"Beauty and the Geek"
Season Survivor: Belize - Battle of the Seasons
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 7/13
Date Uploaded March 30, 2014
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Beauty and the Geek is the seventh episode of Survivor: Belize - Battle of the Seasons.

Previously on Survivor...

At Hidera, Amy was on the outs after the Hidera 4 - Cindy, Colleen, Julie & Ken had taken out her closest ally Gary. The Hidera four vowed to stick together regradless of upcoming circumstances. At the reward challenge, Hidera won in a huge upset, earning coffee and pastries for the tribe. Stunned at Gary's departure Marcus and Corinne began to speculate about Ken's power on the new Hidera tribe in an open forum, upsetting Twila. In an attempt to reel Marcus and Corinne back in, Twila confronted Corinne and Marcus, creating a bigger rift between the two pairs. Meanwhile, Rafe and Joel worked to show Corinne and Marcus their loyalty towards them in hopes of getting them to flip to their side. Sarge, fearing Twila had set the alliance back made a deal with Marcus to keep their allies in check to ensure no more chaos ensued. Back at Hidera, Amy pleaded to Ken and Colleen to keep her over her rival Cindy, promising to bring Rafe over to their side at a potential merge. At the immunity challenge, Hidera got off to an early lead, but Otono caught up, and once again defeated the small Hidera tribe. Back at camp, Amy made one final impassioned plea to keep her in the game, but it wasn't enough to save her, and she was sent home. 10 Castaways are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Wicker Flicker
Two tribemates from each tribe would alternate launching balls from a slingshot while the remaining four tribemates have to catch the balls with handheld nets. Catching a ball would score one point for their tribe. The first tribe to reach five points would win.
Reward: An afternoon picnic
Winner: Otono

Immunity Challenge: Pass the Bucket
One tribe member must race into the ocean to fill a bucket with water. Then they must bring it back and toss it to a tribemate. The bucket must be tossed twice more, and the final tribe member must catch the water itself in another bucket, and use it to fill a jar. The tribes must repeat this until they have enough weight in their jar to lower it to the ground, sending a lit flame up to a fire tower. First tribe to light their fire wins.
Winner: Hidera


Day 19

A light drizzle awaited the Hidera 4 as they awoke early the next morning. The four allies crammed together in the center of the shelter, attempting to avoid the cold drops of water that seeped through their shelter roof. "Weren't there like six of us just yesterday?" Ken asked, half shocked, half defeated. "Then you blinked," Julie added.

"Crazy," Colleen said shaking her head. However, the small talk wasn't enough to keep the group going this morning. The four sat in silence as the rain continued to pour. There was nowhere left for the small group of friends to hide, from here on out it was do or die.

Amy went home last night, which I don't think anyone is too upset about, but what is upsetting is from here on out, we're on our own. We have nowhere left to hide, it's us against the world from here on out!

–Cindy Hall

"Merge, no merge, challenge, or no challenge, we gotta bring it," Cindy said, trying to motivate her tribe.

"Ugh, the merge couldn't come at a worse time," Colleen said, putting her head down.

We are a motley crew of four people up against this big, bad, strong, beautiful tribe. If we merge today they're gonna pick us off one by one and it's terrifying! It's absolutely terrifying!

–Colleen Haskell

"We gotta be ready, there have to be cracks in that alliance," Julie said optimistically.

"I think I may be able to get Rafe on our side," Cindy admitted.

"I hate Joel, but maybe I could talk to him," Colleen suggested.

"I could do the same with Sarge, and Twila," Julie added.

I'm really trying to downplay the fact that Sarge and Twila are completely in my corner. If there is a merge coming up, that's something I wanna keep in my pocket. Every girl has to have her secrets, right?

–Julie Berry

"Well I certainly don't have anything to say to Marcus or Corinne that would even make them consider flipping," Ken admitted.

"Good, we can't work with everyone," Colleen said jokingly.

"Marcus is a great first target," Julie said.

I know I'm going to have to reunite with Marcus and Corinne in the coming days, and I need my alliance to be ready to take them out. My agenda's gotta come first.

–Ken Hoang

Ken and I are on the same side. His enemies are my enemies, and if Marcus and Corinne are going to give him hell, than I'm willing to give it right back to them. It's us versus them, plain and simple.

–Colleen Haskell

"This is still the final four you guys," Julie said enthusiastically.

"We gotta lot of work to do..." Ken said. "But I think we can pull it off."

"I may have played 13 years ago, but trust me guys, I know how hard it is to come back from being down in the numbers," Colleen said nervously.

"That's cause you haven't played with me yet," Ken said arrogantly.

"Well I've been reviewing your work, and I haven't been to impressed," Colleen joked.

"I wasn't aware you had such high standards," Ken jeered.

"I don't have high standards, that's what's unfortunate about this situation for you," Colleen said giggling.

" I swear, I never know what you guys are talking about," Julie said shaking her head. "Y'all are cute though," Cindy said sweetly.

Ken and Colleen stared at each other awkwardly. "As friends..." Julie added, trying to make the situation less awkward. Colleen looked down at her feet.

Ken and Colleen have been flirting from the moment we got here. It's obvious that there's some serious attraction there, they're both just so adorable and awkward that you have to be careful when you bring it up. It's classic middle school dance syndrome.

–Julie Berry

Cindy brings up the fact that Colleen and I are obviously really close, which is weird you know? I'm not a very flirtatious guy in real life, and I don't know exactly what Colleen thinks of me so I just try to avoid it and enjoy the moment...I'm trying not to think about the long term here.

–Ken Hoang

The four sat awkwardly in silence once again. Looking at one another then looking away before they had time to make eye contact. "Why don't we just do something spontaneous?" Julie suggested.

"Like what?" Colleen asked.

"What if we just ran out into the water in the middle of the rain and just splashed around, one time!" Julie exclaimed.

"Quadruple Medivac," Ken joked.

"I'm serious guys," Julie said eagerly. "Today might be the last time until Day 37 that it's just the four of us, we need to do something we'll always remember," Julie said eagerly.

"I don't know about you all, but I will always remember that time I sat in the shelter with you three," Colleen said sarcastically.

"I am all for it you guys, come on it'll be fun," Cindy said encouragingly.

I love Julie's sense of adventure. I think it's why the two of us bonded so quickly. She wants to run out into the middle of a crazy rainstorm and really experience every moment while she's here, which is what I wanna do! It's just part of what makes us a great team.

–Cindy Hall

"I'll do it if you do it," Ken said, looking to Colleen.

"No way dude," Colleen replied.

"C'mon," Julie said leaning in.

"You know you wanna," Cindy said.

"I wanna be dry," Colleen said nervously laughing.

