"Brainwashed Little Sheep"
Season Survivor: Tonga
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Episode Number 12/13
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This is the penultimare episode of Survivor: Tonga


Reward Challenge: Challenge Pitch
The tribe would be divided into two teams of three. Each team would use sand bags to knock down the other teams wall. Once one team decimates the other team's wall, both teams would switch positions, and one member will start rebuilding their wall. First team to finish rebuilding wins reward.
Reward: A night at the spa with a family member.
Winner: Laura Murphy, Nick Jacobs, Bailey Taylors

Immunity Challenge: Combo Platter
The castaways must race out to a series of stations with a certain number of objects (buoys, crabs, rocks, fish traps, masks, and bamboo) at each station. The count of the objects must then be used to unlock a combination lock. The first castaway to open their lock and break their tile wins.


Night 33

The Final Six return from voting out Franklin, leaving Laura and Jillian on the outs once again. Jillian lets off on Nick for refusing to make a move. Nick, not wanting to deal with the drama, ignores her. Guylan then celebrates having majority, annoying Laura.

We have four strong right now so it should be cake to get to the Final Four.


When Guylan started to celebrate about staying and having majority, something inside me wanted to smack him.


Laura and Jillian go down to the beach and begin talking strategy. Jillian says the only way they can survive is for them to find the hidden immunity idol and win the challenge. They then agree to look in the morning.

Day 34

Before anyone else wakes up, Laura and Jillian look all around camp for the idol. Guylan wakes up and watches the two look around and snickers.

It’s kind of amusing to see Laura and Jillian look around for the idol when I have it in my pocket.


It sucks to not find the idol. We desperately need it.


As Jillian and Laura return, Barbie, Bailey and Nick wake up. Barbie and Bailey go to treemail and pull out a phone. The two girls scream for joy. They run back and and show off the phone, causing Laura to cry.

I’ve missed my husband so much and I’ll get to see him today.


After watching the videos, the Final Six meet Jeff for the family challenge. There, they meet their family members. Laura’s husband Chris, Guylan’s brother Tyler, Barbie’s dad Frank, Nick’s wife Tanya, Jillian’s mom Christy and Bailey’s cousin Kenny. After explaining the challenge, Jeff forms the teams. The blue team is Jillian, Guylan and Barbie. The red team is Laura, Nick and Bailey. Bailey and Guylan are the two competitors who do the best in throwing the balls. One of Bailey’s throws knocks four pieces off. Laura, when not throwing, studies the puzzle. Guylan’s final throw knocks off all the red teams puzzle pieces. The two teams then switch.

Laura dictates how to put the puzzle together. Despite having two blocks intact, the blue team struggles with the puzzle. With Laura leading the charge, the red team finishes the puzzle first, winning them reward. The three cheer and Laura rushes to hug her husband.

I was so thrilled to win that challenge and spend the day with my husband! And we’re going back to a spa!


Laura is stronger than originally thought. I think she should be the next to go.


The three winners and their family members reach the spa and begin to have massages.

My wife is my rock so seeing her gives me the boost I need to continue on in this game.


After the massages, they begin to have lunch. Laura’s husband comments how skinny his wife has gotten.

The one thing you never want to do is comment on a woman’s weight but in this case, it’s true.


Back at camp, the three that lost the challenge do camp chores. Guylan sulks while collecting wood.

That challenge was one I really wanted to win. Just to spend time with my brother would have given me the boost I need.


While Guylan and Barbie do their chores, Jillian continues to look for the idol to no avail. After the chores are done, the three sit in their shelter. Guylan complains about Nick getting to go on reward. Jillian decides she will use this to try and get Nick to flip to her and Laura’s side.

In the shelter, Guylan begins to complain about Nick going on reward. He starts saying stuff like ‘Oh he never does anything, why does he get to go’. In my head, I’m thinking ‘Yes, this is what we need to try and get Nick to flip.’


The three winners returned from the reward with their stomachs full. Jillian runs over to Laura and tells her everything that happened.

Jillian tells me that Guylan was complaining about Nick. It was perfect!


Jillian then takes a walk with Nick and tells him everything Guylan said. Nick states he has a hard time believing her but she swears on her deceased grandmother that it was true. Nick begins to have second thoughts.

Jillian tells me that Guylan said I didn’t deserve to go on reward. At first, I don’t believe her. She’s on the outs and she knows it. But then this is the kicker. She swears on her dead grandmom. It either means Jillian is a sick individual or she’s being truthful. I don’t know.


At the shelter, Guylan watches Jillian and Nick talk. He begins to regret what he said around Jillian.

Oh man, my mouth might have gotten me in trouble.


