"Are You a Psychopath?"
Season Survivor: Japan - Civil War
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This is the season finale of Survivor: Japan - Civil War

Previously On Survivor...

Thirty-seven days ago, twenty Americans journeyed to Japan for the adventure of a lifetime. The oldest man and woman in the group, Lawrence and Donna, respectively, conducted a schoolyard pick to determine the tribes. Lawrence's tribe, consisting mostly of people thirty and older, was Ashikaga, Donna's tribe, which was built mostly around younger people, was Kamakura. Kamakura dominated early, winning all of the first six challenges as Donna formed a women's alliance, which she believed would dominate the game. Ashikaga was quickly whittled down to six members, but their youngest member, Landon, formed a core alliance with Kyle and Hannah.

On day 11, a surprise tribe swap resulted in the two tribes becoming three, members of the original Ashikaga and Kamakura suddenly forming the majority on the new incarnations of their rival tribes, and most of the women's alliance joining the new Tokugawa tribe, along with Landon. Over the next week, each tribe lost a member, all of them from the old Kamakura.

When the tribes merged on day 19, it quickly became apparent that affiliations were based on past tribes, with the original Kamakura tribe still holding a slight advantage due to Donna being the merged tribe's daimyo by virtue of age. However, Landon had formed an additional alliance with her ally, Emma, and attempted to sway her to join the Ashikaga alliance. At the merged tribe's first tribal council, Landon boldly announced that they were plotting to vote out Donna, tricking Chuck and Dave, who had formed a minority alliance on the old Kamakura, into giving Donna their idol, which she played. This proved to be a fatal mistake as Emma flipped, voting out Dave, the second most strategic member of the Kamakura alliance.

This was to be the first in a series of convoluted acts of trechery, at the end of which Landon, new daimyo Kyle, and Emma formed a majority. However, while Landon got cocky, Emma once again betrayed her alliance by tipping off Shannon to Landon's plan to vote for her. Shannon played her hidden immunity idol, blindsiding Kyle. Now, with two immunity challenges left, only five castaways remain:

  • Emma, a coffee barista from Schenectady, New York. An early target due to perceived laziness, Emma betrayed all three of her alliances over the course of the game while winning three immunity challenges along the way. Will her duplicitous gameplay catch up to her, or can she sway the jury with her social skills?
  • Landon, a straight edge pizza delivery boy from Bellingham, Washington. The youngest contestant at eighteen years old, Landon has played a robust strategic and physical game, but was on the wrong side of separate blindsides that took out both of his original allies. With his back against the wall, will Landon be the next to go, or can he fight his way to the end?
  • Patrick, a gay waiter from Maui, Hawaii. Despite being on the outs for nearly the entire game thus far, Patrick has only received two votes. Will he finally be taken out before the jury can reward his social game, or will he make a fatal mistake?
  • Phoebe, a pre-calculus teacher from Chicago, Illinois. The master of the under-the-radar strategy game, Phoebe has subtly helped Landon control the game before eventually turning on him. Can she continue to outwit her remaining competition, or will her strategic prowess encourage them to vote her out?
  • Shannon, a retail salesperson and single mother from Iowa City, Iowa. As Phoebe's partner in crime, Shannon has also flown under the radar, largely being seen as a non-threat. Is her use of the hidden immunity a sign of things to come? Or will she fall at tribal council before she can make any other game-altering moves?

Two challenges, two tribal councils, and a soon-to-be nine person jury stand in the way of these five castaways and the title of Sole Survivor. Twenty castaways, thirty-nine days, one Sole Survivor!


Reward/Immunity Challenge: The castaways must race out to a series of stations with a certain number of objects (crabs, fish, bo staffs, rocks, masks, and machetes) at each station. The number of each of the objects must then be used to unlock a combination lock, which will release a bamboo rod that the castaway must use to break a tile.

Reward: An advantage in the final immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge: The castaways must work their way through a three-story obstacle course to locate and untie four bags of puzzle pieces, bringing one at a time up a staircase leading to the very top of the structure. Once all four bags are brought up, the castaways must then solve a puzzle.


Night 36


When the remaining five castaways return to camp, it begins to rain.

Landon: How'd you guys know we were voting for Shannon?

Phoebe: Just a lucky guess.

Landon: Did somebody tip you off?

Shannon: No, it was just luck. Nothing more.

Patrick: You don't think we could have outwitted you? Well, take a look who's not here. Obviously, you've met your match.

When Patrick responded to my question about whether or not somebody tipped him and/or the others off to my plan, he seemed very standoffish, and even said that I had met my match. Well it sure isn't him! He's not smart enough to outwit me, if I'm honest. But of course I'm not going to tell him that; I may need his vote to get my ass out of the fire within the next couple of days.


I don't think Landon can handle the knowledge that some people out here might actually be better at this game than he is. You'd think that losing his closest ally to a pretty good blindside would bring him back down to earth. But no. His ego has never been more visible.


Phoebe: I think I noticed Emma nudging Shannon in the elbow when Jeff gave us the opportunity to play the idol.

Landon: Just as I thought.

Emma: So this is the thanks I get for helping you guys get out of an impossible situation? You throw me under the (bleep)ing bus?!

Phoebe: I didn't accuse you of anything.

Emma: He asked you if he thought somebody tipped you off, and you specifically said that you think it was me!

Phoebe: Okay, now you're just putting words in my mouth.

Emma: You're acting like you never said what you said!

Phoebe: And you need to grow the (bleep) up!

Emma completely overreacted when she heard what I said to Landon. I swear, it was like a melodramatic argument in a bad TV drama. I even offered her the final three with me and Shannon! I'll probably just drag her along, anyway. She might be a better goat than Patrick.


I never appreciate being thrown under the bus like that, even if the accusations are right. I mean, did she not see what happened to Donna after she got all vindictive on me? She's repeating her mistake, and it's going to cost her the game, you just watch.


Phoebe: Look, we've been out here for thirty-seven days. We're all starting, and we're all-

Emma: Just (bleep)ing don't talk to me.

Phoebe: You know what? Fine. It's not my fault you can't be reasoned with right now.

Now that Phoebe insulted Emma by basically calling her an immature, short-sighted brat, which she isn't, she really has no choice but to bring her to the end. She and Shannon are extremely tight, too, so that leaves me on the outs, as usual. As soon as Landon wins immunity or gets voted out, whichever comes first, I'm gone unless I myself win immunity.


Day 37

Reward/Immunity Challenge

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys!

The final five enters the beach challenge area. Upon greeting them, Jeff asks who the new daimyo is, and Patrick and Shannon agree that it's Phoebe. Jeff then explains the rules of the challenge to the five of them, reminding them that the winner is safe from the night's vote and guaranteed a one in four shot at winning the game, while the rest are vulnerable. Additionally, he reveals that the winner of the challenge will receive an advantage in the final immunity challenge.

Jeff Probst: For immunity! Survivors ready...go!

