"Burn Like A Candle"
Season Survivor: Solomon Islands
Author User:Henzzy
Episode Number 11/14
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This is the 11th episode of Survivor: Solomon Islands.

Previously On Survivor...

The two team Choisuel and Isabel merged into Honiara. And one of 'survivors' biggest conflicts wasnt going away!

Stephanie: why do you continue to play? You suck at it! You have not made a big move in this game!

Regina: and i haven't been riding someones coattail either.

And Brad found a hidden immunity idol clue at the merge feast!

Brad: I have the clue.

But he could find it even with help of his ally Andrew.

And shock injury shocked the whole tribe!

Johnny: Argh!!!!!

But Johnny was able to continue playing. At the immunity challenge, Rachael and Nate won and were safe from the vote, and an alliance targetted Andrew for his physical strenght and the alliance sucsided and Andrew was sent packing as the second Jury memeber. 9 remain, what 2 will be leaving tonight?


Reward Challenge: Solomon Shuffle
It's a Survivor version of shuffleboard, where the castaways are divided into three teams: green, blue and red.
Reward: A trip to a local resort wear they will spend the next 18 hours in luxuary.
Winner: Nate, Brad & Regina

1st Immunity Challenge: Keep it Up
Each contestant holds two poles against a wooden board while standing. If a contestant drops either pole or moves either pole away from the board, that person is out of the challenge. The last contestant left wins.
Winner: Brad

2nd Immunity Challenge: Survivor Fan?
Each contestant has an answer cube and must turn the cube to the side which they think has the best answer. If they are correct, they remain in the challenge. If not, they are out of the challenge. Last one remaining wins.
Winner: Lucas


Night 25

The fianl 9 return to camp, everyone goes straight to sleep except Brad who talks about Andrew leaving.

Wow! I am shocked with that tribal, i thought T-Man was gone, but i guess not. I think i'm the next target so i need to find this idol tomorrow. But i think its time to split up Stephanie and Regina, i think if i can get Regina as an ally, i can work around being next to go.


Day 26

T-Man walks up and goes into the water for a relaxing swim. Tammie soon joins him. They talk about taking out Stephanie. Tammie is still reluctant to do so but trys not to make it to obvious.

I'm not dumb! I know about the Stephnaie and T-Man relationship! Like please... And T-Man wants Stephanie on the Jury because he know he'll get her vote and he thinks i'll do the same! Please! I ain't his dumbbie!


Brad goes to look for the idol again. He studys the clue. He walks into the forrest. but T-Man and Tammie see him and decided to follow him in.

T-Man: wheres Brad?

Tammie: Brad??? Where are you?

Brad: *sees Tammie* oh s**t.

T-Man: Brad?? Where are you?

Brad: *grabs some berries* Here! I found some berries for the tribe.

T-Man: ok.

Really Brad? Really? "I found berries" like seriously! you're looking for an isol because you know you are next to go! Don't lie to me because i don't buy it! Your going home and you can't stop that! The only think that can svae you is that necklass and you sure as hell ain't getting it anytime soon!


Oh no! T-Man's onto me! This makes thing a lot harder! He needs to go before he tells some one or finds the idol.


Brad takes the berries to camp and shares them with the tribe.

The castaways them make ther way to the reward challenge, Jeff explains the challenge and the are divided into 3 teams.?

Team color members
Red Johhny, Stephanie & Tammie
Green Nate, Brad & Regina
Blue T-Man, Lucas and Rachael

No on from red lands anywhere near the target. and T-man knocks his teams closest puck out of the way and the green team win reward. Brad, Regina and Nate say good bye and go and enjoy the reward.

Yay!!!! We won reward! And i get some time away from Stephanie, she is making my life hell. Maybe i can convince Brad and Nate into an alliance to get her out! If i can the all i need is to more people and bingo! shes gone! haha


Winning reward is great, hopefully i can be relaxed and ready for the immunity challenge and win again. But i can't get too cocky.


