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Andrew Green
Contestant Profile
Birth Date May 28, 1991 (1991-05-28) (age 26)
Hometown Knoxville, TN
Occupation Waiter

Santa Cruz Islands

Tribes Fatutaka
► Temotu
Placement Winner
Challenges Won 9
Votes Against 12
Days Lasted 39

Andrew Green is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands.


Santa Cruz Islands

Name (Age): Andrew Green (22)
Tribe Designation: Fatutaka
Current Residence: Knoxville, TN
Occupation: Waiter
Personal Claim to Fame: That I've been supporting myself since I was 19.
Inspiration in Life: I'm not inspired by much. I tend to inspire and pick myself up if I'm to ever face adversity.
Hobbies: Video Games and Partying
Pet Peeves: Incompetence and ignorance. It drives me crazy.
3 Words to Describe You: Quirky, Charming, Determined
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? A frisbee to toss around and kill time, some games like Sudoku or crossword puzzles to keep my mind active, and a notepad or something to log my fondest memories of this experience.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: If Malcolm and Cochran had a lovechild, it would be me.
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: To be known as one of the best players to ever play the game. The money never hurts either.
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: My people skills are what they need to be in order to fit in, and I'm athletic enough to keep my body from breaking down.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: Because I've been a lifelong fan waiting for this moment to prove that I have what it takes to win. I will not be afraid to make big moves. I want to be known as a player, not a coattail rider. I hope the jury will respect that if I make it to the end.

Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands

Andrew was one of nine people that were originally a part of the Fatutaka tribe. When the tribe first arrived at their camp and began work on the shelter, Andrew took a back seat when Roger Parsons took exception to the shelter's location and began arguing with Chase Ingraham. After the shelter was moved and eventually completed, Andrew and Alvin Drew Jr. began working on starting a fire from scratch. Then, on Day 2, the two guys were able to get a fire going after trying it once more. That night, Alvin, Andrew, and Jordan Owens bonded, and eventually aligned, over swapped stories and kept their alliance at three. After the elimination of Olivia Ellis, Andrew and Jordan went out to search for materials to make the shelter sturdier against strong storms. While they searched, Andrew also took the opportunity to look for, and eventually find, a hidden immunity idol. The pair kept the idol as a secret to everyone except Alvin, whom Andrew informed of it on Day 6. After the Fatutaka tribe went to Tribal Council to vote out Roger, the rest of the tribe, mainly Andrew Savage and Suzanne Drolet, began to see Andrew and Jordan as a tight pair and set their focus on eliminating the two. One of those informed was Alvin, who remained loyal to the young duo. Alvin then pulled in Gaby Moreno to give the alliance the majority heading into the tribe's third straight Tribal Council, where Andrew's ally Jordan was spared while Suzanne became victim of the tribe's first blindside. After Savage, Fatutaka's returning player, was evacuated due to injury, Andrew then led the tribe to their first immunity challenge win as emotions ran high. However, their winning streak was short-lived as Fatutaka lost yet another immunity challenge and unanimously voted out the last member outside of the alliance of four, Chase. On Day 16, the two tribes were shuffled, which sent Andrew and Jordan to the new Temotu tribe along with Amy Young, Derek Richardson, Jocelyn Peck, and Justin Passmore. There, Andrew immediately began to work on cracking the seemingly tight group of Temotu members by asking Amy about other members of the original Temotu members, trying to get a read on possible alliances and fractures. Not satisfied with Amy's answer, Andrew continued to extend his options as far as making a fake immunity idol to create another opportunity for him and Jordan further in the game, if not immediately. Andrew, along with Jordan, was able to survive another Tribal Council after winning immunity and make the merge on Day 21. With the two tribes merged, Andrew and Jordan immediately became targets due to their underdog story and social and strategic prowess. After being unable to crack the army of eight Temotu members and win the first individual immunity challenge, Andrew and Jordan resorted to finding another immunity idol upon arriving back at camp. Andrew eventually found another idol, much to Amy and Jocelyn's, who had been surveying their search, chagrin. The two ladies then reported the news back to the other members of the original Temotu, who decided to split the votes between the two outsiders, falling right into Andrew and Jordan's plan. Now with two idols, the two Fatutakas discussed possible voting plans with the pair ultimately deciding to split their votes between two seemingly equal players. At Tribal Council, Andrew and Jordan's plan was revealed after both idols were played with Jocelyn and Katherine Webb each receiving one vote, forcing the former Temotus to be pit against one another. On the revote, Andrew and Jordan sided with Troyzan Robertson's alliance to blindside Jocelyn and leave her alliance at a numbers disadvantage. This was also a part of Andrew's plan as he approached Amy on Day 25, claiming that he had found another hidden immunity idol when, in reality, he was using his fake immunity idol as his leverage all along. Amy believed Andrew's pitch, even though she had her reservations, and agreed to arrange a final five deal consisting of Amy, Andrew, Derek, Jordan, and Robert Stineman as long as Andrew gave his "idol" to Amy before the next Tribal Council. At the following immunity challenge, Andrew gave up immunity to Jordan to show his vulnerability to Amy. Once they arrived back at camp, Andrew further questioned Amy on whether she and the rest of her alliance were open to aligning with the pair of Fatutakas, which provoked Amy into asking Andrew for his "idol" before leaving for Tribal Council. Reluctantly, Andrew gave up his fake idol to her, but it proved to be worth the risk as Amy, Derek, and Robert flipped on the other four Temotus, blindsiding Troyzan and sparing Andrew in the process. Even after avoiding elimination by one vote, Andrew was still not done making moves. Now that she had his fake immunity idol in her possession, Andrew approached Derek and Robert with plans of blindsiding Amy and making a final four deal instead of the initial final five deal. Initially, Derek and Robert seemed receptive to the idea until Mike Gregory stumbled upon the plan, which made the two guys rethink the proposal. After some deliberation, Derek and Robert reported the talk of the blindside to Amy, which left her enraged and set on eliminating Andrew. But after Andrew won immunity on Day 29, the target shifted to Jordan in an attempt to weaken him. After Amy reunited all former Temotu members, Jordan was sent home in a 6-2 vote and left Andrew inconsolable. At the Survivor Auction the next day, Andrew was set on winning a clue to any advantage that may have been available for bid. Upon hearing the advantage in the game being up for bid, Andrew, along with Amy, immediately bid the maximum amount of $500, which led to the two drawing rocks for the advantage. Andrew drew the correct rock and won the advantage, leaving Amy empty-handed. After arriving back at camp, Andrew opened up the advantage in private to reveal the surprise of it being a hidden immunity idol clue instead of an advantage at the next immunity challenge. Without the challenge advantage, Andrew came from behind to beat Derek and win his second straight immunity challenge. Andrew's challenge win led to him becoming the swing vote between the two alliances of three that had agreed to take him out before settling it amongst themselves. Knowing that she was most likely on the chopping block, Katherine attempted to persuade Andrew that Derek was the biggest physical threat to him while Robert did the talking for his alliance and left Amy and Derek in the loop. However, Andrew made his mind up at Tribal Council after Amy bluntly confirmed his slim chance of winning as he sided with Katherine, Mike, and Justin to eliminate Derek. Afterwards, he received an earful from Amy, who was very displeased with the result of the votes. This led to a distrust between the two, even to the bounds of Andrew burning his immunity idol clue so that Amy was not able to read it or snatch it from his bag. When Andrew once again won immunity on Day 35, the target was squarely on Amy, who felt confident about playing her "idol" to send Justin home. However, she was rudely awakened when Jeff Probst confirmed that the idol Amy played was fake and she was sent home unanimously after the votes cast against her counted. Andrew continued his idol search without any success and was restrained to staying in the shelter on Day 36 due to inclement weather. On Day 37, Katherine ended Andrew's immunity streak, which left him scrambling to find an idol without a clue for him to refer to. That night, after spending the entire day searching for it, Andrew surprised everyone when he pulled out an idol, canceling the four votes cast against him and sending Mike to the jury. On Day 38, Andrew initially struggled in the final immunity challenge, but he came back to win by mere seconds over to Katherine to guarantee his position in the final three. At that Tribal Council, Andrew sided back with his newfound friend Robert to force a tie between the latter and Katherine. When Katherine defeated Robert in the fire-making challenge, the stage was set for the final Tribal Council. There, the jury lauded Andrew's social and challenge prowess but questioned whether he played too strategically at times. Ultimately, he was crowned as Sole Survivor, garnering six votes to win.

Voting History

Andrew's Voting History
Episode Andrew's
Voted Against
1 Olivia -
2 Roger -
3 Suzanne -
4 No Tribal Council
5 Fatutaka Tribe Immune
6 Chase -
7 Temotu Tribe Immune
8 Temotu Tribe Immune
9 Katherine;
Derek, Justin,
Mike, Troyzan
10 Troyzan Justin, Katherine,
Mike, Troyzan
11 Amy Individual Immunity
12 Derek Individual Immunity
13 Amy Individual Immunity
14 Mike Justin, Katherine,
Mike, Robert
Katherine Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Andrew
Alvin, Amy, Gaby,
Jocelyn, Jordan, Robert
Sole Survivor, Day 39

^1 In Two Heads Are Better Than One, the vote ended with a 1-1-0-0 tie between Jocelyn and Katherine, forcing a revote. Andrew voted for Jocelyn at the revote.

Voting History