All five castaways run toward the stations, which are all located around the bend on the beach. Phoebe and Shannon arrive at the stations a little later than the other three do, and take their time counting the bo staffs and crabs, respectively. Landon counts fish and masks while Emma counts machetes, bo staffs, and rocks. Patrick counts only the fish before running back to his combination lock. He sets the combination lock so that the correct number is facing him in an effort to throw off anyone who attempts to copy off of him. Soon, Landon and Emma arrive at their combination locks and enter the numbers they have gathered.

When Patrick comes back with his calculation for the number of bo staffs, Phoebe and Shannon come back with theirs for both the bo staffs and crabs. Landon soon returns with his numbers for the bo staffs and rocks while Emma returns with numbers for fish, crabs, and masks. She attempts to enter the combination lock so the metal rod will be released, but she discovers, to her dismay, that the combination was incorrect as Patrick returns with his number for the masks and Landon returns with his numbers for the machetes and crabs, also trying and failing to unlock the combination lock.

As Phoebe and Shannon lag behind, failing to unlock their combination locks, Patrick continues to count one thing at a time. On his next trip back, Landon copies from Patrick's station, mistaking the numbers on the lock for the ones Patrick calculated. This proves unsuccessful, and he has to make another sprint back out.

Now with four numbers entered, Patrick decides to go ahead and count the number of both the crabs and machetes, the last two he has not yet counted, before returning to his station. He then enters the numbers into the combination lock and attempts to pull out the metal rod. The rod is released and Patrick smashes his tile with it.

Jeff Probst: Patrick wins immunity!

Patrick jumps up and down, shouting wildly, while the women look indifferent and Landon grimaces, knowing that he is most likely next. When Patrick has calmed down, Jeff places the immunity necklace around his neck, reminding him that he will last at least one more day in the game. He then reminds Emma, Landon, Phoebe, and Shannon that one of them will go home, and that they have the afternoon to decide. He then sends everybody back to camp.


Phoebe and Shannon congratulate Patrick on his immunity victory when they return to camp.

Shannon: Great work in the challenge today, Patrick. Congratulations on winning immunity for the first time.

Patrick: Gee, thanks. So the plan tonight is Landon?

Phoebe: We'll have to think that out more thoroughly.

The plan is to get rid of Landon, but even when he doesn't have immunity, that might be easier said than done. We need a failsafe.


Phoebe: Have you realized that Landon isn't the only remaining member of the Tokugawa tribe? Emma was on that tribe, too, and I'm willing to bet one of them has a hidden immunity idol.

Patrick: You think so?

Phoebe: I'm pretty sure. So here's what we need to do; we need to split the votes between the two of them in case one of them plays it; it's the last night that they can, after all. If one of them plays it, a re-vote will happen, and we'll vote for whoever doesn't use the idol. If Landon doesn't play the idol, we'll vote for him in the re-vote regardless. I'll cast both of my votes for Landon, and you two vote for Emma.

Shannon: Okay, that sounds good.

I'm so glad Phoebe reminded us of the possibility that Landon or Emma found a hidden immunity idol at the Tokugawa camp. It totally hadn't occurred to me earlier. But hey, at least we have enough votes to split between them. The worst case scenario is that Landon plays the idol and we end up voting out Emma, who may be our best option as a goat. As long as Landon doesn't make it to the end, we're good to go, because at this point, it'll take a really bad jury performance for him to lose if he gets to the end.


Meanwhile, at the well, Landon and Emma discuss the upcoming vote.

Emma: What are you going to do to save yourself?

Landon: I don't really know right now, to be honest. I mean, the only person who I think I could convince other people would be a major threat is Phoebe. She's got two votes, and Shannon pretty much will not leave her side. So I can pretty much forget about getting a majority.

Emma: Think we can talk Patrick into voting for Phoebe?

Landon: After that final three deal Phoebe attempted to strike with you, I'm sure he's feeling on the outs right now. I'll give it a shot, but even then the most likely best case scenario is that we have to draw rocks.

My back's against the wall right now because I don't have individual immunity, or even an idol. Right now, my only option is to try to talk Patrick into joining me in a voting bloc against Phoebe, which would cause everybody to have to draw rocks. It's a huge gamble, but it's all I can really do right now, so I just gotta hope for the best.


Landon is quick to seek out Patrick, finding him chopping firewood while Phoebe and Shannon are swimming in the ocean.

Landon: Hey man, I need to talk to you.

Patrick: You're scrambling, aren't you?

Landon: Bingo. But hear me out.

Patrick: I'll do that.

Landon: Phoebe offered Emma a spot in the final three last night. That leaves you and me on the outs. I'm probably going home next, and unless you win the final immunity challenge, you'll be next. We need to vote out Phoebe tonight, man. Or at least force everyone to draw rocks. Since you're immune, you risk nothing by doing this.

Patrick: Why Phoebe?

Landon: If Phoebe gets to the end, this game is hers to lose. I don't think anybody's written her name down even once, so she could sweep the jury votes, even if you do make it to the end.

I can tell that Landon's just desperately trying to save his own ass, but he does raise some good points. I'm not entirely sure I can beat Phoebe in the final three. Besides, I'm immune, so it'd be a no risk, high reward situation for me.


Patrick: I'll think about it, man, but no promises.

Landon: Alright. Thanks for hearing me out.

Patrick: No problem.

I've planted the seed in his mind now, so hopefully the "you're immune, so you're not risking anything" card works here. Even if it does, there's still a one in four chance that I go home, but it's a lot better than the certain elimination I would face otherwise.


Later, as Patrick goes to collect water from the well, he is approached by Emma.

Patrick: Don't tell me; you're going to ask me to vote with you.

Emma: This might be our last chance to get rid of Landon. We can't squander this one.

Patrick: Oh, so you really are turning against him.

Emma: He's still a threat, so what choice do I have? Besides, Phoebe isn't exactly a challenge dominator, so we can just get rid of her tomorrow. Shannon should be smart enough to realize that she'll win if she gets to the end, so convincing her to help us vote her out tomorrow shouldn't be an issue.

Patrick: I'll think about it. Don't worry; whoever goes home tonight, it'll be one less threat.

I'm the swing vote tonight. I can either help Landon vote out Phoebe, or just vote for Landon. I know Phoebe wants me to vote for Emma as a failsafe, but I'm not sure I want to risk voting out our best goat. This is probably going to be a last-minute decision I make. My mind is very far from made up.


At sunset, the remaining five castaways grab their torches and depart for tribal council.

Tribal Council

The Kasai tribe enters the tribal council area, greeted by Jeff.

Jeff Probst: We now bring in the members of our jury. Dave. Hannah. Donna. Chuck. Bryce. Reyna. And Kyle, voted out at the last tribal council.

Dave offers the remaining castaways a smile and a wave as he takes his seat next to Bryce on the jury bench.

Jeff Probst: Landon, last night, you seemed to be in a very good position moving forward. Now, here you are, on the outs, and without immunity around your neck.

Landon: It's really nerve-wracking, Jeff. I don't want to go home tonight, but I'm prepared for that to happen. I haven't had much to work with today.

Jeff Probst: Shannon, what do you make of Landon's fall from grace?

Shannon: I think it's just another instance of a young person getting cocky, then being brought back down to earth. His chances of getting past this vote, much less winning, appear to be very slim right now, but hopefully it'll teach him not to get cocky when things are going his way.

