"Buy Your Fate"

20 castaways compete for $1 000 000 in the Solomon Islands

Season Survivor: Solomon Islands
Author User:Henzzy
Episode Number 1/14
Date Uploaded 6-7-2012
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Buy Your Fate is the debut episode of fanon, Survivor: Solomon Islands


Reward Challenge: Buy Your Fate
Each survivor is given $500, they can spend the money at an auction to buy game changing items. Or they can save the money for a food auction later in thr game. There is no sharing money or combining money to buy an item. All bidding goes up in $20 increments.

Immunity Challenge: 3 day trust
7 members of each team are blindfolded and must make there way through a maze to find a bag of puzzle pieces. there are 7 bags, one for each person to find. 1 other person must yell out instructions to their teammates to guide them through. Once you find a bag it must be given to the remaining 2 members of the team who must solve the puzzle, the first team to finish the puzzle wins immunity.
Winner: Choiseul


Day 1

2 boats row towards a beach in the Solomon Islands. On each boat is 10 people who are about the embark on the adventure of a lifetime. On the green boat marked Isabel there is Chris Hawk, Johnny Elk, Larry Court, Lucas Winston, T-Man Jones, Jenny Road, Jodi Osley, Rachael Alice, Regina Lampert and Stephanie Dallson. On the red team called Choiseul has contestants; Andrew Zarr, Benjamin Edison, Brad Varrata, Felix Colg, Nate Young, Carol Yakama, Cynthia Ballard, Elizabeth Dalton, Heather Carmichael and Tammie Fargreen. These castaways will compete in challenges to survive, they will live together until Day 39, but only one will be the sole survivor?

When the two boats arrive Jeff welcomes the contestants to the Solomon Islands.

Welcome to the Solomon Islands! On these islands you will compete for one million dollars. Now, there will be a twist right here right now! But not both teams will go at once. So what team wants to go first?


Neither team volunteers so Jeff just picks the Isabel team to go first.

When Jeff said that our team was going first I was like "oh crap"


Jeff hands them each a wallet with $500 dollars in it.

Person Item
T-Man Hidden Immunty idol clue $380
Rachael individual advantage $380
Chris: Double Vote $180
Stephanie team advantage $20
Jenny Exile Island Pass $100
Lucas get out off exile $200
Johnny Extra reward $240

Jeff then starts Choiseul auction. The Choiseul tribe’s remainder of the action goes similarly

Person Item
Andrew Hidden Immunity idol clue $500
Brad individual advantage $400
Heather Double Vote $380
Brad team advantage $20
Tammie Exile Island Pass $20
Carol Get out off exile $400
Felix Extra reward $500

Jeff than says that there is one item left and everyone can bid for it but no sharing money. The item is a hidden immunity idol, which is bought by Elizabeth for $500. Jeff then gives the teams maps to their camps.

At Choiseul, the tribe gets to know each other while building a shelter. Felix gets tired the fastest, which worries some of the team members.

Felix seems like the weakest in the tribe. I don't think he is really going to be great in challenges.


Elizabeth suggests that the team should have a tribe leader. The tribe agree that it's a good idea. But no one wants to be the leader. Eventually Brad steps up and takes the role. Once they have built a shelter, Andrew goes for a small look for the hidden immunity idol.

When I bought that clue i was so happy. But then someone bought an actual idol for the same price! I was really annoyed but I have the clue so I'll find this!


Brad and Nate see that Andrew is desperate to find the idol so they follow him to try and make an alliance. Andrew sees the men and goes to talk to them.

Andrew: What are you wanting?

Brad: Well us three and maybe 2 girls should team up!

Andrew: HA! you want my idol!

Nate: No... we want an alliance

Andrew: Not this early in the game!

Andrew walks off so Brad and Nate walk back to the camp. Carol and Elizabeth go looking for some food. While looking they decide to form an alliance.

An alliance with Elizabeth is a smart idea, she seems trustworthy and she has an idol!


At Isabel, T-Man starts flirting with Stephanie. This annoys Chris. Chris tries to tell Stephanie that T-Man is flirting but she doesn't believe him.

Stephanie is stupid! I'm using her! Chris is smart and is trying to tell her that! well I guess not everyone has the pure survivor skill I have!


The tribe start building a shelter for them to sleep in but the thing doesn't work out well for them. Jenny's poor skills in building end in the shelter collapsing.

Jenny! I can't believe that! She just ruins the whole thing! I'm annoyed! She's going out first!


By the time nightfall the team don't have a strong enough shelter and are forced to sleep outside. Fourtunately for them it doesn't rain.

Day 2

Andrew wakes up early and goes for another look for the idol.

I need the idol, because Nate and Brad don't like me so I'm gonna need this thing!


Heather wakes up and sees him walking off. She decides to follow him. She watches Andrew as he searches for the idol. She continues following him. Andrew reads the clue over and over trying to find it. Then he sees a tree with a hole in it. He sticks his hand in and pulls out a hidden immunity idol.

Idol on day 2? Yes please.


Heather who saw the whole thing runs back to the shelter and pretends to be asleep. When Andrew gets back he goes back to sleep. When the tribe gets up, Heather tells Tammie that Andrew found an idol.

Andrew has an idol, so I told Tammie because I trust her, so if we can gain Andrew's trust we could blindside him with the idol in his pocket. So just because I'm a city girl doesn't mean I'm dumb!