The 3 make there way to the resort and see a meal is waiting them. The enjoy the meal, Regina then tells the boys about her plan to take out Stephanie.

Regina: Guys, T-Man and Stephnaie are a pair. We need to split the up. And since i think T-Man has an idol, we need to take Stephanie out. He's selfish and wont give her the idol! Then we can split the vote between him and Tammie and work things out from there. What do you think?

Nate: yeah sure.

Regina: And it would make my time on the island a lot nicer. And we are also weakening T-Man by taking out his numbers.

Brad: I'm in, Nate, can you get Rachael and Lucas on your side?

Nate: Yep.

Brad: Then wy don't we take them two and make us the final 5? The order can go, Stephanie, Tammie, T-Man, Johnny.

Nate: That will work. I'm all for it.

Regina: Yep, we can do that

I'm confident in that group of 5. We can do it, but what worries me is that Nate, Rachael and Lucas are tight. That would making things hard for me and regina, so i really need that idol.


Back at camp, Stephanie tells the 6 people at camp that Regina needs to go and that she "thinks" she will be flirting with Brad and Nate to gain there votes so they need to vote her out next. She blabbers on and tells everyone about her dislike for regina. The others agree just to shut her up.

Stephanie is annoying everyone. She will go next! And she will deserve it! She is such an annoying person and has no REAL friends, her blindside will be amazing!


Shut up Stephanie! Seriously! she's like "blah, blah blah" like its so annoying. Next tribal council i AM righting her name down!


I think the team are getting what i'm saying. Keeping Regina over we would be like really dumb! So i'm sure these people will make the correct decision,and keep me!


Day 27

Brad, Nate and Regina return to camp. They ask what has happened whilst they were away. Stephanie replies

Stephanie: Everyone hates you!

Regina: *nods head*

Stephanie: Ha! Even you think so

Brad: please Stephanie. We don't want to here it.

Stephanie: what ever!

At the immunity challenge, jeff esplains the challenge and they castaway start. About 25 seconds into the challenge, Stephanie drops and i out. Regina smirks but comtinues holding. After 5 minutes pass, Tammie drops out followed by Johnny. 6 remain, Lucas starts to slip a bit, so does Regina. Suddenly, T-Man drops and only five are left. 20 minuets past and Lucas and Regina both drop, leaving Nate, Rachael and Brad. Nate then drops.

Rachael: *whispers* Brad do you want this?

Brad: please.

Rachael: Ok.

rachael drops and Brad wins immunity!

The final 9 walk back to camp and Regina and Stephanie imediatly try to get each other out. 

Nate goes and talks to his allys Rachael and Lucas about voting out stephanie. They both agree with out even thinking for a minute. Nate tells them Brad and Regina are on bored so it should be enough. 

Stephanie goes and talks to T-Man about voting Regina, T-Man says he will vote her out and he gives her a kiss on the cheak. 

I'm pretty sure i'll out last Regina, she's dumb and sucks at survivor. She sucks in challenges, if i keep treating her the way i do, her self esteem will burn like a candle! HA HA HA


Brad goes for a small look for the hidden immunity idol beofre they go to tribal council, and he finds it.

Brad: *grabs the idol* Oh my gosh! I have it !!!!!! Now i better go back to the tribe! Ha ha ha I have it.

The tribe walk to tribal council. When they arive, the jury, Ben and Andrew walk in. Jeff tells the tribe one of them will be join them tonight. Jeff askes the tribe whats happened while the reward winners were away. 

Stephanie: A 6 person alliance was made to vote out Regina.

Regina: *rolls eyes*

Stephanie: Don't roll your f*****g eyes at me b***h!

Regina: Steph, i ain't gonna argue because i'm over it, buddy!