Jeff Probst: Patrick, do you agree with this statement?

Patrick: Partly, Jeff. I don't think Landon's really been humbled by this. I don't think he really takes anybody but Phoebe seriously as a threat in the game.

The revelation elicits raised eyebrows from some of the jurors.

Jeff Probst: Phoebe...Would you agree that you're the only threat to win the game other than Landon?

Phoebe: Not at all, Jeff. Patrick's played a good social game, and has been a bit underrated in challenges, so I think he's a dark horse.

Jeff Probst: Emma, do you think that if Landon goes home tonight, the last two days might only be formalities before Phoebe walks away with the million dollars?

Emma: It's possible. I won't deny that. But I don't think Landon's quite done yet.

Jeff Probst: Landon, what does Emma mean when she says that she doesn't think you're done yet?

Landon: I'm going to try to force a tie.

The jury, Jeff, and all the remaining castaways except Patrick look absolutely astonished at the news.

Landon: I still consider Emma to be an ally, and now I'm trying to bring Patrick into the fold. He's immune, so he won't have to draw rocks with the rest of us. He wouldn't risk anything whatsoever by going along with my plan.

A stunned silence falls across the tribal council area for a minute before Jeff concludes his grilling of the castaways.

Jeff Probst: So what do you say? Should we get to the vote?

Landon: Yes! Let's get to it.

Jeff Probst: Alright. It is time to vote. Landon, you're up.

One by one, the castaways cast their votes.

Even if I do go home tonight, at least I can say I went out with a bang.

–Landon (voting for Phoebe)

Your attempts to save yourself are valiant, I'll give you that much. But you've been in the driver's seat for too long.

–Phoebe (voting for Landon)

Jeff Probst: If anyone who has a hidden immunity idol would want to play it, now would be the time to do so. This is your last chance to use a hidden immunity idol.

Everyone looks around expectantly, until, after a few tense moments, Emma gets up, revealing the hidden immunity idol she found at the Tokugawa campsite. She walks up to Jeff to play it, but hesitates.

Jeff Probst: I'm playing this for Landon.

Every single person present stares at Emma in shock.

Landon: No (bleep)ing way...You're serious?

Emma (smiling wickedly): Oh yes. I'm serious, alright.

Emma gives the idol to Jeff and returns to her seat.

Jeff Probst: The rules of Survivor state that if a person plays a hidden immunity idol, any votes cast against that person will not count. This is a hidden immunity idol. Any votes cast against Landon will not count. I'll read the votes.

...First vote: Landon. Does not count.

...Landon. Does not count.

...Phoebe. One vote Phoebe.

...Landon. Does not count.

...Fifteenth person voted out, and the eighth member of our jury: Phoebe. That's two votes. Tonight, that's enough. Please bring me your torch.

Phoebe: You've got to be kidding me.

Emma grins smugly at Phoebe as she gets up and grabs her torch, bringing it to Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Phoebe, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Phoebe's torch, eliminating her from the game.

Jeff Probst: It's time for you to go.

Phoebe: Get to the end, Shannon.

Phoebe leaves the tribal council area and disappears into the forest while the jury looks around at each other with "what the hell just happened?" looks on their faces.

Jeff Probst: Just like last night, the takeaway from the vote is that nothing is set in stone. Tomorrow, you all will meet me for the final immunity challenge. Grab your stuff. Head back to camp. Good night.

The final four all grab their torches and depart for camp.


As the final four returns to camp, Patrick and Shannon struggle to comprehend what just happened.

Patrick: To say I've been bamboozled would be an understatement. I still can't believe what just happened. Why didn't you tell me you had the idol, Emma?

Emma: It wouldn't have benefitted me in any way to reveal that I had it unless I was on the chopping block.

Patrick: And you told me to vote for Landon, and that's what I did. Were you trying to get rid of Phoebe all along? Why didn't you just ask me to vote for her?

Emma: I ran the risk of drawing rocks. Landon's idea was too risky for me, so I had to come up with something different.

My plan to get rid of Phoebe worked perfectly. I know I told Patrick that we could possibly talk Shannon into betraying Phoebe at the final four, but I wasn't too confident about that, so I had to get rid of Phoebe while I could. Besides, I think Patrick and I can keep the immunity necklace away from Landon. Then he'll be gone and it'll be me, Patrick, and Shannon at the final three. And I'll win.


Shannon: Patrick, why'd you vote for Landon in the first place? I thought the plan was to split the votes.

Patrick: I let Emma get in my head. I don't think Emma has a good chance of winning this game, so I don't want to vote her out.

In my book, Patrick is officially an idiot. We had a foolproof plan to get rid of Landon, in addition to a failsafe in case the idol negated his votes, and then Patrick just had to screw things up by changing his vote. Patrick! You only had one job!


Shannon: You are so lucky you have an advantage in the final immunity challenge, you know that? You'd better win this so we can get rid of Landon. If he gets to the end, the game is his to lose, and you know that.

Patrick: I understand. But don't worry; I got this.

Shannon was, perhaps justifiably, pissed off at me after the outcome of tonight's tribal council. But she doesn't have to worry about this opportunity passing us by; if anyone other than Landon wins immunity, he's gone! I'm the one with an advantage, so I feel pretty confident. Those advantages can make a world of difference.


Day 38


In the morning, Shannon and Emma discuss the rationing of the remaining rice.

Shannon: If I had to guess offhand, I'd say we have four spoonfuls left. What do you think?

Emma: I think that's about right. The final three's going to receive a nice breakfast tomorrow, anyway, so why don't we just fix two spoonfuls for breakfast, and another two after the challenge. Everybody gets half a spoonful.

Shannon: Okay, that sounds good to me.

I was talking to Emma about the rice, then it hit me that I'm literally this close to the end of the game. *sighs* I'm going to miss this place. Well, sort of. I won't miss the uncomfortable conditions, but I'll miss the place itself.


Meanwhile, Landon pretends to be asleep, but is actually observing everybody.

If I don't win immunity, there's a ninety-nine percent chance that I'll be the final member of the jury. But if I win immunity, I'll have to pick a goat. I can take either Shannon or Patrick. Emma saved my ass twice, so the least I can do is bring her to the end. I don't feel any obligations to the other two, so I'll have to give some thought as to who rounds out a final three that features me.


A little later in the morning, Landon goes with Patrick to collect tree mail.

Patrick: Quite the vote last night, huh?

Landon: You said it. Hey, if you win the final immunity challenge, is there any chance that you'd bring me to the end?

Patrick: Probably not. You?

Landon: I dunno, man. I'd have to think about that. I really don't think that there's a clear goat out of any of us. Maybe Emma, but even she played a fairly strong strategic game.

Patrick: It's anyone's game, isn't it?

Landon: Yep.

It's kind of hilarious how Landon actually thought that I might take him to the end if I win the final immunity challenge. I'm not stupid; he's clearly the biggest threat remaining. If he got to the end, it'd probably be a fight for second place.


The boys return with tree mail, which Patrick reads. It is a congratulatory message to the final four for making it to the penultimate day in the game, as well as a summons to the final immunity challenge. The final four depart for the challenge immediately.

