"Bitter Work"
Season Survivor: Culture Clash
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 12/15
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This is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Culture Clash.

Previously on Survivor


Reward Challenge: Pot Head
The survivors will race across an obstacle course while having a clay pot on their head. First player who successfully transports five of their ten pots, wins. Each survivor will have ten pots, and if they break more than five pots, they will be eliminated from the challenge.
Reward: A day-long luxury yacht ride, a fresh set of their clothes, and a meal.
Winner: Lana (chooses Cataleya and Beatrix to join her)

Immunity Challenge: Snake Cube Crisis
Using a machete, the survivors are to chop down ropes to release a giant snake cube and carry it through an obstacle course. At the final station, they must manipulate the prop to form a cube. First player to do so, wins immunity.
Winner: Dominic


Night 30

Following the events of last episode's Tribal Council, where Beatrix sent a traumatized Rosita home, the former suffers a panic attack. Jeff calls in the medical team to attend to her. Dr. Ramona consoles Beatrix by giving her a sip of water. Cataleya, a pharmacist in her daily life, explains that Beatrix voting off Rosita had gotten the best of her, such that Beatrix was not able to prepare herself for the possible repercussions of her decision to backstab Rosita, and by pulling that off, it stunned her as much as it stunned Rosita. After being offered with water, Beatrix is able to stand up again. At the jury bench, Elle is slightly amused that her rival just took a pill that is tough to swallow.

After checking Beatrix's blood pressure, Dr. Ramona tells Jeff her blood pressure already normalized, allowing her to continue in the game. Jeff then allows the Bathala tribe to return to camp.

Back at camp, Beatrix cries hysterically after pulling off such a plan. Her alliance comforts her, while Cap seemingly relishes the moment.

Personally, I feel bad for Beatrix, but at the same time, she should've studied how bad Rosita will feel after backstabbing her like that. Come to think of it, I realized that she is not really as threatening as I branded her to be, as she is not able to contain her emotions, which makes her now a longshot to win. Better if, the medics decide to take her out because she is no longer psychologically sound to stay longer in this game.


Day 31

Breakfast at Bathala, and while the tribe is eatnig breakfast, Beatrix, who normally starts the day with a morning regimen of stretching and doing few aerobics, rises from the shelter still lethargic after last night's events. Beatrix tries to do her morning chores and be like herself again. Jeff Probst arrives at camp with the Survivor medical team to check on Beatrix. An in-game psychologist interviews her of what is she feeling at the moment. After Beatrix answers a few questions from the psychologist, the expert deems Beatrix still psychologically fit to continue playing, frustrating Cap.

Can you just take her out anyway?


Trying to forgive myself and move on from what I did overnight was bitter work, but I told myself, I'll deal with that later. I'm playing for today. Not for tomorrow, not for Day 39. I'll deal with Day 39 when I get to it.

–Beatrix, on collecting herself after a blindside she instigated somewhat left her scathing side effects

Lana and Cataleya discuss at the water well on their endgame plans. Cataleya suggests that they should stick with Beatrix thinking that her blindside of Rosita cannot redeem her in time for Final Tribal Council. Lana agrees.

I thought Beatrix is strong enough to move forward after what she did to Rosita. But after her breakdown, it goes to show that Beatrix is the perfect goat to take to the end. Sure, she masterminded several blindsides, but she wasn't able to get a hold of herself.


Meanwhile, Jordan and Cap, both of whom are in the minority, talk about convincing the majority to vote out Beatrix, under the premise that they are just concerned about her well being.

I care about Beatrix, but I care more about winning this game. We have to convince them to vote Bea out.


Day 32

While collecting Tree Mail, Cap comes to Budd, asking him if he is open to vote Beatrix off out of concern. Budd states that he is also concerned about Beatrix, and he needs time to mull it over, knowing that Lana and Cataleya are tight with her.

I realized that Bea might've planned an all-girl final three with Lana and Cat. There are a lots of reasons why I should turn on Bea. If I am to flip, this is the right time to do so. If I stayed with the girls, there is no turning back.


The seven remaining castaways meet Jeff Probst for their next Reward Challenge. Jeff asks Beatrix if she is getting better after her breakdown. Beatrix tells the host she is in a better mood than when she was at Tribal Council.

The castaways struggle early, with Budd and Beatrix breaking their first three pots. Cataleya loses her first five pots, so she must successfully take all of her remaining pots to the end of the course. Unfortunately, she breaks her sixth pot, eliminating her from the challenge. Beatrix then breaks her sixth pot as well, eliminating her too. In the end, Lana's excellent balance wins her the challenge. Lana is given the choice to pick two tribe members to join her for the reward. She chooses Cataleya and Beatrix. Budd becomes suspicious.

While the girls are away, Budd sits at the beach while thinking where he stands within his alliance. Knowing Beatrix is loyal to him, but also knows her connections with Lana and Cataleya, Budd comtemplates on his best move moving forward. As he observes Cap doing his fishing duties, the former prisoner decides he cannot trust Cap either.

So, I am between three girls who I've aligned with from the beginning, though I have a hunch they'll take me out when they don't need me anymore. On the other hand, Cap is offering me a spot on his alliance, but I cannot seem to figure out if he will just vote me out by final four. Right now I am the swing vote, but I could have the same fate in the long run either way, and that makes me nervous. Both sides offer the same thing.


