"Blinder Than Headless Chickens"
Season Santa Cruz Islands
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 11/14
Episode Chronology
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Blinder Than Headless Chickens is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands.


Reward Challenge: Log Jam
The castaways would compete in a head-to-head logrolling contest in a single-elimination tournament. The last person standing wins reward and chooses one more person to join them on the reward.
Reward: An overnight stay at a beachside resort including a bath, massages, and a feast.
Winner: Andrew (shared with Jordan)

Immunity Challenge: Push Your Luck
Castaways must navigate a buoy through a rope course. The first four to complete the course advances to the second course, where they must navigate the buoy through a rope maze while moving across a balance beam. The first two to complete advance to the third and final course, where they must navigate the buoy through a water course. The first person to complete the final course wins immunity.
Winner: Andrew

Previously on Survivor...

After twenty days, the original Fatutaka tribe was whittled down to two, Andrew and Jordan. So, when the two tribes merged, their backs were up against the wall. "With there being two alliances of four from the old Temotu and if those two find out that they're in the middle, it can be make or break for either alliance. That's why they need to go as soon as possible." But with the help of hidden immunity idols..."I think I'll play this one on myself just to be safe." "These are both hidden immunity idols. Any votes cast for Jordan or Andrew will not count."...they forced the original Temotu's hand. "Eighth person voted out and the third member of our jury...Jocelyn." With Jocelyn sent to the jury, Amy, Derek, and Robert were suddenly on the outside looking in...but remained uncertain of where to go next. "So, the question now becomes, 'What needs to be done to remove the three of us from the bottom of the totem pole?'. And I have to say...I'm honestly not sure." Meanwhile, Andrew was determining his place in the game as well. "I need to crack this group of seven...cause if I don't come up with anything, I'm next." Then, he had an epiphany. "I've still got my fake-a-roo. Oh my, that's perfect." He approached Amy once more to strike one last deal. "I found another idol this morning." "You can't be serious..." "I want to know what the cracks are in your little clique of seven...cause I know there are some. All I've been with you is open and upfront. So, can you be the same with me?" "Okay. So, before you all bounced Jocelyn, there were two groups of four. It was me, Derek, Jocelyn, and Robert against the rest of them. Now, it's just us three." "Have you thought about aligning with us? It can be us five against the other four. If Jordan and I make it through the next Tribal Council, it's all yours. I promise on everything that is dear to me." "Now what do I do? Along with giving his idol to me, it would mean that we would be the final five with Derek, Robert, and myself with the majority in the alliance. But, there's just something I don't trust about him. This just seems too good to be true and that's why I haven't bought anything he's been sellin'." Afterwards, Amy regrouped with Derek and Robert and informed them of Andrew's offer..."There's got to be more to it. That's way too good to be true." "That's what I was thinking!" she came up with a plan of her own. "What if Andrew is pulling my leg and just fishing for info so he use this new idol to his advantage? What if he's just playing me to get further in the game? So, if we take the idol out of his hands before the next vote, it finally gives me power in this game; the power to call the shots just as Troy's been doing this whole, entire game. And there could be a chance that Andrew doesn't like the idea of giving me his idol beforehand. That's okay...we stick to the original plan and we send him packin'!" At the immunity challenge, Andrew and Jordan were the last two standing but to gain favor with Amy, Andrew ducked out of the challenge to protect Jordan and put himself at risk. "I need to appear as vulnerable as possible so that she knows that this is a genuine cry for help. This final five move makes sense for her more than it does for me, and I hope she realizes that before it's too late for her and for me as well." Back at camp, Amy approached Andrew and Jordan and put her plan into motion..."If you want us to feel a little bit better about this, you need to give me the idol before we go off to Tribal tonight." "Before we go?" "Mmhmm." "Okay...okay, that's that, then." "Troy. We'll let you know if it changes."...leaving Andrew and Jordan at her mercy. Before Tribal Council, Amy and Derek played around with the thought of going back on their word with Andrew..."If we take out Andrew, the biggest threat in this game is gone..."...but Robert saw it differently. "But if we take this opportunity to vote out Troyzan, we latch those two onto us and we coast to the final three. I think that's our best option." At Tribal Council, Troyzan and company continued to target Andrew and Jordan..."So we had one little bump in the road. They're both still very lethal to the rest of us so tonight, Andrew's got to go." "Andrew and Jordan made themselves bigger threats by playing those idols. So, in addition to them being the last two Fatutakas, they're really big social and strategic threats."...but when the votes were shown, the returning player was the victim of a vicious blindside. Amy's alliance chose to honor Andrew's deal and leave Mike, Katherine, and Justin suddenly on the outs. "With that vote, this game...has just turned." Eight are left. Who'll be voted out tonight?


Night 26

The camera fades in to a still shot of the moon as clouds slowly pass in front of it. It cuts down to wildlife peeking in to the eight remaining Survivors filing back into camp and setting their torches against the shelter.

Justin (solemnly): Way to go, guys. You, uh, definitely bamboozled us. Did not see that one coming.

Andrew sets his torch by the shelter and extends his hand to where the others can see as it quivers.

Andrew (excitedly, showing his hand): I mean, it's still shaking. Like, if you told me earlier that I would be standing here right now...(shakes his head) way I would've believed you.

Mike (with apparent agitation and confusion in his voice): Well, here you are...standing before us.

Tonight's Tribal Council was just...(uses his hands as a comparison to an explosion as he makes the noise simultaneously)


Andrew (to Mike as he shakes Derek's hand): I know that it caught you guys off guard and I bet that you're still reeling from it, but you guys are taking it well. Trust me...(laughs)...I know what it's like to be on the wrong side of the numbers!

Mike (scratching his head): Yup...definitely not a good feeling.

Mike exhales stressfully as he starts to climb into the shelter.

I feel bad for Troyzan. He didn't see it coming...none of us did. We're all blinder than headless cah...(catches himself)...whoop, guess I can't say that on TV. Blinder than headless chickens is what we all were tonight. Now, Katherine, Justin, and myself are sitting here wondering 'Where do we go from here?'. (helplessly chuckling) Y...y'know?


Katherine (blankly staring into the fire): Tonight was definitely crazy. I don't speak for you guys, but I'm not mad. Amy, you guys had to do what you had to do.

Amy (breaking twigs with her knee): Well, that's the game. Nothing personal about the vote tonight. We thought now would be the time to pounce, so we did.

Derek (stretching and exhaling): Yep, 'Temotu Strong' is no more.

Katherine: It certainly isn't.

Katherine continues to stare into the fire as Amy carefully throws the twigs into the flame.

Tonight, I did not see Tribal Council happening this way at all. We all thought that everyone was sticking to the seven and taking out Andrew, the biggest threat in the game. But Amy and them decided to flip and vote out Troy...and that leaves me in a really tight spot...cause he was my closest ally. So now, my plans are all jumbled up. I have to start from scratch cause it was me, Troy, and Mike in the final three. Of course...(shrugs her shoulders)...Troyzan's gone. So, that's what I've learned about can never feel comfortable. That's what I was, that's what Troy was, we are. I have to fend for myself now.


It cuts back to the fire as it slightly flares up with each twig Amy throws into it. It then cuts over to the beach in front of camp, where Andrew and Jordan sit laxly.

Andrew (quietly, exhaling): I think I can breathe now. Breathe normally, anyway...

Jordan (starting to lie down in the sand): I just can't believe that they went through with it. Like, I thought that they were just in it for the idol.

Andrew: And they might've been, but I kept telling Amy 'This move makes more sense for you guys.' and so on. So, I'm happy that I'm here still...obviously...

Jordan (as her eyes glance over to camp): So...where do we go from here? Cause I was thinking earlier...that I don't want us to play to fourth and fifth. We need to make another move.

Andrew: No, I know, and I've thought about it too. We don't flip over to Katherine and them, do we?

Jordan (with a look of uncertainty): I don't think we do's tough. I don't want us to bounce from alliance to alliance just back and forth, back and forth. We wouldn't be making any friends on the jury.

Andrew: No, I'm with you there.

Andrew lies down in the sand as well as both he and Jordan ponder possible moves.

Andrew (suggestively): We could get Derek and Robert to turn on Amy.

Jordan: How?