Technically this is an individual challenge, but it seems more like everybody versus Landon. If he loses this challenge, he loses the whole game, and he knows it. But if he wins the challenge, the game is his to lose. If he wins the challenge, he owes me for bailing him out last night, and right after the merge.


Immunity Challenge

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys!

The final four enters the forest challenge area. Jeff takes the immunity necklace from Patrick, declaring it up for grabs for the last time. After the castaways reveal that Emma is the new and final daimyo of the Kasai tribe, Jeff briefs them on the mechanics of the challenge. He also reveals that the advantage Patrick received by winning yesterday's reward challenge was having his four bags already untied.

Jeff Probst: For immunity! Survivors ready...go!

The four castaways race out to the structure, all going to bags in different locations first. Emma and Patrick go for the ones on lower levels first, while Landon and Emma aim to get the ones further up out of the way sooner. At first, Patrick's strategy, coupled with his advantage, seem to work well for him, as he jumps out to a huge lead early on. However, Shannon quickly loses ground, and Patrick becomes somewhat fatigued, allowing Landon and especially Emma, who ran track in high school, to catch up. Patrick does not help when he takes a wrong turn in the vertical maze, winding up at a dead end. By the time he finally finds his final bag, Emma and Landon have just entered to find theirs. Shannon, meanwhile, is bringing her third bag up the stairs.

Landon and Emma are both quick to find their final bags, so they exit about ten seconds after Patrick does. Emma is the fastest to get to the top of the stairwell, followed closely behind by Landon and Patrick. All three of them are quick to start working on their puzzle and Shannon goes back to find her final bag.

Patrick, Emma, and Landon all get off to quick starts on their puzzles, quickly realizing that the completed puzzle is supposed to form the season's logo. Emma soon gains a very slight lead, but Patrick takes it quickly. Landon quickly finds the four corner pieces and, having already figured out the pieces making up the word Survivor, begins filling out the edges of the logo. Patrick peaks at this and starts to fill out the center of the puzzle, as that is the only thing he has left. As Emma begins to get stumped, it comes down to Landon and Patrick. Shannon arrives with her final bag, but, realizing that she is effectively out of the running, doesn't even bother to do the puzzle, instead watching Patrick and Landon hurry to complete theirs. Landon soon gets Jeff's attention when Patrick only has one piece left.

Jeff Probst: Landon thinks he has it...And he does! Landon wins immunity!

Landon exhales deeply and raises his arms in triumph. Patrick shoves against his puzzle station in frustration while Emma and Shannon look on silently. Jeff places the immunity necklace around Landon's neck, reminding him that he is guaranteed a spot in the final three. He then reminds Emma, Patrick, and Shannon that one of them will, after thirty-eight days, fall just short, rounding out the jury. He then sends them back to camp for the afternoon.


Upon arriving back at camp, Shannon goes for a walk while Patrick goes swimming, leaving Emma and Landon at camp.

Landon: Okay, so here's the deal: You bailed me out last night, so I owe you. I'm not writing your name down tonight.

Emma: So it's either Patrick or Shannon?

Landon: It's either Patrick or Shannon. Problem is, I don't know which one of them to take.

By the skin of my teeth, I managed to win the final immunity challenge, so I'm set for the final three. I can now take my pick between two possible goats: Patrick and Shannon. But which one is the better goat? It's like being at a grocery store and unsure of what brand of plain rice cereal to buy.


Now that I'm the daimyo, I'm probably going to hedge my bets and cast one vote each for Patrick and Shannon. Either one would be fine as a goat. Patrick hasn't played a good strategic game at all, and Shannon spent too much of the game riding Phoebe's coattails.


At mid-afternoon, Patrick returns from the beach and encounters Shannon lying down in the shelter.

Patrick: So Landon's set for the final three. Do we just vote out Emma?

Shannon: Either that or we vote for each other, and that wouldn't benefit us in any way. We need to convince Landon that Emma's his biggest threat because of her strategic game.

Patrick: I'll talk to him. See where his head's at.

Shannon: Alright, you do that.

Emma's Landon's best choice as a goat, but that also makes her my best choice as a goat. The smarter choice for me would be to get rid of Patrick. He was loyal to the Kamakura alliance for a while, so he's probably got a few jury votes guaranteed. Allowing him to get to the end isn't a risk I can take.


Patrick finds Landon foraging for fruit a fair distance away from the shelter.

Patrick: Hey, what do you think about voting out Emma?

Landon: I haven't thought about it. Why?

Patrick: Dude, you can't bring her to the end. She's played a more strategic game than me and Shannon have, especially towards the end. And although she's made her fair share of enemies on the jury, she's also made allies. Allies who will probably vote for her. Reyna, for example.

So Patrick approached me with the idea to vote out Emma tonight. Like hell I'm going to just dispose of her one night after she gave me her idol! I get that ethics don't translate too well in the game of Survivor, but there's still a certain line you cross, and this would be comparable to Dawn betraying Brenda. I'd lose a ton of respect from the jury, and most likely a million dollars.


Landon: I'm not stupid, Patrick. I owe Emma, and the jury knows it.

Patrick: Okay, then what about Shannon?

Landon: I'm strongly considering it.

Landon won't vote out Emma, so I had to throw Shannon under the bus and hope that he takes me up on it. I can't go home. Not tonight.


Late in the afternoon, Landon finds Shannon tending to the fire.

Landon: That looks like it could use some more fuel. Here, I'll get some sticks for that.

Shannon: Good thinking. Hey, is Patrick going home tonight?

Landon: To tell you the truth, my mind isn't made up quite yet. But he asked me about voting for you.

Shannon looks shocked.

Shannon: Seriously? But he wanted Emma gone.

Landon: Well, with me immune and unwilling to vote for Emma, you're his only possible plan B.

I'm a bit worried about tonight's tribal council because Landon seems a bit indecisive about his vote. Emma may be his best goat, but she's not a Phillip Sheppard level goat. Not even close. So it could easily be me going home tonight.


At sunset, the Kasai tribe departs for tribal council.

Tribal Council

Jeff greets the final four as they arrive at tribal council and take their seats.

Jeff Probst: We now bring in the members of our jury. Dave. Hannah. Donna. Chuck. Bryce. Reyna. Kyle. And Phoebe, voted out at last night's tribal council.

Phoebe smiles at Shannon as she takes her seat next to Reyna on the jury bench.

Jeff Probst: Let's talk about today's challenge. Patrick, you had an advantage and a tremendous lead early on. Then it all fell apart. What happened?

Patrick: I guess I spent too much energy too fast, Jeff. I know this is a cliché, but it's not about how you start; it's about how you finish. And I didn't finish nearly as well as I started.

Jeff Probst: Emma, going into the challenge, do you feel that it was truly individual, or was there some sort of coalition against Landon?

Emma: I think that we had sort of an "everyone against Landon" mentality going into the challenge, because he's clearly the biggest threat to win the game. But, as you can see, he's got immunity, so we're all at his mercy tonight.

Jeff Probst: So wait, you say he's clearly the biggest threat to win the game, but you played your idol on him last night.

