"Beast Mode"
Season Survivor: Honduras
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Episode Number 2/14
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This is the 2nd episode of Survivor: Honduras.

Previously on Survivior...

Eighteen new castaways were left in the eastern region of Honduras. Right after landing the two tribes were created: Mocorón and Nakunta. After the tribes were made, the first challenge went underway. Mocorón dominated the challenge and took home flint and twenty pounds of beans. Nakunta was sent back to camp with nothing but an angry castaway named Paul. As Mocorón seemed united and cohesive, Nakunta had to deal with Paul's hateful and angry attitude mainly to the oldest member of the tribe Benny. Paul's unwarranted vendetta against Benny caused his tribemates to despise him. At the immunity challenge, Mocorón member John dominated the challenge scoring over half the points needed to win and sealed the deal for Mocorón's second straight win. On Nakunta's side, Jessica dominated as well. She scored the same amount of points as John but she could not propel her tribe to victory. This loss with Paul's attitude made the vote at tribal easy. Nakunta sent Paul home as the first castaway voted off of Survivor: Honduras.

Seventeen are left. Who will be voted out tonight.


Reward Challenge: Log Jam
There is a revolving log over a pit of water. All castaways will compete against each other in one-on-one matches. Whoever outlasts their opponents scores a point for their tribe. First tribe to eight points wins reward.
Reward: Full fishing kit and supplies
Winner: Mocorón

Immunity Challenge: Survivor Sumo
One member from both tribes face off in an arena surrounded by water. Using their sandbags, or any other body part other than their hands, they must try to knock each other out of the arena. Each knockdown is one point. First tribe to eight points wins immunity.
Winner: Mocorón


Night 3

Nakunta finally made their way back to camp. Their was a sense of relief over the entire tribe. Paul's hateful voice was nowhere to be heard plus they got flint at Tribal Council. As most of the tribe laid down to try and get some rest, Jessica took Alison into the trees.

"Alison, we are undeniably the strongest two on this tribe right now," Jessica told Alison.

"I don't know about me, but you are amazing," Alison replied.

"You are too. We are the only to actually score multiple times. The guys haven't even scored once. I think it we are to win we need to get rid of the weaker links. Probably for the first time in this game, the women are stronger than the men on a tribe."

"What are you saying, Jessica?"

"We need to make an alliance and take control of this tribe. You and me. I also think I can sway Tina and Connie."

"Why those two?"

"I trust them more than the guys," Jessica replied.

"Do you think we can do it?"

"I know we can do it, Alison. I'll talk to the other two tomorrow," Jessica finished.

So we get back from tribal and Jessica pulls me aside to propose an alliance. If it had been anyone else, I would have probably not wanted to agree to it, but I trust Jessica and she is right. We are the only two threats on this tribe. We need to find others who are capable in winning and right now, it doesn't look like the men are part of that equation. I think we may have to form a woman's alliance just to win tribal challenges. I never thought that would happen.

–Alison Jacobs

I talked to Alison right after we got back from tribal about winning against Mocorón. We need to find the strongest combination because we all know that Mocorón has found its strongest combination. That's for sure.

– Jessica Walters

Day 4

Log Jam

Jeff gave the signal for the two tribes to come in for their next reward challenge.

Mocorón getting their first look at the new Nakunta tribe. Paul voted out last tribal council. Are you guys ready to get to today's reward challenge?

–Jeff Probst

Jeff went on to explain the challenge and reveal the reward for the winning tribe. It was full fishing gear and kit. Mocorón had one extra member to sit out and they chose to sit out Danni. The tribe members drew for spots and opponents.

They were Adam vs. Carson, Jase vs. Benny, Kat vs. Alison, Susan vs. Connie, Matt vs. Jessica, John vs. Max, Taylor vs. Vince, Conner vs. Tina.

First two on the log were Adam and Carson. The signal was given and Adam just took off moving the log, throwing Carson off balance and scoring the first point.

Mocorón: 1 Nakunta: 0

The second match was between Jase and Benny. Benny could barely stand up straight before the signal was given. Right after the signal to start was given, Benny lost his balance and fell off without Jase doing anything.

