"Break the Unbreakable"
Season Survivor: La Mosquitia
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Episode Number 12/13
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This is the 12th and penultimate episode of Survivor: La Mosquitia.

Previously on Survivor...

With all castaways not in the Swap Six eliminated, the core alliance had to turn on itself. Piper and Olive put a plan in motion that would carry them on into the Final Two. Olive convinced the other two original Segovia members to create a Segovia alliance to reach the end. At the reward challenge, Piper and Michelle easily won the reward. At the reward, Piper played her end of the plan. She convinced Michelle to turn against her main ally in the game so far. With all of the castaways targeting Ivan, he knew that something was going on. At the immunity challenge, Ivan was neck and neck with Esther to win immunity. At the end, Ivan made a costly mistake that gave Esther her fourth straight immunity win. At tribal council, Ivan was blindsided by his alliance in a 5-1 vote.

Five are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Flashback
Castaways mus memorize a series of symbols shown to them by Jeff. If a castaway is wrong, they are out. Last castaway wins reward.
Reward: The winning castaway along with one other person will be treated to a steak dinner.
Winner: Parker (Esther)

Immunity Challenge: Building Bridges
Survivors must race to remove planks from a crate and use them as part of a bridge. Each plank is individual and will only fit on one spot. Once the bridge is complete, the castaways must reach their mat on the other side. Then they must remove the planks, saving the ones with part of the final puzzle on them while throwing out the blank planks. The castaways will bring the puzzle planks back to solve the final puzzle. The first person to correctly solve the puzzle wins immunity.
Winner: Esther


Night 33

The five remaining castaways returned to camp. Esther and Parker both approached Olive. Esther asked, "So this is it then? We vote out Piper and Michelle."

In an attempt to get the two of them away from her, Olive answered, "That's the plan. Michelle goes next. Piper's been a supporter so we at least should let her have the highest the Warunta tribe."

"It can't hurt us," Esther said.

"Good," Olive said, "I'm tired. I think I'm going to bed."

Esther and Parker think that I am with them. Piper and Michelle think I'm with them, and in their case, I am. I have no shot at winning against Esther and Parker. They will take each other to the final two, leaving me in third place. Piper will take me. I know that. Michelle may or may not. She's a wildcard. Also if Esther's gone, that gives everyone an equal chance of winning the immunity necklace. So who knows, I could win.

–Olive Canton

Meanwhile, Michelle and Piper were talking between the two of them. Michelle asked, "So Esther's next?"

"Hopefully," Piper answered, "She can't win all immunities."

"But can she?" retorted Michelle.

"She has to stop sometime. I did beat her in the first immunity challenge. That proves she can be beaten," Piper replied, "Even if she wins, we vote out Parker. There is a back up plan in place."

"That is a comforting thought," Michelle acknowledged.

"Agreed," Piper told her.

Day 34


"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. The five castaways walked into the challenge arena. Jeff continued, "Welcome to your last reward challenge. Are you guys ready?...For today's challenge, I will show you a series of symbols. You must memorize the series of symbols. If you guess a symbol wrong, you are out of the challenge. The last on of you standing wins reward. Want to know what you are playing for?...The winner of today's challenge will get a little protein boost in the form of a steak dinner. The dinner will have sides and drinks to go along with it. Worth playing for? We'll draw for spots and get ready."

The five castaways were in their assigned spots. Jeff started the challenge. He showed the first order of symbols. It was a monkey, soccer ball, cathedral, pyramid, a palm tree and a parrot. The castaways revealed their first symbol. All of them got it right. They revealed their choices for the second symbol. Once again they got it right. The third symbol was chosen. All of the castaways showed the right symbol. The five of them showed their fourth symbols. Everyone got it right except for Esther who put the cathedral symbol back up instead of the pyramid.

"Esther falls out of this challenge. That leaves, Parker, Michelle, Piper and Olive still in the competition," Jeff commentated.

The remaining four finished out the first round with all correct answered. Jeff showed them the second series of symbols. It was a soccer ball, palm tree, cathedral, cathedral, pyramid, cathedral, palm tree, and parrot. The first three symbols, everyone got right. The fourth symbol took out Michelle. The fifth one took out Piper. The remaining two were Olive and Parker. On the seventh symbol of the second series, Olive guessed wrong as Parker was right.

"Parker wins reward!" Jeff announced. The four losing castaways took their spot on the mat. Parker stood next to Jeff. Jeff told Parker, "Congratulations, Parker. You have won a steak dinner, but it would be a shame to eat it all alone. You can choose one person to enjoy this reward with you. Who are you going to choose?"

Without hesitation, Parker said, "Esther."

"Wow, no hesitation there. Why choose Esther?" asked Jeff.

"We have been close throughout this whole game. So I thought I would share it with her," Parker said.

"Very well. Esther, come join Parker. As for you three, I've got nothing for you. Go on and head out."

Duo Flumina

Piper, Michelle and Olive walked into camp as Parker and Esther were off enjoying the reward. Michelle and Piper sat on the shelter floor as Olive stood up. Michelle spoke, "Those two think they are untouchable."