"But you can't, so you might as well get wet," Julie pointed out.

"Alright, LET'S DO IT," Colleen shouted. The four sprinted out of the shelter, stripping off their shirts and jumping into the ice cold water, the rain splashing down around them as they did so. "OH MY GOD," Colleen shouted!

The four began jumping up and down splashing more and more water onto themselves as they splashed. "THIS IS AWESOME," Colleen said gleefully! Julie and Cindy joined hands and began dancing around in the water. "Shake it," Colleen said, getting into the whole experience.

"Colleen come join us," Julie said, motioning toward her. The three girls joined hands and began jumping around in a circle, splashing and giggling as they did so. "Ken you wanna join us?" Cindy asked.

"I'm perfectly ok watching," Ken said eagerly. The three girls all giggled. "This is the best day of Kenny's life," Colleen said jokingly.

I was hesitant to leave the shelter at first. I mean, it's a freaking pouring outside and they wanted me to strip down and jump in the water? No way, I thought! But I did it, I actually did it, and it was great. I guess it reminded me that sometimes you have to take a chance, I took a chance on coming back here and I'm having the time of my life. Life and this game is kind of like just running out into the rain! Wow, that was deep!

–Colleen Haskell

We are having a fantastic day at Hidera. We were being weighed down by all of our rivals on our original tribes, but it's as if the rain has washed away all of our worries and we are ready to start anew.

–Cindy Hall

The four splashed around for an hour or so more until running out of the water, shivering, even more cold than they had been before they jumped into the water. "How are we gonna dry off," Ken said chattering his teeth.

"GROUP HUG!" Colleen shouted. The four came together, hugging each other closely trying to keep warm.

As much as this is a game, Colleen, Ken, and Cindy have become like a family to me. I want this group to go far, I want us to stick together, I really want us to be the odds.

–Julie Berry

"Today was amazing you guys," Colleen said smiling.

"You're welcome," Julie said with a wink.

Otono, on the other hand, was going to spend their day separate from each other, as usual. It was the only way the tribe could function. To say they were a tribe divided was an understatement. Twila and Sarge had taken the boat out for an early morning fishing expedition, Corinne and Rafe sat by the fire making conversation, while Marcus and Joel were fortunate enough to sleep through the early part of the morning. "How'd you sleep?" Rafe asked.

"What sleep?" Corinne asked, only half kidding. Rafe chuckled. Corinne looked out onto the water and saw Twila and Sarge still paddling out into the water, than turned back to Rafe. "She's gunning for you, hard," Corinne whispered.

"Thanks for pointing that out," Rafe said sarcastically. Corinne rolled her eyes, then gave Rafe a little smirk. "It seriously gets worse every day, if she was on land right now, she'd have a f**king cow," Corinne said.

"So, why are you aligned with her again?" Rafe asked, laughing, but totally serious.

"I must have been a masochist in another life," Corinne said, smiling.

"What does that make you in this life then?" Rafe asked curiously.

" A masochist..." Corinne said laughing. Rafe laughed along side Corinne, the two clicked incredibly well. They saw eye to eye on nearly every situation, and Corinne began to warm up to working with Rafe more and more every time they chatted.

I adore Rafe. My best friend back home is gay, and Rafe kind of reminds me of home. I love all the gays, no gay left behind, even the gingers!

–Corinne Kaplan

"So what do you wanna do?" Corinne asked Rafe.

"What do you mean?" Rafe asked.

"How are we gonna make sure Marcus wants to keep you here," Corinne said beaming.

"You mean it?" Rafe asked eagerly. Corinne nodded. "Joel too?" Rafe asked.

A few days ago, I was willing to throw my buddy Joel to the wolves in order to keep myself safe, but now I'm seeing Marcus and Corinne come around. I want both of us to be here, he's a good friend and ally, regardless of how competent he is.

–Rafe Judkins

"Joel too," Corinne said with an evil smirk. "So you want..." Rafe began to say before being cut off. Corinne nodded, holding her finger to her mouth. Rafe nodded. "I want it to be a complete surprise," Corinne said, the shit eating grin on her face growing by the second.

"My lips are sealed," Rafe whispered.

"Don't tell Joel yet," Corinne said, pointing at him.

"Does Marcus know?" Rafe asked nervously.

Corinne shook her head no. "You're sure this is gonna work?" Rafe asked nervously.

"Oh yeah," Corinne said. "I always get my way."

"I can deal with that," Rafe said smiling.

I went out on a limb trying to get Corinne on my side, and if this plan works out, I think I'll be sitting pretty for a long time. Figners crossed.

–Rafe Judkins

I've had it with Twila, I'm not gonna work with someone who's going to try and stop me from aligning with who I want to align with. I know last time these were famous last words, but it's blindside time! For real this time.

–Corinne Kaplan

Meanwhile, Twila and Sarge were out in the water, hoping to bring home a meal and a winning strategy. The two were planning ahead for the merge, which they believed to be days or maybe even hours away.

"We just gotta hope Jules is on the other side," Twila said.

"She's a smart girl, she'll take care of herself over there," Sarge said confidently.

A large bulk of our plan come merge time all depends on Jules being around. If we got Julie, we are five strong. The other side will hae to all work together just to match our power. That's crucial for us at this point.

–Sarge Masters

"Marcus and Corinne better stick with us," Twila snapped.

"I don't think there's anyone on the other side they wanna work with anyways, the merge could be the best possible thing for our alliance," Sarge said.

"As long as Corinne doesn't desperately cling to Rafe for dear life," Twila said rolling her eyes.

"Hey, that's not gonna matter when we merge," Sarge said smiling. "As long as we don't get rid of Rafe first, she's gonna be all on board to get rid of the new Hidera tribe, especially Kenny, remember?" Sarge added.

"So you're saying now we should let Corinne make friends with Rafe and Joel?" Twila asked.

"It can't hurt," Sarge said with a grin.

I put my ass on the line telling Corinne to stop double dealing, and now Sarge is acting like Corinne double dealing is the best thing for her game! Who does that hurt? It sure as hell don't affect him? I'm the one who's gonna pay for it, I'm the one with the target, thanks a whole lot Sarge!

–Twila Tanner

"So you wanna gun for that Kenny kid?" Twila asked.

"Yes m'am," Sarge said confidently.

"Alright," Twila said, beginning to paddle back to shore empty handed.

"You done with fishing?" Sarge asked.

"I gotta get back and cover my ass," Twila shouted!

I'm trying to get Twila to warm up to the idea of letting Corinne chat with Rafe and Joel. I have faith Marcus can keep Corinne in check, so it's in my best interest to make sure that everyone in my alliance is a cohesive unit. It's my job.