Mocorón: 2 Nakunta: 0

Next up was Kat vs Alison. Alison started to spring on the log. Kat was caught unaware but regained footing. But by incredible balance, Alison sped up and Kat couldn't keep up. She fell in the water.

Mocorón: 2 Nakunta: 1

Susan and Connie were next. The two of them went on for several minutes before Connie slipped off and giving Mocorón its third point.

Mocorón: 3 Nakunta: 1

Matt and Jessica were up next. In a change of strategy, Jessica didn't try to roll Matt off but charged him instead. He was not expecting that and dodged her. It ended up costing his tribe a point.

Mocorón: 3 Nakunta 2

John was once again up against Max in a challenge. Just like the other times, John ended up victorious as Max fell into the water.

Mocorón: 4 Nakunta 2

Next up was Taylor vs Vince and then it was Conner vs Tina. The Mocorón members scored again on these two tries.

Mocorón: 6 Nakunta: 2

In the first rematch, Carson got revenge on Adam and secured the first Nakunta point in all chanllenges that wasn't scored by Alison or Jessica.

Mocorón: 6 Nakunta: 3

Benny and Jase were once again up and just like before, Benny could not stand up and fell into the water.

Mocorón: 7 Nakunta: 3

Against Kat, Alison score again for Nakunta, and Connie got revenge on Susan. Jessica continued to dominate. That brought Nakunta within one point of Mocorón.

Mocorón: 7 Nakunta: 6

But Nakunta's efforts were too late. John once again defeated Max in a challenge and won the reward for the Mocorón tribe.

Mocorón: 8 Nakunta: 6

Mocorón wins reward! (After the tribes return to their mats) Mocorón another impressive win. This fishing kit is yours. Enjoy it. Nakunta once again I have nothing for you. See you guys later.

–Jeff Probst

John is going beast mode out here. If it wasn't for him, we might not be one this fine winning streak. We owe him a lot. Plus I like the guy. That's always a good thing.

–Matt Easterly (on John's dominance in challenges)


Mocorón returned to camp on a winning high. Three straight wins for any tribe can be a great morale and momentum boost. Kat, Taylor and Matt were treating John like the hero of the day. Susan also congratulated him.

I'm happy I won reward for my tribe, Hopefully we can win our 2nd immunity challenge.

–John Sayers

Not everyone was on the John bandwagon though. Jase sat back and watched as his tribe flocked to the young man who has been dominate throughout the whole game.

I don't know what it is, but there is something about John that I don't like. It's not that he is a bad person. There is something that he's hiding from the rest of us. Since we are this winning streak, I don't think we'll have to see it, but once we lose an immunity challenge I think that side of John I can sense will show through.

–Jase Allen

Danni saw Jase sitting on a log by himself and sat down next to him. She asked, "What's wrong? You seem angry about something."

"It's John. Sure he's winning these challenges for us, but there is something he is not showing the rest of us," Jase answered.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not sure yet, but look at him. His performance in challenges has given him immense popularity in our tribe. Soon he will be the one calling the shots. And when that happens, what do you think will happen to the ones who aren't one cheering him on right now?"

"You mean, me and you."

"And Adam," Jase added.


"He doesn't talk much but Adam feels the same way about John. We talked about when we returned from yesterday's immunity challenge."

"What do you want to do about it, Jase?" asked Danni.

"If it comes to it, we need to get rid of one of the people closest to him."

"Why not just get rid of John?"

"He's too valuable in this stage of the game. As much as I don't like him, John is an asset we need to keep in order to win. I say we take out one of his younger admirers. I say Taylor. Kat does more in challenges than Taylor does right now."

"So that's the plan. If we lose immunity, we get rid of Taylor?"

"We try. There's you, me, Adam and I think we can pull Conner to our side. Matt, Taylor, Kat and John are tight. I mean just look at them. The swing vote is going to be Susan. We need to get her to our side."

From across the camp, Kat saw Jase and Danni talking. She didn't like the way that kept looking at John or anyone close to him. She pulled John away from the group into the area next to the well.

John asked her, "What's going on?"

"I think Jase and Danni are forming their own alliance. I don't know who else they have, but the way they were looking at us, it's clear we aren't on their nice list," Kat explained.

