Bella Juggensell
Contestant Profile
Birth Date July 28, 1960 (1960-07-28) (age 57)
Hometown Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Occupation Pathologist

Survivor: Madagascar

Tribes Fossa
Placement 14/16
Challenges Won 1
Votes Against 4
Days Lasted 9

Bella Juggensell is a contestant in Survivor: Madagascar.


A 52 year old pathologist Bella is ready for another adventure. She is a hard worker and loves the outdoors. She can use her pathology skills for gutting/cleaning game. Her only weakness is her bad ankle.

Survivor: Madagascar

By Day 4, Bella had built a solid friendship with Hanson. She even went as far to tell him that she had bad ankles. They promised to look out for each other.

She later helped her team by using her knowledge of animal anatomy to skin bats and eat them for protein.

On Day 7, she saved Kamila from harming herself out of fear of a harmless spider. But her ankles started to thwart Fossa's progress at the reward.

When Fossa lost the following immunity challenge, things weren't looking good for Bella. Hanson was able to get Elsa on his side, but he failed at getting Julian to side with him. Bella was eliminated 4-3.

Voting History

Bella's Voting History
Episode Bella's
Voted Against
1 Sammie -
2 Fossa Tribe Immune
3 Kamila Antonia, Julian,
Kamila, Nicholas
Voted Off, Day 9


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