Andrew (thinking as he goes): By telling them that her having the idol makes her the most powerful player left in the game.

Jordan: And then it would be the four of us and we would have to make fire.

Andrew (shrugging his shoulders): Yeah...that's a good start to it. It would be great if we knew how tight those three are. If they were just what was left after the first couple alliances made, then we should have no problem breaking them up.

Jordan (grinning): Ah, this is going to be fun.

The two continue lying in the sand as they look up at the starry sky.

Two Tribal Councils, two blindsides, two times Jordan and I have staved off elimination...but we're just getting started. Now that we've pried open the alliances of what was Temotu and have gotten ourselves into this final five deal, we need to find a way to get ourselves out of the minority and in to a comfortable, and I say that as loosely as possible, position. (grins) But, uh, the thought, right now, is to see how tight the three of Amy, Derek, and Robert actually are. If they aren't, then we would convince Derek and Robert to flip on Amy now that she has an "idol". (laughs) So yeah, that's what we have so far and it could change from now until the next Tribal Council. Who knows? All I know is that Jordan and I are not done with the fireworks just yet...(rubs his hands together)...not just yet.


Jordan (turning to Andrew, smiling): Nice job today.

Andrew (smiling back at Jordan): You too.

Jordan (quietly): We're not on the bottom anymore! It's exciting!

The two bump fists as the camera shifts back to camp, where Katherine discretely glances over to the beach while Amy continues to tend to the fire. It focuses on the fire as it crackles with each twig that Amy tosses into it.

(intro plays)

Day 27

The camera pans across the lush jungles along the islands and then speeds to the site of the reward challenge, which is a forested area with a large log enclosed in larger box of water. The final eight file in to the challenge site and make their way on to the yellow mat. Once they are all on the mat, Probst begins to describe the challenge and how the match-ups will work all the way up until the final round. He then goes on to explain what's at stake for reward. Amy, Jordan, Katherine are giddy with excitement as the men are not as emotional, but are still excited with what's at stake.

Probst: Alright, we'll draw for match-ups and we'll get started.

As a gust of wind suddenly breezes through the challenge area, Probst calls up the first two contestants.

Round 1, Matchup 1:

Both Jordan and Mike start out by trying to get their footwork down pat. Once they do, they gradually start to increase the speed of the log as Jordan skips left and Mike skips right. Jordan then switches direction as she tries to throw Mike off. Mike quickly adjusts as he tries to retake control of the tempo of the log. He starts to skip faster to his left in an attempt to overwhelm Jordan. Ironically, it's too much for his legs to muster as he careens into the water before Jordan does, winning her a spot in the semifinals.

Round 1, Matchup 2:

With the start of the round, Derek immediately skips frantically to the right to get Justin on the run. Justin tries to catch up, but he is quick to stumble into the water. Derek easily wins his way into the semifinals, where he will face Jordan.

Round 1, Matchup 3:

Katherine and Robert both focus on the other's feet to determine what their next move will be as both start out with slow footwork. They are both quick to change direction on one another as Katherine is the one controlling the tempo of the log. She shifts one too many times for Robert as he flies into the water, giving Katherine the win.

Round 1, Matchup 4:

Like the match before them, Amy and Andrew carefully examine one another to determine their next move. Suddenly, Andrew speeds up his footwork, putting Amy on the run. He puts himself on the run as well as he tries to slow down to catch his balance. Both contestants plummet into the water, but it is Amy who hits it first, which has Andrew emerge victorious.

Round 2, Matchup 1:

Derek and Jordan begin the round with an attempt to shift the momentum to their side as they both gallop to their left. The stronger Derek is able to control the tempo of the match as Jordan starts to struggle. She wobbles while Derek remains steady. Seeing that his opponent trying to keep her footing, Derek suddenly spins the log in the other direction, which sends Jordan into the water. Derek pumps his fist as he jumps into the water.

Round 2, Matchup 2:

Both Andrew and Katherine start to feel one another out as their legs carefully skip left and right. Andrew suddenly speeds up the log to the right as Katherine, not expecting Andrew's sudden change in pace, races to stay on. She eventually loses her footing and falls feet-first into the water, setting up a matchup between Andrew and Derek in the final round.

Final Round:

Derek comes out of the gate vigorously galloping to his left as Andrew tries to keep up with him. Expecting a shift from Derek, Andrew maintains his focus on his opponent's footwork. Derek does make his shift to his right, sending the log to a brief stop. However, Andrew sends the log spinning in its original direction, catching Derek off-guard. Derek tries to recover as Andrew tries to speed up the log and the process of sending Derek into the water. Ultimately, the log becomes to fast for Derek to recover his footing as he quickly flies into the water. A victorious Andrew is not far behind Derek as he too flies into the water. It shifts over to after the challenge as Probst directs Andrew over to his side.

Probst: Alright, Andrew, a nice reward in store for you: a bath, massages, and a nice beachside dinner awaits you. But what is a trip to a resort if you go alone?

Andrew: I don't know...doesn't sound very fun going to a resort by yourself.

Probst: So having said that, I'm giving you the option to bring one more person along with you.

Amy and Jordan's eyes light up as they inaudibly plead to Andrew to take them.

Andrew (jokingly): I know we haven't experienced much of these...what do you call them? Rewards?

Probst (with a chuckle): Yes.

Andrew (with a point): I've got to go with my girl Jordan.

Jordan happily rises from her seat and trots over to Andrew. She gives a thank-you hug as it cuts back over to Amy trying to hide her disappointment.

Probst: Alright, Andrew and Jordan, go ahead and head out. The boat's waiting for 'ya.

Andrew and Jordan excitedly start to walk along a path that leads to the shore as Probst turns to the other six.

Probst: The rest of you guys, I've got nothing for 'ya. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

The six members of the original Temotu tribe grab their bags as the camera focuses on Amy.

I would've loved the reward today. Being a salon artist and being out here in filth for twenty-seven days, that resort would've been paradise. I also feel like Andrew kinda owes me after I saved his skin last night, but I get that he and Jordan are closer and they haven't been on as many rewards as the rest of us. It would've been nice, though. Cause if I had to pick one reward to go on, this one would've been it. No doubt.


It shifts to a slow-motion shot of Andrew and Jordan high-fiving as they walk towards the shore. The camera then fades to break.

It fades back into camp as flocks of birds fly over the crystal-clear ocean. The camera then pans down to the Kakuna tribe excluding Andrew and Jordan placing their bags down after arriving from the reward challenge. It focuses on a visibly peeved Amy in particular.

On the way back from the reward challenge, it kinda hit me how close Andrew and Jordan really are. They're inseparable. Don't get me wrong...last night, it was a blessing to have those two in order to take out Troyzan, and that made the original Temotu's numbers even again; three to three. Again, I kinda felt that Andrew owed me a spot in that reward for getting him through that Tribal Council last night. He was sweatin' bullets! So, his choice today didn't really sit well with me. I think that if Andrew was really serious about this final five ordeal, he would've taken me to seal it up.


Amy (setting her bag in the shelter): That reward would've been really nice. Y'know?

Katherine: Oh my gosh, what I would give for a spa day.

Amy: Me too. (pauses briefly) I'm just ticked that I wasn't able to go.

Katherine (with a slight chuckle, now attempting to appease Amy): Yeah, I saw you over there raising your hand, jumping up and down.

Amy: Cause I wanted it bad.

Katherine grabs a sliver of food as she continues to listen to Amy.

After the reward today, Amy was really quick to voice her frustrations about not being able to go on the reward...cause it was one that she was really passionate about. I wanted it just as bad as she did, but I knew there was no way Andrew was going to take me. So now...maybe there's a little rift between those two. Maybe it's coming apart as quick as it came together...and that would be good news for Mike, Justin, and myself. Cause after last night, we're sitting ducks in a row unless we find a crack in this new group of five. And after hearing Amy today, I think I've got something to work with now.


Mike (as he lazily lies in the shelter): Oh well...I guess we'll stink it up until the next one.

Amy simply lets out a sigh in response to Mike's comment as she sits down and stares off into the ocean with her palm firmly placed on her chin.