Emma: I realized that Phoebe was a bigger threat, because Shannon was so loyal to her, so going up against the two of them in the final four, unless I won immunity, I would have been screwed, so I used the idol to get rid of Phoebe then, hoping that either me or Patrick would win the final immunity. Obviously, that gamble didn't work out like I hoped.

Jeff Probst: Landon, do you have anything to say about all this?

Landon: All I have to say is that I'm still not sure who to vote for. Guys, why should I keep you?

Emma: The jury won't respect you if you vote me out exactly one night after I saved you.

Patrick: I was on the wrong side of so many votes, that it's doubtful that the jury would take me seriously as a finalist, even though I'm on good terms with a lot of them.

Shannon: I'm not answering that question, because you're clearly trying to goad us into revealing why the jury shouldn't vote for us.

A tense silence fills the air before Jeff continues with his questions.

Jeff Probst: Landon, do these answers help at all with your decision-making process?

Landon: Actually, yes. My mind is now made up.

Jeff Probst: Alright. It is time to vote. Emma, you're up.

One by one, the castaways cast their votes. No confessionals are shown.

Jeff Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

Jeff leaves to get the voting urn, returning shortly.

Jeff Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

...First vote: Emma.

...Patrick. One vote Emma, one vote Patrick.

...Patrick. Two votes Patrick, one vote Emma.

...Emma. We are tied. Two votes Emma, two votes Patrick, one vote left.

Jeff opens the final vote, but does not reveal it right away. Everybody holds their breath.

Jeff Probst: Sixteenth person voted out, and the ninth and final member of our jury...

...Patrick. That's three votes. That's enough. Please bring me your torch.

Patrick gets out of his seat slowly and brings his torch to Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Patrick, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Patrick's torch, officially eliminating him from the game.

Jeff Probst: It is time for you to go.

Without even looking back, Patrick leaves the tribal council area, disappearing into the forest.

Jeff Probst: Emma, Landon, Shannon, congratulations on making it as far as you can in the game. Starting now, the power is shifted to the jury. Nine people who you helped to eliminate will determine which of the three of you is most worthy of the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollar prize that comes with it. Tomorrow, you will enjoy your final day in Japan, and the traditional final three breakfast, then come back here for the final tribal council. Grab your stuff. Head back to camp. Good night.

The final three grabs their torches and leaves for camp.


The final three returns to camp in high spirts.

Shannon: Woo-hoo! Final three!

Landon: We made it.

They all exchange high-fives.

I'm glad that I made it to the end, but I still want to know Landon's thought process. I wonder why he chose to bring me to the end instead of Patrick.


Shannon quickly pulls Landon aside, away from Emma.

Shannon: Why'd you bring me to the end instead of Patrick? I didn't even answer your question.

Landon: Patrick gave me reason to vote him out. He said that he was on terms with the jury, remember? He was the most likely to get votes based on likeability.

Shannon: So I'm the goat?

Landon: No, of course not. It's just that I thought Patrick was a bigger threat. I'm positive you'll at least get Phoebe's vote. If anybody's the goat, it's Emma, since she betrayed several of the jurors. I expect a lot of the jury's bitterness to be directed towards her. Although I do think that her explanation of her endgame strategy might win her a couple of votes. I don't know for certain.

I made the decision to get rid of Patrick because I thought he was a bigger jury threat than Shannon. Shannon has one vote guaranteed, and Emma might have Reyna's, but I'm feeling pretty good about my decision. But I can't get cocky. Not again.


When they come back, Emma is already asleep in the shelter.

Landon: Well, I guess we oughtta get a good night's sleep. We've got a big day and a big tribal council tomorrow.

Shannon: You're right. Good night.

Landon: Good night.

Now that I'm at the end of this game, I'm starting to fear that I may not have been too much of a game-bot. I may have been a little too aloof toward several of the jurors, and I'm afraid of that costing me. *groans* That is such a noob mistake!


Day 39


In the morning, the final three all go to tree mail to get the traditional day thirty-nine breakfast. When they arrive, they find eggs, flour, bacon, fruit, coffee, and many other breakfast foods, as well as champagne and, specifically for Landon, who is below the American legal drinking age, a non-alcoholic beverage.

Emma: Oh my god, you guys. This looks so good.

Shannon: We better get started. I'm starving.

Landon: Who out here isn't?

They return to camp to cook and first cook the eggs and bacon, followed by rudimentary pancakes courtesy of Landon.

Emma: Oh...This is amazing. Best breakfast I've ever had.

Landon: I second that. I'd forgotten how much I love bacon.

The day thirty-nine breakfast is more than just a celebratory meal, and more than just delicious. It also really helps to drive home the fact that the game is in its twilight. It really is almost over, and yet, part of me doesn't want to leave. I've come to really love this place.


Landon: Cheers to thirty-nine hard-fought days. We made it.

Shannon: Cheers.

All three of them take a swig of their drinks. Landon makes a sour face.

Landon: Hey, my drink tasted kinda funny.

Emma: So did mine. ...Wait a minute, we must have picked up each other's by mistake.

Landon: So that was-

Emma: Champagne you just drank? Yes.

Landon: OH CRAP!

Emma and Shannon both laugh at Landon's reaction.

This morning was so nice. It was great being able to take a break from the game before one of the most important parts and just enjoy Landon and Emma's company.


The final three spend much of the rest of the day walking around the campsite, taking in as much as they can, since they know that they most likely will not see it again. At sunset, they collect their torches and leave for tribal council one last time.

I know that some of the jurors are going to harbor a lot of resentment towards me; there's always at least one bitter person on the jury. But I hope that my jury speech will be enough to sell them on my game.


I think that out of the final three, I played the best strategic game, and I overcame the greatest odds. But my game was by no means perfect, so I need to approach this with some sense of humility.


The game I played was more under the radar than that of the other two. But that doesn't mean I wasn't playing the game. I know Landon's going to get at least a few votes, but convincing the jury that I'm the most deserving and that I really did play the game is totally doable.


Final Tribal Council

The final three enters the tribal council area, greeted by Jeff, and all sit down.

Jeff Probst: We now bring in the members of our jury. Dave. Hannah. Donna. Chuck. Bryce. Reyna. Kyle. Phoebe. And Patrick, voted out at last night's tribal council.

Everyone remains silent as the jurors enter the tribal council area and take their seats, then Jeff sits down.

Jeff Probst: Welcome to your final tribal council. Congratulations; you have made it as far as you can in this game. Tonight, the power shifts to the jury. Nine people you had a hand in voting out will now decide who gets the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollars that come with it. We'll start with opening statements...your first chance to address them about why you deserve to be crowned Sole Survivor. Then they'll get their chance to address you. Then we'll vote


Jeff Probst: Emma, we'll start with you.

Emma: First of all, I want to thank all of you for participating in this experience with me. I know we may not have always gotten along, but I don’t have any real animosity toward any of you. I know I might not have always been as straightforward with you all as I should have been, and I take full responsibility for that.

Going into this, I suspect that a lot of you will vote for Landon. But before you do, I’d like to point out that he’s only here instead of over there because of me. After the merge, I flipped to the Ashikaga alliance, otherwise he and the rest of the Ashikaga alliance would have gone to the jury. Three nights ago, I encouraged Shannon to play her idol, eliminating Kyle and shifting the power from Landon to Phoebe. Then, two nights ago, I used my idol on Landon in order to vote out Phoebe. You might think that Landon controlled much of the game, but in reality, he needed me to save him twice.

