Atiu Alliance
Season Survivor: Battle of the Ages
Founder Yorick Yancy
Members Remained Loyal:
Ivan Zoric (Day 4-21)
Charmaine Fairchild (Day 4-10)
Yorick Yancy (Day 4-13)
Shanika M'Bala (Day 10-12)
Quinlan Soler (Day 15-20)
Ulrich Sternberg (Day 15-21)
Zak Crewe (Day 16-20)
Day Formed Day 4
Enemies Marquis Luca
Lowest Placing Member Yorick Yancy (12/16)
Highest Placing Member Ivan Zoric (10/16)

The Atiu Alliance is an alliance from Survivor: Battle of the Ages. The alliance was formed on Day 4, when Yorick was worried about Ivan, Charmaine, and Shanika ganging up on him if Atiu went to tribal council. Ultimately after the dissolve, Yorick was seen as a traitor to the alliance, and the alliance eventually found itself eliminating themselves. The alliance ended when Ivan was voted out.


Yorick Forms the Alliance

Yorick as a Traitor

The Mutiny and Aftermath


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