I'm trying to get over being stuck here at camp instead of at the resort, but...(helplessly scoffs)...easier said than done. I'm not going to pout about it anymore. I need to get back into game mode and figure out what I'm going to do now that I'm in a position of power. I have an idol and what seems to be the majority in this alliance of five...but having a majority of three in a group of eight is edgy. Andrew's the one that came up with this final five deal...but he put himself and Jordan as the odd two out. Come on...something has to be up. Those two could easily bounce over to what's left of Troyzan's crew and keep ping-ponging back and forth until they're in the finals if they wanted to. It wouldn't be the most popular move, but it would do the trick. I don't know...I've just got to keep my eye on them and make sure they aren't out to get me.


It focuses on another shot of Amy watching the waves rhythmically hit the sandy beaches of the Kakuna camp before it cuts over to the an overhead view of the ocean. It then follows the boat carrying Andrew and Jordan as it arrives at the resort along the beach. A nicely-dressed native woman comes out to the shore to greet them as they jump off the boat. They exchange greetings and pleasantries as she leads the two reward winners up to the beautiful resort.

We get out of the boat and a woman walks us up to the resort, which is the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long, long time...especially in twenty-six days! But she welcomes us in, we pass through the lobby, pass through some hallways, and on the back porch are two bathtubs just waiting for us!


At the sight of the bathtubs, Jordan is visibly relieved with a look of excitement on her face as well while Andrew acts a little more composed, but is still excited nonetheless.

Jordan (excitedly turning to Andrew, grabbing his arm): Andrew! Bathtubs! We can finally be clean!

Andrew (with a surprised look, trying not to laugh at Jordan's reaction): I know! (calmly checking his armpit) I think I still have some dirt down here from like...three weeks ago.

It cuts to Jordan being escorted into her bathtub by a couple employees. As she comes in contact with the water, she happily exhales while Andrew gets a laugh out of how much Jordan is enjoying the resort so far.

Andrew (giving Jordan a hard time): You're acting like you've never seen water before!

Jordan (from the bathtub): It's not the water! (pointing to the shampoo and brushes by the bathtubs) It's everything else around the water! I haven't had a bath in a month!

Andrew simply shakes his head and laughs to himself as he continues observing Jordan's elation.

Jordan had me cracking up today. When she dipped into the tub, it was almost euphoric for her. Then, I'm standing in front of her, just laughing my ass off. (laughs) But, I am happy that Jordan's here to enjoy this with me. We may have been paired up together for the whole game, but we haven't really had any moments or experiences like this one, especially after the switch. It's just been strategy this, strategy that and now that we kind of have a gameplan as to what we're doing next, we can finally enjoy this without any cares or concerns.


As Jordan is being brushed, Andrew dips into his tub. As he does, a look of relief and general happiness comes to his face, that of which Jordan notices.

Jordan (noticing Andrew's relieved look): I told you! Doesn't it feel awesome?

Andrew (relaxed): I don't want to leave. Actually...yeah, I'm not leaving this spot.

Jordan giggles as she closes her eyes while having her hair washed. The camera skims through the masseuses tending to Andrew and Jordan as they bathe and massage them.

Andrew (as the masseuse chops his back): Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h, this is aw-w-w-w-w-w-esome.

It then cuts over to some doors opening, revealing a table with mass quantities of food including grilled chicken, fish, and steak kabobs as the main courses. A salad bowl and loaves of bread are also seen sitting in the middle of the table. The sight of the food feverishly excites the two remaining members of Fatutaka. They scurry over to where the plates are and help themselves to the feast.

The food...oh my gosh, it was the most delicious-looking food I've ever seen. There were chicken breasts, steak kabobs, loaves and loaves of bread...I had to pace myself cause I was going to get sick if I didn't. After living off of rice and...I don't even know what else for a month now, I finally get to eat a normal meal! (giggles) I'm really thankful, though, that Andrew chose me to enjoy this with him because I am most certainly enjoying every minute of it. This is like paradise.


The camera then shifts over to the two eating at the table as Andrew vigorously cuts into his chicken while trying to pace himself. Jordan eats calmly and is seen savoring every bite of her meal.

Jordan (happily, with her mouth full of food):'s so good! I'm in heaven...I'm in heaven.

Andrew (with a mouthful as well, pointing to his plate with his knife): Best meal I've had out far.

Jordan: I was about to say...there's not a lot to compare it to. Rice, the pizza we had before the merge; it doesn't stack up to this!

Andrew: Not even the merge feast either.

The camera continues to skim through Andrew and Jordan delightfully eating through their meals and helping themselves to seconds and in Andrew's case, thirds. It skips over to Andrew's leaning back into his chair, placing his hand over his stomach.

Andrew (feigning anguish): That's all she more.

Jordan exhales as she too props back into her chair and exhales as a sign of being full.

Jordan (sounding almost exhausted): Phew, that was a good meal.

Andrew (exhaustedly, with a smirk): You don't have to tell me twice!

Jordan (after a brief silence): I think it's time to call it a day.

Andrew (carefully standing up from his chair): You and I both.

The two slowly make their way to the stairs en route to the bedroom of the resort.

God, that feast was incredible. I know I said earlier that this would be our break from the game since we've already got an idea of what we're going to do, but to be honest with you, we wouldn't have had the energy to strategize anyway. (chuckles) That dinner...zonked us! As fantastic as it was, it just wore both of us out. We went straight to bed and said 'That's it! We're done! Going into a food coma now!'...


Andrew opens the door to the bedroom, which has a window view of the ocean, as Jordan plops onto the bed afterwards. It cuts to a bit later in the night as Jordan is seen fast asleep while Andrew, sitting against the bed frame with his back against the pillow, stares out into the ocean, deep in thought. He briefly glances at Jordan and then returns his focus to the window.

And then I couldn't sleep...I don't know why. I guess it's just that I didn't think Jordan and I would make it this far given the start of the game. We were at rock bottom after Savage left...our tribe has been decimated down to the two of us. We've scratched and clawed our way into this now...and I couldn't be happier. To come this far after all the losing, all the hardships, seeing all of my tribemates being ousted one after's a very fulfilling feeling. I know the job isn't done yet, though. Hopefully, we've still got another twelve days to go, and we can rise like phoenixes to the top. Of all people, I'm happy that Jordan's been by my side through all this and hopefully...hopefully, we can navigate our way to Day 39 cause I know that would be the cherry on top for both of us. We've just got to keep a level head, play smart, and hope things fall our way.


Andrew adjusts his pillow back to its normal position. Before he turns off the lamp, he glances at Jordan once more. He reveals an innocent grin as he turns to cut off the lamp. With the lamp turned off, the camera does as well in transition to break.

Day 28

The camera fades in to slow-motion shots of rain falling against the ocean surface and along the beach as it shifts to the shelter, where all eight remaining Survivors are huddled. The camera focuses on everyone paying attention to the constant rainfall outside the shelter. After some time, Andrew discretely nudges Derek’s arm with his own in the attempt to get his attention. It is successful as Derek turns to him. Andrew then points to Derek and then Robert and then gestures in the direction of the jungle. As a response, Derek merely points, to where only Andrew can see, out to the rain. Andrew then responds back inaudibly.

Andrew (mouthing it out to Derek): Later then?

Derek nods slightly as the two turn their focus back to the rain and the fire pit.

With it raining today, it is difficult to put this plan that Jordan and I made into motion cause there’s nowhere to go outside the shelter. No one wants to get soaked. Understandably so cause it’s been raining all freaking day. But I was able to get Derek’s attention, though. I think he understood that I was trying to get him and Robert into the jungle so we could have a little chat about getting Amy out of the game now that she has “the idol”. (smiles) Ah, that never gets old…but hopefully, Mother Nature is nice to us at some point today so we can get this blindside rolling.


It focuses back on the fire dwindling down because of the rain as it then speeds to later in the day, where there is a break in the showers.

Justin (poking his head out of the shelter, squinting towards the clouds): I think we've got a dry spot, guys.

Amy (emerging from the shelter): Finally! My leg was starting to fall asleep.

As everyone starts to come out of the shelter, Andrew and Mike make their way to the fire in an attempt to rekindle it. After feverishly attempting to relight what is now ashes of the fire, Andrew and Mike stand back up and address the rest of the tribe with the bad news.

Andrew: So, we've got nothing to start the fire back up.

Katherine (astonished): Nothing?

Mike: Nothin'. It's burnt out and down to we've gotta get more wood before it gets dark.