–Sarge Masters

If Sarge is gonna throw me under the bus like that, I gotta bounce back, I gotta apologize first and make friends fast. I'm not gonna let this get the best of me.

–Twila Tanner

Twila and Sarge rowed back to camp, where they saw Corinne, Rafe and Joel seated around the fire making conversation, Marcus still laying in the shelter motionless. "Shit," Joel whispered.

"Don't run off now," Twila said smiling, putting on her best face.

"Huh?" Joel said confused.

"I'm sorry I've been getting so antsy the past few days, I've just had a hard time trusting you guys since you sided with Chad over me, but if Corinne likes ya, you guys can't be so bad," Twila lied.

"Well thanks Twila," Rafe said, trying to reciprocate her kind gesture.

"You're welcome," Twila said, giving Rafe a small hug. "She's like being nice to him," Joel whispered to Corinne.

Corinne looked at Twila as if she had lost her mind. She squinted her eyes and tilted her head as she watched Twila continue this story of hers. "So...?" Corinne said confused.

"So what are you all up to?" Twila asked.

"We're just relaxing by the fire," Corinne said passively.

"Mind if I join y'all?" Twila asked sweetly.

"Go ahead," Rafe said warmly.

I'm not sure what Twila is up to, but she is being friendly, and I'm still trying to do the same for her. I have to show Twila that I can get along with her, the more good she sees in me, the better chance I have to stay.

–Rafe Judkins

I can't say for sure, but Twila may just be biopolar. She has treating Joel and Rafe like they're living in a POW camp for the first six days they were here, but all of a sudden she wan'ts to be Rafe's BFF? Nice try bitch, I see right through it!

–Corinne Kaplan

"So what did you wanna talk about Twila?" Corinne said, bringing out her higher-pitched nice voice.

"Oh I dunno," Twila said. "I just felt I haven't really gotten to know you guys."

"What do you do Rafe?" Twila said happily. "I'm a wilderness guide," Rafe said smiling.

"Really?" Twila said taken back. "Did y'all know that?"

"....Yes...." Corinne and Joel said.

"You didn't really strike me as the outdoorsy type Rafe," Twila said shocked.

"Crazy things happen when you get to know someone," Rafe said smiling. "Stop," Corinne mouthed to Rafe, growing annoyed with Twila.

Rafe is such a kiss-ass. I love the boy, but he must've aced Ass Kissing back in high school. Twila is nice to him for two seconds and he's acting like they're long lost friends.

–Corinne Kaplan

"Would you fellas mind if I spoke with Corinne alone for a little while?" Twila said sweetly. "Not a problem, Joel and I were gonna head out and check treemail anyways," Rafe said, motioning for Joel to tag along. "Nice talking to you," Joel said, walking away quickly. Rafe looked back at Corinne exchanging a look of pity, then continued to walk towards the jungle alongside Joel. "So what did you need to say?" Corinne asked bluntly, but not as harsh as usual.

"I just feel like we've been drifting apart, and I wanna make sure we're still on good terms," Twila said, trying to win Corinne over. Corinne bit her lower lip tightly, actively trying to resist the urge to scowl or roll her eyes. "Well thanks," Corinne said, it was all she could force herself to say. "So uh, what do ya think?" Twila asked concerned. "We're good, I trust you," Corinne said smiling. "I trust you too," Twila said, extending her hand. The two girls shook hands, thinking they had made amends, but still incredibly skeptical of the other.

Corinne was real hesitant at first about accepting my apology, but maybe I won her over. Jules must've taught me a thing or two about charming people out here, hahaha!

–Twila Tanner

I have no idea what Twila's game is here, maybe she wants to take me out just as much as I wanna take her out, or maybe she's just so desperate for my approval, she's willing to swallow her pride to kissass. Whatever it is, if it makes it easier for me to get rid of her, I'm all for it.

–Corinne Kaplan

Marcus Lehman finally had woken from his slumber to find his ally Corinne Kaplan and Twila talking outside the shelter by the fire. Immediately feeling alarmed about the situation, he quickly rose to his feet and began walking toward them. "Morning," Marcus said smiling. "More like good afternoon sleeping beauty," Twila said cackling. "Welcome to the party Marcus," Corinne said with a wink. "What are you girls talking about?" Marcus asked confused. "Corinne and I were just making amends," Twila said smiling. "Yep," Corinne said flashing her fake grin. Marcus picked up on Corinne's sentiment toward Twila and shot her a concerned look.

Corinne simply smiled back, and stood their confidently. "Well I'm sure you two need to get your daily talk on, I'll let y'all get too it," Twila said beaming. "Thank you Twila," Marcus said kindly. "Sure," Twila said, walking away.

I really wasn't sure if I was awake when I saw Twila and Corinne talking to one another, in a very civil fasion, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm wide awake. Scary right?

–Marcus Lehman

"What happened?" Marcus asked, waiting to get the real scoop. "She just came up and started complementing me - Rafe and Joel too," Corinne said puzzled. "She must feel bad," Marcus said empathetically. "Oh cut the bullshit Marcus," Corinne said rolling her eyes. "So she wants to make sure you two are still solid? Is that really such a bad thing, it's what we want," Marcus suggested. "The fact that she's being nice to me makes me think she wants to get rid of me," Corinne scowled. "That's ridiculous, she hates Rafe," Marcus laughed. "She hates me too," Corinne added. "Yeah, but she adores me," Marcus said with a wink. "You're such a golden boy," Corinne said rolling her eyes. "Don't be jealous," Marcus said, giving her a little shove. "I'd rather be someone's shot of whisky than everyone's cup of tea," Corinne said grinning. "Ouch!" Marcus said, with a grimace. "Just don't do anything irrational," Marcus said, looking directly at Corinne. "Not without your approval of course," Corinne winked.

It's gonna take a little while to get Marcus to come around on the idea of booting Twila, so for now I think it's best for me to keep my mouth shut. He'll come around, he did last time, didn't he?

–Corinne Kaplan

Corinne and Twila are never going to get along. I just need to keep Corinne grounded long enough to make sure she doesn't fly off the handle so much so that she ruins our chances of going far. Right now she's playing nice, but knowing Corinne that can't last too much longer.

–Marcus Lehman

"C'mon, let's go for a walk," Marucs said, escorting Corinne down the beach to help take their mind off the game. Meanwhile, Rafe was hoping to fill Joel in on today's events, but was torn in not wanting to reveal all that Corinne had told him. Joel wasn't exactly the most trustworthy person with information. "You're gonna need to be on your best behavior these next few days, regardless of what happens," Rafe said pointing to Joel. "Relax man, merge is coming, we're fine," Joel responded. "Even if it doesn't though...I'm telling you right now, we need to be on our best behavior, that's all I can say," Rafe said, raising his eyebrow. "What do you know?" Joel asked curiously.

