Alison Jacobs
Allison Jacobs
Contestant Profile
Birth Date July 31, 1986
Hometown Yuma, AZ
Occupation Elementary School Teacher

Survivor Honduras

Tribes Nakunta
Placement 5/18
Alliances  The Quartet Alliance
Challenges Won 2
Votes Against 4

Alison Jacobs is a contestant from Survivor Honduras.



Allison is a 26 year old elementary school teacher from Yuma, Arizona. Her personality is one that could work well with Survivor. She is a very loyal person to who she aligns with, but that has flip side as well. She could be too loyal and her alliance may cut her off before knew what hit her. She has to find the right person to align with if she wants to reach the end.

Survivor Honduras

Alison is one of the nine contestants on the Nakunta tribe and twelve members of the merged Caratasca tribe.

Voting History

Alison's Voting History
Episode Alison's
Voted Against
1 Paul -
2 Benny -
3 Carson -
4 Nakunta Tribe Immune
5 Vince -
6 Max -
7 Adam -
8 Susan -
9 Susan -
10 Susan -
11 John -
12 John -
13 Matt Matt
14 Taylor John, Kat, Taylor
Voted Off, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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