"Battle of the Genders"
Season Survivor: The Beginning
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 6/13
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This is the sixth episode of Survivor: The Beginning .

Previously On Survivor...

A final three deal was made at Sarawak between Jane, Ryan and Charlie. Ryan, however, had other plans. Walter decided to abandon strategy and instead catch fish for likability. Violet, Vanessa and Benny discussed voting out Jane, who Violet saw as the weakest tribe member. At the Sabah tribe, Pen and Bob's rivalry continued. Peter began to think strategically. The girls of Sabah, Victoria and Olive decided to vote off either Pen or Bob if they lose again. In the reward challenge, Sarawak won three live chickens. Back at camp, Benny decided to stick with Jane's alliance over Violet's. In the Immunity challenge, Sarawak once again won Immunity. At Sabah, Pen apologized to Bob in front of Olive and Peter, in an attempt to direct the votes away from himself. Pen blamed the challenge loss on Victoria and tried to get everyone to vote her. But in the end, Pen was voted out unanimously. Eleven are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Abandoned Barracks
Two tribe members at a time race the other into a barrack to find several items. First tribe to get all the items wins. If a duplicate item is found, the tribe that found it instantly loses.
Reward: Canned foods.
Winner: Sarawak

Immunity Challenge: Obstacle Course
The tribes race through an obstacle course.
Winner: Sarawak


Day 16

At Sabah, Bob was happy to be rid of his nemesis. He claimed that if he can survive Sabah's ulonging, he just might be able to win. Victoria was frightened to only have four tribe members left. She began to lose hope.

I'm scared. Four members left. I really hope that Sarawak isn't in a Pagonging mood.


Victoria and Olive went fishing, due to the tribe running low on food. The girls were happy because the merge was coming up and they could leave Sabah. Olive then asked Victoria which of the guys they will bring to the merge if they lose again. The two thought of voting Bob, due to them hating his personality. But they figured that Peter would be the bigger physical threat in individual challenges.

Both Bob and Peter are strong. Looking ahead, Peter may be the bigger physical threat at the merge, which is coming up.


Back at camp, Bob noticed Peter being really silent. Peter was wondering if there was any way for him to win at this point.

If I had to guess, Peter's upset that there is no possible way to enter the merge evenly. How could you not be upset?


At Sarawak, Jane created a schedule for the chickens. They eat the first chicken the current day, eat the second the next and eat the last the day before the merge. Walter then kills the first chicken and the tribe ate it.

The schedule is perfect. And this way, we'll have eaten all the chickens before merging.


Ryan met with Charlie and offered him a final two deal. Charlie accepted without question. Ryan revealed in a confessional that he was going to use Charlie to get himself far. Charlie revealed in a confessional that he was going to let Ryan take all the bullets for him, so he gets the jury votes in the end.

Probably every good winner has had someone who helped them along the way. Charlie would be perfect.


If Ryan is going to be making all the strategic moves, I can hang back and during the jury stage, I'll get the votes. Not a very good strategy, but it is strategy nonetheless!


Shortly afterwards, Violet met with Vanessa and Benny and talked about plans for the merge. Benny, secretly, was only pretending to be in Violet's pact while actually being in Jane's alliance. This way, all of Sarawak would trust him.

Day 17

While it was still dark out, the tribes met Probst for their reward challenge at abandoned barracks. The challenge seemed to be going well, until Victoria brought back a duplicate. Due to this, Sarawak won.

Back at Sarawak, Charlie said that he doesn't like winning all these rewards because they take up too much space. Walter then kills the second chicken for food. In the shelter, Violet and Vanessa claim they feel sorry for Sabah. Benny then tells them that they have to do what ever it takes to survive. Even if it means to starve the competition. Charlie, deciding that the shelter would be too small for everyone after the merge, suggests that they make it larger. So Sarawak gets to work, making their shelter bigger.

This tribe is dominating at the moment. I think that in the end, only Sarawak will be left.


Day 18

The tribes met for the Immunity challenge. In the challenge, Bob stumbled. So Sarawak won Immunity.

Returning to Sabah, Victoria and Olive go off to talk about the voting. Peter saw them and became suspicious. Peter told Bob that he was sure that there was a women's pact going on. Peter told Bob that they'll need a men's pact to take out the women. Bob and Peter talked about voting Olive for being such a strategist. Bob then brought up that there will be a tie-breaker if they go through with this. But Peter claimed that tying the votes is the safest way to stay in the game.

This is based on the original Survivor. So the tiebreaker may be drawing rocks, previous votes or a quiz. I hope I win whatever it is. It's now a battle of the genders.


At Tribal Council, Bob stayed loyal to Peter, and the votes were tied between Peter and Olive. In the re-vote, only Bob and Victoria voted. Neither of them switched their votes. Probst claimed that they were deadlocked. Thus, a tie-breaker commenced. Probst said that Tribal Council is where people account for their actions, so votes from previous Tribal Councils would be counted. Peter never recieved a vote against him, but Olive recieved one vote at the first Tribal Council. That one vote was enough and Olive was eliminated. The three remaining Sabah members headed back to camp, with Victoria as the last woman left on Sabah.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:

Luke (4)
Olive (2 votes)

Luke (2)Luke (6)

Bob & Peter

Luke (6)
Peter (2 votes)

Luke (4)Luke (7)

Olive & Victoria

Olive Patricks

Voting Confessionals

You're very smart. And that's why you get this vote. It might be me for all I know.


I know you've been trying to not anger anyone at camp by staying silent all the time, and it worked. But that strategy will only get you so far. Sorry buddy.


Final Words

Not before this night did I worry about getting that one vote. I had no idea that the guys were plotting together as well. Had we known that, we would have voted for Bob. I'm done now, so I wish Victoria the best of luck.


Still in the Running

Luke (2)
Luke (6)
Luke (7)
Luke (8)
Luke (9)
Luke (11)
Luke (12)
Luke (13)
Luke (14)

Author's Notes

  • With Olive's elimination, Victoria is the only girl remaining on Sabah.
  • This is the first time in fanon history that votes from previous Tribal Councils were counted.
  • The title was said by Peter when talking about voting Olive off.