"I can't say yet, but it's huge," Rafe said ecstatically. "Yeah?" Joel said, flashing a huge grin. "Oh yeah," Rafe said, laughing as he spoke. "Man, this better be good," Joel said. "Just wait," Rafe said as they arrived at treemail. Joel Klug opened the lid, revealing inside.... "Nothing?" Rafe said puzzled. "What?" Joel said, echoing Rafe's confusion.

There's a whole lot of secrets floating around today. First Rafe tells me there's some conspiracy going on, then speaking of conspiracies ten people left in the game, and no treemail? Huh? This isn't the Survivor I know.

–Joel Klug

Rafe and Joel walked back to camp empty handed. "So you can't even give me a hint?" Joel asked eagerly. "Nope," Rafe said, zipping his lips. "Dude, you suck!" Joel said, laughing irritably. When they got back to camp, Marcus, Corinne, Sarge, & Twila were all waiting to hear the news. "Is it a merge?" Corinne shouted. "No," Rafe said. "A Challenge?" Marcus asked. "Nope," Joel said. "A swap of some sort?" Sarge suggested. No," Rafe said. "Then what is it?" Twila asked. "Nothing," Joel said bluntly. The four seated in the shelter looked at one another. "Nothing?" Twila asked. Rafe shook his head. "So what do we do now?" Corinne asked frustrated. "We wait," Sarge said.

None of us have a damn clue what to expect...No mail, no merge, no news. All we can do is watch and wait, and wait we will.

–Sarge Masters

The six spent the remainder of their day in the shelter, awaiting news that never came.

Day 20

Cindy Hall awoke early the next day. She quickly got up and began tending to the dying fire. The four had slept well last night, all cuddled together to shield themselves from the cold. The price they paid for such a deed was their fire running low. Though nevertheless Cindy had always felt it was her responsibility to tend to the daily duties around camp. She knelt down by the fire and began blowing small, soft bursts of oxygen into the fire, watching as it slowly rose, then began adding stick after stick to the fire. Ken Hoang woke soon after to the crackling of sticks as they burned into the fire. "Morning," Ken said smiling, peering through the shelter at Cindy who had began to tend to the fire. "Hi there," Cindy said grinning. "Need any help?" Ken offered. "I've got it," Cindy said cheerfully. "Thanks," Ken said with a grin. "We really haven't talked much just the two of us," Cindy pointed out. "I know," Ken said drearily. " and Colleen?" Cindy asked with a grin. "Not this again," Ken said, tensing up. "No relax," Cindy said sweetly. "It's cute." "Is it?" Ken asked awkwardly. Cindy nodded. "I honestly couldn't tell you what it is," Ken said nervously. "I bet you could tell me what you want it to be though," Cindy said, still smiling. "I mean I like her, but it's not something I'm trying to make happen out here," Ken said honestly. "Of course not," Cindy said. "It's something that just happened." Ken smiled, not confirming or denying, but his face said it all. "Look, if you're worried we're gonna target you two cause you have a schoolyard crush on each other, it's not gonna happen, you looked after me, and I'm gonna look after you guys," Cindy said truthfully. "Thanks Cindy," Ken said, "I really appreciate it." "No problem buddy," Cindy said.

It was really nice chatting with Cindy this morning. The two of us haven't really gotten a chance to get to know each other, and it was good to build upon our relationship. It's good to know that she hopes to return the favor to Colleen & I for saving her after the swap.

–Ken Hoang

Ken and I haven't had much of a chance to bond. He's a really nice, bright kid who kinda has a hard time expressing his feelings. This alliance is about being there for one another any way we can.

–Cindy Hall

"Would you like to go check tree mail with me?" Ken asked. "Certainly," Cindy said, adding a few decent sized sticks to the fire, to keep it burning while they made the trek to treemail. The two began making talk as they approached treemail, where the found a small note awaiting them. "Deep breath," Cindy said exhaling as she went to pick up the note. "You ready?" "Should we wait?" Ken asked. "Probably," Cindy said, tucking the note away. "We'll be ok," Ken said reassuringly.

The merge has all of us a little worried, we're down in the numbers, and it's gonna take a lot of hard work in order for us to turn this thing around, but we're all determined to get the job done.

–Ken Hoang

"Wake up you guys," Cindy said, when her and Ken had arrived back to camp. "We have mail," Ken said excited. "Oh my god!" Colleen shouted. "Read it," Julie urged. The two girls sat close together, linking arms waiting to hear the news. "The game is up in the air, so come together and see, how you'll fare, when all is set free," Cindy said reading treemail. "MERGE!" Colleen shouted, hugging Julie immediately after. "We did it you guys, we made it!" Julie said motioning for Cindy and Ken to join the group hug. "All for one," Ken said. "And one for all," Cindy finished.

Everything we've worked for up until this point means nothing if we can't get past this first round as a new tribe. We are gonna have to work, otherwise none of us are gonna be in a position we want to be in.

