"Angry Lions"
Season Survivor: Bolivia
Author Tlc479
Episode Number (2/14)
Date Uploaded May 1st, 2014
Episode Chronology
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Angry Lions is the second episode of Tlc479's Fan Fiction "Survivor: Bolivia "

Day 4

After Tribal Council last night, things at the Luchador camp are heating up. Mason is talking to Jerry and Ricardo by the lake.

Mason: So you went back on what you said to me about voting for Natalia I see.

Ricardo: Well, she wasn’t the one starting drama, it was you and Derek.

Mason is extremely angry with Ricardo and I, I understand his position but he is being pretty harsh with it.


Mason: You make me sick, I hope I see both of you out at the next two tribal councils, this is an outrage.

Mason goes back up to the camp, furiously. Vicki walks down to Ricardo and Jerry.

Vicki: He seems pissed off.

Jerry: He’s just angry about the vote, I hope he cools off soon.

Up at camp Destiny, Natalia and Susanna are chatting by the fire while they cook some plantains.

Natalia: So I received four votes last night, I know that Derek and Mason voted for me, I assume it was you guys who voted for me as well?

Destiny: I did, yes. That was strictly based on the challenge, that does not mean I’m out to get you.

Natalia: I see. 

So Natalia is bugging Destiny and I about the vote, And I’m just thinking, why does it matter? It’s done, get over it. I think she is extremely paranoid and I want her out.


Susanna: Well I did vote for you aswell, but why does it matter so much to you?

Natalia: I just want to clarify, I don’t see any harm in it.

So Destiny flatout says that she voted for me because of the challenge, I can tell she is trying to play me and I don’t like it.


At Salvaje’s camp, LaTrina, Maria, and Jasmine are having a discussion in the shelter while everyone else is out and about.

LaTrina: So I’ve been thinking that, just in case our team does lose, that us three ladies can stick together.

LaTrina proposed that Myself and Jasmine join her to make an alliance, and I’m all down for it.


LaTrina: Our alliance is now known as “The Salvaje Sisters”

Jasmine: I love it!

My goal with The Salvaje Sisters is to get a majority on our side, and then take my girls Maria and Jasmine to the final three.


Once night hits everybody is asleep in the shelter except Gregory and Pedro. Gregory walks out of the shelter and Pedro follows him again.

Pedro: Can’t sleep?

Gregory: Yea.

So Pedro keeps on follow me out of the shelter, and I’m a little weirded out by it, but I might as well use it to my advantage because he could be an asset I need later.


Pedro: So who do you think we can form an alliance with, in case we lose

Gregory: Maybe we can do an all guys type of thing?

Pedro: Sounds awesome, I’ll try setting it up tomorrow.

Luchador is stacked up in their shelter sleeping. Mason is whispering to Susanna.

Susanna: So what is our move now?

Mason: I don’t know, but if we lose the immunity I’m gone and you will follow.

Susanna: Maybe we can try and sway Destiny, Ricardo and Jerry to vote for Vicki or Natalia.

Mason: Hopefully, but will they listen to us?

Susanna: It won’t hurt to try.

Mason: I suppose you are right.

Day 5

Salvaje and Luchador walk up to their reward challenge.

Jeff: Welcome guys to your second reward challenge! Today’s challenge will be a diving challenge. Each member of your team will go one at a time to retrieve small bags of balls tied to the lake’s floor. Once your team has all five bags, you will select two people to throw the balls at targets on the shore. Once your team has hit all three targets a flag will be raised signalling that your team has won immunity. Salvaje you are sitting someone out, keep in mind you cannot sit the same person out in both challenges.

Jasmine: Were sitting out Zoey, Jeff.

Jeff: Alright Zoey, take a seat on the bench and let’s begin.

Teams move into position on a platform in the middle of the lake.

Jeff: Alright it looks like Jerry is diving for Luchador and Toby is diving for Salvaje. Survivors Ready… Go!

Toby and Jerry dive into the lake, Toby sees one far away and swims for that one since he is a good swimmer, Jerry goes for one closer to him. Jerry is up with his bag and swims back towards the platform, Toby is up a moment later swimming after him.

Jeff: We are neck in neck!

Hiroshi: Hurry up Toby!

Jerry reaches the platform and Ricardo dives into the lake, Toby reaches the platform and Hiroshi dives in. Both men are fair swimmers, Ricardo decides to go for the farthest bag, Hiroshi goes for one right beneath him. Both men arise to the surface at the same time. They swim back fast,

LaTrina: He’s right behind you Hiroshi!

Destiny: Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! C’mon! C’mon!

Both men reach the platforms, Destiny and Pedro dive in. Destiny is a fair swimmer, Pedro the same. Destiny arrives to the surface again, moments before Pedro. Destiny makes it to the platform nearly a second before him. Both teams have three bags.

Jeff: This challenge is very close!

Natalia: Let me go next.