I also did more to cultivate relationships with all of you than Landon did, even though, as I said before, I didn’t always get along with some of you. I think that I had the most impact on how this game turned out, and that’s why you should vote for me.


Jeff Probst: Landon, you're up.

Landon: Going into this game, I expected that I wouldn’t be taken seriously. I thought that there would be some sort of stigma attached to me due to my age. I know at least one person from the original Ashikaga tribe questioned whether or not I was mature enough for this game.

But I crushed any doubts about me as a player by emerging as one of the stronger castaways both physically and mentally. I controlled portions of the game, and also won three immunity challenges. I did face a few setbacks, such as losing both of my original allies and very nearly getting screwed by the tribe swap, but I overcame those, and now here I am. I feel that I overcame the greatest odds and played the best game out of the final three, and I hope that you all see it that way. I’ll answer any questions that come my way.


Jeff Probst: Shannon.

Shannon: Hi everyone! I know that I wasn’t the best at challenges. I only have one signature blindside to my credit; voting out Kyle. But I feel that I played a very good under the radar game. I didn’t ride Phoebe’s coattails; we were partners in crime. But because Phoebe was perhaps more verbose and outgoing, she naturally got more credit for our collective strategy game than I did. That was alright with me; I wanted to help the major threats and egos knock each other out before going in for the kill, and look where that got me. I hope that I’ve sold you on my game, and that there are no hard feelings over anything I may have done.


Jeff Probst: All right. Jury, some of you have waited quite a few days to address the final three. I'm going to give you a minute to let you finalize any questions you may have or points you would like to address. Then we'll get in to it.

For about a minute, the tribal council area is silent.

Jeff Probst: Chuck, get us started.

Chuck: Don't mind if I do, Jeff.

Chuck stands up and walks between the jury and the final three, staring at the final three venomously.

Chuck: Landon, the day I was voted out, you told me that you were leaning toward Phoebe. However, not one vote had her name on it until two days ago. Were you really considering voting out Phoebe instead of me, or was that a lie?

Landon: Was it a lie? Yes and no. Kyle was-

Chuck: Yes or no?

Landon: Just hear me out. Kyle was-

Chuck: Yes or no? I don’t give a damn what Kyle was doing.

Landon: Yes. It was a lie.

Chuck: Just as I thought. Emma, why is loyalty so hard for you?

Emma: It’s not hard for me. I just had to flip a couple of times.

Chuck: See, you just contradicted yourself. You say loyalty isn’t so hard for you, but you say that you had to flip, and every time you got called out on it, you got defensive! And you sold your allies out three nights ago, so you weren’t even loyal to them. You played by far the least ethical game out of everybody out here.

Shannon, as for you, you really didn’t do anything but ride Phoebe’s coattails for much of the game, but at least you stuck to my alliance with you. So thanks for that.

Shannon: No problem, Chuck.

Chuck: I’m not sure who I’m voting for tonight, but if any of you three actually think you deserve it, kiss my ass. That’s all I’ve got to say.

Chuck walks back to his seat on the jury bench. Most of the jurors seem somewhat shaken by the sheer spite displayed in Chuck's speech.


Jeff Probst: Kyle.

Kyle stands up and walks up to where Chuck was standing.

Kyle: Hi guys. Tonight, I only have one question, and that’s for Landon.

Landon: Ask me anything.

Kyle: Landon, a few days ago when you announced that we were planning to get rid of Patrick next, you effectively whittled our voting options down to two, increasing Phoebe’s alliance’s chance of playing the idol correctly. What the hell were you thinking?

Patrick and Phoebe exchange glances.

Landon: I meant that as a diversion. I hoped that Phoebe and Shannon would be gullible enough to give the idol to him while we actually voted for Shannon. But obviously, it didn’t work out like that.

Kyle: It sounded like a good idea at the time?

Landon: It sounded like a good idea at the time. But apparently, it wasn’t a good idea after all.

Kyle: Fair enough. Good luck.

Landon: Thanks, Kyle.

Kyle returns to his seat.


Jeff Probst: Phoebe.

Phoebe walks over to where Kyle was standing, almost tripping on the jury bench when one of her shoes' heels gets caught.

Phoebe: I just have one general question for all of you: Out of everybody on the jury, who do you think deserves to be here the least? Landon, I’ll start with you.

Landon: *exhales* Oh gosh…That’s a really good question. Um…I guess I’d say Reyna, since she needed to become the daimyo before I could see her as a threat.

Reyna raises her eyebrows at this news.

Phoebe: Emma?

Emma: Kyle. He didn’t do well in challenges back when Kamakura was steamrolling over Ashikaga.

Kyle shrugs dismissively.

Phoebe: Shannon?

Shannon: Patrick. He seemed to be on the outs so much that he really should have gone home a lot sooner than he actually did.

Patrick narrows his eyes.

Phoebe: Good answers from all of you. Thanks.

Phoebe returns to her seat.


Jeff Probst: Hannah.

Hannah walks to where Phoebe was standing and smiles.

Hannah: First of all, Landon, I’m very glad to see that you made it to the end. But I’m curious. Why did you take Shannon to the end instead of Patrick? Patrick was so bad at the strategic game that I doubt anybody would have voted for him. What’s your thought process?

Landon: Patrick was initially loyal to the Kamakura alliance, so I thought that if I took him to the end, he’d have at least two or three votes guaranteed. Shannon, who pretty much rode Phoebe’s coattails for thirty days, only had one sure vote.

Hannah: That makes sense. Shannon, Landon was right, you pretty much rode Phoebe’s coattails until she got voted out, then got lucky when Patrick was seen as a bigger jury threat than you. Out of the three of you, I think you deserve the million dollars the least.

Shannon: I see.

Hannah returns to her seat on the jury bench.


Jeff Probst: Patrick.

Patricks stands and walks up to where Hannah was standing. He crosses his arms over his chest.

Patrick: I don’t have any questions tonight. Instead, I have statements. Emma, your move against Phoebe two nights ago may have seemed strategic, but I know the truth. She ratted you out, which didn’t have much of an effect on your game, and you used your idol to save the biggest overall threat left. It’s quite possibly the most vindictive thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Emma starts to say something, but Patrick quickly addresses Landon, not even giving Emma a chance to defend herself.

Patrick: Landon, we spent about half the game on the same tribe, and I can’t think of a single instance where you went out of your way to form a relationship with me. I barely even know you. Do you hate me or something?

Landon: No, I don’t hate you. You haven’t given me any reason to hate you. I guess I just got so wrapped up in the game that I neglected to cultivate relationships with a lot of the other castaways.

Patrick: Yeah, that sounds about right. Although it’s great that you’re able to admit that flaw to your game, you still don’t have my vote. I don’t want to give a million dollars to somebody who’s essentially a stranger.

Landon: I’m sorry you feel that way.

Patrick: Actually, you’re just sorry that you don’t have my vote. I’m done.

