Alexis Deren
Lukep (8)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date May 30th, 1988
Hometown Queens
Occupation Waitress

Survivor: Virgin Islands

Tribes Thomas
Placement 13/16
Alliances The Thomas Women
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 12

Alexis Deren was a contestant from Survivor: Virgin Islands.


Alexis was born in Illinois, but moved to New York after her father got a job. She became a waitress and became engaged to a fellow waiter named Jimmy. She is still working as a waitress and hopes that she wins Survivor to allow her and Jimmy to have a great wedding. Probst claims that she's kind, but not wise. He doesn't expect her to go far.

Survivor: Virgin Islands

Upon arriving at Exile Island, Alexis was placed on the Thomas tribe. After Leo won her tribe the challenge, they went to camp. Alexis formed an alliance with all the women of Thomas. She then created a plan for the rest of the game. Her strategic mind made Tiffany worry. When a tribe swap occurred, Alexis and Leo were swapped to the Croix tribe. Both were outcasts, so Alexis tried to get Leo to vote with her. But Leo turned on her and Alexis was voted out.

Voting History

Alexis's Voting History
Episode Alexis's
Voted Against
1 Casper -
2 Thomas tribe Immune
3 Thomas tribe Immune
4 Haley Haley, Leo, Mark,
Voted Off, Day 12


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