"Beautiful People's Club"
Van's alliance spends the day soaking in the sun.
Season Survivor: Caucasus
Author User:Blaine7275
Episode Number 4/14
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Beautiful People's Club is the fourth episode of Survivor: Caucasus.

Previously On Survivor...

After the elimination of Max, Agatha and Martin turned from being on the outs to the ones everyone wanted on their side. With the tensions between Hazel and Heather's alliances rising, they new that they'd be the swing votes if their tribe would to lose immunity.

At Alazani, the foursome of Derek, Daniel, Amy, and Mary-Jean bonded over stories and decided to form an alliance together, adding tribe leader Sebastian as their fifth. However, after an attempt to draw Sebastian to their side, the retired cop turned down their offer, leaving them puzzled. With Rioni winning their third reward in a row, they received another clue to the idol, to which Aaron was able to snatch. Unfortunately, they were unable to find the real idol.

With losing the next Immunity Challenge, both alliances on Rioni pounced on the elders of the tribe for their vote. Despite drifting over to Hazel's side, Heather was able to coax Agatha by giving her one of her fake idols pretending it was the real thing, and at Tribal Council, Agatha and Martin decided to turn on Hazel, eliminating her in a close 5-4 vote. So with their leader gone, will Yessica, Gerardo, and Rachel be able to survive and how will Derek and Daniel get Sebastian to join their side? Find out on now on Survivor: Caucasus!


Reward Challenge: Simmotion
The castaways of both tribes would drop a ball into a metal chute. The ball would travel down a spiraling metal track and exit out of one of two points. The castaways would have to catch the ball and drop the ball back into the chute at the top. Every few minutes, an additional ball would be added to the track. A turnstile gate in the middle of the track would rotate, causing the balls to alternate exiting out of the two exits. If a ball exits the track and is not caught, the castaway would be eliminated from the challenge. The tribe with the last remaining tribe member not to drop the ball wins.
Reward: A trip to a swimming hole and a feast of chocolate bars, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate milk
Winner: Alazani

Immunity Challenge: Sumo in Mud
Each player would use a sandbag to push against the other player. First one to push the other one into the mudpit wins that round. Whichever tribe wins the most out of eight rounds wins.
Winner: Rioni


Night of Day 9

After the suprising vote, the remnants of Hazel's alliance are shocked that their leader is now gone. As they head towards their shelter , the three ponder at what could have made Agatha and Martin switch to Heather's side.

Yessica: "Guys, we're in touble. Unless we're able to figure out why those two switched, we'll be about next."
Gerardo: "Don't you think that Heather possibly gave them like a final four offer? Or they probably thought that they'd have a greater chance at beating them instead of us at the Final Tribal Council."
Yessica: "Well whatever it is, we need to find out. Let's go to sleep, we'll think about it tomorrow."

At the opposite end of the camp, Heather and Aaron are celebrating their success in eliminating Hazel. They begin cheering and laughing, much to the other alliance's chagrin, and Aaron catches Heather off guard by landing a kiss on her lips. A shocked Heather backs away, and with a look on her face that seems like she's about the slap Aaron, she instead invites him under the covers of the shelter.

So we were just having a good time, and then Aaron snatches Heather and plants one on her lips. I was all like "WOAH!" and Heather seemed like she have about to slap him upside the head, but instead invites him under her covers! What kind of alliance did I get myself into?


Day 10

As the sun rises over the Caucasus Mountains, the threesome of Yessica, Rachel and, Gerardo go over to Agatha, making it their mission to know the truth behind Hazel's abrupt elimination.

Yessica: "Hey Agatha, can we talk a little?"
Agatha: "Sure my dear."
Yessica: "Well, we just wanted to know why you voted out Hazel after you seemed quite content with voting out Heather instead when Hazel and I went to talk to you before Tribal Council."

Knowing she couldn't tell them about the idol Heather and Aaron gave her, she instead makes up a lie about her reason to switch.

Agatha: "I'm extremely sorry for misleading you, but after further consideration, I decided that it was better for my self interest to vote for Hazel."
Yessica: "Fair enough, let's go guys."

I couldn't tell them about the idol Heather gave me. The less people that know about it, the better. I haven't even told Martin about it, but I guess he doesn't need to know. In the end, I need to think about me.


Over at Alazani, Daniel and Derek are still trying to get Sebastian to join their alliance. The persistence of the young Alazani men eventually gets the attention of Van, who was lounging under a tree. After Daniel and Derek once again fail to get a direct answer from their tribe leader, they leave him alone, to which Van takes advantage of as he goes up to talk to him.

Van: "What's with the distressed look on your face?"
Sebastian: "Oh, it's nothing. Just tribe leader stuff."
Van: "Well let me tell you this, just listen to your gut. In these past nine or ten days, you've lead us to success with your intuition."
Sebastian: "Thank you Van, that helps a lot."
Van: "No problem!"

