Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Japan - Civil War
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe Kamikura
Lowest Placing Member Beth Spurlock (20/20)
Highest Placing Member Landon Mays (1/20)
Ashikaga is a tribe on Survivor: Japan - Civil War. It is named after the second shogunate of Japan, a regime which lasted from 1338-1573.



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Beth Spurlock, a music teacher from Salina, Kansas.

Bryce Dunn, a gymnastics coach from Houston, Texas.

Hannah Marshall, a model from Wilmington, North Carolina.

Jasmine Taylor, a motivational speaker from Fresno, California.

Kyle Nichols, a bartender from Stockton, California.

Landon Mays, a pizza delivery boy from Bellingham, Washington.

Lawrence Ridley, a restaurant owner from New Haven, Connecticut.\

Patton Southwell, a used car salesman from Alexandria, Louisiana.

Phoebe Moreira, a pre-calculus teacher from Chicago, Illinois.

Shannon Mobley, a retail salesperson from Iowa City, Iowa.

Post-Tribe Swap

Tribe History

Days 1-3

The Ashikaga tribe was formed when Jeff singled out Lawrence and Donna, the oldest man and woman in the game, as tribe leaders. Lawrence became the captain, or daimyo, of the Ashikaga tribe and got the first selection in a schoolyard pick. He chose, in order, Shannon, Kyle, Beth, Bryce, Jasmine, Patton, Phoebe, Landon, and Hannah.

Upon arriving at camp, Patton formed an alliance with Hannah, which Bryce noticed. He attempted to warn Lawrence about Patton becoming a threat, but was dismissed. Beth became sick, which prompted Lawrence and target her in the hypothetical event that Ashikaga lost the upcoming immunity challenge, which they did.

Patton formed alliances with the other women in the tribe, attempting to usurp Lawrence as the daimyo of the tribe. However, Hannah decided to work with Kyle and Landon instead, and they decided to target Beth along with Lawrence. Bryce refused to vote for anybody other than Patton. Ultimately, Kyle managed to swing Jasmine's vote to Shannon, a perceived weak link, to ensure that Beth went home on day 3 by a 5-4-1-1 vote. After the vote, Patton found out about Jasmine switching her vote and decided to put his coup on hold to get rid of her next. Kyle, Hannah, and Landon formed a final three alliance.

Days 4-6

After losing the reward challenge, Jasmine embarked on a long rant about Kyle's sense of humor, which she thought was in poor taste. Exploiting the situation, Patton, after a failed hunt for the hidden immunity idol, discussed the prospect of voting her off with Lawrence, citing a negative attitude as the main reason. Although he did not fully trust Patton, and was hoping to target Kyle next due to his perceived weakness, Lawrence did not rule out Patton's suggestion.

On day 5, a storm hit camp, nearly causing the machete to drift away before Landon retrieved it. During the storm, Jasmine once again criticized one of her tribemates; this time Patton.

When Ashikaga lost the next immunity challenge, the tribe considered whether to vote out Jasmine for her perceived dour and judgmental demeanor or Patton for being untrustworthy. At tribal council, Jasmine shot herself in the foot by criticizing several of her tribemates, and was sent home in a 7-3 vote. Kyle quickly realized this was a mistake, and several of the remaining members of the tribe decided that their weak leader Lawrence should be the next to go.

Day 7

Ashikaga lost the reward challenge and had to go to tribal council after Kamakura, while their tribal council was watched by their rivals as they feasted on hot dogs and soft drinks. Upon returning from the challenge, Shannon formed a final two pact with Phoebe and showed her the hidden immunity idol she had found. The alliance of Kyle, Hannah, and Landon decided to vote out Lawrence, but were tipped off by Bryce about their leader's plans to vote out Kyle. Patton then threatened to have his alliance vote with Lawrence against Kyle unless he was made the new daimyo of the tribe. Kyle agreed, which caused Bryce to mistrust him. At tribal council, Lawrence is usurped in a 6-2-1 vote, but leaves the game with no hard feelings.

Days 8-10

The change in leadership did not help, as Ashikaga blew their lead in the reward challenge and lost. Adding insult to injury, a storm ravaged their camp while they were gone. During this time, Patton began searching for the idol, which prompted Landon to convince Bryce to hide an idol in his pocket to trick Patton into thinking he had it. The ruse appeared to work.

Ashikaga lost the immunity challenge as well when Landon broke the rules by tripping John, which ignited a brief shoving match between the two of them. Upon the tribe's return to camp, Patton disappeared briefly, most likely looking for the idol in case the one he thought Bryce had was fake. Phoebe informed the alliance of Landon, Hannah, and Kyle that Patton wanted his alliance to split the votes between Bryce and Kyle, but clarified that nobody was on board with it. Landon took the opportunity to nominate Kyle as the new daimyo in the event that Patton was voted out, which he was later that night in a 6-2 vote.

Days 11-13

Upon returning from Tribal Council, the alliance of Kyle, Hannah, and Landon realized that they had the majority due to Kyle's position as the daimyo. However, they remained unaware of Shannon and Phoebe's possession of the idol, and the smaller alliance plotted to use it to get rid of Kyle at the next opportunity. Bryce, still not trusting Kyle, contemplated turning Landon and Hannah against him. However, these plans would never be put into action, as the tribes switched the next day. Only Phoebe and Shannon remained on Ashikaga, joined by Chuck, Dave, and John from Kamakura. Bryce, Hannah, and Kyle joined the new Kamakura tribe, while Landon joined the newly-formed Tokugawa tribe.

The new Ashikaga narrowly won the first reward challenge. Chuck - the new daimyo of the tribe - and Dave plotted to get rid of the women should they ever have to attend tribal council before the merge. Meanwhile, John alerted the women to Chuck and Dave's possession of Kamakura's hidden immunity idol. Believing that Chuck would likely be perceived as the target due to his title as the daimyo and his physicality, which would make him a threat come the merge, Phoebe decided that she and Shannon would vote for Dave instead. However, they did not need to put their plans into motion immediately, as Ashikaga easily won the immunity challenge.

Days 14-15

The Ashikaga tribe won the reward challenge thanks to unexpectedly strong performances by Shannon and Phoebe.


This tribe is named after the Ashikaga shogunate, which lasted from 1336-1573.