"Little do they know that they can be touched," Piper said.

"They can be touched, can't they?" Michelle looked up at Olive.

"Why are you looking at me like that for. I'm on your side," Olive replied.

"Just have to ask," Michelle told her, "You are all former Segovia members."

Before Olive could reply, Piper spoke up, "Stop it. Olive is on our side because she can't make the finals with those two. There is going to be a final two because there were only sixteen of us at the start. Parker and Esther are going to finals together. We can't believe otherwise. We have the numbers. We can't let paranoia and suspicion rule. If that happens, our plan collapses and those two reach the finals."

Michelle let what Piper said soak in. She told Olive, "Sorry about that Olive. Piper's right. We are in the power position."

"I probably would have thought the same in your position. I will have to keep the act up until the next tribal so they don't suspect a thing," Olive replied.

"I know," Michelle said.

Oh my goodness. Michelle could have blew it for us today. She's letting paranoia infest her mind. Michelle, don't do that. We are in great positions. We can't lose that. The next couple of days will be the hinge on which the game pivots. I am so close to the end.

–Piper Milton

I grew a little suspicious of Olive for some reason. I had nothing to worry about. I knew that nothing was going on, but I let my worries nearly consume me.

–Michelle Rosas

"Okay now that that has calmed down, are plan of attack is voting out Esther. If she wins immunity, then it's Parker. It's simple. It's planned. We finish the plan right now," Piper said.

"Sound like a plan," Olive said.

"I'm with you, Piper," Michelle replied.

"Good. Now we just sit it out for the next couple of days. Olive, you be their friend to hush any suspicion. If they ask you who to vote for, it'll be up to you to tell them between Michelle and myself," Piper told Olive.

"I can do that," Olive replied.

Piper asked, "Michelle, do you have any objections to this plan?"

"Sounds good to me," Michelle assured Piper.

"Good," Piper said, "The plan is in motion. Let it roll and we'll be good."

Day 36

Building Bridges

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. The five remaining castaways walked in to the next challenge arena. As they were walking in, Jeff said, "The final five, and by the end of tonight it will be down to the final four. So are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First thing's first. Esther, once again I'll take it back...Immunity is back up for grabs.

"For today's challenge, you must race to remove planks from a crate and use them as part of a bridge. Each plank is unique and will only fit on one spot. Once your bridge is complete, the you must reach your mat on the other side. Then you must remove the planks, saving the ones with part of the final puzzle on them while throwing out the blank planks. You will bring the puzzle planks back to solve the final puzzle. The first person to correctly solve the puzzle wins immunity."

"Son of a bitch, it's a puzzle," Olive muttered underneath her breath.

"We'll draw for spots and get started," Jeff said.

The castaways were ready. Jeff gave the signal to go. All five started to undo their crates. They were all even when they began to build their bridges. Piper, Olive and Esther started to pull ahead as they built their bridges. Parker and Michelle started to fall behind. As the challenge went on, it was a three person race between Piper, Olive and Esther. Each one of them finished their bridges as the other two were only halfway through. Piper touched her mat first followed quickly by Esther and then Olive. The three of them started to sort out their puzzle pieces.

Piper's lead held as she had her puzzle pieces separate. She started to bring her pieces back to her final station. Fight behind her was Esther. Olive got caught up by her pieces getting stuck on her bridge. Parker and Michelle finally finished their bridges and started to separate their pieces. Piper placed her final piece on her station. Esther was right behind. The two of them started to put their puzzles together. Olive reached her station and began a few minutes later.

Jeff walked by the puzzle stations. He said, "Piper's puzzle is coming together. So is Esther's puzzle. Olive is making up a little ground, but she has a ways to go. Parker and Michelle are out of this challenge."

Piper and Esther continued to be neck and neck in the challenge. Olive was making ground on those two. Michelle and Parker finally reached their puzzle stations, but it was a little too late as Piper and Esther were on the final few pieces. Piper and Esther placed piece after piece until by mere seconds, Esther placed her final piece to solve the puzzle.

"Esther wins immunity!" Jeff said. Parker, Olive, Michelle, and Piper stopped. Esther walked over to Jeff. Jeff said, "For the fifth straight time, Esther wins is safe from tonight's votes. As for the rest of you, one of you will be voted out and become the next jury member. I'll give you the afternoon to think about it."

It's time to strike. Esther won immunity so that means we sever her right hand. Parker is going home tonight. The best part is that he doesn't even know it.

–Olive Canton

Duo Flumina

Arriving back at camp, Olive was pulled aside by Parker and Esther. Esther asked her, "We're still good right?"

"Of course," Olive confirmed.

"Okay then. You spend more time with those two than we do. Who do you suggest we vote off next?" asked Parker.

"Piper has been with us the longest so lets reward her by keeping her around once more. So it's going to be Michelle," Olive said.

"Sounds good to me," Parker said.

"It's Michelle then," Esther said.