I'm really surprised about Van. I was completely sure that he came up to me just to talk about alliances and such, but instead, he ended up giving me really helpful advice.


Sebastian is so gullible! Just stroke his ego, and he'll believe every word you say. Hopefully our little talk made him realize that he needs to join up with me and my girls.


Back at Rioni, Heather and Aaron talked about the events of the night before. They settle that it was just a one time thing and decide to spend the rest of the day looking for the idol.

To make things clear, Aaron and I did not have sex. We just got caught up in the moment and it's something that definitely won't happen again. Besides, I need to get my head focused in the game.


As night falls, they seem to be unable to find the real idol, just many fake idols.

I don't understand why this damn idol is so hard to find! In the past, they've been found on Day 1, without any help from the clues. This one idiot even managed to find one by accident! What am I missing?


Day 11

The tribes meet up early in the morning for their next Reward Challenge. But before Jeff tells them what the challenge will be, he points towards two helicopters and then proceeds to tell the contestants that whichever tribe wins the challenge, will go to a swimming hole via helicopter and enjoy a chocolate-themed feast. Upon hearing the word "chocolate" come out of Jeff's mouth, most of the girls begin to squeal. Jeff then explains the challenge and asks Alazani to sit out a member. Mary-Jean sits out and the challenge then immediately commences.

For the first two minutes, everyone seems to be doing well and Jeff then tells them to add a second ball to their chute. Immediately after, Martin of Rioni becomes the first to drop his ball, eliminating him from the challenge. He is soon followed by Rachel and Lauren. After adding a third ball, Amy, Phoebe, Van, and Derek, all from Alazani drop out, dwindling Alazani down to three players left against the six of Rioni. With the addition of a fourth ball, Agatha drops out and after a sneeze, Winston loses his concentration and also drops his ball. They are soon followed by Sebastian. Going onto five balls, Rioni seems to hold the lead 4-2, until Aaron and Heather finally drop their balls, leaving Gerardo and Yessica of Rioni against Daniel and Samantha of Alazani. Jeff instructs the four remaining players to add the sixth and final ball, and upon doing so, both Gerardo and Yessica drop out. Alazani wins their first reward and immediately board the helicopters.

At the swimming hole, the tribe seems to have a lot of fun, enjoying their time away from the game, but the tribe soon returns from their splendid reward. Upon their return, Van, Phoebe, Lauren, and Samantha go sunbathe while the rest of the tribe continues with their chores. This annoys Daniel who sees them from a distance.

The reward the awesome. We got to relax and were able to forget about the game for a while, but after it was over, we all knew that we all had to get back to work, but "Beautiful People's Club" over there still think the reward's going on. I've tried to keep my cool, but it's annoying watching them do nothing.


Back at Rioni, Yessica and Gerardo confront Martin about the vote.

Yessica: "Martin, can you tell us why you and Agatha decided to vote for Hazel at the last Tribal Council? We promise we won't tell anyone you told us."
Martin: "I would love to tell you why, but I really don't know the reason behind the vote. Agatha just told me to vote for her, so I just went along."
Yessica: "Oh, okay. Thanks."

As Martin leaves, Yessica and Gerardo converse with each other.

Gerardo: "He was really helpful."
Yessica: "No, this just proved that Agatha's the one in charge. If we can get back her vote, then we also get Martin's."
Gerardo: "And how do we do that?"
Yessica: "I don't know. We'll think of something tomorrow."

We're in a dire situation right now. Right now, it's three against five, and Rachel, Gerardo, and I are on the short end. If we don't do something soon, we'll be picked off one by one.


Day 12

The Rioni and Alazani tribes converge once again at the break at dawn for their next Immunity Challenge. After they take a good look at the mud pit, Jeff informs them of the challenge. He then reminds Alazani that they need to sit out a member and tells them that a member may not sit out in back to back challenges meaning that Mary-Jean must compete. The tribe ends up sitting out Phoebe and the challenge begins.

Round Alazani Member Rioni Member Winner
1 Van Martin Van
2 Lauren Rachel Lauren
3 Sebastian Aaron Aaron
4 Samantha Yessica Yessica
5 Daniel Winston Daniel
6 Amy Agatha Agatha
7 Derek Gerardo Gerardo
8 Mary-Jean Heather Heather

After winning five of the eight rounds, Rioni finally takes back immunity sending Alazani to Tribal Council. At Alazani, Daniel comes up to Sebastian for one last try to get him to join with his alliance.

Daniel: "Look Sebastian, I have no idea what you're thinking, but I do know that you care about this tribe. And I think it's obvious that Van, Lauren, Phoebe, and Samantha do nothing around camp. I don't know why it's so hard for you, but I want to make it easier by telling you that we'll be voting for Lauren tonight. She does the least around camp, spends most of the day sunbathing, and is pretty much unlikable. You don't have to say anything, but I just hope that you vote with us."

As Daniel leaves, Van comes up to talk to Sebastian as well.