"Why? All we have done is win challenges and kept our winning streak alive."

"I don't know, but if we happen to lose immunity. I think we need to take out Jase. I think he is the one leading the charge against you."

John shook his head, "I didn't think there would be this much scheming already, but I should have known better. If this is true, we need five people to take Jase out. I have you and Taylor. I'm sure Matt is with us as well. Guess who this all comes down to."


"Yep, Susan. We need her and then we have control of the tribe."

"Should we wait to talk to her until later or as soon as possible."

"I don't want Jase to get to her first. We need her so I say get to her as soon as possible. Let's get out of here before they suspect we know something."

John and Kat left the well area, but returned with a bucket of water for beans and wood for the fire.

If this thing about Jase plotting against me is true, I'm sorry but I want control of this tribe. I almost have it. If you oppose me, you are going down. I may a fun and lovable guy but fun and lovable guys only get so far in this game. If we lose immunity Jase is going home. I don't want any threats to try and overtake me.

–John Sayers

John tended to fire as Kat was getting the beans ready to cook. As she started to scoop the beans out, she felt some kind of paper in the bag. She looked around to see if anyone was watching. The only person around was John and she relaxed a little. She took the paper out and pocketed it before anyone saw what it was. She whispered to John that they had to talk later when no one was around. He agreed as he started to cook the beans.


For the third straight time, Nakunta returned to their camp as losers. This time it was starting to take its toll. Carson was bitter. Max wanted revenge on John for losing to him all the time. Vince was silent. Benny felt that it was all his fault. Jessica was the only one who seemed resilient.

We lost again. Oh and guess who scored the most points on our tribe? That's right. Alison and me. Sure Connie did score and so did Carson, but I feel like that only Alison and myself are carrying this tribe. It should be like that. The strongest should be carrying this tribe. Look at Carson. Look at Max. Look at Vince. Those three look like they are the strongest. They aren't. If you go by who's better in challenges, it's the women. Mainly me. I don't want to sound conceded or self-centered but's it is true. I am carrying this tribe. I can't do it alone. I hope the others wake up and get their heads on straight because I sure want to win.

–Jessica Walters.

Jessica walked over to Alison. She told her to pull Connie and Tina aside so that they could talk later. Alison agreed and about half an hour later, all the women were in a secluded area away from everyone else.

Jessica started, "I think we all know that we have to win."

"That's the truth," Tina replied.

"I know. That's why I asked all of you here. I looked over the tribe to see who the strongest were on here and it was us. Before you laugh at me look at the facts. Paul was right about one thing. Benny is old and can't hold his own in challenges. Carson acts all tough but look at him. He's not. Max is athletic. I do think that if he is paired with anyone other than John he might be a strong force, but now he isn't. Then there's Vince. He doesn't talk much at all. So I don't know if he's truly here wholeheartedly. But I know we all are. Alison and I talked last night after tribal about starting up an alliance. I want it to be us four. The strongest four on tribe."

"Are you sure that it's us, Jessica?" asked Connie.

"Yes, I am. If we have the best chance at beating Mocorón, it is with us."

"I agree with Jessica," Alison said.

"So do I," Tina chimed in again.

"That's three then," Jessica told the group, "What about you, Connie?"

"I want to win. So let's do this," Connie agreed.

"Let's make it official then," Jessica said.

"What do we call this newly formed alliance?" asked Tina.

"There are four of us. Let's go with the quartet," Jessica told them.

"Sounds good to me," Alison replied.

The four agreed and put their hands in the middle of them and whispered "Quartet" before breaking off and going back to camp at interval.

So I did it. I formed an alliance to try and win in this game if we keep losing. I just hope I made it with the right people.

–Jessica Walters (on her newly formed alliance)

As the other three decided to go back to camp, Connie went to get some water to cook their rice with. As she went back to the well, she tripped and the bucket rolled out of her hands and fell into a small cave. She crawled inside to get the bucket and as she lifted it up, she saw something in the very back of the cave. She put the bucket on the outside of the cave and went in after the object which was covered in cloth. She grabbed it and realized instantly what it was. Connie back herself out of the cave and unwrapped the object. It was the Nakunta tribe's hidden immunity idol. Her heart jumped as she wrapped the idol back up and put it in her pocket. Connie filled the bucket full of water and returned to camp.