–Julie Berry

The six member strong Otono tribe, confidently strutted their way onto their mat, to greet Jeff Probst. "Otono, getting your first look at the new Hidera tribe." The Hidera 4 walked toward their mat, bopping as they did so, eagerly awaitng the merge. "Amy voted out at the last Tribal Council." Marcus and Corinne exchanged a glance. Two strong members in a row? Ken had to be behind this. Rafe looked down, not wanting to make eye contact with Cindy after hearing Amy had gone too. "Alright everyone, it's Day 20, you guys have been through quite a few twists and turns and..." Colleen eagerly leaned in. "It's time to get to another reward challenge," Jeff said, flashing a shit-eating grin. "As tribes?" Cindy asked seeking clarification. "Of course!" Jeff said. Joel's opened his mouth in shock. "What did you guys think we were merging?" Jeff said, his smile getting even wider. "Nope." Colleen buried her face in her hands. Today's challenge would involve one tribe member launching a ball into the air, the other three tribe members would use lacross-like nets to try and catch the ball, the first tribe to score five points will win the challenge. The winners would enjoy a picnic lunch near a beautiful waterfall. Due to Otono having two extra members Rafe and Corinne agreed to sit out. Twila and Colleen opted to be the launchers for Otono and Hidera respectively. Sarge, Marcus, and Joel would be the catchers for Otono, while Julie, Cindy, and Ken would be the catchers for Hidera. A shocked, and mismatched Hidera tribe each took their spot next to the big, bulky guys on Otono. "SURVIVORS READY? GO!" Colleen was the first to load up her ball, she quickly placed it and launched it, far too short of a distance. Keeping the score tied 0-0. Twila shut one eye, pulled back, and aimed her ball directly to Sarge. "WHOOSH!" The ball soared, and landed into Sarge's wicker, as if it had been meant to land there, giving Otono a 1-0 lead. Colleen took aim again, this time winding up, hoping to send it up toward Cindy. The ball soared high into the sky, Cindy ran underneath the ball to catch it, but found herself too far left. However, Marcus Lehman had been there to capitalize on her mistake, catching the ball, giving Otono a 2-0 lead. Twila fired the third ball toward Sarge again, Ken Hoang ran hoping to deflect it, but the ball flew over his head and into Sarge's wicker once again. Otono leading 3-0. Colleen misfired, sending the ball straight into the ground. Twila fired toward Marcus, Julie and Cindy both ran trying to retrieve the ball from him. Joel Klug ran over to assist Marcus, all four wickers in the air waiting for the ball...but landing in the wicker of Joel Klug. Otono lead 4-0. One more point and they would win. Colleen Haskell fired toward Julie Berry, the ball flew as Julie went to retrieve it, tripping over Joel's leg causing her to fall to the ground as Joel went to snag the winning point. "OTONO WINS REWARD!" Joel and Marcus threw their wickers in the air, and all began hugging and cheering in celebration. Corinne and Marcus broke out in hugs, while a dejected Hidera tribe returned to camp, defeated. "Woah," Rafe Judkins said when he saw the huge piles of food awaiting them at the waterfall where there reward took place. The six skinny tribemates all rushed toward the gigantic pile of food. Marcus began chowing down on a leg of fried chicken while Corinne and Joel both took a gigantic slice of watermelon. Twila and Sarge each popped open a beer, chugging down half of one in one swoop.

"This is great," Twila said shouting. "I'd love to cheer, but I can't stop eating," Rafe said, his mouth half full of food.

The reward was absolutely fantastic. There was everything we ever could have hoped for in there. Chicken, biscuits, potato salad, brownies and ice cold beer. Oh baby was it a good feast.

–Sarge Masters

After all the food had been eaten... the traditional swim after a picnic began to ensue as Corinne Kaplan peeled off her clothes and jumped off the waterfall into the clear blue water below. "How's that water?" Marcus shouted from above. "Euphoria," Corinne said, laying on her back, enjoying the cool fresh water running through her hair. "We shoulda brought some shampoo so this girly girl can do her hair," Twila said laughing. "Maybe you should put down that beer and wash yourself," Sarge said, swatting his hand back and forth above his nose. "Aw hell Sarge, you just want my beer," Twila said cackling. "I'll take one of those off your hands," Joel said, grabbing a beer. Twila looked at him with a piercing glance, but Joel was far too busy with a beer in his hand to notice. "I think I'm buzzed enough to go in," Joel said after several beers. "Jump!" Corinne yelled. Joel dove, doing a small flip as he landed into the water. "And he sticks the landing," Rafe shouted. "Yeah buddy," Joel said. "Rafe come join us," Corinne said grinning. "Go on Rafe, get your jumping on," Twila said. Rafe Judkins plugged his nose, and jumped straight off, sinking deep into the water like a pencil. "Oh Rafe," Corinne said laughing at her friend's pathetic jump. The three remained swimming, enjoying the cool water, while Marcus, Sarge, and Twila remained chatting. "This is fantastic," Sarge exclaimed. "One of the best days so far," Marcus said. "Did you see the looks on their faces when they found out we ain't mergin? I feel terrible for Jules, she's such a sweetheart, but it was so damn funny!" Twila said cackling. "You guys are close with Julie?" Marcus asked. "Julie, is fantastic," Sarge said. "Though don't worry, she can't come between our four," Sarge reassured Marcus. "Totally," Marcus said.

For the longest time we weren't sure what Sarge & Twila's relationship with Julie was. Sadly, we kinda just assumed since they butted heads with Chad, they would have with Julie as well, but it turns out their much closer than we anticipated. which raises some major red flags...maybe Corinne was right...what else could they be hiding?

–Marcus Lehman

"In fact," Sarge shouted. "If we keep win winning like this, why can't this be the final 6?" "Amen!" Twila shouted. "Totally," Marcus said. "Count the three of us in," Rafe yelled. Rafe and Corinne both giggled afterwards. "What's so funny?" Joel asked. "You think we should tell him?" Corinne asked. "Joel, not a word," Rafe threatened him. "I swear guys," Joel said, raising his hands defensively. "You, Me, Rafe, Marcus...blindside Twila, first chance we get," Corinne said beaming. "No way!" Joel said shocked. "Oh c'mon Rafe, relax, they couldn't be more drunk up there!" Corinne said. "Have you talked to Marcus yet?" Rafe asked concerned. "" Corinne grimaced.

"Corinne..." Rafe said sternly. "Chill Rafe, I will," Corinne said defesively. "Wait why doesn't Marcus know?" Joel asked. "Cause he'll get all pissy if I spring it on him too soon," Corinne said. "But she's totally with us," Rafe said reassuringly

Marcus is trying really hard to remain neutral in all the split going on here, so I really can't break the news to him until he has to make a decision, otherwise he's not gonna listen. You play with Marcus, and you learn. I know how he plays, and I can play his game too.

–Corinne Kaplan

We're not gonna have many more chances to get rid of Twila, because if we're not merging now, it can't be too far away. Twila's been gunning for us for a while now, the sooner we can get rid of her the better off Joel and I will be.

–Rafe Judkins

The six remaining Otono members returned to camp after a fantastic afternoon off from the game. Twila and Sarge immediately went on a firewood run, in attempts to make up for lost time. Meanwhile, Marcus had to deliver important news to Corinne. "Corinne, mind if I had a word?" Marcus asked. "If you don't sound so formal," Corinne said rolling her eyes. "No, this is serious," Marcus said bluntly. "Spill," Corinne said.

"They're tight with Julie," Marcus said. "How tight?" Corinne asked. "Tight enough to want to bring her in after the merge," Marcus said. "So they'd be up on us 3-2?" Corinne said. Marcus nodded. "I told you they weren't with us, that's why Twila is being so nice, if we stuck with them we wouldn't f*** up all of their plans, I told you Marcus, I knew it!" Corinne said eagerly. "Slow down, we don't know all of that for sure," Marcus said. "But it's safe to assume..." Corinne asked. "The same could be said with Rafe and Joel with Cindy and Colleen," Marcus said rationally. "3-2 is a lot difference than 4-2," Corinne said defensively. "Neither is ideal," Marcus said. "But the other still involves a tie at some point," Corinne said. "Which will eventually lead to a 3-2 vote," Marcus said. "Look, I know you don't want to work with Sarge & Twila..." Marcus began to say. "Do you?" Corinne asked. "I wanna do what gets us to the end...together," Marcus said. "Which is?" Corinne asked. "Which is a discussion we can have when we get there," Marcus said with a smile, trying to keep Corinne grounded.

