"All or Nothing"
Season Survivor: La Mosquitia
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Episode Number 6/13
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This is the 6th episode of Survivor: La Mosquitia.

Previously on Survivor...

Warunta's challenge prowess continued with a dominate performance in the reward challenge. In the reward, the Warunta members bonded even further. At Segovia, the division between the Warunta Four and the remaining original Segovia members deepened. At the immunity challenge, it came to a showdown between Parker for Warunta and Dennis for Segovia. In the end, Parker held on to win Warunta's second straight immunity. At tribal council, the division in Segovia reared its head again when Tevin was sent home in a 5-1 vote.

Eleven are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Shooting Gallery
Survivors must use a war gun to shoot and destroy a series of five targets scattered out in the arena. The first tribe to eliminate all of their targets will win reward.
Reward: Pizza, drinks, and cookies
Winner: Warunta

Immunity Challenge: Coconut Conundrum
The tribes would race through an obstacle course of zigzagging pathways, through a web of strung-up coconuts, and over a 10-foot wall. One tribe member would then dig up a machete. They would use the machete to cut five ropes, which would release a bin of coconuts. Three tribe members would then shoot the coconuts through a hoop into a net. When enough coconuts were shot into the net, the net would raise a flag. The first tribe to raise their flag would win.
Winner: Warunta


Night 15

Segovia returned to camp down one member one Warunta for the first time since the beginning of the game. Astrid's alliance went into the shelter to sleep. Keena sat outside the shelter. She knew that the next time Segovia lost immunity it would be her going home.

This is it. It's just me left. If we lose the next immunity challenge, I'm gone. It's over. I just hope my expiration date isn't three day's from now.

–Keena Flowers

Day 16

Shooting Gallery

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. Warunta entered in, followed by Segovia. Jeff said, "Warunta, getting your first look at the new Segovia tribe. Tevin voted out at the last tribal council."

"They're picking off old Segovia one by one," Olive said.

"Yeah, but that would have been us if the swap hadn't occurred," Piper replied.

Segovia got in position on their mat. Jeff asked, "Are you ready to get to today's reward challenge? And for today's challenge, each tribe must use a war gun to shoot and destroy a series of five targets scattered out in the arena. The first tribe to eliminate all of their targets will win reward. Want to know what you are playing for?"

Jeff uncovered a table with food on it, "An afternoon feast of pizza and drinks with a variety of cookies for desserts. I can tell this is worth playing for. Warunta, you have one extra member. Who's going to sit out?"

Michelle raised her hand.

"Michelle's sitting out. Everyone else get ready," Jeff said.

A few minutes later, the tribes were ready to go. First pair to shoot was Olive for Warunta and Keena for Segovia. They fired, but both missed. Piper and Xavier shot next. Piper's shot hit Warunta's first target. Xavier missed his target. Next round was between Esther and Dennis. Both fired, but missed. Parker and Astrid were next. Both shot hit their targets. Last match up was between Ivan and Lester. Lester's shot his its target while Ivan missed.

"After the first round, we are tied at 2-2," Jeff said.

Olive and Keena were back up and missed again. Piper went up against Xavier again. Once again, Piper's shot hit its target while Xavier missed. Esther and Dennis both missed on their second go around. Parker and Astrid shot, but missed on their second shot. Ivan and Lester went again and both missed.

"Only Piper scored during that round. Warunta leads 3-2," Jeff commentated.

Olive and Keena matched up for round 3 and again missed. Piper shot her target again as Xavier's nicked his target, but didn't break it. Esther and Dennis fired. Dennis's shot hit the target Xavier hit and broke it. It didn't matter, however, as Esther finally connected and sealed the win for Warunta.

"Warunta wins reward!" Jeff announced. The tribes retook their positions on their tribe mat. Jeff said, "Once again Warunta, reward is yours. Enjoy it. Segovia, I've got nothing. Go on and head out."

Yeah man. Third reward in a row. I know immunity is more important but I prefer reward challenges. I really like the last two. Why? Food!

–Michelle Rosas


"I wanted that food so bad," Keena said.

"We all did," Dennis replied.

"At least someone gets to enjoy it and it's not wasted even though it hurts me to say that," Astrid Beaumont.

