fire, which was assigned to Lauren, Phoebe, and Van. At the first immunity challenge, Stan's lack of physical ability slowed down the tribe and they weren't able to recover which lost the tribe their first challenge. Despite the claims made by Stan against Van, the majority of the tribe chose to keep one of their stronger players and voted off Stan. At first, Alazani seemed to be recovering well after their loss the day before, but on Day 5, disaster struck when Derek accidentaly down town part of the roof of the shelter when he was adding layers to protect against the rain that was pouring down on them. Things grew worse when they lost the following Reward Challenge which sent Amy into despair and wanting to quit the came to which Daniel was able to talk her out of it. Later, Van created an alliance with Lauren, Phoebe, and Samantha. However, the tribe's luck turned around when they easily managed to win the next Immunity Challenge.

On Day 7, Amy, Daniel, Derek, and Mary-Jean bond over story telling and then form an alliance and decide to have Sebastian join as well in order to get the majority. After their loss at the Reward Challenge, members of the alliance try to convince Sebastian to join their alliance but to no avail. However, an answer was not needed as the Alazani was able to win the Immunity Challenge on Day 6, keeping them away from Tribal Council once again. The next day, Derek and Daniel continued in their efforts in trying to get Sebastian to join them, but once again failed. The tribe later won their first reward challenge sending them to a swimming hole wtih a chocolate feast. As the tribe got back to camp, Van and his alliance decided to go sunbathing, which angered Daniel, as the rest of the tribe got back to work. After the tribe lost the Immunity Challenge, both alliance tried to get Sebastian to vote with them. Daniel wanted Lauren out for her laziness around camp while Van wanted Mary-Jean out for her weakness in challenges. In the end, Sebastian decided that as tribe leader, he had to keep the tribe strong, and painfully voted for Mary-Jean, sending her home in a close 5-4 vote.

After returning from the vote, Sebastian felt bad about voting out Mary-Jean and the next day, finally decided to join Daniel, Derek, and Amy's alliance. After Daniel won the tribe's individual immunity, the alliance decided that they needed to get one of the other alliance's member to flip or else a deadlocked vote would happen. Sebastian went up to Van and told him that he was the outsider in his own alliance and offered Van the chance to vote with him. Van immediately refused the offer, but after seeing that the said statements were true, decided to flip on his alliance and Phoebe was the next to go.

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  • Alazani's tribe symbol is the Caucasian tur, capra caucasica.