Andrew (voluntarily): I don't mind going if a couple more of guys want to join.

Andrew directs his attention to Derek as he finishes his sentence.

Derek (with his arms crossed): I don't mind either. (turns to Robert) Rob, you want to come too?

Robert (in a might-as-well tone): Yeah, I'll tag along.

Andrew: Well, let's go ahead and grab some before it starts up again.

Mike: Just grab as much as you can, fellas.

Justin: Make sure they're dry, too.

Mike (adding on to Justin's point): Yeah, otherwise it ain't gonna start!

Derek turns back and gives a thumbs up as the three guys start to head towards the jungle. Mike squats next to the fire and continues to move some of the logs around while the other four watch. It moves over to the jungle as it focuses on a colorful snake slowly slithering up a tree. It then cuts over to the three guys trying to find the driest wood they can possibly find.

Andrew (as he looks for wood): So, let me ask you guys something...

Robert: Sure. What's on your mind?

Andrew (ceasing his search, turning to Derek and Robert): How tight are you guys with Amy?

Derek (cautiously testing the waters to see where Andrew's question leads): Well, we're in an alliance...aren't we? What are you thinking?

Andrew: Well now that she has an idol, don't you guys think now would be a good time to vote her out before it gets one of you guys voted out?

Derek and Robert look at each other as the former has his hands clasped together atop his head and stressfully exhales. It shifts back to camp as Mike continues to play around with the fire.

Mike (pointing to the shelter): Hey Jordan, grab me some of that brush over there.

Jordan: How much am I getting?

Mike: As much as you can grab.

Jordan grabs a handful of brush, which appears to be the basket from the merge unwoven, and hands it to Mike. Mike applies the brush over the ashes and gently blows underneath the logs. The ashes can be seen lighting the brush and creating a small flame.

Mike (excitedly while his focus stays on the fire): More brush, Jordan! More brush!

Jordan hands some more brush to Mike as he carefully adds more to the fire pit. Over time, the flame grows, much to the delight of the five castaways at camp. High-fives are shared as Mike is seen smiling from ear to ear.

Mike (happily): Hoo, that's awesome! Now, the rain needs to just stay away for the rest of the day.

Katherine: Hey Mike, we need to let the guys know that we have a fire now...just so they aren't wasting their time looking for wood we don't need.

Mike: Oh, you're right! I'll go let 'em know.

Mike runs off into the jungle after Andrew, Derek, and Robert.

This rain just killed us today. We were cooped up in the shelter until it stopped, so when it did stop, we finally had a chance to work on the fire and build it back up. So, Derek and them go and look for dry wood, and I stay behind to tinker with it...see if I can make this a do-it-yourself project here. I move some logs around, put some brush on top of what's left of the flame, and...voila! We have fire until it pours again!


Now walking, the camera follows Mike through the jungle as he searches for Andrew, Derek, and Robert. He eventually sees the trio through some thick bushes as he continues to walk. He then hears the conversation that is meant to be discrete between the three. Not wanting to interrupt them, Mike kneels up against a bush to eavesdrop on the discussion.

Andrew (softly to Derek and Robert as the camera focuses on him with Mike hidden in the background): So, if we take Amy out, it’s another big move for you guys. Plus, we’ve still got the numbers to take the rest of Troyzan’s group out...bam, bam, bam; all the way up to four.

There is a brief silence amongst the three before Derek turns to Robert.

Derek: What do you think?

Robert (sounding intrigued): Well, it’s...something to think about, to tell you the truth. You haven’t talked to the rest of them, have you?

Andrew: Nope. The only four that know are the four of us. And that’s how it’s going to stay.

It cuts over to Mike carefully readjusting himself behind the bush as he continues to eavesdrop on the other three.

So then, I rush into the jungle to let the guys know, ‘Hey, I got the fire going. Don’t waste your time on the wood.’, and I overhear Andrew telling Derek and Robert about a plan to blindside Amy and, what I’m assuming is, a final four deal. So, my first thought is to hightail it back to Katherine and let her know about it...or better yet, go to Amy with the news. But if I do that, it looks like I’m coming off as being desperate and she could turn the tables on me. So, I think my plan of action right now is to get with Katherine and Justin and pray that this plan of Andrew’s just blows up.


Derek (making sure he has a firm understanding of the plan): So, the three of us...and Jordan to the final four?

Andrew: You got it.

Mike begins to step away from the bush as the other three continue talking.

Derek (briefly glancing at Robert): I need a bit to think about this...(turns to Andrew)...cause I honestly didn’t think you would be coming to us with this.

Andrew (shrugging his shoulders): Hey, I wouldn’t be coming to you guys if it didn’t benefit you as well...but yeah, take your time.

Now distanced from Andrew, Derek, and Robert, Mike begins to call out their names, feigning an attempt to locate them in the jungle.

Andrew (shouting): Over here, Mike!

Mike bursts through some bushes as he joins the other three and shares the news of the fire.

Mike: We got the fire started, boys. I just came to tell you not to worry about...

Mike begins to looks around, noticing that no wood has yet to be collected.

Mike (scanning the ground around the other three): What the hell, guys? No wood?

Andrew: No dry wood. I mean, we’ve been looking.

Mike (in a challenging tone): It doesn’t look like you have been. You were standing right here when I saw ‘ya.

Robert (trying to cover his bases): We were just assimilating each other’s gameplans and see which one would work best...cause we’ve had no luck so far.

Mike (nodding his head, biting his tongue): Okay...okay. (feigning excitement as he points back to camp) Well, who wants to join me in keeping the fire going?

Andrew (turns back to Derek and Robert): You guys want to head back?

Derek (discouragingly): We’ll meet up with you guys in a bit.

Andrew: Alright.

Andrew and Mike start trekking back to camp while Derek and Robert stand motionless and make sure the former pair is out of their sight.

I think there’s a solid chance that Mike caught on to what Andrew, Robert, and I were doing instead of collecting wood, which was discussing possibly blindsiding Amy at the next Tribal Council. And I’ll give it to Andrew, he brought up some decent points. I don’t have a marquee move on my resumé. The last move was all Andrew and Amy’s doing. So, blindsiding Amy would be a huge boost for my strategic game…(scoffs)…but I can’t go back on my closest ally left! This is where the difficult decisions start to get very difficult, so Robert and I have some sorting out to do, especially if Mike knows about this.


Derek (once Andrew and Mike have left for camp): I think Mike’s on to us, man.

Robert (uneasily): No, I know. I saw it in his eyes...he’s a cop. He doesn’t let things like this get by him.

Derek (stressfully): So...(exhales)...what do we do now?

Robert: We have to forget Andrew’s plan and get to Amy before Mike does.

The camera focuses on Derek pondering the option while Robert continues to explain his answer.

Robert: If Amy finds out we’ve been even thinking about plotting against her, she’s going to unleash hell on us. Besides, we’re not in a position where we need Amy gone in order for one of us to win. If we ride this out to the final three with her, we have just as good of a shot at winning as she does. There’s still a long way to go, D. As appealing as Andrew made it, I think we need to stay the course and let Amy in on it before we get bit in the ass.

Robert sternly looks at Derek as the latter internally debates his options.

If there’s anything that’s close to a ‘Coming to Jesus’ moment out here, it’s what could possibly happen if Mike gets to Amy before we do. Now granted, we’re not one-hundred percent positive that Mike’s aware of what’s going on. For all he knows, the three of us were Larry, Moe, and Curly out in the jungle trying to find wood. But it’s still made Derek and myself uneasy. If we play it safe, then that eliminates any hostility between Amy and the two of us and we can just cruise to the final three. Of course…that’s the dream scenario. There’s always bumps in the road of Survivor.


It skips through the day as the clouds dissipate and give way to the sun. As it becomes evening, the camera highlights tiny crabs poking in and out of the sand. It then shifts to Derek and Robert walking with Amy along the edge of the jungle.

Robert: So, some things have happened today we need to let you know about.

Amy (slightly concerned): And what would that be?

Derek: Well, when we went to look for wood with Andrew, he brought up a deal to blindside you now that you have the idol.

Amy (promptly): Take him out. I knew there was something about him that I didn’t trust.

Amy starts to fume more as time passes while Derek and Robert can only watch as her rage increases.

