• Aathirsty

    Hey guys!

    I'm really liking my Survivor Fanon that is currently being made so far, so I decided to add a fantasy league!

    The link to the season is right here, and here's how it will work

    Each person has a choice of 4 contestants that they have the most faith in making it far, and 1 of these contestants will be your "Power Player," meaning the player you think will win the game.  The game will work in points, and you will get:

    +1 point for an idol find

    -0.5 point for every vote against

    +1 for every time the player votes for who went home

    +0.5 points for every confessional

    +1 for every episode the player was not eliminated in

    +2 for an immunity win

    +1 for a reward win

    +3 for winning the game

    However, for Power Players, the amount of points for each even…

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  • Cheesesteak47

    What's up guys? I'm back with another blog game! This season I once again need 16 submissions from you guys. All I need is a manga and the contestants name. You can submit as many as you want. Thanks!

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  • UnderAPineapple

    This is the second part of the four-part episode of Hamilton: Justice Waits. Previously you learned about the life of the homicide victim, 45-year old David Michael Moore, a sheriff's deputy who was shot and killed after pulling over a car on August 30, 2007. Today, you will hear about the investigation, and the eventual arrest of an unlikely suspect.

    (commercial break)

    Jesse Jackson (to Susan): I know how much of a violent person this man is... I saw Robert shoot an officer to death.

    Susan Summers (to Jesse): When did you first meet Robert?

    Jesse Jackson (to Susan): I first met Robert back in late 2006.

    Jesse Jackson (to Susan): He came up to me and he said, "I'm having a hard time at the moment. I just got back from Iraq, back to home, and I just…

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  • Wafflefreak

    The supposed shortlist for the castaways being considered for the 20 spots on Survivor: Darién Gap - Seven Sins.

    From Survivor: Kenya:

    • Corinne, 3rd

    From Survivor: Canada:

    • Liza, 11th
    • Hazel, 9th
    • Benjamin, 7th
    • Jeffrey, 6th
    • Danielle, 2nd
    • Spencer, 1st

    From Survivor: Myanmar:

    • Paige, 14th
    • Miranda, 12th
    • Erinn, 11th
    • David, 7th
    • Thorn, 6th
    • Sebastian, 5th
    • Bianca, 3rd
    • Alfie, 1st

    From Survivor: Maldives:

    • Geri, 16th
    • Kelly, 14th
    • Heather, 13th
    • Nick, 10th
    • Natalie, 9th
    • Pasha, 8th
    • Katie, 5th
    • Aneal, 4th
    • Jillian, 2nd
    • Justin, 1st

    From Survivor: Nikumaroro:

    • Allen, 13th
    • Kline, 12th
    • Kristin, 8th
    • Lachlan, 7th
    • Olay, 5th
    • Summer, 4th
    • Michelle, 3rd
    • Brandon, 2nd
    • Matt, 1st

    From Survivor: Anambas:
    (These castaways will be listed in alphabetical order only as this season is on-going, to avoid spoilers for those not caught…

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  • Tanglefrost

    With the merge of Grenada just around the corner, it's time to announce the comeback of my favourite game... the prediction game!

    This season, you'll want to be sure to enter your guesses, because there are some AMAZING PRIZES! Next season is the returnee one, so you're gonna want these prizes mroe than ever!

    The rules are the same as every other game!

    • It is a final two with nine jurors.
      • However, the Temptations Twist will be in play right until the end!
    • There will be one idol hidden at the merge camp.
    • There are three idols currently in play: an Idol of Burden and two regular idols. The Idol of Burden is held by Shivani and the two regular idols are held by Kendra and Jamie.

