Andy Im
Andy Im
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 06/16/1988
Hometown Washington, D.C.
Occupation DJ

Survivor: Terra Nova

Tribes Cabot
Placement 12/18
Challenges Won 8
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 18

Andy Im is a contestant from Survivor: Terra Nova.


Andy, who has spent his entire life living in Washington D.C., is the son of Oil Lobbyist Daniel Im. Growing up Andy lived a carefree life never having to worry about money. When he was in Middle School Andy became very interested in music and with the help of his father started to DJ.

Andy says that he is able to get along with most people and he tries to be the life of the party wherever he goes. He plans on being able to use that to his advantage in the game.

Andy currently resides in Washington, D.C. with his girlfriend of four years Kelly.

Andy reason for being on Survivor is:

I really think it will be cool to be on television. Ever since I was little I knew I was supposed to live in the limelight and now here is my chance and I am going to take the bull by its horns.


Survivor: Terra Nova

Voting History

Andy's Voting History
Episode Andy's
Voted Against
1 Cabot Tribe Immune
2 Hank -
3 Cabot Tribe Immune
4 Cabot Tribe Immune
5 George -
6 Simon Simon, Jocelyn,
Billie-Jean, Octavia
Voted Off, Day 18