Bro Alliance
Season Survivor: Battle of the Ages
Founder Erick Ek
Members Remained Loyal:
Erick Ek (Day 4-30)
Octavia Vacca (Day 4-9)
Ulrich Sternberg (Day 4-10; 20-21)
Kamryn Teague (Day 17-19)
Astor Stark (Day 17-19)
Genette Bandyopadhyay (Day 18-19)
Marquis Luca (Day 20-24)
Day Formed Day 4
Enemies Qiana Afolayan
Ivan Zoric
Ulrich Sternberg
Suvorov Six
Lowest Placing Member Octavia Vacca (14/16)
Highest Placing Member Erick Ek (7/16)

The Bro Alliance is an alliance from Survivor: Battle of the Ages. The alliance was formed on Day 4, which was Erick's intention to have a guys only alliance. He allowed Octavia to join after she was revealed to be spying on them. Eventually the alliance became infamous as Erick would bully many people to join the alliance.


Pre-Dissolve Mangaia

Erick Forces New Allies

The Mutiny

Evil Meets Eviler

Two Against Seven


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