    • Once your submissions are in, you cannot change them under any circumstance…

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  • S.S.hogatoan303

    Heyo Guys!! Your average failure of a writer S.S here to welcome you to my……… *counts on fingers*............5th Survivor try. You may have known me from the failure of Survivor U.S.A vs. UK, Leaders vs. Followers vs. Rebels (Actually pretty good idea may try it again (: ), and the worst one of all, Survivor Mu Ko Ang Thong. Well I’m going to try for another season and called Survivor: Kosrea Islands - Fire vs. Water I’ve already made like 65% of the characters and I’m going to do a character submission for this one. Well cutting all the crap, here is the application:


    Name (Age):

    Current Residence:




    'Extra Info:' 

    Well let me explain something else, what puts you on the tribe:

    Water Tribe: Calm, Selfless, Playful, s…

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  • S.S.hogatoan303
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  • UnderAPineapple

    Hello guys. This is the first part of the first episode of my ongoing project, Hamilton. This episode, like all the other episodes, will be divided into four blogs, due to the longevity of each episode. This episode is titled, Hamilton: Justice Waits. When the final part of the episode is released, I will release a Q&A blog, where you can ask the episode's host, in this case, Susan Summers, questions that you have about the episode, or her personal thoughts.

    I will also be posting a picture like I have down below here, so it gives you a better description on what each of the main people being interviewed or talked about, look like. Without further hesitation, let's begin this episode.

    Location: Rockwall, Texas

    (Susan Summers sits down)

    Susan Summ…

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  • Cheesesteak47

    Castaway Original Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes Against

    Nick Wilkins
    1st Voted Out
    Day 3 5
    Demetres Frankin
    2nd Voted Out
    Day 6 4
    Viviana Rodriguez
    3rd Voted Out
    Day 9 9
    Alison Jenkins
    4th Voted Out
    Day 12 5
    Kenyata Colde
    5th Voted Out
    Day 15 3
    Samara Larwyn
    6th Voted Out
    Day 18 6
    Samson Michaels
    7th Voted Out
    Day 21 9
    Lisi DeWayne
    8th Voted Out
    Day 24
    1st Jury Member 7
    Xavier Hallow
    9th Voted Out
    Day 27
    2nd Jury Member 7
    Jagmeet Shaikh
    10th Voted Out
    Day 30
    3rd Jury Member 10
    Marcel Lagimodiere
    11th Voted Out
    Day 33
    4th Jury Member 7
    Thora Matewush
    12th Voted Out
    Day 36
    5th Jury Member 6
    Margaret Barnes
    13th Voted Out
    Day 37
    6th Jury Member 3
    Matthew Zaluski
    14th Voted Out
    Day 38
    7th Jury Member 5
    Alejandro Balcazar
    Day 39 2
    CJ Jackman
    Sole Survivor
    Day 39 0

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  • Wcplays

    Hello everyone my name is Wc, and are you tired of the same old chat parties and people only being on at certain times so you feel like you never get to talk to people?


    Here at Survivor Fanon Wikia, me, Tangle, Just, and FLRN developed a fun little discord for everyone to join and have a fun time! Its a quicker way to talk to people and a quicker way to reach mods if you ever need anything

    Discord is free to create and works with either desktop app or the app or even the mobile app if you so choose

    Join now and get a free cookie! (Restrictions are one cookie per account, and they are non-refundable)


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  • UnderAPineapple

    Hi guys, so a quick update on how Hamilton is doing right now. I am halfway through the first episode, which will be hosted by Susan Summers, who is one of the eight hosts. I plan to divide that episode into four blogs to save space, and I intend to release that episode in a few days, if I finish it.

    That being said, I think it’s very important that the people watching, get to know one of the hosts, the main hosts, and the person who’s last name is the title of the show. His name is Neil Hamilton, and this blog will consist of his life story, and what brought him here.

    First off, Neil Hamilton was born on January 17, 1942 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Peach State has always been where he lived, and he’s very proud of being from the state of Georgia…

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  • UnderAPineapple

    Hello guys and gals. Today, I am announcing my new project, and it's going to be a very interesting one.

    This will be very, VERY similar to Hurricane Pineapple, but I feel it will be a lot more interesting. All these cases were written by me, similar to the fanon seasons written by you, and even if you're not a "legal eagle" or a "crime show junkie", you're probably going to be interested in what I have in store.

    I'm introducing you to Hamilton, a fictional crime show that is similar to shows such as Cold Case Files or 48 Hours Mystery. Every episode of Hamilton will consist of one of the eight hosts, covering a crime story (fictitious), and showing it on these blogs. My plan is to have one episode every Monday, beginning soon. But before that, I …

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  • S.S.hogatoan303
    is S.S first Blog Survivor season. It features 20 castaways put into 5 tribes to battle it out for the grande prize of a million dollars. The season following after this is ???