Meanwhile, at the reward, Beatrix thanks Lana for taking her. After taking a bath, the three receive a fresh set of their clothes. The captain then shows them a set of clothes for their tribemates back at camp, telling Lana she can pick one tribe member at camp who can receive a fresh set of their clothes. To not let Budd feel too isolated, Lana chooses to give Budd new clothes.

Over dinner, Lana asks Beatrix and Cataleya if they are comfortable with the idea of them being the final three. Beatrix and Cataleya agree, saying nobody can beat Budd. Beatrix warns them that Budd could be the swing vote, since Cap is trying to lure him to join his alliance, so as a measure, they must keep Budd on their side.

Sleeping together on one bed, the girls call it a night.

Back at Bathala camp, Cap continues to convince Budd to join his alliance. Budd demands a legitimate reason as to why should he join him, as he, Jordan and Dominic are already with him, and they pretty much made a final three deal with each other. Cap promises Budd a final three spot with Dominic. Budd remains more skeptical of Cap than Beatrix.

Asking for an alliance is like selling yourself, and Cap pretty much can't sell himself to me to make me believe he would really want to be with me come final three.


Day 33

After one final breakfast, Lana, Beatrix and Cataleya arrive at camp, where Lana presents Budd his new clothes. Admitting he smelled really badly, Budd immediately changes to his new outfit. Dominic arrives at the scene holding Tree Mail. Beatrix pulls Budd aside, asking him if Cap continued his efforts to make him flip while they. Budd admits he is contemplating his next move, he promises to inform Beatrix of his decision regardless.

The castaways meet Jeff for the Immunity Challenge. Budd gains a healthy lead, weeding through the obstacle course with relative ease. However, the former prisoner struggles to build his cube, giving the others ample time to catch up. Beatrix and Dominic reach the end of the course and make quick work of the puzzle snake. However, having solved a similar puzzle before, Dominic finishes his cube first, winning himself immunity.

Back at camp, Budd asks Beatrix if she will remain loyal to him until the very end. Beatrix promises that the two of them will take each other to the final three. Budd, who remains undyingly loyal to Beatrix, remembers her words. Lana and Cataleya enter the scene, asking the two as to who will they vote out next. Beatrix suggests that since Dominic, the most likable of the male outsiders, is immune, they should just go with Cap. With a Hidden Immunity Idol possibly in play, the foursome guesses on who might have it between Jordan and Cap.  

Meanwhile, Cap, Dominic and Jordan discuss their limited voting options. Thinking Budd wouldn't want to vote for Beatrix, Jordan suggests to vote out Lana instead. Cap goes to Budd, asking to reconsider joining his alliance, warning him he won't stand a chance against the girls if he doesn't win immunity.

I'm trying my hardest to convince Budd to vote with us because the three girls will just turn against him when they're the last ones left. I'm telling him, unless he wins the final Immunity Challenge, there is no way the last seat on the jury will be his.


While in the woods, Jordan asks Beatrix on who will the majority vote for. Jordan proposes a deal, that if Cap and Dominic goes home before him, he will most likely vote for her. Threatened by Jordan, Beatrix rethinks her plans.

I do think none of these cowards will flip sides, so I would rather save myself if I can't save Cap or Dominic. That way, if I make it to the end, they would still vote for me because neither of them liked Bea, Lana or Cat.


So, Jordan came to me, asking who are we gonna vote for. While I didn't say anything to him, Jordan struck a deal with me, asking me that if Cap and Dominic go home before him, he would vote for me. He is planning to blindside the little allies he have, but with Jordan planning to go this far to save himself, it goes to show that Jordan is more untrustworthy than Cap. At least I know what I am getting with Cap, but with Jordan...


Before Tribal Council, Beatrix informs her allies regarding Jordan's deal, telling them to vote him out instead. Though weary of the sudden change of plans, Lana, Cataleya and Budd agree.

We know what Cap can do, but Jordan proved to be a sneaky bastard, so he's going instead.


At Tribal Council, Cap and Beatrix go at it after Jeff opens up the topic of Beatrix fainting after Tribal Council. Beatrix explains it was not her intention to purposefully hurt Rosita, but she could no longer trust her after she was caught playing both sides. Rosita rolls her eyes. Cap continues to convince Budd to flip to their side, telling him his chances of winning will increase.

In the end, Jordan votes for Cap, while Dominic and Cap vote Lana. While Cap is convinced it is him who will be going home, Jordan's last minute politicking made Beatrix's alliance turn on him, sending him home in a 4-2-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 14:
Jordan (4 votes)
Beatrix, Budd, Cataleya, & Lana
Lana (2 votes)
Cap & Dominic
Cap (1 vote)
Jordan Barton

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

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Author's Notes

  • The psychologist was only there to check if Beatrix is still able to play despite her condition. Had the psychologist counseled Beatrix, she had to leave the game for the sake of fairness, under the notion that Beatrix has to cope by herself, and people from the outside world should not interfere with what's happening -in-game.
  • Rosita, now a juror, enters Tribal Council wearing dreadlocks.