Billy Edwards
Luke (1)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date June 25, 1985
Hometown Brooklyn
Occupation Basketball Player

Survivor: The Beginning

Tribes Sabah
Placement 14/16
Challenges Won 0
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 9

Billy Edwards was a contestant from Survivor: The Beginning.


Name(Age): William "Billy" Edwards(28)

Tribe designation: Sabah

Current residence: Brooklyn, New York

Occupation: Basketball Player

Personal claim to fame: Beating a supposed "unbeatable" team in a basketball game.

Inspiration in life: My coach. He's an amazing guy and is very caring.

Hobbies: Sports.

Pet peeves: Loud people.

3 words to describe you: Strong, awesome, happy.

Survivor contestant you are most like: I think I'm a lot like Lex. Only much smarter.

Why you think you'll survive Survivor: I'm really unbelievably strong and will be a huge asset to my tribe.

Why you think you'll be the sole SURVIVOR: I'm really strong and people will find me deserving.

Survivor: The Beginning

When Billy got to camp on the Sabah tribe, he didn't know what to do. So he decided to lie around and not help, which angered Peter. In the Immunity challenge, Billy proved that he can be helpful in challenges. This caused him to be spared when his tribe lost. The next day, Jennifer approached him while fishing and suggested that they stick together. He agreed to it, but after losing the next challenge, Jennifer was voted off. Billy was then sure that he would be next to go. After Sabah lost the next Immunity, Billy was unanimously voted out.

Voting History

Billy's Voting History
  Episode   Billy's
  Voted Against
1 Bob -
2 Bob;


Peter, Victoria
3 Pen Bob, Olive, Pen,
Peter, Victoria
Voted Off, Day 9


  • Billy continues to play basketball.
  • Billy is often mocked by his basketball team for his laziness on the show.



Billy voted out.