"All On Shoshone"
Season Survivor: Nevada Mountains
Author Kaffe4200
Episode Number 9/14
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All On Shoshone is the 9th episode of Survivor: Nevada Mountains.


Reward Challenge: Throw'n'Hit
Everyone has to solve a puzzle. When the puzzle is solved, they get access to a number of balls, which they have to throw into holes from a distance. The person with a ball in each hole first wins.
Reward: Letters from family.
Winner: Earl.

Immunity Challenge: Back Against The Wall
Everyone is leaning up a wall, their knees bending 90 degrees. The person holding it the longest wins. First person down loses.
Reward: Immunity.
Winner: Al.


Day 25

Tulle Mountain

Trenton was the first one awake, and was sitting by the fire. Gene joined him after a little while.

Gene: 'Morning.
Trenton: Hm? Oh, hi...
Gene: You're the only one awake?
Trenton: Think so.
Gene: Well... I'll go check the traps.
Trenton: Yeah, hold up though. Listen, I don't want to play this game unfair and, well, I'm sorry about voting off Bobby.
Gene: That's fine, I'll just enjoy my last couple of days here.
Trenton: See, that's the thing. I don't want to vote you out, okay? Not anymore, anyway.
Gene: No?
Trenton: No. I want to play fair, and... can I trust you, Gene?
Gene: Yeah, sure.
Trenton: Okay. We're voting Rob next council. If not him, Earl.
Gene: I don't think we should vote Earl though. Rather Nellie or Lysander.
Trenton: Right. I'll talk to Marcus and Al about that.

I'm glad Trenton has changed his mind. I have a chance now.


I've barely gotten any sleep. I feel so bad about voting out Bobby.


Later, Nellie and Helle were walking in the forrest, collecting fruits.

Nellie: For how long do you think we're safe? My guess, one of us goes next council.
Helle: I thought Shoshone were voting Earl?
Nellie: I saw Trenton wander off with Gene, Marcus and Al. Something's up.
Helle: Right... we're in trouble then.
Nellie: Excactly.


As the tribe arrived, Jeff was standing by a number of crates, a puzzle on top of each.

Jeff: Welcome. In this challenge you will solve a puzzle. When it's solved, you can take off the top of your crate. In there, you will find a number of balls. Go to your court and throw the balls in each of the six holes from the marked distance. The person who first has a ball in each hole wins. Does everyone understand?
Everyone: Yes!
Jeff: And here's what we're playing for; letters from your families. The winner chooses who gets letters.
Earl: And how many get letters?
Jeff: The winner chooses four people.
Earl: So only five people get letters?
Jeff: Yep. Now, get ready.
Both Marcus and Nellie were off to an early start, but Earl quickly got ahead. Marcus, Nellie and Earl were the first ones to get their puzzle done and began throwing their balls. Even before Rob and Lysander were done with their puzzle, Earl got his last ball in, giving him victory.

Jeff: Congratulations, Earl. Here's the letter from your family. Now, choose four people to get letters.
Earl: This sucks, people, and I'm sorry I can't give to everyone.
Jeff: Who will it be?
Earl: I'll give letters to Gertha.
Gertha: Thank you so much.
Earl: Marcus.
Marcus: Thanks, man.
Earl: Two left?
Jeff: Two left.
Earl: Okay... Gene and Nellie. You two get letters too.
Jeff: Okay. The five of you, enjoy your letters. The rest, sorry.

Tulle Mountain

As they got back, the first thing the five who got letters did was to go aside and read them. All except of Earl, who stayed with the ones who didn't get any letters.

Earl: I'm sorry, guys. If I could choose, all of you should get letters.
Trenton: We know, man, it's a game. We don't blame you.
Helle: Yeah, go read your letter.
Earl: Okay, thank you, guys.

"Dear uncle Marcus. Today we were up at your apartment to water your plants..."


"...we hope you are doing okay, and eat enough..."


"...I miss you, honey. When you get back you are getting so many hugs..."


"...don't stay in the sun for too long, you know how sensitive your skin is..."


"...we love you, mom and dad."


Day 26

Tulle Mountain

The next day, Rob and Lysander were making breakfast by the fire.