Natalia dives in as Destiny reaches the platform, LaTrina dives in after Pedro makes it up.

Mason: Oh great, let’s just fall behind now.

Natalia quickly grabs a bag and makes it to the surface while LaTrina is still at the bottom. Natalia makes it to the platform and sends in Vicki. LaTrina makes it up as Vicki dives in.

LaTrina: Damn! She was fast!

Maria: C’mon LaTrina, we’re falling behind!

LaTrina makes it back and Gregory jumps in the water. Vicki returns to the surface with Luchador’s final bag. Salvaje is slightly behind.

Jeff: That’s it! Luchador has all of their bags they now need to swim to shore.

At once every Luchador member is in the water, paddling towards the shore as fast as they can. Gregory makes it back to the platform and Salvaje chases Luchador carrying all of their bags. Luchador starts arriving at the beach waiting for some of the slower people behind.

Jeff: Everyone must be on the beach before you can start throwing!

The last of Luchador arrives, Ricardo and Mason start throwing, Ricardo hits one right off the bat, leaving two more targets for Luchador. Salvaje arrives. Darnell and Jasmine throw for Salvaje. Mason hits one more for Luchador.

Susanna: Come on! One more!

Zoey: Hurry guys!

Jasmine hits a target and Salvaje cheers, but their cheers are cut off when Ricardo hits the last target for Luchador sending a blue flag into the air.

Jeff: Luchador wins reward! You have won a full fire making kit for winning this challenge!

It feels good rubbing in Mason’s face that I can win a challenge, hopefully he won’t be on my tail anymore


Salvaje returns to their camp feeling down about their first loss. Maria, Jasmine, and LaTrina take Zoey to go get water. Pedro gets suspicious

I don’t like these little talks Maria, Jasmine and LaTrina have been having, I think they may be planning to get a guy out because they started talking to Zoey all of the sudden, I thought I should bring this up to the guys.


Pedro: Hey, So what do you make of LaTrina’s little band of misses.

Toby: They’re fine, Why what are your thoughts?

Pedro: It’s only that I think they are targeting one of the guys.

Darnell: Don’t be ridiculous, This tribe is unified, No all female alliances are being formed.

Hiroshi: Yea you’re acting paranoid.

Day 6

Luchador and Salvaje walk up to their next immunity challenge. They see a large wooden staircase and two canoes.

Jeff: Welcome guys to your next immunity challenge!

Hiroshi: Oh boy, look at this one.

Jeff: You will start off sending everyone out in canoes to retrieve five wooden crates ties to buoys out in the lake, once you have each of your crates you will return to the shore and stack these crates on the staircase to make a pattern, the winning team wins immunity. Maria, I will need that back now. Maria walks over to Jeff and hands him the immunity idol.

Jeff: Salvaje, one of you needs to sit out, who shall it be?

Jasmine: I’m sitting out Jeff.

Jeff: Alright, let’s get this game started.

Everyone lines up on the beach, Jeff yells go and immediately the teams stack into the canoes. Salvaje has a rough start and treads slowly behind Luchador. They each approach their first crates, Mason unties it for Luchador and Darnell for Salvaje. Darnell is quick and Salvaje moves onto their next buoy.

Jeff: Salvaje pulling ahead!

Luchador quickly comes back and gets their second buoy just as quick as Salvaje. They move onto their third buoy. Salvaje slips ahead again, Ricardo helps Vicki undo a knot and they are back. They both get to the fourth buoy with ease, Salvaje with a slight lead still. At the fifth buoy Toby falls off the canoe trying to get the last crate, giving Luchador a gap to catch up.

Jasmine: C’mon Salvaje! You got this!

Luchador gets their fifth crate and heads to shore, Salvaje is now about ten seconds behind them. Luchador gets to shore and quickly they carry the crates the the staircase.

Susanna: I got this guys, put this first crate right here.

Beatrice: Hurry they can still catch up.

Luchador puts two crates in place as Salvaje arrives.

Pedro: We’re still in this guys, quickly unload the canoe!

Gregory: Try assembling the crates on the ground first before we put them in place.

Destiny: Susanna, I don’t know if that crate goes there.

Susanna: Trust me on this one.

Salvaje places their crates on the ground and find the pattern quickly, Luchador almost has the all in place.

LaTrina: Ok guys, lets put them up now, I don’t think the other team is right anyway.

Vicki: I think were done!

Jeff: Nope, those crates are in the wrong pattern.

Susanna: What is wrong here?

Destiny: Those two middle ones!

Ricardo: Hurry let’s fix them.

Salvaje is about to finish putting their crates in place. Luchador is frantically scrambling to change the crates. Salvaje places the final crate.

Jeff: Salvaje wins their second immunity!

I am so happy we won today, I was not ready to go to tribal council, I don’t even know what Jasmine and them are thinking.


Luchador returns to camp, exhausted and angry that they lost the challenge.