Robert: So, we take Andrew out and then what?

Amy (with yet another prompt response, bluntly): Then, we take Jordan out. We just go back to what’s left of Temotu, we play the idol at six, and go from there. (pauses as she puts her hands on her hips) I knew he was a snake, I (expletive) knew it!

Robert glances with an expression of shock on his face at Derek, who is staring off into the sand and attempting to avoid being caught up in Amy’s fury.

Robert (chuckling to himself, under his breath): Wow...

(angrily shaking her head) I knew it...I knew it was too good to be true! Andrew’s using me as a stepping stone to get himself further in the game and…I’m pissed. (shows her hand) I’m shaking I’m so mad. I actually don’t know why I’m so infuriated by this...cause I know it was bound to happen eventually! Having the two of the five pitch the alliance to the other three just seems fishy to begin with. And now we see the real reason behind was only temporary. Andrew better be counting his blessings while he has them cause he doesn’t have much time left...not with me calling the shots. (confidently grins)


It shifts to Andrew as he skips rocks along the ocean near camp. The camera follows one of the rocks thrown by Andrew as it skips along the ocean surface several times. Afterwards, it fades to break once the rock quits skipping and sinks into the cool, clear ocean.

Day 29

It fades back into an overhead shot of the islands as it passes through a thin strip of clouds. The camera then shifts its focus from the partly cloudy sky to the Kakuna beach. It briefly highlights Andrew and Jordan fast asleep in the shelter as some rustling of bushes is heard. Quickly, the camera shifts focus to Justin, Katherine, and Mike walking along a beaten path in the jungle with Mike leading the way.

Mike (turning his head around to Katherine and Justin): So, I found out some things I don't think I'm supposed to know about.

Justin: Like what?

Mike (softly, stopping and turns his whole body, facing his two allies): Well, after I got the fire going yesterday, I come out here to tell the guys to not waste their time on finding wood; right? Before I get the chance to tell them or even before they see me, I see them having a conversation that they don't want the rest of us knowin' about.

Katherine (intrigued): About what?

Mike (with a smirk): They wanna blindside Amy.

Justin and Katherine look at each other, relieved that this may be the break they need.

Mike: It was Andrew talkin' about gettin' the blindside together with Derek and Robert. And those guys were lookin' pretty keen on the idea, I gotta say.

The camera focuses on Katherine, with her hands squarely on her hips, thinking about the information that Mike has just relayed to her and Justin.

Mike brought Justin and myself into the jungle this morning and told us that he listened in on Andrew, Derek, and Robert talking about possibly blindsiding Amy. (claps her hands and raises them to the sky) Oh my God, this could not be more amazing news!


Katherine (to Mike): Does Amy know?

Mike: I haven't gone to her yet. I wanted to let you guys know before I shared it with her or anyone else.

Justin: Well, there wouldn't be anybody else to share it with... There's the three of us, the three of have to think Jordan's in on it too, so the only one that doesn't know is Amy. (shrugs shoulders)

Katherine and Mike stare at Justin in amazement as he ends his thought.

Justin: I know, I know...(flails his arms and slaps his thighs)...that's probably the smartest thing I've thought of the entire game.

Katherine (quickly): No, but you're right, though. If we tell Amy what's going on, we could turn it back on them. Either draw rocks or get one or two of them to flip.

Mike: So, who would we target?

Katherine: The guy that's setting it all up.

Justin (assuredly): Andrew.

Katherine (nodding): Even with us being the smaller group, he's still the biggest threat left in this game.

The camera briefly shifts to Andrew tossing in the shelter, still fast asleep, as Justin, Katherine, and Mike carry on with their conversation.

Katherine: So, then we get Amy on board and try to see if...Derek'll flip. If not him, we can always try to get Robert in with us...cause there's no way Jordan's flipping on Andrew. That's a given.

Mike (trying to slow Katherine down): Slow your roll a little bit. We've still got a challenge today. Let's just do what we can to make sure he doesn't win today...cause he's been in every one of them so far.

Justin: So, don't let Andrew...

Mike (finishing Justin's sentence for him): Don't let Andrew win immunity. If he doesn't, then we try to turn it on him afterwards. If he does...then we're in for a world of hurt.

Justin remains quiet as the camera focuses on him with lush greenry in the background.

All of these new developments, I'll be honest, I had no idea that they were going on. Probably because it's all happened in such a small frame of time...but it benefits me and my alliance, so I'm not complaining there. But if we go with what Katherine is proposing and go to Amy with this info about Andrew, Derek, and Robert planning to blindside her, then we can easily sway her, and hopefully one more person, back to the 'Temotu Strong' side and flip this back on Andrew...cause he's a huge threat and needs to go as soon as possible. We just need him to not win immunity in order for us to pull this off.


The camera immediately shifts to a distanced shot of a smaller island with three boats with rope wrapped around each floating along the surrounding water. It then zooms straight in to a hovering shot of the aforementioned boats, wooden posts, and a balance beam as the final eight file in to the challenge site and onto the yellow mat.

Probst: Alright, first things first. Jordan, I will take it back.

A smiling Jordan walks towards Probst as they meet in the middle for the latter to take the immunity necklace off the former.

Jordan: Hopefully not for long!

Probst (grinning, taking the necklace off): We'll see.

Probst walks back to his original spot and places the necklace back on its post.

Probst: Once again, immunity...back up for grabs.

He then goes on to explain the challenge and how it would be broken up into three rounds. The first round, much like in Survivor: Philippines, would require the buoy to be navigated through a rope maze through two wooden posts. The first five to navigate their buoy through said posts and reach the finish post move on to the second round. The second round has a rope along a balance beam for the player to navigate their buoy along. If the player falls off the balance beam, they would have to go back to the start. The first three to finish this round would move on to the final round, which is a water course. Starting in the water, the last three would navigate their buoy through various obstacles, including a boat, en route to a wooden post on the shore. The first to have their buoy reach the post would win immunity.

Probst: Okay, we'll draw for spots...and we'll get started.

The camera shifts to the beginning of the challenge as Probst counts them down.

Probst: For immunity, Survivors ready? Go!

All eight castaways feverishly start pushing their buoy to the first wooden post as no one has a clear-cut advantage as of yet. After some time, Derek and Justin are highlighted by Probst with the most progress of the eight while Amy and Katherine bring up the rear. Derek quickly moves on to the second wooden post as Justin is right behind him. After a little more time, Andrew joins them in starting on the navigation through the second post. Mike, Jordan, and Robert all eventually make it out of their first post and join the other three in the second post. Derek, meanwhile, catches a bit of snag in his rope and buoy while Justin flies through his post. Justin carries his buoy to the finish post and is the first to move on to the second round. Even though he lost some time from the snag in the rope, Derek quickly resolves the issue, navigates his way out of the second post, and speeds towards the finish post. Katherine finally makes it out of the first post and joins Andrew, Jordan, Mike, and Robert on the second post. Amy, meanwhile, is all but out of it as she still struggles on the first post. The camera shifts to Andrew eventually sliding his buoy out of the second post and being the third to hit the finish post. Now with only two spots left, the remaining five frantically try to navigate through the posts and the knots along with it. Mike suddenly breaks through and is the fourth to hit the finish post. Immediately after Mike's buoy hits the finish post, Jordan navigates hers out of the rope maze and is the fifth and final person to reach the finish post, eliminating Amy, Katherine, and Robert from the challenge. It shifts to the second round, where the five that advanced ready themselves in front of their respective balance beams.

Probst: Survivors ready? Go!