    Back to Basics: There will be no twwist or immunity Idols this seasons. It will be just like the original seasons. There will still be tribe swaps because of the ammount of tribes.

    Castaway Original Tribe Tribe Disolve Merge Finish Votes Against
    Tristian Licata
    52, Dentist
    CSI Erdenet N/A 1st Voted Out
    Day 3 3
    Ricky Watson
    35, Weed Farmer
    Winky Khair 2nd Voted Out
    Day 6 2
    Bluue Herrera
    72, Retired Mortician
    Winky Khair Erdenet N/A 3rd Voted Out

    Day 9

    Geoff Treyston
    22, Driving Instructor
    Sky Naran Khair 4th Voted Out

    Day 12

    Benoit Ambert
    36, Retail Manager
    Khair 5th Voted Out


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  • S.S.hogatoan303
    Hello guys

    I know that I haven't really been doing anything with my season and that's because it's ending. To be honest I'm not gonna be writing anyseason anymore. I know myself and I can't keep starting new seasons, getting 1 episode in, think of ideas for next season, the completely abandon the first one to go to the other. So yea that's happening and I'll probably be posting the elimination order next. 

    Well I'm still going to do something on this wiki. So I decided, If I'm allowed to do it, a blog survivor. The season will be 100% decided by random and I will put it all down here. In this first season of Blog survivor, We are going to......












    This season has 20 cataways in 5 tribes battling it out for the grande prize …

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  • Prystine


    August 3, 2018 by Prystine

    Episode Title Lunar Temple Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
    LT Winner LT Loser Reward Immunity
    1 "Your Fate is in the Stars"
    In Progress rowspan="3" rowspan="3" colspan="2" rowspan="3" ?-? 1st Voted Out
    Day 3
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  • Prystine

    Good News for LT

    August 1, 2018 by Prystine

    Hey everyone.

    Just wanted to give a quick little update. I was originally worried LT would suffer delays due to the fact I would be starting school this upcoming week. However we received our schedule today and my classes are looking to be the easiest year i've ever had! I have only two classes a day so it will be no trouble at all balancing homework and writing!

    I know this doesn't effect anyone but it's just cool news I wanted to share!

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  • Skyrus123

    Before this season can begin I want to do one more thing with you guys. I would love to see what’s you guys think is going to happen and/or what do you want to happen ferro my last place to Sole Survivor. The 16 people are


    T Bird



    Bobby Jon












    I am just curious to see what you guys think is going to be first boot and who’s going to win.

    I can’t wait to see what they are and have a awesome day.

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  • Skyrus123

    The other 8 players

    July 31, 2018 by Skyrus123

    Well a few days ago I created a blog with the winners of the voting underdogs. In that blog I said I was picking 8 underdogs I want so this will be about who my underdogs will be.

    From Survivor Palau and Guatemela it’s Bobby Jon

    From Survivor Gabon it’s Matty

    From Survivor Tocantins it’s Erinn

    From Survivor Samoa it’s Brett

    From Survivor Redemption Island it’s Stephanie

    From Survivor Caramoan it’s Eddie

    From Survivor Kaoh Rong it’s Alecia

    And from Survivor Ghost Island it’s Libby

    Well theirs u have it my 8picks

    This season will start soon where these 16 underdog season will compete for. THE title of Sole Survivor.

    Tune in to Survivor Underdog Island coming soon.

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  • Bzim5

    I am looking for 16 players....8 females & 8 males. I would like the gender range being from like 18-72 ish. If anyone wants one of their players to play this season, please feel free to comment below any characters you would like to have play, as well as any information about them that you would like too see evident during the season. Thank you guys so much for being so generous, and I can't wait to show you guys an awesome season! Also, please feel free to message me if you have any questions! Also you can post as many characters as your heart desires! Thanks again and I am excited to get started!