For the first time in my life, I think my clumsiness paid off. I found the hidden immunity idol because of that. How many people have found the idol because they were clumsy?

–Connie Tran (on finding the hidden immunity idol)

Day 5


Kat got John up early just as the sun was rising. She led him to the area around the well where she pulled out the piece of paper that she pulled out of the beans the day before. She said, "I found this yesterday. John, it's a clue to the hidden immunity idol."

"Are you sure?" asked John, suddenly awake.

"Positive. I read it yesterday. It says that in order to be safe go to the well. Within a dozen feet there will be an opening. The small go in, but the large might not win. I have no idea what that means. Other than the idol is within twelve feet of the well. Is the opening a hole in some rocks or knot in a tree?"

John looked behind Kat to see a small cave covered by some plant growth. He said, "Or it could be that cave right there."

Kat turned around to see the cave John mentioned. She looked back at him and smile. She went to the cave and after tearing apart the plant life, she went inside. At the very back of the cave she found an object wrapped in dirtied cloth. She pulled it out, showing it to John. She opened it up and inside was the idol.

"Look at that, you found the idol!" John said.

"I may have found it, but Jase is targeting you. I overheard last night. You need it more than I do," Kat said. She tossed it over to John.

He caught it and asked, "Why give it away?"

"As I said, you need it more than I do, plus I trust you and know you would never betray me," Kat smirked.

"This is Survivor. You sure you want to do this?" John asked with his own smirk.

"If it comes back to bite me in the ass, it'll be my dumb move. Now let's get some water for breakfast so the others don't get suspicious."

When I saw that Kat found the idol, my heart just sank, but two minutes later I was on a high. She gave me the idol and said I would never betray her. She's right on that. I would never betray her, but that doesn't mean she won't need later down the road if anything crazy happens. I really don't want to lose my closest ally.

–John Sayers

Shortly after breakfast, Jase and Danni pulled aside Conner and Adam to discuss their plan to steal the power away from John and put themselves in the captain's chair of this tribe.

"Do you think we can do it?" asked Conner, "I mean even if we ally against him, our two sides are equal."

"Danni and I talked about that already. We need to sway Susan," Jase replied.

"So it all comes down to her," Adam stated, "I don't know if I like that. I don't really trust her."

"I trust John less than her," Danni said.

"I suppose I do as well," Adam agreed.

"Good," Jase said, "As much as I would like to get rid of John first, he is an asset we need if want to keep winning. So I propose we take out Taylor."

"Why Taylor? Kat is closer to John than Taylor is," Adam said.

"Kat is better in challenges than Taylor," Danni finally chimed in.

"So that's it. If you want to be me in order to defeat John's attempt to take over this tribe, say so right now so we can plan against him."

All four of them agreed and another alliance on Mocorón was formed.

Sure we are all one big happy family when we keep winning but as soon as we lost an immunity challenge, all hell will break loose. I hope that John will see he is not in control after all.

–Jase Allen

Day 6

Survivor Sumo

Mocorón and Nakunta both walked into the challenge arena which was behind Jeff. It was a circular platform surrounded by water and their were two sandbags sitting on the platform.

Welcome to your second immunity challenge. First things first. Taylor, I'll take it back. (Taylor handed over the immunity idol back to Jeff) Immunity back up for grabs. In this challenge one member from both tribes face off in an arena surrounded by water. Using their sandbags, or any other body part other than their hands, they must try to knock each other out of the arena. Each knockdown is one point. First tribe to eight points wins immunity. And I am sure Nakunta is hungry for their first win. Mocorón you have one extra person who's sitting out. It can't be Danni who sat out last challenge. (The tribe chose Conner to sit out.) Conner is sitting out this challenge. For the rest of you, we'll draw for spots.

–Jeff Probst

The castaways drew for spots and the matches would be Adam vs. Max, Danni vs. Benny, Jase vs. Jessica, John vs. Carson, Kat vs. Vince, Matt vs. Alison, Taylor vs. Connie, Susan vs. Tina.