Van: "Hey Sebastian, I know this is a tough choice, but I'll just remind you that we need to keep this tribe strong and in order to do so, the weakest person has to go and we both know who that is."
Sebastian: "Mary-Jean.."
Van: "Yup. I love her to death, but keeping her around any longer will just hurt us. You saw how she performed at the last challenge, she got Randy'd out there."
Sebastian: "I hear you."
Van: "But it's not up to me, you're the one calling all the shots, you are our leader. I just hope you'll be able to lead us in the right direction."

This is like the Stan thing all over again, but unlike last time, Mary-Jean is one of my greatest companions out here. Knowing that I betrayed our friendship will break her heart and I don't think I'll be able to bear that. Plus, those young kids will be really disappointed in me, but in the end, it's not about choosing sides, it's about making sure the right person goes.


It's almost laughable at how I'm able to mess with the guy's head! These people will believe anything I say!


Minutes before the tribe heads out to Tribal Council, Mary-Jean approaches Sebastian and tells him not to cast his vote with his brain, but with his heart, to which Sebastian gives a smile.

Sebastian's been under much tension lately, I thought I'd help him relieve it with some advice. Whether it helps or not is all up to him.


As Jeff welcomes the tribe to their first Tribal Council in a while, he immediately asks how life back at camp is. Daniel replies that it's been surprising pleasant under the leadership of Sebastian, but that it could still be better if everyone contributes, referring to Lauren and her alliance. When Jeff asks who contributes the least, Daniel answers with Lauren. Jeff then goes to Lauren and tells her if it's true, to which Lauren replies with a yes, but that she makes up for it in challenges. Bringing up the topic of the challenge, Jeff goes over to Mary-Jean and asks if her weak performance at that one challenge can be considered a liability to the tribe. Mary-Jean confesses that even though she is the oldest female in the game, she won't let that get in the way of at least trying.

Jeff: "And with that, it's time to vote. Amy, you're up first."

After everyone votes, Jeff goes over to the voting booth, talley's the votes, and comes back with the urn. He then proceeds to read the votes. The votes come close, with Lauren and Mary-Jean receving four votes a piece. As Jeff reads the deciding vote, the whole tribe is surprised as it it revealed the that the final vote was cast against Mary-Jean, ending her adventure on the Caucasus Mountains. As she leaves, she gives everyone a big hug and as her torch is snuffed, she wishes everyone luck, especially to Sebastian who has tears in his eyes.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
Mary-Jean Pettie
Mary-Jean (5 votes)
Van StevensonLauren FaasSebastian HibbardSamantha MarinoPhoebe Noyola
Van, Lauren, Sebastian, Samantha & Phoebe
Lauren Faas
Lauren (4 votes)
Daniel MarvinAmy CorazonMary-Jean PettieDerek Phu
Daniel, Amy, Mary-Jean & Derek
Mary-Jean Pettie BW
Mary-Jean Pettie

Voting Confessionals

Mary, I did what you said and listened to my heart. It told me that I needed to do what was best for the tribe. Unfortunately, it didn't make this vote any more easier. I'm really sorry.


You kind of do nothing around camp.


I really wish I didn't have to do this. Best of luck to you.


Lauren, I hope you gained a lot from this experience and hopefully it turns you into a better person.


Half of this vote is payback for voting for me last time. The other half is strategy.


You're the weakest in our tribe.


It is what it is.


It's either you or me, and I prefer it not be me.


I beg to all that is mighty that Sebastian decides to send you home.


Final Words

For an old gal like me who's in their fifties, I believe I did pretty well going up against all these young people. I've done many things in my life, but nothing can compare to the twelve days-worth of memories I made here. As I leave, I wish my tribe luck, especially to Amy, Derek, Daniel. And as for Sebastian, no hard feelings.


Still In The Running

Aaron McCarthy
Agatha Christenson
Gerardo Guzman
Hazel Quezada BW
Heather Villegas
Martin Bowell
Max Fisher BW
Rachel Hudson
Winston Grant
Yessica Chang
Amy Corazon
Daniel Marvin
Derek Phu
Lauren Faas
Mary-Jean Pettie BW
Phoebe Noyola
Samantha Marino
Sebastian Hibbard
Stan Bailey BW
Van Stevenson

Next Time On Survivor...

  • An unexpected turn of events brings both tribes to Tribal Council.

Author's Notes

  • The Reward Challenge is the same challenge used in I Trust You But I Trust Me More from Survivor: Tocantins and Taste The Victory from Survivor: South Pacific.
  • The Immunity Challenge is the same challenge used in That Girl Is Like A Virus from Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong To None, and Sumo At Sea from Survivor: Palau.
  • When talking about Mary-Jean's performance at the Sumo at Sea challenge, Van made a reference to Randy Bailey when he was immediately pushed into the mud when the round began during the same challenge in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.
  • The episode's title was said by Daniel.
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