"Barking Up the Wrong Tree"
Season Survivor: Culture Clash
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 10/15
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This is the tenth episode of Survivor: Culture Clash.

Previously on Survivor


Reward Challenge: Dig Deep
The tribe will be divided into two teams of five. One by one, team members must dive underwater and untie knots to release fishtraps containing bags of puzzle pieces. Once all five bags are collected, the whole team must assemble the puzzle which would reveal a math problem. The answer to the math problem is a set of coordinates which the team will use to locate a knife to cut a rope, releasing a flag. First team to raise their flag, wins reward.
Reward: The winners will be taken to a uninhabited island where they will enjoy a Survivor picnic.
Winner: Cap, Beatrix, Rosita, Lawrence and Lana

Immunity Challenge: Stairway to Heaven
The survivors will have to race to a station where bundles of ladder rungs are waiting. They must assemble the first ladder using the uniquely shaped rungs to climb to the first section of a tower. Once done, they must race to the next station to get the next bundle of ladder rungs and assemble them at the second layer of the tower. Once done, they will climb down and sprint to the furthest station to get the last bundles of puzzle rungs and build the final ladder at the third and highest part of the tower, where they must pull a lever to release a flag. First person to raise their flag, wins immunity.
Winner: Cap


Night 24

The Bathala tribe returns from Tribal Council, where Elle was blindsided by the alliance of Beatrix, Budd, Lawrence, Rosita, Lana and Cataleya, Jordan mocks Lana and Cataleya for siding with Beatrix, telling them they have no chance at winning this game. Lana mocks him back and asks him if his chances are any better than them. Jordan states that he already made up his mind in voting for Beatrix should she makes it to the end, and thinks that everyone who is aligned with her are all scapegoats.

I am not in the minority. I know how this works. Myself, Cap, Dominic and Simon will fall down one by one, but I have to make sure I win every single Immunity Challenge, and if the writing's on the wall, I have to make sure I stay in their good graces so I can win their jury vote regardless.


Day 25

Noticing that Rosita is becoming more and more distant towards her, Lana takes the initiative of getting to know Rosita. Knowing she is Beatrix's closest female ally in the original Amihan tribe, and could possibly turn the tables on her because she talks more with Beatrix recently. Lana helps Rosita gather water. Rosita appreciates the help and apologizes for sort of giving Lana a cold shoulder during the early days of the merge. The two promise to get to know each other more.

Maybe Lana isn't so bad after all. All that smack Kaito and Dominic told me about her are so not true...either that, or she's playing me.


Rosita is a big threat of mine. She knows how close I am to Bea, so she can turn the tables on me any time. I have to dispose of her soon.


Returning back from the well, Rosita comes back to the shelter to talk to the just-risen Beatrix. Rosita confides to her that she has a clue to the third Hidden Immunity Idol. Not necessarily wanting to have the idol for herself, Beatrix would want to stay in Rosita's good graces until it is time to vote her out.

Rosita is really a good friend of mine. She is a sweetheart. We're both mothers, and we do connect with each other. But that's why I cannot afford to take her to the end. Right now, personally, I'd rather keep the people who have the idol rather than own it myself, so that if they get into trouble, at least it's not me who's taking the heat.


The Bathala tribe meets Jeff Probst for their next Reward Challenge. Jeff announces that they will be playing for a Survivor picnic. The tribe is divided into two teams of five: The blue team consists of Cap, Beatrix, Rosita, Lawrence and Lana; and yellow team is comprises Budd, Jordan, Cataleya, Dominic and Simon.

The blue team flies ahead while the yellow team struggles as Cataleya is unable to retrieve her bag after unclipping it. Cataleya returns to shore without her bag, prompting Jordan to retrieve it himself. The blue team successfully completes the puzzle, but is unable to find the knife, giving the yellow team an opening. Despite the yellow team quickly finishing the puzzle, Lawrence finally finds the knife, and cuts through the rope. With their flag raised, the yellow team wins reward. 

Back at the camp, Simon returns to his daily routine of catching coconuts, while Cataleya and Jordan collect clams. Jordan asks if Cataleya will stick with Beatrix and what her promises were. Cataleya tells him she is not wavering in her alliance and apologizes to him. Jordan says it is fine, because nobody is going to vote for her anyway  for not even attempting to eliminate a threat as big as Beatrix.

