Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Guadeloupe
Namesake French word meaning "banana tree"
Tribe Type Starting tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe Goyaves
Tribe Status Merged with Goyaves on Day 22
Challenge Wins 5
Lowest Placing Member Conner Winston (18/20)
Highest Placing Member Taylor Chandler (Winner)

Bananier is one of the two competing tribes in Survivor: Guadeloupe.


Beth Charleston - A teacher from Springfield, MO

Taylor Chandler - A student from Newark, NJ

Izzy DeLuca - A pre-med student from Biloxi, MS

Lydia Anderson - A medical sales rep from Appleton, WI

Ruby Myers - A beauty queen from San Francisco, CA

Luke Hale - An attorney from Syracuse, NY

Dallas Kennings - A bartender from Los Angeles, CA

Ryan McShane - A math professor from Des Moines, IA

Adam Lancaster - A doctor from Fargo, ND

Conner Winston - A retired fireman from Portland, OR

Tribe History

Bananier started the game off smoothly by winning the first five challenges in the game, three reward, two immunity. But when they lost the third immunity challenge and had to vote someone out, the game got complicated. The majority alliance split into two separate alliances. But with the help of another alliance of Bananier the tribe's pessimist, Conner Winston, was sent home.



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