"At Least She's Bad Strategically"
Season Survivor: Tuvalu
Author User:Survivorpanda
Episode Number 6/14
Episode Chronology
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At Least She's Bad Strategically is the sixth episode of Survivor: Tuvalu.


Reward Challenge: Bog Roll
The rival tribes must wrestle each other for a boulder-sized rattan ball and must bring it to their tribe's goal. First tribe to three wins the challenge.
Reward: The winning tribe gets to name the merged tribe and have extra rice.

Immunity Challenge:
Stairway to Heaven
The tribes must place twelve poles of varying lengths into their holders to form a staircase, and then run up it. One at a time, three ride a zipline to a pontoon, grab a bag of puzzle pieces, and swim back, then all three climb a ladder back to the platform, where the final three (Funa had to pick two members from their three to compete again) solve the puzzle, a timeline.
Winner: Funa


Night 15

Stephennie talked to Yoshirou and Edd what it was like to go to every Tribal Council but one. Edd said he felt that it sucked, but it was cool that they somehow made it this far. In a confessional, Stephennie realized that she couldn't trust Edd, because he had played the sympathy card to get her to turn on a Vaitu member. Right now in numbers, Vaitu was slightly ahead 5-6. If she voted out Xuan, it would be tied 5-5. Stephennie decided she could trust Yoshirou, because he would do anything to stay in this game, because she already knew he switched alliances, and that Yoshirou always stays with the people who would do the best for him. While they were talking, all Xuan was doing was sitting alone at the other end of the shelter.

Day 16

Funa awoke earlier. Stephennie and Edd did stuff around camp. Edd asked her what it was like to be the only girl on the new Funa. Stephennie didn't mind. Edd tried to talk to her about when it comes merge time, and Stephennie secretly wanted to tell him he would go soon, but she didn't.

At Vaitu, Kelie became suspicious when she had realized that Cassandra was no longer looking for anything, which she thought was the Hidden Immunity Idol. Kelie told Yakawae and Bobby that either she was very lazy or had found it. Yakawae said it didn't matter, because she had a terrible strategy. Cassandra thought she noticed them talking about it. She ignored them, though. Cassandra then begged Rocky to forgive her, for she was his only hope of staying alive in this game. Rocky loved the sound of her needing him so badly or else she would leave, so he said no since he wanted her out. Raphael was talking with Penny who was getting more saddened. HE said she had to stay strong. But Penny just stared at the ground. Raphael talked to Yakawae and Bobby about possibly getting Penny out, not for their benefit, but for hers. She was getting sick. They liked this idea, agreeing that Penny would not feel good if they went on.

Day 17

Both tribes competed in the Reward Challenge, and Vaitu won. They were deciding on the merged tribe's name. Kelie wanted it to be Coco, but everyone said no. Yakawae said he had done some research before the game on Tuvalu. He wanted to name it after the smallest Island of Tuvalu, Niulakita. He suggested Lakita. Everybody agreed except for Cassandra. After minutes of talking back and forth, she liked the idea.

Day 18

The tribes met for the challenge, and Vaitu had a strong lead. But Funa came back near the end and one it. Stephennie was upset they never got to get rid of Edd, but she was happy she never got to go to Tribal Council.

At Vaitu everybody was exhausted, especially Penny. Kelie liked the idea of eliminating Penny, because she also thought she was not in a good situation. Penny wanted to get rid of Cassandra, and so did Rocky. Cassandra wanted to vote out Penny, and she told Rocky that, who just randomly yelled that he hated her. Then they yelled back and forth before going to Tribal. Yakawae, Bobby, Kelie, and Raphael voted for Penny, Cassandra and Rocky voted for each other, and Penny voted for Cassandra, but Penny was voted out 4-2-1.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Penny (4 votes)
Bobby, Kelie, Raphael, Yakawae
Cassandra (2 votes)
Penny, Rocky
Rocky (1 vote)
Penny Benson

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

"I am shocked that I am out, but I will feel much better once I get off Tuvalu. I am jsut stunned I was voted out, but you know, I did cry a lot. Best of luck to my fellow Vaitu members. Goodbye!!"


Still in the Running

Next Time on Survivor: Tuvalu...

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