All five hastily hop onto their balance beams and start navigating their buoy along it. Different methods are used as Justin moves along his beam on his stomach while the other four simply squat down and carefully move their buoy under, over, and around the beams. Justin's method, though, proves to be effective as he hurriedly moves along the beam and builds a bit of a lead over the other four. Of the four using the more cautious approach, Derek and Andrew are seen going through the rope quicker than Jordan and Mike. At about the one-third point, Mike falls off his beam and frustratingly runs back to the start. Justin is seen continuing to make steady progress until he suddenly loses his balance near the end. He desperately holds on to the beam like a koala as Andrew and Derek start to narrow the gap on him. Justin is unable to pull himself up and eventually plops to the sandy ground as he gets up and runs back to the start. Now with the lead, Derek and Andrew carefully and methodically move their buoys along the rope, as does Jordan. Justin and Mike, meanwhile, try to catch up without falling off once more. Derek is the first to complete the balance beam as he slides his buoy to the finish post while Andrew is not far behind. Seconds later, Andrew follows with his buoy as he slaps it against the finish post. With one spot left, Justin tries to hurry along the balance beam back to his buoy as Jordan nears the end of her beam. Justin arrives at his buoy and continues where he left off, just mere feet away from the end. Seeing this, Jordan and Mike kick it into another gear as they try to catch up to Justin. It is, however, too little, too late as Justin finishes his previous work prior to falling off the beam and is the third and final person to make it to the finish post. The camera focuses on Jordan and Mike disappointedly walking over to the bench. It then shifts to an overhead shot of the final round as Andrew, Derek, and Justin ready themselves on platforms floating on the ocean surface.

Probst: Okay, final round! First to finish wins immunity; Survivors ready? Go!

All three guys jump into the water with buoys in hand as they start swimming en route to the first obstacle, which is an elevated platform with a ladder. All three feverishly climb atop the platform and start sliding their buoy through the twists and turns of the rope tangled around it. Derek and Andrew start to build a bit of a lead over Justin as the latter starts to slow down. Both leaders get their buoy through the platform simultaneously as they both jump off and swim towards their respective boat. Both guys climb in to their boat but use different strategies; Derek climbs in and out of the boat to follow his buoy through the rope wrapped around the boat while Andrew remains in his boat and continuously moves his body back and forth to navigate his buoy around his boat. Andrew's strategy proves to be more time-efficent as he is eventually able to overcome the boat obstacle with relative ease. As Derek nears the end of his boat, Justin finally arrives at his boat, breathing heavily and moving at an almost aching pace. Andrew, meanwhile, starts to gain momentum as his adrenaline pumps from moving so fast in the boat. He rushes onto shore and to his final obstacle, a knot in the rope. He pulls the knot wide open as he tries to fit the buoy through it while Derek is seen completing the boat part of the challenge and jumping into the water with his buoy. But a focused Andrew does not lose his momentum as he conquers the knot and slides his buoy to the finish post, winning him immunity.

Probst: Andrew! Wins immunity and is safe from Tribal Council!

Breathing heavily, Andrew simply pumps his fist in the air as the camera pans to Justin disappointedly looking on from his boat and then to Katherine and Mike sharing the same look of frustration and disappointment. It skips to after the challenge as Probst directs Andrew his way to award him with the immunity necklace.

Probst: Andrew, come on over.

A jubilant Andrew walks over to Probst, who places the necklace around his neck and firmly places his hand on Andrew's shoulder afterwards.

Probst: Andrew, safe tonight at Tribal Council. As for the rest of you, after twenty-nine hard-fought days in this game, one of you will be voted out and sent to the jury. Should make for an interesting afternoon; grab your stuff and head back to camp. I'll see you guys tonight. (patting Andrew on the back as he walks back to the mat) Congrats.

Andrew (still smiling from his win): Thanks, Jeff.

The eight Survivors grab their belongings that they brought with them and proceed to leave the challenge site en route back to camp. The camera zooms out and flies away from them as it fades to break.

The camera returns to the beaches of the Santa Cruz Islands and then to the depths of the Pacific Ocean with various forms of oceanlife swimming around coral and other beautiful sculptures. It then shifts over to camp, where Andrew hangs his immunity necklace up as others in the background walk around camp.

Jordan (approaching Andrew, smiling): Nice job back there!

Andrew (humbly): Well, thank you. I'm sure you know what it means to have it around your neck, so I'm...happy to say the least.

Winning immunity today was, and still kind of is, an unique feeling...just because I haven't really felt one-hundred percent safe very often in this game. So, going into tonight's Tribal Council, I have no restrictions leading up to when I vote. I don't have to have the jitters of whether I'm going home or not. Jordan and I have a plan in place where we need to communicate back with Derek and Robert to lock down this vote against Amy. (lightly shakes his immunity necklace) And with this around my neck, I've got nothing to lose.


The camera briefly focuses on Amy observing Andrew and Jordan as they discretely discuss the plan for the night's Tribal Council.

Andrew (under his breath to Jordan): I was able to talk to Derek and Robert yesterday just about what we had discussed before and, uh, they're certainly open to it. We've just got to...check back with them just to nail this down.

Jordan: But do we have the numbers for this vote with just the four of us?

Andrew: We should. If we tell her that we're still sticking to the final five, she should vote by herself, Troyzan's people vote for whoever, and the four of us take her out.

Jordan (apprehenseively): That's if everything goes according to plan, though.

Andrew: I know...lots can change, but that's what I'm banking on right now.

They both look over to Amy, who suddenly shifts her gaze to the fire at the moment of Andrew and Jordan ending their conversation. Meanwhile at the shallow part of the ocean, Justin, Katherine, and Mike float next to each other, discussing what to do now that Andrew has immunity.

Mike: Well, now what, guys?

Justin (with a look of uncertainty): Beats me...I kinda assumed we had all of our eggs in this one basket.

Katherine: We can still stick to the same plan...just write a different name down. (starts to speak softer) We need to convince them to vote Jordan to weaken him. Amy'll eat that up.

Justin (after some thought): You sure?

Katherine (softly): Positive. (as the camera turns to Amy walking away from camp) It won't be easy...but what do we have to lose?

The camera returns to the three continuing to float in the ocean.

Because Andrew won immunity today, the plan that I had with bringing in Amy and blindsiding him has hit a major stopping point. Now, our next best option is to still go to Amy, but in the hopes of targeting Jordan to weaken Andrew...instead of taking out the main target himself. I don't think it's going to be as easy to convince everyone to vote Jordan than it is to vote Andrew because it's Andrew making all the moves...not Jordan. She's been part of the moves that have been made, definitely, but it's Andrew setting them all up. But in my mind, that kind of under-the-radar play makes her as much of a threat as Andrew is. She's a sweet girl, and I love that about her...but if I'm to stay in the game, she needs to go.


Meanwhile in the jungle, Amy groups up with Derek and Robert and discusses possible outcomes of the upcoming vote.

Amy (as they walk): Where are your heads at, guys?

Derek: I sort of figured that it would be the same, just in a different order.

Amy: Jordan tonight, then? Cause that's what I was thinkin' about doin'. We take her out tonight, then him at the next Tribal...just like we had discussed yesterday. We ride it out to six, I pull out my idol, and we're in the final three.

Derek: We've gotta pull them in if you're wanting to save your idol.

Amy: Justin and them? No, I know. They're off in the ocean talking about who knows what, but I'm wanting to talk to them at some point today.

Robert remains mum while Amy and Derek mull over their options.

Anything that can go wrong...will go wrong. Today is the epitome of Murphy's law...(chuckles) never ceases to amaze me. Amy has been so bent on showing Andrew out the door that it seemed like she would be willing to do anything to make sure it happened. Now, of course, with him winning immunity, that idea is delayed at least one Tribal Council, so now...I don't want to say we're scrambling, but we are trying to find an alternative. The idea of shifting the vote to Jordan has been thrown around but personally, I'm still considering what Andrew had to offer. Amy isn't even considering playing her idol tonight. She's insistent on eradicating the former Fatutakas and playing her idol when we get to the final six. I would love to see her crystal ball and what she believes will happen because I just don't see it. This game is so unpredictable that things can change at an instant. That's why...I'm keeping my mouth shut. The only person that needs to know what I'm thinking is myself...cause there's a lot to think about, especially on a day like today.


Amy: What are you thinking, Robert?

Robert (breaking out of his deep thought): two are my allies, so whatever you guys are wanting to do, I'll go with it.

Amy: Well, let's go talk to them, then.

The three allies turn around and begin their trek back to camp.

At this point, I'm telling people what they want to hear. I'm certainly being careful with what I say. I'm not about to let my game implode by being a yes-man. Amy's my ally, but Andrew's offer makes a ton of sense. Having said that, I know I'm just one man. It's going to take myself and Derek or possibly someone else to make this plan of Andrew's work. If it looks like I'm about to be on an island with the decision I ultimately make, then I'm going to go with the better option; the one that the most people are flocking towards.