    Lots of

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  • XMCL

    Episode Length

    July 30, 2018 by XMCL

    Hey all,

    I’m finishing up my foreign exchange in Japan and I’m anticipating my return to the US!

    With Loyalty Islands on hiatus, I shall continue writing within the next week, but I want to kind of open up a thread regarding episode length.

    With anything that isn’t fresh, Loyalty Islands isn’t the fresh idea it used to be for me, and I’ve dwelled a lot on new ideas and characters inspired by my experience in Japan. I promised to myself that I will finish Loyalty Islands- no matter what.

    So, I want to ask- are shorter episodes acceptable? I’m thinking I’m just going to cut all the fluff and only have game-talk present in my episodes.

    Obviously for me the pros are a quicker season and honestly it takes less thinking for me.

    However, I don’t want t…

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  • Winkysmiles

    A Few Questions.

    July 27, 2018 by Winkysmiles

    I'm planning on making my very own season but I was wondering if there are specific guidelines I have to follow?

    Was thinking about making a teens edition. Would this be allowed?

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  • Winkysmiles

    Let's make this happen!

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  • Skyrus123

    Guys I first off have got to say thank you guys so much for voting it does mean so much to me. I wanted instead of choosing all for myself to let the community make a big part of the season, half it’s cast so thank you guys so much for voting. You all are amazing. And I got to say while one male and one female dominated the voting, the others were extremely diverse.

    So without further ado, who is the 8 players you guys have chosen.

    From Survivor Austrailia it’s Elisabeth

    From Survivor Africa it’s T-Bird

    From Survivor Marquasus it’s Sean

    From Survivor Vanuatu it’s Rory

    From Survivor China it’s Peih-Gee

    From Survivor Tocantchins it’s Sierra

    From Survivor Millenials vs Gen X it’s Jay

    And finally Fromm Survivor Heroes vs Healer vs Hustlers it’s Devon


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  • Prystine

    hello everyone *w* prys (formerly aishia) here. after a good three month break to work on summer schooling and testing i have returned from my hiatus for lunar temple. i am super happy for everyones patience and hope the hype hasn't died down too much *o*

    i decided since this is byfar the most dedicated i've ever been to a fanon and i'm serious about wanting it to be a-maz-ing i took it to my own hands to redo all of the avatars on photoshop with full resolution *u* check em below. also peep the logo remodel *x*

    hope y'all enjoy this season because im beginning writing v soon.

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  • MightyUke416

    Hey kind people of the wiki!

    As you may have seen by the title, this is the blog that (upon suggestion from Prystine) I had contemplated following up my Announcement - Logos blog with when I had posted that a little over 5 months ago. Well, I finally got my s*** together, so here it is.

    Most of these logos are ones that I had created for other fanons that got deleted, or logos that I used on a blog game or blog season, as blog seasons are considered "unofficial."

    Before we continue, I want to stress that I'm not the only logo maker on this site. I am simply making this adoption blog because I know people like the logos I make. As per my "Announcement - Logos" blog that I made above, I'm now only making new logos for users with at least 1 complet…

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  • Skyrus123

    I decided to go a entirely different direction for my first season and to go with Survivor Underdogs.

    Like The Second Chance ballot, I’m going to allow you all to vote for who you want in this season.

    From Australia Elisabeth 4th place

    From Africa T-Bird 5th place

    From Marquasus Sean Reactor 5th place

    From Thailand/AllStars Shii Ann 10th place and 6th place

    From Amazon Matthew Runner Up

    From Pearl Islands Lillian Runner Up

    From Vanuatu Rory 10th place

    From Palau Angie 13th place

    From Palau/Guatemela Bobby Jon 10th place and 9th place

    From Guatemela Danni Winner

    From Exile Island/Second Chance Terry 3rd place and 15th place

    From Fiji Anthony 13th place

    From China/Second Chance Peih-Gee 5th place and 18th place

    From Gabon Kelly 13th place

    From Gabon Matty 4…

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  • MightyUke416

    Yeah, I know... of ALL places.

    This blog's almost pointless actually. But I chose to image search my username, and I found out that Lansing, Michigan had "Mighty Uke Day" in Old Town Lansing, Michigan on May 5, and I wasn't notified! This is an outrage!