Patrick practically storms over to his jury seat and continues to glare at the final three.


Jeff Probst: Dave.

Dave walks over to where Patrick was standing.

Dave: There’s something I’ve wanted to say for a while, so I’m just going to get it off my chest and over with. Emma, you are not getting my vote. I don’t reward traitors.

Landon, Shannon, you both played this game pretty well. But Shannon, you weren’t very good at challenges, and as a longtime viewer of the show, I can honestly say that it would have gotten you voted out early if you were on most other tribes.

Landon, I’m impressed with how you manipulated the daimyo twist and managed to get to the end despite losing your two closest allies. But I think that on a season without the daimyo twist, you would have faced much more heat, and you probably wouldn’t have made it here. Furthermore, Emma really is the only reason you survived tribal two nights ago, so there was more luck involved in your game than I think you are willing to admit.

Landon: I hear you.

Dave: And that’s all I’ve got. Congratulations to the three of you.

Landon: Thanks Dave.

Dave returns to his seat on the jury bench.


Jeff Probst: Donna.

Donna walks over to where Dave was standing, and eyes Emma sternly.

Donna: Emma, early in the game, the older men wanted to get rid of you. I took you under my wing and-

Emma: You didn’t take me under your wing, Donna. I demanded to join.

Donna: Right. My mistake. Your sense of entitlement got in the way, and your disloyalty and selfishness caused you to fall back out of favor.

Emma: The alliance was collapsing in on itself, Donna! What was I supposed to do?

Donna: Don’t interrupt me. We gave you another chance at the merge, and you proceeded to spit in all our faces by flipping and voting out Dave.

Emma: He was a threat, Donna! And at the time, I didn’t think Kyle was.

Donna: That may be. But you then sold out your allies by encouraging Shannon to play her idol. This was after Phoebe offered you the final three. Finally, you turned on Phoebe. Chuck is absolutely right, you played a shamelessly unethical game, and your mother ought to be very distraught about it.

Landon, I think Dave raised a valid point. If it hadn’t been for the daimyo twist and your exploitation thereof, Chuck would have had no incentive to turn against me and encourage the others to do the same. You would be sitting where I am. So congratulations on surviving every tribal council except one you didn’t even have to attend, but on any other season, you wouldn’t be over there. Remember that.

Donna walks back to the jury bench, and Emma looks down, apparently hurt by Donna's remark about how her mother ought to be disappointed in her.


Jeff Probst: Bryce.

Bryce walks over to where Donna was, and sticks his hands in his jeans pockets.

Bryce: My mind is pretty much made up right now, but for the sake of fairness, I wanna ask you guys one way in which you think this game’s changed you as a person. Shannon, you go first.

Shannon: I feel that this experience has made me a lot more grateful for all the luxuries of the real world. I don’t think I’ll complain about first world issues ever again after this.

Bryce: Good answer. Landon?

Landon: What happened to Kyle served as a much-needed lesson in humility. When I got cocky, one of my allies paid the price for it.

Bryce: Emma?

Emma: I learned the hard way not to give words that I can’t keep. I mean, the deceptions got me here, but It appears that I’ve made some enemies on the jury, and I regret that.

Bryce: Thanks guys.

Bryce walks back to his seat on the jury bench.


Jeff Probst: Reyna, close us out.

Reyna walks over to where Bryce was and eyes Landon icily.

Reyna: Landon, are you a psychopath?

Bryce, Chuck, and Dave all laugh at the unorthodox question.

Landon: What kind of a question is that?

Shannon giggles and Phoebe and Patrick struggle not to laugh out loud.

Reyna: It’s a question that could decide whether or not you’re a millionaire in a few months. Now answer it.

Now everybody on the jury bench except for Kyle is laughing.

Landon: I’m not a psychopath, Reyna.

Reyna: See, the only reason I would ever believe that is because you had to have passed the psych eval in order to get on the show. You may not truly be a psychopath, but you’re good at acting like one. You clearly didn’t care about anyone who wasn’t in your core alliance. Why should we give a million dollars to somebody who doesn’t even care enough to thank us?

Landon: Look, vote however you see fit, but understand that being an introvert doesn’t mean I don’t care about you people. I’m sorry I didn’t get to know a lot of you well enough while we were out here.

Reyna: I’m not buying it. You’re not sorry you didn’t get to know us. You’re just sorry that you don’t have our votes, like Patrick said before. He hit the nail on the head. Shannon, not only were you Phoebe’s handmaiden for a healthy chunk of the game, but you also went back on your word to me when you helped to vote me out instead of Landon six nights ago. What kind of example does that set for your daughter?

Shannon: My daughter understands that Survivor is a game, and a rather Machiavellian one at that. Ethics have to go out the window sometimes in the game of Survivor.

Reyna: So you're okay with the example you've set for daughter? You don't mind if she starts to think that it's okay to throw your morals out the window when you want something badly enough?

Shannon: That's not at all what I said.

Reyna: But that seems to be what you're implying.

Shannon: You're just putting words in my mouth to paint me as the villain, Reyna!

Reyna: No, you're refusing to own up to yours! You went back on your word to me, Shannon. Aren't you the least bit worried about your daughter thinking it's okay to go back on her word now that you've done exactly that?

The tribal council area suddenly becomes very tense. Shannon does not answer Reyna's question.

Reyna: Just as I thought. Emma, sister, you have my vote. You played one hell of a game, and I don’t hold your decision to turn on the Kamakura alliance against you. Hope you get four more.

Emma: Thanks, Reyna.

Reyna returns to her spot on the jury bench.

Voting and Reading of the Votes

Jeff Probst: Alright, jury. Hopefully the answers you have received from the final three have given you the information you need to make this million dollar decision. Thirty-nine days and it comes down to this final vote. Tonight, you are voting for a winner. Emma, Landon, or Shannon. For the last time, it is time to vote. Dave, you're up.

One by one, the jurors all go up to cast their votes. No confessionals are shown.

Jeff Probst: I'll get the votes.

Jeff leaves to collect the voting urn, returning a minute later.

Jeff Probst: Emma, Landon, Shannon, jury, thank you for yet another great season of Survivor. I know you would like for me to read the votes right now after thirty-nine days, but we have to wait until we get back to the United States. See you there.

Jeff takes the voting urn and leaves the tribal council area. On his way out, he mounts a horse, which he rides off into the forest.

Landon: Good game, guys.

Several months later, Jeff walks on to a stage in Los Angeles, where he is greeted by a chorus of cheers from fans in the audience and the final three. Once again, he thanks the contestants for a great season. He proceeds to reiterate the stakes of the vote before reading the first vote.

Jeff Probst: First vote: Landon.

The crowd cheers as Landon nods and grins broadly.

Jeff Probst: Emma. We are tied. One vote Emma, one vote Landon.

Emma smiles as the crowd cheers.

Jeff Probst: Shannon. We are tied. One vote Emma, one vote Landon, one vote Shannon.

The crowd cheers loudly and Shannon smiles at them. From there, Jeff proceeds to read the votes one by one, with the crowd cheering loudly after every one. Shannon receives another vote, while Emma and Landon both receive two each.