"We can get them on the next one," Xavier said.

"At least someone is a bit of an optimist," Dennis told Xavier.

"I think we have to be if we are to win the next challenge," Lester spoke up, "The next challenge is incredibly important."

"Why?" asked Keena.

Astrid knew why, "The merge. It's on its way. Hell, it could be three days from now. We can't be down two members in the merge."

"I know. Warunta looks strong and together," Lester said, "If we're down two, we're out of the game."

"I don't know about that," Astrid said.

"It looks pretty obvious that they are," Xavier said, "With that we need to win in order to be tied when we enter the merge."

This sucks, man. Five straight loses. I'm so hungry. I wanted that pizza and those cookies so bad. I know the merge is close. It has to be. If we lose the next immunity, we'll be down in the merge. If we win, we'll be tied. I don't know how close those people are over on Warunta. I like the sound of tied numbers instead of being down two. The next challenge has to be a win. It's all or nothing.

–Astrid Beaumont


All six Warunta members were enjoying the reward that they had won when Parker brought something up that no one had given any big thought to. He said, "I think the next immunity challenge is the last tribal immunity challenge before the merge."

Esther looked at Parker, "Why do you say that?"

"There are only eleven people left. There are five over there and six here. Normally the merge happens between 10 and 12 people left in the game. So chances are that merge will happen in three days," Parker explained.

"The next immunity challenge is important then," Olive said.

"Yes, it is. If we are six and they are five, then we must win in order to have a two person lead over their tribe. Plus it keeps the six of us together. If we lose next immunity, we'll have to break the alliance and enter the merge with a tied number of tribe members as Segovia. Then in necessity, the Warunta Four over there and Keena would join forces and both alliances would wage war for control over the merged tribe," Parker explained.

"That means to make the post-merge game simple for us is to win the next immunity challenge," Piper said.

"Then lets agree to win the immunity challenge," Esther said.

All six of them agreed to give everything in the next immunity challenge and not take the foot off the gas.

Parker brought up a really big point today. We need to win immunity so we can ensure that we have the most members in the merge and keep our alliance in tact. Right now we have the momentum and I have seen enough NFL games to know that momentum is key. All we have to do is keep our foot on the gas and not let up.

–Esther Walker

Day 18

Coconut Conundrum

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. The tribes came in and he continued, "Are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First things, first. Warunta, I'll take it back...Immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, you will race through an obstacle course of zigzagging pathways. Then you will go through a web of strung-up coconuts, and you must climb over a 10-foot wall. Once over the wall, one tribe member will dig up a machete. They would use the machete to cut five ropes, which would release a bin of coconuts. Then three tribe members would then shoot the coconuts through a hoop into a net. When enough coconuts are shot into the net, the net will raise your tribe flag. The first tribe to raise their tribal flag wins immunity. Warunta, you have one extra member. Who are you going to sit out? It can't be Michelle."

Olive raised her hand, "I'll sit out."

"Okay, Olive take a seat on the bench. As for everyone else, I'll give you a moment to strategize," Jeff said. Several minutes passed and Jeff said, "Survivors, ready? GO!"

Both tribes took off into the pathways. Fighting to get through, the Warunta members made it out first and headed through the coconut corridor. Segovia was right behind them. Both tribes reached the wall phase of the challenge at the same time. For Warunta, Esther and Parker used their height to hoist Ivan up the wall. He pushed his way up. Segovia used Dennis and Xavier because they were the tallest members of their tribe. They lifted Lester up the wall. Next Piper was pulled up by Ivan for Warunta. She was followed by Michelle. Next up for Segovia was Keena and she was followed by Astrid. Parker lifted Esther on his shoulder and she reached the wall's top without help, lifting herself off Parker's shoulder. Dennis got on Xavier's shoulder and was pulled up by Lester and Astrid. Parker ran back several feet and took off. He jumped up; his hands grabbed the top of the wall. He was pulled up by Ivan and Esther. Warunta was over the wall. They climbed down as Xavier was struggling to be hoisted over the wall. Warunta reached their next mat.