Last time, I planned too far ahead, and it bit me in the ass big time. This time, I'm taking this game day by day, minute by minute. What's best for Corinne & I is what I'll do, no more and no less.

–Marcus Lehman

I like to play the game with people I trust and people I like. I don't like Twila and Sarge, nor do I trust them and what Marcus said today confirmed that they have no real loyalty to us. They used us to get rid of Chad, but I'm not letting them take advantage of us anymore. It's time to take them out, now!

–Corinne Kaplan

"How am I doing Sarge?" Twila asked her friend, in regard to her new found attitude.

"You're quite the charmer," Sarge said impressed. "Hahaha, I know," Twila said besides herself. "And Corinne & Marcus certainly seem to be warming up to you," Sarge said grinning. "The four of us, and hopefully Jules and we're set," Twila said.

Being nice to Marcus and Corinne certainly hasn't been easy for me, but for a million dollars. Hell, I'll be nice to anybody.

–Twila Tanner

Telling Twila off certainly seems to be the sure fire way to get her to do exactly what's best for us, if we can maintain these strong relationships, we can really go the distance.

–Sarge Masters

"Who'd of thought us two goons would walk all over this season," Twila grinned. "I knew," Sarge said. "Oh yeah, sure, Sarge," Twila said. The two friends enjoyed their buzz which would last the rest of the afternoon into the evening. As Sarge said earlier, all that was left to do was to wait for what's next to come. Meanwhile, Hidera had suffered multiple blows after the reward challenge. They had expected a merge, a feast, a new lease on life. Instead, they got no merge no food and what seemed to be a death sentence. The four of them sat quietly at the fire, not wanting to have to think about what was to come, but slowly were beginning to realize they would have to face the reality of it sooner or later. "Well, that didn't go as expected," Julie said simply. "No, no it did not," Colleen added. "We still have a shot though, right?" Cindy said trying to appear optimistic. "I don't even know anymore," Ken said dejected.

Losing today has taken its' toll on all of us. We expected to have completely changed our game around, but it's looking like we are right back where we started.

–Ken Hoang

"I don't wanna do anything today," Colleen said slumped over. "None of us do, sweety," Julie said trying to console her.

I was really looking forward to making it to the merge one more time and turning this game on its head, we were gonna make Joel look like a fool...again! I mean, all of our expectations just...dropped...Just like that!

–Colleen Haskell

"You ok?" Ken asked. "I'm fine," Colleen said. "Thanks though."

It kills me seeing Colleen upset like this. You never wanna see someone you care about unhappy. I mean, I'm unhappy too, we're all unhappy about it!

–Ken Hoang

"I'm gonna get us some water," Cindy said getting up toward the well. "Let me help you," Julie said, getting up to join her. "Ok, we'll just stay here then," Colleen tried to joke. Julie and Cindy began walking towards the water well, while Ken and Colleen sat by the fire. "We have to stick together, now more than ever," Ken said sternly. Colleen nodded. "There gonna try and pull in one of us," Ken said suspciously. "You don't know that for sure," Colleen said naively. "I think I know Julie enough," Ken said raising an eyebrow. "I just don't wanna think of this game as THAT cutthroat," Colleen said. "I'm afraid it is..." Ken admitted. Colleen let out a huge sigh. "Is that a sigh that we're turning on each other, or cause you don't want to work with me," Ken said smiling. "Can't it be both?" Colleen said giggling.

I'm not happy with how the situation turned out, but if it did anything it solidified my bond with Colleen. We need each other now more than ever if we expect to make the merge, whenever that may be.

–Ken Hoang

In season one, I never got to the point in the game where my alliance had to cannibalize itself, Tagi took care of that. I guess I expected this time, we'd be strong enough to get through without dividing. But, I guess not THAT much has changed in so many years.

–Colleen Haskell

Meanwhile, Cindy and Julie were talking about a topic similar to what Ken and Colleen had discussed. The thought of having to go back to Tribal Council for the third time in a row had frightened everyone. "I trust you a hundred percent, just so you know," Julie said. "And I trust you the same," Cindy said reciprocating Julie's sentiment. "So if we're gonna stay here..." Julie began. "We need one of them on our side," Cindy said. "I was thinking Colleen," Julie said. "Let's try and pull the girls thing." "I don't think Ken will turn on her, it's what has to be done," Cindy said. "I know right, it's beauty and the geek," Julie said giggling. "They're adorable, but we need to work with the one more willing to work with us," Cindy said.

I was just getting to know Kenny, which makes this even more difficult, but if I wanna stay here I need to play the odds for me. Colleen has to feel less attached to Ken than he does to her.

–Cindy Hall

Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is Hidera is probably going back to Tribal Council. I've come too far to fall this short of the merge, so I have to do what's best for me and try to make sure Colleen is on our side, should we have to meet up with Jeff tomorrow.

–Julie Berry

"I'll talk to her," Julie said smiling. "That's probably for the best, work your magic," Cindy said. The two girls high fived and hugged, and began walking back to camp, each with a jug of water in hand. When they arrived Cindy Hall dumped a large amount of water into the pot and began boiling the water. "Thanks Cindy," Ken said. "I gotta run and take care of business," Ken said. "I'll be right back." "You do that," Colleen joked. When Ken had gone into the woods to handle his business, Julie took the opportunity to plead her case to Colleen. "Look Colleen, I didn't want to have to do this," Julie said warning of her of what's to come. "You know, if we lose, we're gonna have to go to Tribal, and I think...maybe it'd be best if us girls stick together," Julie said. "Oh gosh," Colleen said, realizing what Ken had told her was correct. "He doesn't have connections on the other side like the three of us do, It's not that we don't like him, we adore him, it's just I think the three of us have the best chance of going deep into the game together," Julie said smiling. "We totally have your back girly," Cindy said. "It's just hard for me to even consider all this at this point," Colleen said, putting her hands on her forehead in frustration. "None of us want to," Cindy said. "But we kind of have to," Julie added. "I really don't know," Colleen said upset. "Aw honey, don't cry," Julie said comforting her. "Why are you guys turning on each other before we even had a challenge, we could win, we could still do this together," Colleen said speaking through her tears. "Colleen, this is not something any of us want," Julie said upset. "Then why are you doing this," Colleen said continuing to be upset. "Because we want to stay," Cindy said. "Well Kenny wants to stay too, we all want to stay, why turn on each other if we're planning on winning the next challenge, all of this is just so unessecary to me," Colleen said. Ken began strolling back into camp, seeing Colleen in tears. "Colleen, what's wrong?" Ken said concerned. "I just wanted us to stick together," she said looking up at him. "We will, at least, I know I will," Ken said smiling. Colleen pushed her tears aside and grinned. "Thank you," Colleen said smiling.