Jeff Probst: If this last vote is for Shannon, we will have to go to our tiebreaker.

Jeff opens the last vote, but does not announce it quite yet.

Jeff Probst: This vote is not for Shannon.

Shannon throws her head back in disappointment, but still smiles.

Jeff Probst: The winner of Survivor: Japan - Civil War...


Landon looks pleasantly stunned at the news as he is swarmed by Emma and Shannon, who both congratulate him. He then makes his way to the loved ones to whom he gave his finale tickets; his aunt, uncle, three cousins, and best friend Connor. While they celebrate, Jeff prepares for the reunion show and all the non-finalists come on to the stage.

Reunion Show Highlights

  • Landon states that he plans to use some of his money to buy a car and enroll in classes at Washington State University, where he hopes to major in music and join the men's lacrosse team as a walk-on.
  • Kyle apologizes to Bryce for being "kind of an ass" toward him at points in the game after clips of their arguments are shown. Bryce happily accepts the apology.
  • Bryce reveals that he and Reyna were briefly in a long-distance relationship after the game, but are now just friends, as neither was willing to move out of Houston and Los Angeles, respectively.
  • Chuck claims that, inspired by the reward in the episode, "I Can Give You Power", he recently adopted a child from the Philippines and named him Ishmael.
  • It is revealed that Phoebe won the voting for the Player of the Season award, in addition to the $100,000 prize that comes with it, despite her fifth place finish on the show and the fact that she didn't receive more than two confessionals in an episode until "This Had Better Work".

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 15:

1552812 191904904338738 119571436 a
(3 votes)

(Used Hidden Immunity Idol)
1481851 193195394209689 1958035701 a1483885 192237787638783 1752064159 a1483885 192237787638783 1752064159 a
Patrick, Phoebe(2)

1483885 192237787638783 1752064159 a
(2 votes)
1079141 193180400877855 183251063 a1552812 191904904338738 119571436 a
Emma, Landon
1079141 193180400877855 183251063 a

(1 vote)
1552812 191904904338738 1195371436 a
1483885 192237787638783 1752064159 a

Voting Confessionals

I don't appreciate being thrown under the bus like what happened last night after tribal. Besides, if you get to the end, you're going to win, so I guess you could say that this is not only personal, but also strategic. Sorry! Not really.

–Emma (voting for Phoebe)

Even if I do go home tonight, at least I can say I went out with a bang.

–Landon (voting for Phoebe)

This will either turn out to be one of the best moves in Survivor history or the dumbest.

–Patrick (voting for Landon)

Your attempts to save yourself are valiant, I'll give you that much. But you've been in the driver's seat for too long.

–Phoebe (voting for Landon)

Just a failsafe in case Landon plays an idol. We might not be able to bring you to the end after all. Sorry.

–Shannon (voting for Emma)

Final Words

*exhales* Wow. I don't even know what to say about what just happened. Although it's disappointing to go out when I was so close to winning, my experience out here has been amazing, and I hope that I get to do it again somewhere down the road.


Tribal Council

Tribal Council 16:
1481851 193195394209689 1958035701 a
(3 votes)
1079141 193180400877855 183251063 a1079141 193180400877855 183251063 a1552812 191904904338738 119571436 a
Emma, Landon
1079141 193180400877855 183251063 a
(2 votes)
1481851 193195394209689 1958035701 a1552812 191904904338738 1195371436 a
Patrick, Shannon
1481851 193195394209689 1958035701 a

Voting Confessionals

Your explanation for why Landon should keep you really worked against you, buddy. Sorry.

–Emma (voting for Patrick)

Your strategic game may have been piss poor, but I think you've got more allies on the jury than Shannon does, and that makes you more of a threat than her.

–Landon (voting for Patrick)

Landon's immune, and Shannon was too under the radar for me to benefit much if she goes home, so that leaves you.

–Patrick (voting for Emma)

I was going to vote for Patrick just to save myself, but then you explained your thought process behind your endgame, and suddenly I see you as a much bigger threat than I did before.

–Shannon (voting for Emma)

Final Words

Well, what can I say? I only had one job, and that was to win the final immunity challenge. I didn't do that job, and now look where that got me. But hey, it's been an amazing ride, and I have so many memories from this that I will never forget. And who knows? Maybe I'll get a chance at redemption somewhere down the road.


Jury Vote

Tribal Council 17:
Voted for
1552812 191904904338738 119571436 a
Landon (4 votes)
1533472 193180284211200 99775689 a1481921 193180334211195 775306311 a1552875 191318257730736 617767526 a1558661 191898041006091 1013420313 a
Dave, Donna, Hannah, Kyle
1079141 193180400877855 183251063 a
Emma (3 votes)
Bryce1481851 193195394209689 1958035701 a1490968 193201437542418 1894003788 a
Bryce, Patrick, Reyna
1552812 191904904338738 1195371436 a
(2 Votes)
Jo1483885 192237787638783 1752064159 a
Chuck, Phoebe
1552812 191904904338738 1195371436 a
1079141 193180400877855 183251063 a
1552812 191904904338738 119571436 a

Voting Confessionals

You understand how this game is played. Congratulations.

–Bryce (voting for Emma)

Like I said, you were Phoebe's lapdog, but at least you were loyal to my alliance. Hope you get enough of these; I really do not want to see Emma win this thing. Or Landon, for that matter.

–Chuck (voting for Shannon)

You're a strong competitor and I think you have a bright future ahead of you. Just don't apply Survivor strategy to real life.

–Dave (voting for Landon)

You shouldn't be in the final three, and that's why I'm giving you my vote. You've overcome the greatest odds, so I think you deserve it the most.

–Donna (voting for Landon)

You're like a little brother to me, Landon. You deserve to win this.

–Hannah (voting for Landon)

You've grown up a lot over the course of this game. I'm really proud of you.

–Kyle (voting for Landon)

I was totally going to vote for Shannon, but then she bashed me on Phoebe's question, and when you bash a jury member, you don't get their vote. *places vote in urn* This might have cost you a million bucks, Shannon.

–Patrick (voting for Emma)

You've been a trustworthy ally and a strong strategic and social player. You and I ran much of this game, even though it may appear that Landon and Kyle did. You deserve the million, sister.

–Phoebe (voting for Shannon)

When you can't win, the next best thing is to see somebody you love win. I just wish I had aligned with you; we could have run everybody into the ground.

–Reyna (voting for Emma)

Still in the Running

Beth voted out
1552875 191318257730736 617767526 a
Jasmine Voted Out
1558661 191898041006091 1013420313 a
1552812 191904904338738 119571436 a
Lawrence Voted Out
Patton voted Out
1483885 192237787638783 1752064159 a
1552812 191904904338738 1195371436 a
Dave Voted Out
1481921 193180334211195 775306311 a
1079141 193180400877855 183251063 a
John Voted Out
Katie Crockett
Lisa Voted Out
1481851 193195394209689 1958035701 a
1490968 193201437542418 1894003788 a
Tyler Voted Out

Next Time on Survivor...

Twenty new contestants are stranded on the beaches of Haiti, unaware of a game-changing twist.

Author's Notes

The title of this episode was spoken by Reyna during her jury speech.