    There are other locations apparently as well in Ontario, Montréal, Japan, a few countries in Europe, and other US states. But the Lansing, Michigan one is what appears in image search (after a crap load of logos and mangas).

    Here's the link by the way, if you're curious: Mighty Uke: Find out where and when it's playing

    For the record though, this thing is referring to ukuleles, whereas the "Uke" in my username is short for "Ukrainian." But I still found this really funny, personally.

    So, becaus…

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  • Skyrus123

    Choice of two tales

    July 11, 2018 by Skyrus123

    So when I said I wanted to make my own season I meant that but the more I thought the more I want to d something really wild. So I want you guys to decide between this 8 fanons of mine vs 8 of the communities or. A secert season of returning players of vendettas with a game changing twist. I want you guys to decide which you would rather want.

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  • Skyrus123

    I have decided to create my first season and I would like it if I can use you guys to help make my cast. I will be making 8 players. I would like 7 more players to be added. If you want someone on a season all you need is a simple charater sheet you don’t need a manga. I hope you consider it and have a good day.

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  • Cheesesteak47

    Hey guys! So I've decided that I'm going to start a Brantsteele series here on my blog, posting results similar to how Uke and Just do their blog games. I'd love it if you guys could submit some mangas and character names for Borneo. Thanks! 

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  • Jomack027

    Survivor Org?

    July 6, 2018 by Jomack027

    Hey guys! I know this is crazy for a fanon wiki but it seems perfect in my head. Basically in case you've never heard of one before, it's survivor but online and you guys can compete. I will explain everything later if enough people even show interest. Because everyone here is a superfan, it would be super competitive. And so the tribes couldn't talk to one another, I would make another wiki for the tribes and enable chat.

    Again, I understand this is a fanon wiki and everyone here is a writer. But everyone here also loves survivor. That's why I think you would all love to compete in this.

    Challenges you would submit into your tribe chat.

    I won't disclose anymore info about it as of now, because I need to know if you guys even want to. Anyway…

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  • Wafflefreak


    July 5, 2018 by Wafflefreak

    Rumor mill: After much deliberation as to where the series should go, if anywhere, sources close to production say that we should expect an announcement about what's next for the series coming soon! 

    It's been an incredibly fun last four years, I've loved every minute of writing, and I hope you all loved each moment of reading. Who have been some of your favourite castaways from seasons 1-6?! I definitely have mine.

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  • LoverOfAllTheTurtles

    I bet you all forgot about this! Me too a little bit :P Here's a list of all the people who put a boot list down and their results from this episode.

    Players Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Ep5 Ep6 Ep7 Ep8 Ep9 Ep10 Ep11 Ep12 Ep13 Ep14
    Golden665 2nd

    Robulusjgreisonne 2nd

    Cheesesteak47 2nd

    TheTealGuy 2nd

    MightyUke416 1st

    SevereWizardShark 2nd

    Corn47 2nd

    Courierthekid 2nd

    Survivor Tuvalu 2nd

    Just a reminder, people got 1 point if they had Ned as 18th, and 2 points if they had Jonah at 17th. Uke was the only one who had Ned as 18th so he got 1 point, putting himself in an early lead ahead of everyone else.

    MightyUke: 1 point

    Everyone else: 0 points

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  • TheUnderdogDream

    Hello Everyone! Adam aka TheUnderdogDream here. I am currently working on New Caledonia, but I want to go ahead and get a head start for my next season. I want this season to have fan submitted characters because I want to see what other people will come up with that I can use in my stories. So, a couple of rules for it.

    1. This season will have 18 contestants, on 2 tribes of 9. 
    2. You may only submit one character at a time, but up to a total of 3 characters are allowed per person,
    3. Please make the character seem realistic or feasible    

    Please submit your character with the following information:

    1. A Picture of your Character(Preferably from
    2. Name
    3. Age
    4. Current Residence
    5. Occupation
    6. Claim to Fame
    7. Inspiration in Life
    8. Hobbies
    9. Pet Peeves
    10. 3 Words …

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  • UnderAPineapple

    So I finally had the energy and time to release the boot list to Survivor: Johor. The link will be at the bottom of this blog.