Stephanie goes on a rant about how much she hates regina, then Brad tells her to calm down. Jeff then instructs them to vote. When the votes are read, Stephanie is voted out in a uninmus vote. Leaving Stephanie shocked and in tears. 

Jeff then instructs them they have anouther immunity challenge and anouther vote out! Jeff hands them each a cube with the letters A to D and words true and False. He will then ask them questions about Survivor. Once they get a question wrong they are out of challenge.

Question Answer OUT
Who was Survivors First Winner?
A. Kelly Winglesworth
B. Tina Wesson
C. Richard Hatch
D. Sonja Christofer
C. Richard Hatch no one
True or False - Survivor went to 42 days instead of 39. True Johnny
Rob Mariano has played how many days of survivor in total?
A.  100
B. 114
C. 117
D. 121
C. 117 Regina
True or False - Patricia Jackson was first voted out from Survivor: Maquesas? False   Tammie
Chuay Jai was a tribe on what season of survivor?
A. Philippines
B. Thailand
C. South Pacific
D. Micronesia 
B. Thailand  no one
True or False - In Survivor: Gabon, Bob made a fake hidden immunity idol, he gave this idol to Corinne Kaplan. False  no one
Who was the oldest contestant on Survivor: Nicuragua?
A. Jimmy Johnson
B. Jane Bright
C. Kelly Shinn
D. Holly Hoffman
A. Jimmy Johnson Nate & T-Man
True or False - Sing Whitney Duncan from Survivor: South Pacific has a song called "Mama's Girl"  False Rachael
Which one of these people did NOT quit the game?
A. Dana Lambert
B. NaOnka Mixon
C. Osten Taylor
D. Kelly Czarnecki
D. Kelly Czarnecki Brad

Lucas wins immunity and the castaways vote again! In the end Johnny was blindsided due to his health in a 3-2-1-1-1 vote.

Tribal Council

1st Vote

Tribal Council 12:
Stephanie (8 votes)
Regina, Rachael, Tammie, T-Man & Brad
Regina (1 vote)
Stephanie out
Stephanie Dallson

Voting Confessionals



You need mental help!


You are very crazy and seriously misguided


Crazy woman


Sorry but we can't keep you! You are a physco and unpredictable and threat the well being of us all.


Gosh, your mental and i can stand you, but please give me your jury vote! ha ha thanks Steph


Leave regina alown, your rude and a bully!


one word, Psychopath


your crazy


Final Words

*crying* T-man betrayed me! And that cow regina outlasted me!I can't believe it! I was playing such a great game!How could he! He'll pay and so will that evil cow Regina!


2nd Vote

Tribal Council 13:
Johnny (3 votes)
Rachael, Nate & Lucas
T-Man (2 votes)
Brad & Regina
Regina (1 vote)
Brad (1 vote)
Nate (1 vote)
Johnny out
Johnny Elk

Voting Confessionals

T-man you are too sneaky.


Love you, but your injury could get worse, its better you leave now.


I have no idea who any one is voting for right now. So i'm voting you because your a threat.


T-Man your untrustworthy and a "snake" You need to go home!


If you have the idol you are a huge threat to me. And i think you wont be expecting it tonight!


Your a nice guy, but your health is at risk.






Final Words

Wow! I didn't see that coming. I thought regina was out! I guess my cockyness got the best of me. Good luck to everyone, except tammie and regina, those two are not playing the game and don't deserve to make it this far.

–Johnny Elk

Still In The Running

Chris out
Johnny out
Larry out
Jenny out
Jodi out
Stephanie out
Andrew out
Ben out
Felix out
Carol out
Cynthia out
Elizabeth out
Heather out

Next Time On Survivor...

rachael, nate and Johnny are allined. T-man and Tammie are allined, and Brad and Regina are allined. With 3 different alliance, anyone could go home. And can T-Man keep his idol much longer.

Tammie: They wan't to blindside you!

T-man: *shocked*

Author's Notes

  • This is where you put your trivia.