Cataleya is actually more clueless than I thought. She has no idea her chances of winning is going down the drain.


Jordan knows he is going home, so he s trying his best to intimidate me. I'm not as stupid as he thinks I am. Right now, there is no point of me leaving Bea because I am in a better position. Jordan is clearly barking up the wrong tree.


The reward winners arrive at their reward location with their picnic basket. While cooking their food, Cap blatantly asks Beatrix of who are they going to vote for. Returning the bluntness Cap shows, Beatrix tells him they have not talked about it in whole honesty. Cap tries to stir things up in an attempt to turn Beatrix's alliance against her. As Rosita to calm both parties, Lawrence states that he has lost his appetite after seeing all the drama in front of food, which he considers a blessing.

I am playing this game too, but to do it and to verbally attack each other in front of food, a blessing, is downright discourteous. Can we leave this at the back door for a second?


I calling all the shots. These sheep have no idea Bea is running this game. They will be turning on each other sooner or later, but for me to stay longer in this game, they have to turn on each other "sooner" rather than "later."


With much of the food almost uneaten, the reward winners return to camp and eat the picnic reward with the rest of the tribe. Lawrence tells Cataleya and Budd all the drama Cap had cost. Lawrence proposes to vote out Cap because he is doing whatever he can to break their alliance. Budd and Cataleya both agree. Lawrence also sends the message to Beatrix, Rosita and Lana. Beatrix wonders what if Cap wins immunity, but Lawrence responds, that if that does happen, they should vote out Simon, Cap's sidekick. With Simon gone, Cap will have less room to work with, even with the Hidden Immunity Idol at his disposal.

Lawrence has this plan that if Cap does not win immunity, then he goes. But if he does win, we vote his sidekick Simon out. I was like, genius!


Day 26

Morning at Bathala, everyone has something to do. Beatrix, Rosita and Lana collect firewood and tend the fire, Budd, Lawrence and Simon collect clams, while Cap, Jordan and Dominic go out fishing. Cataleya, who wakes up the most late, musters up energy to collect a fallen coconut to drink its juice while watching her tribemates do camp chores. Watching Cataleya appreciate the morning Philippine sun, Rosita is secretly aggravated with Cataleya's poor work ethic.

Cataleya's a nice person, but she is the laziest person at camp. she wakes up as if she's in some resort, while me and the others collect food for her. We're playing Survivor. We're not room service!


Beatrix gathers Lawrence, Budd, Lana and Rosita, asking them what happens if Cap wins immunity but hands his idol to Simon. Lawrence believes that Cap is too greedy to give his idol to someone else and he will only use it for himself. Rosita proposes that voting Dominic is a better alternative, saying that he is the least likely person who Cap give his idol to, and even if Cap uses the idol for Simon, it will just go for naught.

We don't have enough numbers yet to split the votes, but the least we can do is have Cap waste his idol at Simon and let him dig his own grave.


While fishing, Cap laments their minority position. Dominic stresses that him being close to Simon would make the majority alliance think Simon is the most likely person who would Cap give his idol to, and they might be targeting someone else instead, like himself or Jordan. Cap considers giving the idol to Dominic instead, though if he does so, their alliance are going to be defenseless against Beatrix's alliance.

I don't talk much, but I'm observant enough to think that they are either gunning for Cap, who's been bent on taking Beatrix down, or Simon, who clearly is closest to Cap. If Cap gives the idol to me, I believe we can turn this game around.


If I give the idol to Dominic, sure we will have all four guys intact until the next round. However, if we don't use the idol wisely, for sure all of us will be picked off, one by one.


Day 27

The ten remaining survivors meet Jeff Probst for their next Immunity Challenge. Most of the survivors are daunted by the enormous staircase they have to finish. Budd and Jordan gain an early lead, having a seesaw battle for first place, though struggle to place their first set of ladder rungs. Cap catches up by studying the ladder first before running. Cataleya struggles to even untie her first bundle of rungs. As the challenge continues on, it goes down between Cap, Budd and Jordan, as the others are becoming tired of running back and forth. In the end, Cap finishes his ladder and pulls the lever from the top deck, winning himself immunity. After winning immunity, Cap gloats at Beatrix, much to Beatrix's chagrin.

