"An Empty Can Makes the Most Noise"
Season Survivor: Tarutao
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 3/14
Episode Chronology
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This is the third episode of Survivor: Tarutao.

Previously on Survivor


Reward Challenge: Catch of the Day
One at a time, six tribe members must race into the ocean carrying a rope. The objective is to clip the rope to a fish trap containing flag puzzles. Once all six flags are collected, two tribe members must solve the puzzle, their tribe animal insignia (a crocodile for Jarakay and a snake for Naak). First tribe to raise their correctly solved flag, wins reward.
Reward: Additional fishing supplies
Winner: Jarakay

Immunity Challenge: Pilfering Pirates
The castaways must race across a balance beam course to retrieve tribe-colored flags. When two castaways of opposing tribes meet in the middle, they must battle until one falls into the water. First tribe to collect twenty flags wins immunity.
Winner: Jarakay


Night 6

As the Jarakay tribe goes back to the One World camp after voting out Henry Black at Tribal Council, the rival Naak tribe applauds them for voting out the most annoying castaway.

With Henry gone, we finally have a breath of fresh air.


Before the Naak tribe goes to sleep, Colin does stand-up comedy, sending them to endless laughter. On the other hand, Cam, who dislikes Colin with a passion, goes to sleep instead.

Colin needs to go ASAP. He's gonna laugh his way to the end!


Day 7

The two tribes meet Jeff Probst for the Reward Challenge. Jeff instructs the tribe leaders, Brody of Jarakay and Helena of Naak, to assign their members to the tasks at hand.

Swimmers (in order):
Jarakay: Asami, Gabriella, Giovanni, Lauren, Giovanni and Naomi
Naak: Colin, Helena, Aries, Donny, Alexandra and Morrison

Jarakay: Megan and Brody
Naak: Cam and Raven

Naak gains an early lead as their first four swimmers retrieve their puzzle flags with relative ease, but the lead dissolves when Alexandra struggles to dive deep enough to get her puzzle flag, giving Jarakay time to catch up. While Alexandra still tries to dive down to get her puzzle flag, Megan and Brody starts to solve the puzzle. When Alexandra finally has her puzzle flag, it is too late. Jarakay has the whole flag completed, winning reward. Jeff informs the tribes that whatever reward they win, letting the other tribe borrow reward items is their prerogative.

As the tribes walk back to camp, Brody insists to put the fishing kit reward to good use. Giovanni on the other hand stresses out that they should not let Naak make deals anymore. As the tribe discusses, Aries comes up wanting to make a compromise. Aries proposes to fish for them, so they can fish for both tribes. Brody, realizing the fatal error at the last cycle (Naak fished for Jarakay in exchange for the palm frond roofs they will make, but to no avail), Brody asks the input of his tribemates. Unanimously, the tribe decides to not let Naak borrow their supplies. Brody goes to the Naak shelter politely tells Aries they will no longer accept deals. Aries understands the rejection, and decides to fish on his own.

I think we helped the Naak tribe more than enough. The last deal was an epic failure, so the deals are off.


In the beginning, the tribes are having a good system going, helping one another to survive. But after our failed deal last time, Jarakay basically left us for dead. We are now officially the underdogs in this One World.


When Aries return, Alexandra mocks the four tiny fish he caught. Helena snaps back, saying if she retrieved her puzzle flag on time, they would have caught more and bigger fish.

Alexandra whines about the tiny fish Aries caught. Did I mention she actually whines all the time? Her body's crippling, her head's aching. She can't even swim if her life depends on it. But as much as I would like to lash out at her, my grandma always say: An empty can makes the most noise. I'm ready to vote her out tomorrow.


In the evening, Cam secretly tells the females that he would like to turn the game upside down. Cam proposes an "all-female plus Cam" alliance, and by doing so, he finally shows them his Hidden Immunity Idol. Raven and Alexandra are in awe, while Helena merely acts surprised.