"Warunta has a lead on Segovia. Segovia needs to pick it up to stay in this. Xavier needs over that wall now!" Jeff yelled.

Parker dug into the sand to get his tribe's machete out of the sand pit. Parker got it. He took the machete and chopped each rope with only one chop each. Warunta's coconuts fell. It was only then that Xavier got over the wall. Segovia reached their mat after the wall as Parker, Esther and Ivan were tossing coconuts into their net. Dennis reached Segovia's machete. He began to chop the ropes, but not as easily as Parker had done. By the time Segovia reached the coconut phase, Warunta's net was a fourth full.

"Warunta has a big lead. Segovia needs to pick it up if they want a chance to win!" Jeff announced.

Esther, Parker and Ivan were scoring machines with the coconuts. Dennis, Astrid, and Xavier were only making around half their shots. Most of the points for Segovia were being scored by Astrid and Dennis. Xavier wasn't making many of his shots. Fifteen minutes passed and Warunta's net was almost full while Segovia's net was only half full.

"Warunta is on the verge of another challenge win. Segovia needs a miracle in order to overcome Warunta large lead and win this," Jeff said. A few throws later and Warunta's net dropped and their tribe flag raised up. Jeff announced, "Warunta wins immunity!"

Warunta cheered while Segovia's heads dropped. The tribes returned to their mats. Jeff handed the immunity idol to Piper, "Warunta, you have once again won immunity. You are all guaranteed to see day 19 in this game. Congrats. As for you, Segovia, I'll once again see you tonight where on of you will be voted out of this game. I'll give you the afternoon to figure it out. Go on and head out."

We did it! We won. It's almost certain that all six of us are making it to merge. That means, we control this game from here all the way to the end. That means I can start my game plan on how to win.

–Piper Milton


See this look on my face. This is the face of disappointment. We didn't stand a chance out there. Sadly, it is going to be me tonight. In a strange way, I like it. There is no guessing. There is no looking over your shoulder. It is strangely peaceful.

–Keena Flowers

The five Segovia members returned to camp. Keena sat in the shelter resigned to her fate. Knowing she was going home lifted a weight off of her shoulders. The others saw it and just rested the whole day. Everyone knew it was Keena going home that night.

Tribal Council


Segovia came in to tribal again. Jeff gave his interview and it was certain Keena was gone.

Voting Confessionals

Last simple vote.

–Astrid Beaumont

You would still be here if we won.

–Xavier Griffith

Now we have a two person deficit going into the merge.

–Dennis Coleman

Hope your ride was great.

–Lester Greene

You might survive tonight, but none of you will survive in the merge. So I'll be the one with the last laugh.

–Keena Flowers


Jeff returned with the urn. He told them, "The person with the highest number of votes will be asked to leaved the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

First vote: Keena.
Second vote: Keena.

"The sixth person voted out of Survivor: La Mosquitia: Keena. That's three; that's enough votes. Please bring me your torch."

Keena brought Jeff her torch. As he snuffed it, Jeff said, "Keena, the tribe has spoken."

Keena left the tribal council area. Jeff turned back to the tribe, "In this stage of the game, having a two person deficit could be insurmountable. We'll just have to wait and see. Go ahead and head out."

Tribal Council 6:
Keena Flowers
Keena (4 votes)
Astrid BeaumontDennis ColemanLester GreeneXavier Griffith
Astrid, Dennis, Lester, Xavier
Astrid Beaumont
Astrid (1 vote)
Keena Flowers
Keena Flowers
Keena Flowers

Final Words

I'm gone tonight, but if the merge is tomorrow, you all or going to be picked off one by one until you are all gone. In the end, I will have the last laugh.

–Keena Flowers

Still in the Running

Alina Jenkins
Erick Varney
Esther Walker
Keena Flowers
Olive Canton
Parker Mathisson
Quinlan Bartholomew
Tevin Southern
Astrid Beaumont
Dennis Coleman
Inez Zapata
Ivan Connelly
Lester Greene
Michelle Rosas
Piper Milton
Xavier Griffith

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  • This episode is named by Astrid Beaumont when talking about the next immunity challenge that Segovia had to win and the inevitable merge.
    • Segovia went on to lose that immunity challenge.