On the way back to camp, Amy, Derek, and Robert cross paths with Katherine, who was looking Amy.

Katherine (pleasantly surprised to see Amy): Oh! Just the girl I wanted to see!

Amy: Oh yeah? What's up?

Katherine: Nothing...I just think you and I need to have a girl talk.

Robert (to Derek): It's sounding like we're not invited to this talk...

Katherine (to Derek and Robert): Nope. It's nothing against you guys. It's just a talk that Amy and I need to have. (cordially to Amy) Come on, let's go over here.

Amy and Katherine walk back to where the former and her two allies came from while Derek and Robert continue on to camp.

Derek (jokingly, as they walk): I'm staying out of that one.

Robert chuckles and shakes his head as the camera shifts over to following Amy and Katherine as they walk and talk.

Amy (as she reveals a grin): Okay, I can already tell that you were using 'girl talk' as an excuse!

Katherine (laughing): No, you're right, I was! It was just to make sure they don't interrupt us at all.

Amy (slightly anxious): So, what's up?

Katherine: Well, I'm not gonna lie, I was ready to come to you if Andrew didn't win immunity. saw what happened today, so we obviously can't do that. (pauses) I just think that it's in everybody's best interest to take the biggest threat out of the game...or at least weaken him.

Amy (already knowing where Katherine's going with her pitch): So, what are you proposing to me?

Katherine: That the six of us from the old Temotu come back together and vote Jordan...just to weaken Andrew.

Amy (after some thought): I'm all for that! He's already tried to get people in with him to blindside me tonight, so...

Katherine (hiding the fact that she knows already, trying to be convincing): The more reason to vote Jordan out! You tell your guys, and I can go tell mine.

Amy: I like it. (hugs Katherine, then grins) Let's cripple this son of a bitch.

Katherine: You're good with the six then?

Amy: Count me in.

The two girls start their way back to camp as it cuts back to the Kakuna beach. There, Derek and Robert are seen returning as Andrew and Jordan sit by the shelter. The latter pair notice the former pair arrive and signals for them to walk towards them.

Andrew (to Derek and Robert as they walk towards him and Jordan): I'm guessing that she's just making sure we're still picking them off?

Derek (as vaguely as possible): Yep, she was just trying to nail everything down for tonight.

Andrew: I mean, I hate it for her cause she's one of the reasons I'm still here...but like I said to you guys yesterday, I know you would much rather see that idol out of the picture before it gets one of you out of the game.

Robert: Yeah, we're just trying to keep her out of the loop as much as we can.

Andrew (with guilt in his voice): She's not going to suspect a thing, is she?

Derek (lying): No, we haven't said a word to her about it.

Andrew (unaware of Derek's lie): Man...this is going to hit her hard. So, you guys are for sure in this with us?

Robert: Things can certainly happen between now and tonight but as of right now, we're in.

Andrew: Alright...just going of what you said, Robert, tonight needs to come right (laughs)

As the three guys talk, Jordan remains silent, absorbing all of the information being relayed between the three.

There's something about today that just doesn' doesn't feel right. I don't know if it's that people seem too comfortable or if it's the fact that no one's really coming my way for talk about Tribal Council, but my gut has been churning all day. I know that Andrew and I have been clinging on for dear life ever since we merged, but I'm still uneasy with this vote...even after we've found some stability. I just hope...we're not overplaying this stage of the game. Y'know, like we're overcompensating because Fatutaka had to go Tribal Council after Tribal Council and therefore, there was no real strategy to be played. I just hope we're not shooting ourselves in the foot here.


Robert (to Andrew and Jordan after a brief silence): We'll let you know if anything changes, guys.

Andrew: We'd appreciate that. Thanks.

Derek and Robert walk off as the camera stays on Andrew and Jordan.

Jordan (worriedly): I really hope we're not making a mistake...

Andrew (turning to Jordan, confidently smiling): Nah...we'll be fine.

Jordan (apprehensively): I hope so but...I don't know. My gut just doesn't have a good feeling about this.

Andrew (assuredly): Tell you what...if I sense anything might be wrong or if you're in danger tonight, I'll give you my necklace and take the fall.

Jordan (surprised, trying to not speak loudly): No, Andrew...don't! You won't be able to live with yourself.

Andrew: Yeah, but I won't live with myself more so if you get voted out because of me. Trust me on this one.

Jordan exhales stressfully as it shifts to the sky, where it speeds through the afternoon with storm clouds forming off in the distance. Then, it cuts back to the beach as Katherine, Mike, and Justin walk along the shoreline.

Mike (to Katherine): Did you talk to Amy?

Katherine: Yep. She's in and...and she's supposed to be telling Derek and Robert to vote our way as well.

Justin (thinking it through): So, that would give us...

Katherine (interrupting Justin): That'd give us six. So, once Andrew and Jordan are gone, we're back to just the original Temotus. Amy said that she's totally fine going down to six and the two groups just say 'Game on.' from there on.

Mike: So, we'd draw rocks when it's down to the six of us?

Katherine nods in affirmation.

Mike: (whistles) Gutsy.

Justin: We don't even have to follow this until the six. We can always look for a better option before the next Tribal.

Katherine: No, that's so true, though.

Mike (excitedly): Woo, we're out of the weeds, guys!

The three discretely high-five one another as waves crash along the shore.

So, it turns out that Amy was tipped that Andrew was gunning for her already. (shrugs her shoulders) Hey, that works to my advantage because I don't have the blood on my hands now. With Amy telling me that she's in with us until the final six, that takes my back off the wall and puts me and my alliance in a much better position. We've found a common enemy...and that's what brings people together, isn't it? Now, the plan is, or at least what I think it is, to go to the final six with all original Temotus, draw rocks, and see what happens from there. People always see me as this woman who got all of this attention because of my looks. People wouldn't suspect that I have a strategic side to me. That's why I'm going to win. They won't realize that I'm here to play until it's too late. (sassily smirks)


Justin (happily but still being realistic): We just have to hope that nothing crazy happens now.

During a transiton in camera shots, a single strike of lightning can be seen from a distance as the camera completes its transition to Amy, Derek, and Robert nailing down their vote right outside of camp.

Amy (as the wind starts to pick up): So, the vote is Jordan. I just want to nail that down with you guys.

Derek (sarcastically): That must have been a productive girl talk then.

Amy (rolling her eyes, trying not to laugh): Shut, are you guys good with that?

Robert (biting his lip): If we have the numbers, then yes, I'm completely fine with that.

Amy: It's what's left of Temotu voting against those two. (assuring Robert as he starts to respond) So yes, we do have the numbers.

Derek (exhaling): Okay. Let's go do this then.

Robert (stops suddenly as they proceed back to camp): Hold on, Amy. Can you excuse us for a second? (pats Derek on the shoulder) We let you have a girl can you let us have a guy talk for just a second?

Amy (visibly confused by Robert's request): Sure...I'll see you guys in a second.

Robert waits for Amy to be distanced enough to where he and Derek can talk privately.

Derek (somewhat peeved): What the hell, man? What's going on?

Robert: Okay...let's really consider our options here. I know we have the numbers for tonight, but...what's best for the two of us long term? Cause I feel like our games are kind of hitched to each other's now.

Derek waits a moment to respond but does seriously consider Andrew's prior offer.

Derek: I think we've just got take Amy and Katherine and them on their word on this one. You have to think that we're going to be drawing rocks or having tied vote after tied vote no matter which way we go. If we vote Amy, then it's tied at four and then we're making fire if we make it to the final four. If we stick with Amy, then we're only drawing rocks once and we could be sitting in the final three if we luck out.

Robert (exhaling): I don't know, man. This is that fork in the road that...I'm not sure which way to go; cause it could (expletive) us either way, especially if Amy guesses wrong with the idol.

Derek (suddenly worried): Ah crap, I forgot about that thing.

The two stay silent as the wind brushes the palm trees surrounding them.

Robert: So, what do you want to do?

Derek stressfully exhales once more as it transitions to the final eight, with torches in hand, file out of camp and head to Tribal Council.