Lysander: Ready for today's challenge?
Rob: No, not at all. I suck at these challenges.
Lysander: You're not alone, kid.
Rob: And I have to win if I don't want to get voted out tomorrow.
Lysander: You don't know that.
Rob: Who are you voting for, Lysander? Me, right?
Lysander: Actually, I was talking with Nellie. We're voting Marcus. You're in on that?
Rob: Really?
Lysander: Yeah.
Rob: Of course, man. Of course I'm in on that.


The tribes arrived to the challenge. Jeff was standing by a number of wooden walls.

Jeff: Welcome. In this challenge, you will stand in a sitting position against a wall. You have to stand there for as long as you can. The first person to endure it the longest wins immunity. Give up as the first one, you go to council tomorrow with one vote on you from the start. Does everyone understand?
Everyone: Yes!

Immunity Challenge
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Castaway Al
Placement 6th 7th 8th 9th Loser
Castaway Gene

Jeff: Congratulations, Al, come take the idol. Lysander, you will have one vote at you in the beginning of the council. I'll see you all tomorrow.

Tulle Mountain

As they got back, Earl, Gene and Gertha went off to get water.

Gertha: It's an obvius one, right? Lysander.
Earl: Yeah. Let's not risk anything this time.
Gertha: Good. Gene, you're in?
Gene: Huh? Uh, yeah, of course.

I'm feeling like Gene is hiding something. I don't know what it should be though.


I could go home tomorrow. It's very likely, actually.


Day 27

Tulle Mountain

Just before the council, Nellie pulled Gertha aside.

Nellie: Vote for Marcus, will you?
Gertha: Why? Who is going?
Nellie: We're not sure. The guys aren't telling us the truth. We think they're gonna vote out either Earl, Rob or me.
Gertha: Right. Yeah, okay.

Sure, I feel vulnerable. I'm out of idols.



At the council, the first thing they were told to do, was to light a torch and set it behind them. They did that, and then Jeff began talking.

Jeff: Welcome to council. Al, how does it feel to have immunity today?
Al: It feels great. I don't think I'm at risk yet, but it's great. Then the others don't have it.
Jeff: Gene, who is going home tonight?
Gene: I don't know, to be honest. I am not sure whether it's a Table or a Shoshone or how the alliances are right now.
Jeff: Trenton, do you know how the alliances look right now?
Trenton: I think I do, yeah.
Jeff: Let that be the words. One by one, you go up and write the name on the person you want out of Survivor. You have to vote, you can't vote for yourself. You can't vote for Al. In case of tie, it will be settled by duel. Al, you're up.

One by one, they all went up and wrote the names on the people they wanted out. After everyone had voted, Jeff got the urn and began revealing the notes.
He kept turning the votes until there was 4 on Rob, 3 on Marcus and 2 on Lysander.

Jeff: That means there is two votes left. The next vote... Lysander. The last vote is on you, Marcus. That means we're tied. Rob, Marcus, get up here. You are going into challenge. This challenge is called The Knife. You place a knife on the back of your hand and hold it out for as long as possible. The person to drop it first is out of Survivor. Get ready.
Rob and Marcus placed the knifes on the back of their hands, then held out their hands.
They both managed to hold it out for seven minutes, then they began to get in trouble.
After eight minutes and twenty-one seconds, Rob dropped his knife, eliminating himself from the game.

Rob got his torch. Jeff put it out with the words 'the tribe has spoken'.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Rob (4 votes)
Al, Gene, Marcus & Trenton
Marcus (4 votes)
Helle, Lysander, Nellie & Rob
Lysander (3 votes)
Earl & Gertha
Tiebreaker Challenge Robvs.Marcusjohnson
Rob vs. Marcus
Robin "Rob" Sullivan

Voting Confessionals

You should have used your idols more tactical.


I'm sorry, but you're one of the biggest threats right now.


Sorry, buddy.


I don't want to see Robin Sullivan as winner of Survivor...


You have to go at some point.


Yeah, sorry, I guess.


I'm not gonna say anything.


You have a strong story, and I hope we can meet over a cup of coffee sometime.


I'm stronger in this alliance. Sorry.




Final Words

I tried and well, I haven't played the strategic game very much, I guess. I'm quite impressed I've even made it here, I spent, what, a week to gert fire. Man, I'm not survivor. You guys are. Good luck, people, have fun.


Still In the Running

Morey Peak

Next Time on Survivor...

Someone wins a feast.

We're all hungry.


and the others miss Bobby.

How do you even use this bow?


Author's Notes