First match was between Jase and Jessica. Jase picked up his sandbag and rushed Jessica. Jessica did the same, causing a massive collision in the center of the platform. It stunned both of them for a couple seconds, but Jase was stunned a little more and gave Jessica the doorway she needed to push Jase off of the platform.

Mocorón: 0 Nakunta: 1

Next match up was between John and Carson. The two men charged each other as the other two did before them. John slammed into Carson before Carson was ready and threw him off balance. Carson fell to the ground and John finished the deed by pushing him into the water.

Mocorón: 1 Nakunta: 1

Third ones up were Susan and Tina. Tina followed the others' lead and charged Susan. Susan stayed put and let Tina come to her. Right before Tina hit Susan, Susan dodged her and shoved Tina into the water with little effort.

Mocorón: 2 Nakunta: 1

Up next was Matt vs. Alison. Alison and Matt didn't charge each other. They sized each other up before attacking. And it was Matt who attacked first. Alison charged him but lowered herself and took out his legs. Matt flew over Alison and landed hard on the platform and slid off into the water.

Matt takes a hard hit and slides off into the water. The score is now tied at 2!

–Jeff Probst

Connie and Taylor were up. Connie ran at Taylor, but followed Susan's lead. She dodged Connie. Connie did regain her footing right on the edge of the platform, but Taylor took advantage and pushed Connie off into the water.

Mocorón: 3 Nakunta: 2

Kat and Vince were sixth up. Kat decided to go after Vince's legs like Alison did to Matt. She ran and crashed into Vince's lower half. Kat slid out before Vince came down. Kat shot up while Vince was starting to stand up and she bulldozed right into him. The unexpected him slid him off of the platform.

Mocorón: 4 Nakunta: 2

Danni and Benny were next. Danni didn't charge Benny and Benny didn't charge Danni. Instead they thought how best take out the other one. Danni moved first. She rushed Benny, he tried to get out of the way, but she nicked him with her sandbag and he fell into the water.

Mocorón: 5 Nakunta: 2

Pick it up Nakunta or this will turn into another blowout victory for Mocorón!

–Jeff Probst

The last match was between Adam and Max. The two didn't wait to size each other up and they slammed into each other at the center of the platform. For a couple of minutes, the two stalemated until Adam got an idea. He relented a bit. Max started pushing him towards the water, but right before it was too late, Adam dropped down, sending Max flying over him into the water.

Mocorón: 6 Nakunta: 2

Now it was Jessica vs. Jase again. Filled with anger at being so far behind again. Jessica tore out of the gate. She blasted into Jase and sent him into the water before he knew what hit him.

Mocorón: 6 Nakunta: 3

John and Carson were back up. The two of them slammed into each other again, but John sheer size gave him a clear advantage. Slowly but surely Carson inched closer to edge of the platform before finally falling off.

Mocorón: 7 Nakunta: 3

Susan and Tina were up again. This time Tina was ready for Susan's trickery but instead all she got was brute force. Susan slammed into Tina. Tina regained her footing before she fell in the water. Tina pushed back sending Susan back a couple of feet. Susan answered back with another force of energy. This time Tina slipped and fell into the water giving Susan the game winning point.

Mocorón: 8 Nakunta: 3

Mocorón once again wins immunity. (The tribe return to their mats.) This returns to the Mocorón tribe. I think Susan deserves this one. (Jeff hands the idol to Susan.) Mocorón once again is safe from tribal. Nakunta, I will see you guys tonight where someone else will be voted out. I'll see you there.

–Jeff Probst

Mocorón walked to their camp once again victorious while Nakunta solemnly walked in the opposite direction.

We lost again. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I thought we could turn it around out there. I guess not. One of us has to be sent home tonight. I hope to God it's not going to be me.

–Tina Langley.


Mocorón returned to camp ecstatic with their fourth straight win. Everyone congratulated Susan on her game winning score. Apart from the celebrations, Jase and Danni sat down on their log and started talking.

"They are safe for three more days at least," Jase said.

"Not for long though," Danni added, "When are we going after Susan?"

"When we lose immunity. I don't want to tip off John just yet."

"Okay, I'll keep quite."

"Good. Let Adam and Conner know to keep their mouths shut until I say they plot," Jase said as he got up and left.