    If you have any questions about the game, ask them on the page linked below. I want my seasons on the other wiki to get more recognition, because I feel I put a decent amount of time into them. Please do not ask about the season on this blog.

    i.e. "Why did ____ quit?"

    put that on [[1]]

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  • Skyrus123

    So I have been on for a while and I have done some editing. But in a way I kinda wanna do more for this community because thi seems community has entertained me, made me cry sometimes, and most of all made me laugh.

    So what I want to say is this, if anyone wants my help on anything making characters, maybe wanna use my characters in your season, or helping get new ideas. I am completely open to helping anyone I can for this community.

    Hope you all have a great day and hopefully u reach out to me with something.

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  • Jomack27

    Gg no re.

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  • Jomack27

    Hey all, I've been thinking about this season and the twists it shall contain and everything. But I want you guys to submit your very own characters. The standard survivor format would do and I'm excited to start. No more than three, and please keep the characters you submit diverse. As in, please don't submit three twenty somethin straight white males. Let's have this cast a little fun as to keep the season interesting.

    That's all, and Goodbye.

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  • UnderAPineapple

    Good News

    June 19, 2018 by UnderAPineapple

    Hi there. As many of you know, I have been absent from mostly all of the Survivor Fanon Wiki activity for the last month. The reason for that was because I had some personal matters I needed to attend to, more importantly relating to a specific friend of mine who is coping with some particularly difficult times at the moment. The reason behind me cancelling Johor was because of that, as well as me losing interest in the season. I can proudly say that after 31-32 days, I am making a return to the wiki, and with a few new projects that I want to try out.

    First off, relating to the Johor boot order, I plan to release the boot order in a separate blog post. I want to apologize to a user on this wiki known as User:XMCL. When he cancelled his original…

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  • S.S.hogatoan303

    Don :ook

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  • DisasterPrince

    Hello there! I may be new to this site, but I'm certainly not new to Survivor fiction, and I'd like you all to help me out! In the casting process for a season I'd like to write for you guys. 

    18 Super-powered contestants from across the Multiverse enter a high-powered nuclear wasteland. With the land constantly looming as a threatening habitat, what's even more threatening is the hidden powers and abilities that each of the 18 contestants possess. Who will take home a win in this Wild Wasteland? It's up to YOU to decide!


    So basically what I'm saying is, you guys can get your characters entered in the story! Now, when I say powers and abilities, I don't mean basic superpowers like flight or super-strength (though if you really want to do …

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  • Patrick71101

    Zwooper survivor 1

    June 12, 2018 by Patrick71101

    Patty's Survivor: Heroes VS Villains
    Original Tribes Switched Tribes Merged Tribe


    Vote: 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-1


    Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
    Will —
    — — — —

    Drew —
    — — — —


    Eliza —
    — — —

    Joyce —
    — — — —


    Angel —
    — — —



    Cassidy —
    — — — —



    Seth —
    — — —


    Chris —


    Zeke —

    Frank Read more >
  • KvngDragon

    I was wondering how you guys and gals went about formulating boot orders for the season? I just wanted to ask around to see if people did anything like me, and wanted to hear other's formulas and gain some advice.

    Anyways, when I do boot orders I sort of tend to plan them as I write the story. For example, in my old fic, Viti Levu, both of the boots were not confirmed before I started writing the episode. I made the decision about a little ways through writing, as I already had a pretty good conflict started between them and another castaway, so I could smoothly eliminate him without breaking up the flow of the narrative. I tend to think about plots solely before I write so as I begin writing, whoever has the weakest, or in most cases easies…

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  • TheUnderdogDream

    Hello Everyone! I am TheUnderdogDream but you can call me Underdog or Adam, whatever suits you best. So I have been trying to write this for a while and I think I finally got a good season.

    Here is the logo! I know it might not be good, but I tried my best with the logo.

    With that now underway, I will now introduce my contestants!