Destiny: Well there goes out winning stride.

Natalia: No s**t

They are like angry lions always fighting over something so stupid, I’m hoping this my chance to redeem myself


Destiny: Ok, why you gotta give me that attitude all the time, I didn’t ask for you to retort did I?

Natalia: I’m taking a walk.

Destiny: Yea you do that.

She just bothers me so much, our personalities do not mingle and I can’t wait until she is gone


Vicki pulls Destiny into the shelter to have a discussion.

Vicki: Look I know you are frustrated with Natalia, but she is not a good target right now, We need to focus on winning challenges like you said and I think Susanna is the best choice for tonight.

Destiny: I don’t know, do we really want this kind of drama around camp with her?

Ricardo and Jerry enter the shelter.

Ricardo: So, what’s the deal?

Vicki: I want Susanna gone.

Destiny: We got rid of Derek last time because of drama, why is Natalia’s situation the same?

Vicki: But if we take her out then we still have someone who is horrid at challenges, and do we want to go to tribal again just to take someone else out when we could prevent it now?

Destiny: Listen, Im gonna walk out of this shelter, and I’m gonna think, just think.

Destiny exits. Over by the water hole Mason talks to Susanna.

Susanna: So whats your idea?

Mason: Look right now, Destiny is pissed at Natalia, and might be willing to go for her.

Susanna: So should I go talk to Destiny?

Mason: Definately.

Susanna and Mason go and find Destiny and have a discussion with her.

Susanna: Hey girl.

Destiny: Hey

Mason: Tough decision right?

Destiny: Tell me about it.

I’m very worried for my own sake because I know I’m at the bottom of this tribe, and Destiny could be my ticket out.


Susanna: I mean I know I totally bombed this challenge, but Natalia is bringing nothing to this tribe except drama and we both know it, so I’m just asking you to go with us and vote Natalia.

Destiny: I will think about it.

Back at the shelter Beatrice, Vicki, Ricardo and Jerry are discussing.

Beatrice: I mean, if you do think about it we can take out Natalia, what is she helping us with.

Jerry: Yea but, she is pretty good at challenges, at least she has proven it by now. The only reason she is in the situation she is in is because Destiny over reacted to her little fluke.

Vicki: We are in control right now, Natalia isn’t necessary if we think about it.

Beatrice: Well, I guess we can see what happens at tribal.

At this point it’s very stressful deciding between Natalia and Susanna. Destiny is also a wild card at this point, so let’s see what happens.


Luchador arrives at Tribal Council promptly, everyone takes their seats.

Jeff: Welcome Luchador to your second tribal council, now before we vote I have a few questions for you guys. Mason, how safe do you feel tonight.

Mason: Well Jeff, I don’t feel safe at all, not only for my sake but for Susanna’s sake either because we are kind of on the outside of this tribe.

Jeff: Susanna, is this true? Do you feel like a target?

Susanna: Yes, of course, I didn’t do so well in today’s challenge and that doesn’t help my case, so I do feel like I am a possibility tonight.

Jeff: So Natalia, tell us about your little feud with Destiny.

Natalia: Well Jeff, Destiny is not my favorite person on the tribe of course, we don’t see eye to eye on things and it is a problem that needs to be dealt with.

Jeff: What are you implying when you say “dealt with”?

Natalia: I’m saying take Destiny out as soon as possible.

Destiny: Wow, ok

Jeff: Destiny how are you reacting to this?

Destiny: I can tell you this Jeff, Natalia is much more the problem than me. She always starts the fights, she never admits she is wrong, and she is probably a better candidate tonight over me.

Jeff: Ricardo, where do you fall in all of this?

Ricardo: I really don’t know, I’m just a simple guy on this team trying to survive, and all of this chaos around me is driving me mad. So I guess I’m in the middle, I don’t know, I know what my vote is tonight that is all I do know.

Jeff: Well, with that it is time to vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #2- Luchador
Voted Against Voter
Susanna cambridge

Susanna (5 Votes)

Beatrice osbourn Destiny redford Jerry clark Ricardo juarez Vicki Pena
Beatrice, Destiny, Jerry, Ricardo, Vicki

Natalia desantiago

Natalia (2 Votes)

Mason peters Susanna cambridge
Mason, Susanna

Destiny redford

Destiny (1 Vote)

Natalia desantiago


Voting Confessionals

I don't know if this is the right decision, but it's what the group wants so it shall be.


As much as I want Natalia out of this game. You did screw up the challenge, and that's what is important right now.


We need a strong tribe, even if it has to be dysfunctional.


I hope they make the logical decision tonight.


You are a thorn in my side, people should realize you're the reason we keep losing.


A peaceful tribe would be nice, but a winning tribe would be better.


You are causing a lot of drama around camp, It's time to go.


I want my alliance in power, and I hope I convinced enough people to vote for you tonight.