"Okay," Olive told them.

On paper, it looks like I have absolute control over this game. In that regard, I do. I can go with Parker and Esther or Michelle and Piper. In reality, I have no choice. I can choose to be third place at the highest one way. In the other choice, I am in the final two. I know who I need to go with. Sorry Parker and Esther. I'm in bed with Piper and Michelle.

–Olive Canton

Olive sat down in the shelter with Michelle and Piper. Olive said, "It's done. They think it's one of you. Esther's gunning for you, Michelle. Parker's going to do whatever Esther wants. They vote for you, Michelle. We all vote for Parker."

"Good," Piper said, "You should probably leave so that you don't look like you are plotting with us. Which is exactly what you are doing?"

"Good idea," Olive said. She got up and left the shelter.

Michelle leaned over to Piper, "I don't trust her."

"Michelle, she is with us. Just try to relax," Piper told her.

"It's not you that they are targeting, it is me," replied Michelle.

"Michelle, vote for Parker and tonight we will see who Olive is aligned with," Piper tried to calm Michelle down.

It's crazy. I know that Olive is loyal to us, but I can't get these thoughts out of my head. I'm going to vote Parker and let tribal calm my nerves.

–Michelle Rosas

Tribal Council


The castaways walked into tribal council. Jeff greeted them and brought in the jury. Jeff asked, "So with five people left, is it safe to say that everyone here is experiencing some paranoia as the end draws near? Michelle?"

"Oh god. Jeff, you have no idea. My brain is reeling. I don't know what is going to happen. I know what my vote is. As for everyone else, I have no idea. I feel like everyone is gunning for me," Michelle answered.

"Is there anything to validate that worry?" asked Jeff.

"None at all, Jeff. Michelle knows it. Her mind is trying to play tricks on her," Piper said, "It tells her that there is trouble when there is none."

"So there is no trouble for Michelle? Esther's facial expressions tell a different story," Jeff said.

"Maybe Esther has it out for Michelle. I don't know. I'm not her. I know what is going to happen tonight. I don't know if anyone else does," Piper went on.

"So Michelle has nothing to worry about?" asked Jeff.

"I wouldn't say that. Lets just say that we are going back to our roots," Esther said.

"Roots?" asked Jeff.

"Old Warunta and Old Segovia," Esther said.

"So that means Segovia is still alive and well in an alliance between Parker, Olive and you?"

"That's exactly what that means," Esther said.

"If that's true, Piper and Michelle are in trouble. How does that sit with you two?" asked Jeff.

"I've been worried for days," Michelle nervously smiled.

"As for me, I have nothing to fear," Piper said.

"Bold," Jeff admitted, "It's time to vote. Piper you're up."

Voting Confessionals

You're a victim to Esther's success. As for Esther, tonight will be her grand awakening.

–Piper Milton

I'm such a nervous wreck right now.

–Michelle Rosas

I don't know why Piper's so secure in her spot. She's next.

–Esther Walker

Segovia to the end.

–Parker Mathison

I hope this decision doesn't cost me the million, but I'll at least have a shot at it with this vote.

–Olive Canton


Jeff brought the urn up. He said, "The person with the highest number of votes will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

First vote: Parker
Second vote: Parker
Third vote: Michelle
Fourth vote: Michelle

"We are tied. Two vote Parker. Two votes Michelle. One voted left," Jeff said.

Michelle's color drained from her face. She said, "I think I'm going to be sick."

"The twelfth person voted out of Survivor: La Mosquitia and the fifth member of our jury: Parker," Jeff said.

"Oh sweet mother of god," Michelle said in a massive sigh of relief.

The color drained from Esther face. She spat out, "What in the hell?"

Olive held her head down low giving away it was her who turned on Segovia. Parker grabbed his torch in silence. He brought it to Jeff. Jeff snuffed his torch saying, "Parker, the tribe has spoken."

Parker left tribal council. Jeff turned back to the four remaining castaways. He said, "It would appear that the before mentioned Segovia alliance didn't actually exist. How this impacts the game is anyone's guess."

Esther continued to glare at Olive as they left tribal council.

Tribal Council 12:
Duo Flumina
Parker Mathisson
Parker (3 votes)
Michelle RosasOlive CantonPiper Milton
Esther, Michelle, Piper
Michelle Rosas
Michelle (2 votes)
Esther WalkerParker Mathisson
Esther, Parker
Parker Matheson
Parker Matheson

Final Words

That was wow. I don't even know what to say. Completely unexpected. I wish the best to Esther. Hope to see her make it further than fourth. But I don't know.

–Parker Matheson

Still in the Running

Alina Jenkins
Erick Varney
Esther Walker
Keena Flowers
Olive Canton
Parker Matheson
Quinlan Bartholomew
Tevin Southern
Astrid Beaumont
Dennis Coleman
Inez Zapata
Ivan Utkin
Lester Greene
Michelle Rosas
Piper Milton
Xavier Griffith

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  • With Parker's elimination, only women remain in the game.