"All Cozy"
Season Survivor: Nevada Mountains
Author Kaffe4200
Episode Number 2/14
Episode Chronology
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All Cozy is the 2nd episode of Survivor: Nevada Mountains.


Reward Challenge: Monkey Bars
One person from each tribe has to hang from a branch. The last person hanging wins for their tribe.
Reward: Rope, Bows, Arrows.
Winner: Table

Immunity Challenge: Pine Puzzle
Twenty puzzle pieces are hanging from pine trees, ten for each tribe. Four members have to gather the pieces, 1 person has to run from the forrest to the table where the last four members will assemble the puzzle. The team that first finishes their puzzle wins.
Reward: Immunity.
Winner: Shoshone.


Day 4

Shoshone Mountain

With one person less on the team, the mood on Shoshone wasn't very cheerful. Nellie and Helle was sitting with Brown and Kacee by the fire.

Nellie: You understand why we're worried, right?
Kacee: Not really, no.
Nellie: You guys voted for Sarah without telling Helle and me. That makes us worried, because we think we might be the next ones to go. Someone even voted for me.
Helle: I talked to Marcus. He thinks that could have been Lysander.
Nellie: Hm.

I'm not stupid. I know it wasn't Lysander. Obviously, it was Marcus, and now Helle tries to cover for him. It doesn't help on the nervosity that my allied turns her back on me...


I must admit, I am not really into this game yet. I voted Al because I don't like him.


Table Mountain

On Table Mountain, Cameron, Luanne and Zeuia were gathering firewoods. The reward challenge were soon to come, and they wanted enough wood so the fire wouldn't die while they were gone.
Elsewhere, Bobby, Earl and Gene were checking on the traps.

Bobby: Looks like we're gonna get rabbit for dinner.
Earl: Oh, man. I don't know what we should do without you, Bobby,
Bobby: Appreciate it, thanks.

No, the game? The game hasn't started yet. Far from. So far, it's just fun. There's not any strategy in this tribe.


Earl doesn't see a thing.



As the two tribes arrived, Jeff was standing next to a big pine tree.

Jeff: Welcome. In this challenge, one person from each tribe will hang from a branch on this tree. The first person falling looses for his or her tribe. The winner wins for his or her tribe. Does everyone understand?
Everyone: Yes.
Jeff: The reward for winning is rope, bows, arrows. Stuff you need to catch prey and get meat.

Bobby got up for Table and Trenton for Shoshone. They managed to hang there for a long time, but Trenton eventually had to give up, allowing Table to win.

Jeff: Table, congratulations once again. Come take your reward.

Table Mountain

The first thing Bobby did when they returned was to take the bow and arrows and start hunting by himself.

Bobby does everything here. It's fine by me.


He is clever, Bobby. By showing us that we can't afford loosing him, he thinks we will not vote him out. I guess we'll see about that.


Day 5

Morey Peak

Rob was having issues. He still hadn't got fire, and was strongly considering accepting Jeff's offer, by giving up one of his idols for materials and tools.

I'm not giving up, no way. I can't give up the idols, so I guess I'll just have to live of berries and nuts until I manage to get fire. But it's really frustrating. I mean, I have 2 kilos of rice, can't use it for anything.


Rob: Here we go, here we go... aw, f***ing s**t!

Shoshone Mountain

I'm worried that I'm the next one to go, so I really, really hope we'll win today.


Black girl, Kacee, she's no good. She's weak, not like me. If we loose today, I vote for Kacee.



The two tribes met up on a hill with two tables on. Jeff was standing between the tables.

Jeff: Welcome. In this challenge, four of you will search pine trees for puzzle pieces and four of you will assemble the puzzle. Table, one of you have to sit you. Who will that be?
Beth: Me.
Jeff: All right, Beth sits out for Table. Take your positions and get ready.

Bobby, Charlie, Cameron and Gene were gathering puzzle pieces, Earl would run up to the table with them and Gertha, Gloria, Luanne and Zeuia would assemble the puzzle for Table.
For Shoshone, Al, Nellie, Samson and Marcus would gather pieces, Trenton would run up with them while Brown, Helle, Kacee and Lysander would assemble the puzzle.

Table started out good, and the puzzle makers began even before Shoshone had found all their pieces. However, Luanne and Zeuia disagreed with almost everything Gertha and Gloria said. That way Shoshone got ahead and eventually won.

Jeff: Congratulations, Shoshone. Table, I'll see you tomorrow at council.

Table Mountain

At Table Mountain, Luanne, Gloria, Beth and Zeuia were discussing who to vote out.

Gloria: Charlie is a pain in the ass, so I'd say we should vote for her.
Zeuia: She is a strong player.
Gloria: A jerk, though.
Zeuia: I do not think that is how you should vote.
Luanne: I'm in on voting Charlie.
Beth: Me too.
Zeuia: Not me.

Those people aren't clever. They are going to get out tribe to loose. That can't happen. I am here to win.


Day 6


At the council, the first thing they were told to do, was to light a torch and set it behind them. They did that, and then Jeff began talking.

Jeff: Welcome to tribal council. Earl, how much strategy do you see on your tribe?
Earl: None. It's a very harmonic tribe.
Jeff: So nobody is talking in the corners?
Earl: Not that I see, no.
Jeff: Gene, is that correct?
Gene: No, it's not. And I'm sorry, Earl, but people are talking. We even talked earlier today.
Earl: That was just a chat. Nothing serious.
Jeff: Let these be the words. One by one, you go up and write the name on the person you want out of Survivor. You have to vote, you can't vote for yourself. In case of tie, it will be settled by duel. Bobby, you're up.

One by one, they all went up and wrote the names on the people they wanted out. After everyone had voted, Jeff got the urn and began revealing the notes.
He kept turning the votes until there was 4 on Luanne and 3 on Charlie.

Jeff: That means there is three votes left. If the next vote is on you, Luanne, you are out of Survivor. The second person voted out of Survivor is Luanne. Get up here, Luanne.
Luanne got up and got her torch. Jeff put it out with the words 'the tribe has spoken'.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Luanne (7 votes)
Bobby, Cameron, Charlie, Earl, Gene, Gertha & Zeuia
Charlie (3 votes)
Beth, Gloria & Luanne
Luanne Master

Voting Confessionals

Nothing personal, you're just the weakest link.


Just following the others.


You're old, and that's not a good thing in this game.


Did I spell it right? Luanne? How many N's?


You're a nice lady, but you're too weak. Sorry.


Sorry, Luanne.


You don't think strategic. You have to if you want to win this game.




We can't use a bitch.


You have to relax if you want to survive in this game.


Final Words

Um... that took me by surprise. Well, it has been a great experience to be in this game. I'm sorry I didn't get more time, but... well.


Still In the Running

Morey Peak

Next Time on Survivor...

Beth makes a mistake.

Beth, over there!


And Gene gets tired of Earl.

I can't help you through this, Earl!


Author's Notes