Day 35

In the morning, Nick confronts Guylan about the comments he made. Guylan admits it but says he made them out of anger of not getting to spend time with his loved one and apologizes. Nick accepts it but considers getting rid of him.

I really hope my talk with Nick keeps him on my side.


I made a move to keep Guylan in the game and he talks trash about me behind my back. Maybe it was the wrong move.


Laura and Jillian watch them talk from afar and think that Nick will flip.

Right now, we’re s—t out of luck when it comes to finding the idol so Nick flipping could save us.


Jillian talks to Nick and asks if he is willing to flip. He says he needs time to think about it. Jillian says he will get to choose who goes if he does. Nick suggests Guylan but chooses Bailey as a backup in case Guylan wins immunity. Jillian agrees.

Nick wants Guylan gone but will vote Bailey’s ass out if Guylan gets immunity, which I’m fine with.


Bailey overhears their conversation and runs to tell Guylan.

Nick is an idiot. He really needs to stop trying to take us out because it won’t work.


Any plan of Nick’s won’t work because I have the idol.


The two then discuss the possibility of voting him out at the next Tribal Council but decide to make a decision after the challenge.

Day 36

The Final Six meet Jeff for their next challenge and Jillian gives back the necklace. After explaining the challenge, they get ready to compete.

Jillian and Nick barely get anything done, being slow to and from the combination. After his third run towards the items, Guylan slips and falls but immediately gets back up and continues the challenge. The challenge continues on for thirty minutes, much to Jeff’s annoyance.

Bailey dances around the final number, unable to get it right. Laura also needs the final number. However, another fifteen minutes goes by.

An hour after the challenge commenced, Guylan gets the correct combination, winning himself immunity. He falls to the ground, tired.

The Final Six return to camp where Jillian confirms to Laura that Nick is voting for Bailey. Laura is ecstatic.

Hopefully we can get Guylan’s right-hand girl out of here tonight.


However, Guylan, Barbie and Bailey discuss voting Laura out, due to her popularity with the jurors.

Tonight, the vote is between Laura and Nick. I would compare Nick to Sherri. He did a lot premerge but nothing postmerge. However, unlike Sherri, Nick did smart things like align with Mick, planting the seed to get rid of Will and blindsiding Evan. If he plays his cards right, he could win based off that. Then you have Laura, who is the biggest social player left. Everyone loves her because of her motherly ways. It scares me she could get to the end and win based off that. It’s a tough call but it has to be made.


Barbie suggests voting Laura because she is more threatening than Nick while Bailey wants Nick gone for suggesting her. This leaves the teacher with the final vote. With Jillian, Laura and Nick, Nick confirms his decision to flip and he will be voting Bailey. The three shake hands as everyone leaves for Tribal Council.

Guylan may think I’m some brainwashed little sheep, but he has another thing coming.


At Tribal, Nick calls out Guylan for his sour attitude after the family visit and what he said about him. Guylan apologizes again but Nick says he is too late. Jillian states that Guylan called Nick undeserving after he won the family challenge and it struck a chord with Nick. Barbie tells Jeff that it’s three against three since Nick has flipped to the Niua girls. When asked why he didn’t flip the last time, Nick states that Franklin was a much larger threat than Guylan and thought he could work his way into the Final Three with the original Ha’apai members but can see he cannot. They are then called to vote.

When asked if anyone wants to play the hidden immunity idol, Guylan stands up and gives the idol to Bailey, much to the shock of Laura, Jillian and Nick. After three discounted Bailey votes are read, Jeff pulls out two Laura votes, making the stay at home mom the fifth member of the jury.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
Laura (3 votes)
Bailey, Barbie & Guylan
Bailey (3 votes)
(Used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Jillian, Laura & Nick
(Voted Not Counted)
Laura Murphy

Voting Confessionals

Laura, you're one of the strongest women left in the game. You're also the sweetest woman I've ever met which is why I sadly cast this vote.


I'm a little worried we might go to a tie but I'm not afraid of rocks.


Sorry Laura, it's just how the game goes. Love you though.


Only because Guylan is immune.


Bailey, you are a fierce player but I'm casting this vote for the sole reason that Guylan is immune.


There is no doubt in my mind that you're part of Guylan's final three plan so in order to further myself, you need to go. I'm not afraid of rocks.


Final Words

I should have known Guylan had the idol, I'm such an idiot. *Laughs* Oh well, I had a blast and I'm still shocked I beat twelve other people. That's not bad for a stay at home mom. *Laughs*


Still in the Running


Next Time on Survivor...

  • It's the season finale!
  • Jillian is the last remaining Niua member. Will she be able to get to the end?
  • Who will be crowned the Sole Survivor? Bailey, Barbie, Guylan, Jillian, or Nick? Find out next time!

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