The last thing I wanted was to upset Colleen with my offer. I was just looking out for us and her. I think I indirectly opened her eyes up to how brutal this game can be.

–Julie Berry

I'm so tired of all the scheming. We are a 4, and if we're planning on taking over Otono we have to win and we have to stick together, and right now we're not doing either of those things. I'll be shocked if we win tomorrow, and I'll be even more shocked if we can some how stick together after this.

–Colleen Haskell

The four returned to the awkward silence that made up the early part of their afternoon. Today was bad, they just hoped tomorrow wouldn't be worse.

Day 21

Ken Hoang and Colleen Haskell began walking toward tree mail early this morning. After a very heated, emotional evening Colleen felt it was important to tell Ken everything she was told that night. "So they told you that I was the most expendable to the alliance?" Ken asked. "Yep, cause you don't have any connections on the other side," Colleen admitted. "You'd think that would prove my loyalty," Ken said. "I know you're loyal," Colleen said. "I appreciate you not selling me out," Ken said grinning. "I would never," Colleen said.

If last night brought about any good, it proved that Colleen is loyal to me 100%. Not that there was much doubt to begin with, but any security at this point is valuable.

–Ken Hoang

"I knew Julie was crafty like that, I told you," Ken said. "I know she is, but we can't let that get in the way right now, not until the challenge is over, and even then...I got your back," Colleen said smiling. The two grabbed treemail and brought it back to camp. When they arrived Julie and Cindy were standing waiting for them to arrive. "You guys, before we read it and get ready to go to the challenge, I just wanted to say that I am so so sorry for trying to turn on our group prematurely," Julie said. "Me too you guys, we just got scared, and we panicked," Cindy said. "I understand," Colleen said. "Well actually I don't understand, but I can forgive you guys, what we need today is a strong, united team." "Kenny, what I said earlier was genuine, just so you know," Cindy added. "I know," Ken said smiling.

I had to apologize to Ken & Colleen. I got caught in the act, and I need our team to come together today. Agreeing to work together again is my best bet at this point.

–Julie Berry

"Water under the bridge," Colleen said.

It's easier for Colleen to forgive Julie & Cindy for plotting against me. They were never going to vote her off. I'll forgive both of them for the good of the tribe, but I'm not going to forget what they did.

–Ken Hoang

"Let's win today," Julie said getting fired up. "We're still four strong," Cindy said. "'Till the end," Colleen added. "HIDERA 4 EVER!" Colleen laughed. "See what I did there," Ken said. "I gotchu," Colleen said laughing.

If we don't win today, everything I've done and said for the past twelve hours has been all for nothing. If we lose, we're gonna turn on each other, and if we turn on one another, it's over. It's all over.

–Colleen Haskell

Both tribes arrived at the next challenge. Today, one tribe member would run out to retrieve a bucket of water, they must then transport that water from one bucket to another, then pouring it into a larger container. When there is enough water in the container it will begin to sink, when the bucket hits the ground it will ignite a flame giving that tribe immunity. Because they had two extra members Twila and Sarge agreed to sit out. Marcus would retrieve the water for Otono and Ken for Hidera. Julie would be the pourer for Hidera, while Rafe would be the pourer for Otono. "SURVIVORS READY? GO!" Ken and Marcus sprinted out to the water, Marcus with a bit of a lead, both men threw their buckets to the next person in line. Both Cindy and Joel getting little water in their bucket. Instead of trying again, Cindy urged Ken to go get another load of water, while Joel transported his little water to their tribes bin, just drops going in. Ken tried again, a little more water came through, but failed when Colleen droped her bucket as Cindy chucked the water. Meanwhile, Marcus delivered a good toss to Joel. While losing some from himself to Corinne and Corinne to Rafe, they had built somewhat of a lead over Hidera. Ken went again, delivering a fantastic toss to Cindy, and like that Hidera was back in the game. Both tribes began making better tosses to one another, both tribes had their container filled half way. Both tribes were trying to do extra. Both Rafe and Julie began using their hair and clothing to add more water. While Julie had more clevage and hair to contribute giving Hidera a slight edge. "Come on guys!" Colleen shouted. "Everything you have guys," Ken screamed. Sensing them falling behind, Marcus began picking up the pace, tossing water to Joel, trying to keep them in the game. Both buckets began wobbling, coming down, a few good tosses will do it. Ken tossed to Cindy, to Colleen, to Julie who dumped in their bucket. Down, down, down........and "HIDERA WINS IMMUNITY!" The four of them tossed their buckets in the air screaming. Colleen began to cry tears of joy on Ken's shoulder. "Oh my god," Julie said in shock. "I can't believe it, we won," Cindy said grinning. The four of them hugged and cried and smiled, they had done it, against all odds the Hidera 4 would live to see another day.

This is what we needed, not the lying and scheming, but the companionship and commitment to our alliance. It's going to be hard, but if the four of us stick together we'll be unstoppable.

–Colleen Haskell

Otono returned to their beach, surprised by the their sudden loss today. Joel and Rafe returned to the shelter, continuing the act of feeling defeated, while Sarge gathered his troops to discuss the plan of tonight's vote. "Unbelievable," Sarge said.

I was stunned that Hidera beat us today. It's just shocking to me. However, I do have the benefit of being in a loyal alliance with whom I trust dearly.

–Sarge Masters

"Well Corinne, I suppose you'd like it if we voted out Joel," Twila said. "I mean, if it was my decision and my decision alone, I think Joel would be our best bet," Corinne said. "Marcus?" Sarge asked. "I also think Rafe would be smart enough to stick with us at the merge, I think Joel's our best bet," Marcus said, smiling to Corinne as he did so. "I have no preference, Twila?" Sarge asked. "Well if you guys want to vote Joel, I won't stop ya," Twila said. "Is that a yes?" Corinne asked seeking confirmation. "I guess it is," Twila said laughing.

Sadly, I can't tell Corinne to just shut up when she bitches about keeping Rafe. I gotta go along with it for now, but it won't always be that way lemme tell you. When we merge, the shoe's gonna be on the other foot, we'll see how she handles the pressure.

–Twila Tanner

"So we're good," Sarge said smiling. "Solid," Marcus said.