With Cam having an idol, he is more of a target now. I want to make him feel comfortable with that thing in his pocket. But when the time comes, he is going to waste his idol away because we're gonna flush it.


Day 8

Since Jarakay stopped making deals with Naak, the two tribes do not make contact with each other as much as they used to. The Jarakay tribe remains asleep, while Naak starts to do chores. Alexandra and Raven talks about Cam's idol and how will it be beneficial for them.

Quote1Cam's idol will be our leverage. We're the only girls in the tribe, plus Helena. So this will be a great opportunity for us.Quote2- Alexandra
Quote1I'm quite weary of Cam though. I don't trust him. He reminds me of Colton.Quote2- Raven
Quote1He's saying the truth. What will he gain from fooling us?Quote2- Alexandra
Quote1If your thoughts are not the case, he basically secured himself. He's gonna gain something. All I think about is my son right now.Quote2- Raven
Quote1What happened?Quote2- Alexandra
Quote1My husband cheated on me, so I had to raise my son by myself. My head's not in this right now, but I'm trying to cope.Quote2- Raven
Raven's not mentally in the game at this point. I understand she's thinking about her child, but this is a million dollar game, and winning this will be a good start for her and her son, so she has to keep her chin up.


Day 9

After receiving Tree Mail, the tribes meet Jeff Probst for their next Immunity Challenge. Since all tribe members are required to do the same task, the tribe leaders will not assign members certain tasks.

Naak's Alexandra falls off constantly, while Lauren's impressive balance made her through the other end, grabbing her first flag. The first showdown is Aries of Naak versus Paul of Jarakay. Aries tackles Paul, but Paul pushes Aries to the water first, allowing Paul to pass and Jarakay to lead. Naak closes the gap after a showdown between Helena from Naak and Gabriella from Jarakay. After a very close race, Paul retrieves the final flag, winning immunity for the crocodiles.

Alexandria's very intelligent, but her weakness in challenges, plus her bluntness overshadow it. She's the only person we can afford to lose now. I have no reason to keep her.


Returning back to camp, Cam assembles the girls to check if their plan is still in place. Cam proposes that, he would persuade Aries, the only male person on the tribe he feels the most trustworthy to vote Colin out. Alexandra and Raven are on board with the plan. Later, Helena and Cam tells Aries of the plan. After Cam leaves the scene, Helena tells Aries that Cam has the idol, and he is planning to take the girls till the end. Aries states that they should not worry because he thinks that Cam would not be using his idol this early. Aries proposes to vote Cam out before he senses that he is in trouble. Helena tells him that she has other plans with Cam's idol, because she is planning to convince Cam to lend her his idol in the future.

Later, Helena then pulls Colin aside about her new plan: Telling Colin everything about Cam's plan, but he should not worry because the numbers are on his side.

Before Tribal Council, Cam tells Helena she is his closest ally, and he would want to take her in the finals. Helena is flattered by Cam's openness.

The strongest alliance in Survivor are pairs. Now, Helena's my partner-in-crime.


I feel bad for Cam since I lied to him. But Colin shouldn't go this early because we need quality manpower right now. If Cam didn't possess the idol, we could have targeted him right now.


Unknown to them, Alexandra, who happens to be walking by after collecting water, hears the whole conversation. She was hiding behind a bush throughout the conversation.

Cam's going to pay for this.


At Tribal Council, Alexandra's weak performance in challenges is raised. Desperately trying to save herself, Alexandra spills Cam's secrets, from making an all-female plot, and his secret alliance with Helena, and his possession of the idol. Furious with Alexandra, Cam joins the rest of the tribe in voting Alexandra out, 6-1-1.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Alexandra (6 votes)
Aries, Cam, Colin, Donny, Helena, & Morrison
Cam (1 vote)
Colin (1 vote)
Alexandra McAdams

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Cam launches a full-scale war on Colin.
  • One survivor misses home so much, it's affecting her game. Will this send him/her home?
  • The Jarakay tribe's Hidden Idol will be found.

Author's Notes

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