In the shelter, John started talking to Matt about being an ally.

"Do you want to be with us?" asked John.

"Who is all with you?" asked Matt.

"It would be me, you, Taylor and Kat. We are trying to recruit Susan."

"What about the others."

"To be honest, Matt. I think they are allied with each other. I think my alliance and I are their target."

"Why? That doesn't make sense. You guys are tearing it up and their. You and Kat just go beast mode whenever you are in challenges."

"I know. I think Jase wants control of the tribe and he will do anything to get it."

"I think it's too early for that and it could harm us," Matt said, "Yeah man, I'm with you. Just let me know about Susan."

"Yeah, I will," John said as he left the shelter.

There is already a power struggle in Mocorón. That is not good. Whenever that happens, tribes go down the tubes. I don't know what Jase and his friends are thinking. We need John. I'm siding with John on this one.

– Matt Easterly


Well this sucks. Are we even capable of winning?

–Vince Strachan

Nakunta returned to camp more depressed then ever. They haven't won at all since they had been out here. Jessica asked for the Quartet to meet her in the trees. They met together and discussed who should be the next to go home.

"I hate to do this, but I think it has to be Benny," Alison said.

"As much as I despised Paul, he was right about Benny slowing us down," Connie added.

"So it's official then? Benny is going home tonight?" Tina asked.

"Sadly yes," Jessica said, "It will take us four plus one more to vote him out."

The four agreed to vote Benny out and returned to the shelter to get ready for the tribal council that night.

I know it is going to be me. I am not going to try and scheme my way to the next vote. I don't think I have that much left in me anyway. The last two challenges have shown me that I can't keep going. I am running out of steam fast, but I will not quit. I will be voted out.

–Benny Vaquera

Tribal Council

The Nakunta tribe once again entered tribal council where Jeff greeted them. He got the interview process underway and by the time that the interviews were over everyone got the feeling that it was Benny going home. Jeff picked Connie to start off the voting.

Voting Confessionals

You are a nice guy but we need to win and I think you know that.

–Alison Jacobs

I'm sorry, but we this is a necessity in order to beat Mocorón. Bye.

–Jessica Walters

I have to vote for someone seeing that I am not allowed to vote for myself.


Sorry man, I really do like you. But desperate times

–Carson Peterson


Tribal Council 2:
Benny Vaquera
Benny (7 votes)
Allison JacobsCarson PetersonConnie Tran
Alison, Carson, Connie
Jessica WatersMax ChouTina LangleyVince Strachan
Jessica, Max, Tina, Vince
Connie Tran
Connie (1 vote)
Benny Vaquera
Benny Vaquera
Benny Vaquera

That's five votes. That's enough. Please bring me your torch. (Silently Benny went up to Jeff) Benny, the tribe has spoken.

–Jeff Probst (as he snuffs Benny's torch)

Before leaving Benny turned to the tribe and said, "Go and kick Mocorón's ass!" With that Benny left tribal council.

Well, that was another unanimous vote, but if things don't turn around you will continue to come here and the votes will get harder. Go out there and win. I'll see you guys later.

–Jeff Probst

Nakunta stood up and walked out of the tribal council area, hungry for a victory.

Final Words

I knew it was going to be me. I could feel that I was not up to the challenges and I am glad that the tribe thought with their heads and not theirs hearts, but I still wish I had lasted a little bit longer. I am still rooting for Nakunta to the very end. Like I said, go and kick Mocorón's ass!

–Benny Vaquera

Still in the Running

Adam Bennett
Conner Young
Danni McDearmon
Jase Allen
John Sayers
Kat Morris
Matthew Easterly
Susan Szczeblewski
Taylor Johannson
Allison Jacobs
Benny Vaquera
Carson Peterson
Connie Tran
Jessica Waters
Max Chou
Paul Springer
Tina Langley
Vince Strachan

Next Time on Survivor...

  • The power struggle continues in Mocorón as both John's alliance and Jase's alliance vie for Susan's allegiance.
  • With Benny gone, Jessica's alliance now has control over the Nakunta tribe.
  • After losing four straight challenges will Nakunta finally get its first victory.