You might the necklace and the idol at the same time, what you don't have is class.


Back at camp, Cap continues to harp on Beatrix's alliance failing to win immunity. Beatrix snaps back at Cap, warning him to "make sure that immunity will stay on his neck", because the minute it is taken off him, it's his time to go.

I am giving Beatrix a hard time to think about their vote to cause confusion. That way, it would be easier for me to persuade one of them, preferably Budd to join our side.


He is trying to give us a hard time to strategize, yet he doesn't realize, he's giving himself a hard time as well because he is acting like a madman to people who are going to be jurors. I don't get it.


Beatrix gathers her alliance to discuss the upcoming vote, asking if they are still going through the plan of voting out Simon. Budd suggests to vote Dominic instead because their won't be seeing it coming.

I suggested to vote Dominic instead because nobody's bringing up his name. So tonight, I assume Simon uses Cap's idol, but actually, it's Dominic who goes home.


Meanwhile, Dominic continues to convince Cap to give him his idol, telling him that they are most likely to target him instead because his name has yet to be brought up. To compensate for the loss of the idol, he promises they'll just look for it later when it's rehidden, but for now they cannot afford to lose numbers anymore. Cap is still undecided whether or not he should give his idol to Dominic. Jordan shows up, telling Cap that giving the idol to Dominic is the best idea they could come up with at this point, because they at least have put a dent to the success of the other alliance. Jordan suggests that Cap should give the idol to Dominic, while their bro alliance enforce a tie to at least spread confusion among the other alliance. Jordan insists to have a 2-2 tie between Beatrix and Lawrence. Jordan explains that there is a chance that Budd would use the idol for Beatrix

Initially, not having your name be brought up in any conversation about the vote is a good thing, but I came to realize, if your name is not brought up yet, maybe it's really your time to be.


If there is a time to make a move, it is now.


At Tribal Council, Beatrix castigates Cap for his unprofessional behavior after the Immunity Challenge. Cap merely shrugs, saying he is not scared of her. Beatrix gives him a friendly warning that once he loses an Immunity Challenge, he will go home. Cap taunts Beatrix that they will be voting for her tonight. Beatrix warns him back, saying they will be voting Simon out.

Before Jeff reads the votes, Cap suddenly stands up to hand the idol to the host, but to the majority alliance's surprise, instead of giving the idol to Simon, he gives it to Dominic, stating that he is the only person from their all-male alliance that has never been mentioned in any voting strategy from the other group. As Jeff opens the urn, Budd stands up next, stating he will use his idol for Beatrix.

As Jeff reads the votes, Jordan's prediction is proven correct, as Beatrix's alliance all voted for Dominic, but with Cap's idol, they are all negated. With all the nullified "Dominic" votes read first, the all-male alliance's votes are revealed next. The remaining votes reveal a 2-2 split between Beatrix and Lawrence, but with Beatrix protected by Budd's idol, Lawrence takes the fall.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Beatrix, Budd, Cataleya, Lana, Lawrence, & Rosita
(votes not counted)
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Cap & Jordan
(votes not counted)
Lawrence (2 votes)
Dominic & Simon
Lawrence Dias

Voting Confessionals

I wished we get to know each other more, but you siding with Cap is the main reason I wasn't able to.


Beatrix. I hope Budd doesn't play that idol for you, but if he does, I'd love to relish your downfall.


I have nothing to say to the actual person I'm voting out. But, I have something to say to Cap. You need to go to the nearest bakery and find the biggest slice of humble pie you can find.


I'm sorry, Lawrence, it's our plan.


Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • Beatrix's alliance continues to crumble, now that Rosita is starting to scheme against her and Lana. Now that his alliance has the upper hand, will Cap take control of the game?
  • Now that the Americans have the majority again, Cap plans to recruit Lana and Cataleya again. Will they give in?
  • Two Tribal Councils. Two survivors going home.
  • One vicious blindside incoming! And when I say vicious, I mean, V-I-C-I-O-U-S.

Author's Notes

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