Right now Sarge is eating out of the palm of my hand, and Rafe is doing the same for Corinne. It's up to us as a group to decide who will be of more use to us down the road.

–Marcus Lehman

Sarge and Twila went to get water, so there would be some to drink after Tribal Council. Meanwhile, Corinne was feeling uneasy. "Did she just agree with me, willingly?" Corinne asked. "Someone's paranoid!" Marcus said. "Why would she just agree unless she didn't have something else in mind?" Corinne asked. "She hasn't even talked to Rafe and Joel," Marcus said. "Why was she being so nice to them? This change in personality means she's either mentally unstable or she has some trick up her sleeve," Corinne said. "I know you want to take her out, but is now really the time?" Marcus asked. "Now is the time," Corinne said. "Rafe and Joel already said they were cool with it." "You talked with them?" Marcus asked. "Only cause I knew you wouldn't consider it unless you knew they were on board," Corinne said grinning. "Damn," Marcus said, rubbing his chin, thinking about the best move to make. "I'm gonna go get Rafe," Corinne said.

The pressure is on, I have just a few hours to convince Marcus that it's in our best interest to get rid of Twila tonight, I need Rafe and Joel to back me up here.

–Corinne Kaplan

"Rafe," Corinne said rushing toward him. "Hey there, what's up?" Rafe said concerned. "I talked to Marcus, and he's still unsure and I need you to reassure him that we are a solid four," Corinne said quickly. "Oh geez Corinne..." Rafe said nervously.

Marcus is a really level headed player. A really bright guy, so it's hard to just assure him just by promising him loyalty. It's something everyone promises him. I gotta be sharp if I want to keep Joel & I in the game, and I gotta think fast.

–Rafe Judkins

"You're not in danger...Twila and Sarge said they're going for Joel, unless their actually going for me..." Corinne said. "What?" Rafe said. "Did she say anything to you, about voting me out?" Corinne asked. "No?" Rafe said puzzled. "She's just been acting really weird," Corinne said. "She wants you to stick with her," Rafe affirmed. The two walked to where they had left Marcus. "Promise me you'll go with whatever I say," Rafe said, right before they arrived. "Sure," Corinne said. Marcus sat waiting to hear what Rafe had to say, it was going to be important in making his decision. "Tell him Rafe," Corinne said. "Well, Twila had come up to Joel after the reward, and was discussing about possibly taking Corinne out, either now or right after the merge," Rafe lied. Corinne's eyes widened. "I told you!" Corinne said. "Maybe she was just lying to him?" Marcus said. "Well she didn't say anything about it to me," Corinne said. "Me neither," Marcus said. "Or me for that matter," Rafe said. "Just Joel." "What did he say?" Corinne asked. "He said he turned down the offer," Rafe said. "That explains why she didn't put up a fight to voting him out," Corinne said. "See," Marcus said, "there's a reason for everything." Corinne rolled her eyes. "That doesn't make me feel better," Corinne said. "We honestly are so willing to work with you guys, that's why we've been so committed to you," Rafe said. "I know, and we really appreciate it, we're really considering going with you guys, it's just a big decision," Marcus said indecisively. "Take your time," Rafe said, walking away, smiling to Corinne as he did so.

I gave it my best shot. I did everything I possibly could to ensure Joel's survival. I just have to trust in Corinne to take care of the rest.

–Rafe Judkins

"It's not looking good for you buddy," Rafe said to Joel. "Why what's going on?" Joel asked. "Twila and Sarge are gunning for you," Rafe said. "Are Corinne and Marcus still up for voting Twila?" Joel asked. "I don't know, I talked to them, but Marcus is gonna have to decide on his own," Rafe said. "Well whatever happens tonight man, thanks for looking out for me," Joel said, with a small grin. "I couldn't have made it this far without you," Rafe said. "Ah, you'd of been a lot better off without me dragging you down," Joel said patting him on the back. "Not true," Rafe said. "You're the only person on this tribe I can really depend on," Rafe said with a smile. "Thanks dude," Joel said, giving Rafe a fist bump.

I don't know what I'd do without Rafe. He's been looking out for me and tried to keep me safe since we met here at Otono. I don't wanna do any more damage to his game. The more I campaign, the worse of he is. I've made it farther than last time, and if I go tonight, I know my buddy's a whole lot better off.

–Joel Klug

Meanwhile, Corinne and Marcus were having one last talk before Tribal. The minutes until they left were winding down. "Marcus, please," Corinne begged. "I gotta do what's best for us Corinne," Marcus said firmly. "And what is that?" Corinne asked. "Getting rid of the person who posts the biggest danger to us in the long run," Marcus said. "I truly believe that its Twila," Corinne urged. "I know you do, but it's my turn to decide," Marcus said firmly. Corinne nodded "I'm not saying no," Marcus said. "So what do you wanna do?" Corinne asked.

I have spent the past three days scrambling like a bat out of hell to get Twila out of here, and if she stays than that bitch is going to eat me alive. It's time for the bitch to go.

–Corinne Kaplan

There is no move I can make tonight that is free from ramifications. I have to decide for myself who is more dependable in the long haul. Not who Sarge thinks, not who Corinne thinks, who I think is going to help me go the furthest.

–Marcus Lehman

At Tribal Council, Corinne looked to Marcus for the signal on who to vote. It was dangerously close to voting time to make a decision but one had been made it was time to find out what Marcus had chosen. After the votes were cast, Jeff Probst brought them back to be tallied. First vote... "Joel," Twila's vote had been the first. "Twila," Joel had returned the favor. "Twila," Rafe stuck by his friend in hopes that he had turned the game around. "Joel," Sarge's vote tied it all up. That's two votes Joel, Two votes Twila. Corinne and Marcus looked at each other, ready to face the decision they had made together. For better or worse. Next vote... "Twila," Corinne had cast her vote with a giant smiley face. Twila turned to Corinne in disgust. Corinne smiled brighter than ever. Sarge looked over to Marcus, hoping more than anything he hadn't done the same... but he had. "Seventh Person voted out of Survivor: Belize - Battle of the Seasons..." "Twila" Twila nodded to Sarge, giving her friend her best regards, then flipped off Corinne and Marcus before placing her torch in the slot next to Jeff. "You're even dumber than you look," Twila muttered. Corinne simply rolled her eyes and smiled. "Twila, the tribe has spoken." Corinne smiled and waved as Twila grabbed her bag and left Tribal Council. Corinne and Marcus had made their decision. Joel and Rafe were certainly indebted to them. Sarge however, was not.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:

Twila (4 votes)
Corinne, Joel, Marcus & Rafe
Joel (2 votes)
Lea & Twila
Twila Tanner

Still In the Running

Verano Otono
Hidera Nieve