I thought this plan to vote out Jordan was done. It all came together so quickly after the challenge today that I didn't even think about Amy's idol. I know Andrew brought it up yesterday, but I didn't even think about it and what it could possibly do to my game. I've seen what idols can do; I mean, hell, that's why Jocelyn's out the game! But I can't keep flipping...I've done enough of that already. I don't seems that my game and Robert's are sort of strapped together now and from what I've gathered right before we're about to leave, his vote hinges on what I do. We could either draw rocks tonight...or wait until the final six to draw rocks, but then that idol's still in play. Damn it, we're about to leave for Tribal Council and I have no idea what I'm going to do and in turn, leaving Robert wondering he's going to do, too. Somebody's going to be shocked tonight. I just don't know who. (shrugs shoulders)


Evening quickly shifts tonight as the sun sets behind the ever-developing storm clouds. With lightning lighting up the sky in the background, eight lit torches file in to Tribal Council as each castaway takes their seat.

Probst (as the wind ripples his shirt): We'll now bring in the members of our jury.

Everyone's attention shifts to the entrance of Tribal Council as Alvin, Gaby, Jocelyn, and Troyzan make their way onto the jury bench. Troyzan gives Amy and Andrew a stern look as he sits. Andrew simply looks back at him attentively as he then shifts his focus to Probst, who takes his seat.

Probst: Okay, so at the last Tribal Council, it's safe to say that Troyzan was blindsided. Katherine, what did it mean for you to see your ally leave?

Katherine: It meant that I was in trouble! (laughs as the camera briefly highlights Troyzan chuckling as well) But honestly, what it meant to me was that...I need to step out of the shadows and make sure that I'm not going home next. I've tried in every which way I can these past three days to make sure my torch is still lit when we leave tonight.

Probst: Derek, you were part of the group that was responsible for Troyzan's blindside.

Derek (with a helpless grin): I was, yes.

Probst: Has there been any backlash from voting with Andrew and Jordan?

Derek: Well, Mike, Katherine, Justin...they were definitely bummed about what happened, but they weren't bitter. They understood that after Jocelyn was voted out, we were on the short end of the stick, so we had to make a move so we wouldn't get picked off if we stuck to 'Temotu Strong'.

Probst (starting to smile): Is that what it was called?

Derek (smiling as well): Yep. Temotu Strong. It's something that Troyzan kept on saying even before we merged and we, uh, we just went with it.

Probst: Andrew, how happy were you to see this...'Temotu Strong' fracture last Tribal Council?

Andrew: I mean, you saw it in my face. I thought I was going to go into cardiac arrest right then and there, so I owe it to Amy, Derek, and Robert that I'm still in the game. So, to answer your question, I couldn't have been happier! (laughs)

Probst: So Jordan, now that you and Andrew are still in the game, where do you guys go from here? Cause going off of last Tribal Council, you two still seem like targets. The two of you have had twelve votes cast against you since we have merged.

Jordan: No, you're right. I do think there are targets still on our backs, but we've made a deal we made with Amy, Derek, and Robert to go final five and take out what’s left of Troyzan’s alliance. So, that deal is what got us here but change is a constant in this game. Anything can and probably will happen.

Amy's eyebrows raise upon hearing Jordan's response.

Probst: Are you saying that because something has changed or is it something that you're apprehensive about?

Jordan: Nothing's been set in stone, so I'm still very much apprehensive. The numbers have been moving around since we got back from Tribal, so we could have another big move tonight.

Probst: Amy, what's your response to that? Because if what Jordan is saying is true, then it could be either you, Derek, or Robert in trouble tonight.

Amy (carefully crafting her response): I wouldn't be surprised if one of us did get votes tonight. Unpredictability has been the nature of this merge; I've had to personally prepare myself to make sure I don't get caught off-guard. I want to be sitting here in ten days...(points to the jury)...not sitting over there, and I'm going to make sure, like I said, that I'm prepared for any curveball this game throws.

Andrew nods at Amy's response as Probst wraps up the questions and prepares for the voting.

Probst: Okay, let's get to the vote. Andrew, you have the necklace. Are you going to keep it?

Andrew thinks about Probst's question briefly as he states his answer afterwards.

Andrew (confidently, but with his reservations): I think I'm going to keep it, Jeff.

Probst: Okay, cannot vote for Andrew; everyone else...fair game. Mike, you're up.

Mike, on the far left, starts off the voting as all eight take their turn at the voting booth. Only Amy and Andrew's confessionals are aired as Jordan ends the voting process by taking her seat.

Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

As he does, the camera highlights Derek, Jordan, and Robert waiting anxiously. Probst comes back with the urn and sets on the stand.

Probst: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Derek discretely looks over to Amy, who remains stationary as she awaits the vote.

Probst: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Derek and Roert share glances before the first vote is read.

First vote: Amy (1)

Amy gulps slightly at the sight of her name on the parchment.

Second vote: Amy (2)

Amy looks over to Katherine and Mike, who glance at her and return their attention to the vote.

Third vote: Jordan (2-1)

The sight of her name unsettles Jordan as she and Andrew both focus more intently on the votes being read. The camera shifts over to the jury looking on as well.

Fourth vote: Jordan (2-2)

Derek and Robert glance at each other once more as the former quickly looks over to the jury with a look of uncertainty on his face.

Fifth vote: Jordan (3-2)

Jordan leans over as she rests her head on her hands. Andrew's facial expressions grow increasingly full of worry.

Sixth vote: Jordan (4-2)

The camera highlights just about everyone at Tribal Council anxiously awaiting the result of the votes as Probst uncovers the next vote.

Seventh vote: ...

Probst: Tenth person voted out and the fifth member of our jury...Jordan. That's five, that's enough. I need you to bring me your torch.

Upon seeing her name for the fifth time, Jordan and Andrew both have looks of shock and disbelief while the other six are seen either celebrating or reaming content and reserved as all four members of the jury have looks of surprise of their own. Jordan finally rises from her seat to grab her torch. As she does, Andrew rises from his seat as well and approaches Jordan. The two share one last hug.

Andrew (devastated, as they hug): I'm so sorry...I'm so, so sorry.

Jordan (with obvious disbelief in her voice): It's okay. Go get 'em. You've got this.

Andrew returns to his seat, still devastated, as Jordan approaches Probst with her torch. She reluctantly places it in the holder as she prepares for it to be snuffed.

Probst: Jordan, the tribe has spoken.

With her torch snuffed, Jordan begins to leave the Tribal Council area.

Jordan (softly, as she starts to leave): Bye, guys. Good luck!

Andrew acknowledges her with a small wave but avoids eye contact as he can't bear the sight of his closest ally leaving the game. Amy and Katherine grin at one another while Derek and Robert are seen being content with their decision.

Probst: Well, Jordan said it herself...change is a constant in this game. How well you adapt to it could cost you one way or the other. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

The seven remaining Survivors grab their belongings and torches as the jury looks on with looks of celebration, Troyzan and Jocelyn, and looks of worry, Alvin and Gaby. The camera follows Katherine acknowledging Troyzan's celebratory gesture as she walks out of the Tribal Council area. The camera then transitions to seven lit torches leaving Tribal Council as it zooms out of the area. More frequent lightning strikes are seen in the background before the camera fades out.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Jordan (6 votes)
Amy, Derek, Justin, Katherine, Mike, Robert
Amy (2 votes)
Andrew, Jordan
Jordan Owens

Voting Confessionals

You should tell your buddy to stick to his end of the deal. Otherwise, you wouldn't be in this position. Sorry!


Even though it's fake, I hope I've done my part to put the fear of God into Derek and Robert about your idol. Nothing personal...but you're the only thing that stands between me and the million.


Final Words

I...I'm obviously surprised that I'm sitting here right now. Even with my apprehensions and worrying about tonight, I thought I was safe. I'm not mad; I'm not bitter about anyone or anything. I'm just...(wipes away a tear)...I'm sad that I'm out of the game cause this is something I've wanted to do for such a long time. that I'm out of the game, it stinks. I just hope that Andrew pulls it out for Fatutaka, but, uh, it's going to be a long, hard road for him. I'm rootin' for him, though.

–Jordan Owens

Still in the Running

Andrew G.
Andrew S.

Next Time on Survivor...

Who doesn't love the Survivor Auction? And Jordan's elimination leaves Andrew inconsolable..."It's my fault that she's's all my fault."


  • The episode title was said by Mike as he described the reaction of his alliance after the blindside of Troyzan Robertson.