    Ajaka Bazile

    Brandi Pizzino

    Clarence "Clay" Hedgepeth

    Dana Matias

    Elliot Anderson

    Felicia Idiago

    Gannon Mitchell

    Hollis Warren

    Jaran Bovender

    Krista Gibbons

    Logan Ritter

    MacKenzie Morgan

    Nykko Sow

    Patricia Reaves

    Ramsay Fletcher

    Simone Reiter

    Travis Sitton

    Visola Parker

    Winona Bullard

    Zayne Northern

    These are the contestants this season! I hope y'all like them. Comment below who you think will win and hopefully I can get the coding up …

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  • DryIceBros

    Hey guys, I know I've been gone for awhile, but I made a Discord because I hate going on the chat. It's incredibly barebones right now, but I plan to expand it over time, and I can give people who'd be dedicated to the place power to shape and improve the server. Here you go.

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  • KingKowz

    Can someone help me?

    June 5, 2018 by KingKowz

    When using the  (tribe icon template), I am not able to edit it and it therefor not able to make my tribes. Can someone help me. 

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  • S.S.hogatoan303

    I kind of thought about more Reality T.V series that haven't even been thought of to make. So I created S.S Reality T.V Fanon, on this you can make fanons of whatever shows you like or you can even create your own reality shows. You guys can come join if you want (I'm sorry if I'm not allowed to do this, I just see you guys talk about of fandoms so I thought this was allowed)


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  • Cheesesteak47

    Sad to Announce

    June 3, 2018 by Cheesesteak47

    Hey guys. As some of you know, I'm currently writing a fanon called Survivor: Sicily. I currently just cannot find the motivation to write it. I have motivation to write, but just not Sicily. I apologize greatly to all of you who submitted characters for the season, and I hope you guys can support me as I attempt to write my next season.

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  • Alexandercarrigan

    Castaway Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes Against
    Jack Kennerbay
    29, Chicago, IL
    Video Game Streamer

    1st Voted Out
    Day 3 6
    Ryder Olliver
    37, West Hollywood, CA
    Club Promoter

    2nd Voted Out
    Day 6 4
    Ellie Ikeda
    34, New York City, NY

    3rd Voted Out
    Day 9 5
    Catherine Jackwhite
    56, Bethania, NC
    Hog Farmer

    4th Voted Out
    Day 12 6
    Lindsay Westermore
    36, Oxnard, CA

    5th Voted Out
    Day 15 2
    Ernesto Zapata
    48, Tucson, AZ

    6th Voted Out
    Day 18 9
    Sofía Davíla-Martín
    36, Mayagüez, PR
    Swim Coach
    style="white-space: nowrap; " rowspan="12" 7th Voted Out
    Day 21
    Annie Durr
    21, Kearney, NE
    8th Voted Out
    Day 24
    1st Jury Member 10
    Luke Linke
    35, Timonium, MD
    9th Voted Out
    Day 27
    2nd Jury Member 6
    Abhi Bhaduri
    36, Co…

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  • Coolio15

    Ghana Boot Order

    June 3, 2018 by Coolio15

    As promised, here is the boot order for Survivor: Ghana.

    16th: Carly
    Vote: 5-3
    Votes for Carly: Allan, Fawn, Jane, Sawyer, Zarah
    Votes for Zarah: Carly, Jayson, Sebastian

    15th: Zarah
    Vote: 4-3
    Votes for Zarah: Allan, Fawn, Jayson, Sebastian
    Votes for Jayson: Jane, Sawyer, Zarah

    14th: Willow
    Vote: 6-2
    Votes for Willow: Bridget, Deborah, Don, Lauren, Laval, Theodore
    Votes for Bridget: Ben, Willow

    13th: Laval
    Vote: 6-1
    Votes for Laval: Ben, Bridget, Deborah, Don, Lauren, Theodore
    Votes for Don: Laval


    New Kumasi Tribe: Allan, Bridget, Deborah, Fawn, Jayson, Theodore
    New Walewale Tribe: Ben, Don, Jane, Lauren, Sawyer, Sebastian

    12th: Jayson
    Vote: 3-2-1
    Votes for Jayson: Bridget, Deborah, Fawn
    Votes for Theodore: Allan, Jayson
    Votes for Fawn: Theodore

    11th: …

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