Heather: Tammie, I saw Andrew find an idol!

Tammie: Really? When?

Heather: This morning.

Tammie: Should we tell Brad?

Heather: I wouldn't because we could team up with Andrew!

Tammie: Ok.

Heather and Tammie go over to Andrew and talk to him about their lives. Andrew then talks about his life as an astrophysicist. Heather starts a bit of basic flirting, while Tammie doesn't.

When Heather started flirting I was like, girl thats one step too far!


Benjamin, Brad and Nate keep watching Andrew to make sure he doesn't go looking for the idol, but little do they know he already has it.

Brad: Do you think he found it yesterday?

Nate: Possibly.

Benjamin: I think so.

Brad: That sucks! Do you think he's in an alliance with Heather and Tammie?

Benjamin: Sure looks like it.

We can't trust Andrew, he's looking for idols, flirting with girls and who knows what else, he needs to go.


At Isabel, the team try making their shelter again. Jenny is tired because she didn't get a good sleep.

Last night sucked! I could hardly sleep! We need a good sleep tonight for the challenge tomorrow.


Johnny, Larry, Chris and Rachael all try really hard to build the shelter. But Jenny, T-Man and Stephanie don't. Larry asks if the whole team can help. They do. They finish a shelter that isn't as good as Choiseul's but will have to do.

There is quite a lot of lazy people on the tribe. I really hope they start pulling their weight because we are a team for a reason.


Chris forms an alliance with Larry, Johnny, Rachael and Lucas. Their 2 biggest targets to vote out are T-Man and Jenny. Chris tells the alliance that T-Man is not trustworthy and must go early. The alliance agree.

I love that I made an alliance this early, these people have my back and I have theirs.


Jodi finds a few berries in a bush she and Regina share them in the shelter. They then talk about making a girls alliance. Jenny goes and joins them and they tempt her with some berries. Jenny has a few and Jodi tells her the idea.

Jodi wants a all girls alliance? Ok. I'm in, but Rachael is with the guys and Steph is in love with T-Man so its risky.


It starts raining so the team run into the shelter, where they sit and talk about tomorrow's immunity challenge.

Day 3

At the immunity challenge, Jeff explains that the winning team will send someone from the losing team to exile island. That person can NOT be voted off. Then he explains the challenge.

  • Callers: Regina & Elizabeth
  • Puzzle solvers: Jodi and Larry & Cynthia and Carol
  • In the Maze: Chris, Johnny, Lucas, T-Man, Rachael, Stephanie and Jenny & Andrew, Benjamin, Brad, Felix, Nate, Heather and Tammie.

Elizabeth and Regina have a hard time doing the calling. There is lots of confusion, excessively on the Isabel tribe. Brad finds his bag with little help from Elizabeth. Andrew then finds his bag. Jenny struggles even when Regina feeds her clear instructions. Rachael finds her bag, when Regina gives up on Jenny. Tammie finds her bag. Choiseul leads 3-1. Nate and Heather find the same bag, Nate lets Heather take it. Chris then finds a bag, and falls over when bringing it back. Tammie finds a bag after falling over a few times. Jeff announces that Choiseul is winning 5-2. T-Man is struggling and can't get out of a certain area. Felix keeps running into walls. T-Man finds his way out and gets a bag. Stephanie trips over a bag, then takes it. "5-4 to Choiseul" Jeff yells. Lucas finds his bag evening up the score. Nate and Benjamin are left for Choiseul and Johnny and Jenny for isabel. Johnny finds a bag after a few stumbles. Then Nate finds one. Benjamin and Jenny are the only two left, Benjamin finds a bag and makes his way back to the start of the maze.

Cythina and Carol then start on the puzzle. Jenny is having a lot of trouble finding a bag. Cynthia and Carol make the puzzle look easy. Jenny falls over in the maze. Cynthia puts the final piece in the puzzle and Choiseul wins immunity.

A very excited Cynthia takes the immunity idol. Jeff then asks the tribe who they want to send to exile island. The tribe talk to each other for a minute then...

Andrew: We would like to send Regina.

Regina: Oh man.

Jeff: Regina you will vote now and your vote will counted tonight at tribal.

Regina takes a pen and piece of paper and goes and votes away from the rest of the contestants. The she gives her vote to Jeff. Jeff then gives her the map to exile island and she leaves.

Well, exile island will be interesting. I'm safe for three more days and that's a good thing. I hope the girls stick together and vote for the same person as me.


Walking back to camp, the Isabel tribe are worried about going to tribal council.

If I can, I will get everyone to vote out Jenny, like she sucked in the challenge! Like its not that hard! She's the weakest!


When they arrive back at camp, T-Man flirts with Stephanie, continuing to try to gain her trust.

I really like T-Man, I think he likes me back, I can really see us being the next Rob and Amber!


Stephanie is dumb! I've never met anyone as dumb as her! I'll keep her for her vote and maybe to help me find the idol!


Chris, Rachael, Johnny, Lucas and Larry all talk about voting out Jenny because of her weakness.

Chris: I'm voting Jenny tonight.

Rachael: Same, she wasn't good in the challenge.

Larry: I'm good with voting her out.

Johnny: Same.

In the shelter Jenny asks Jodi if she can try save her. Jodi says she will try.

Jenny's a great girl, but we can't keep her, she will lose us the game, and I'm not losing the money because of a bad decision on day 3!


I know I wasn't good in the challenge, but I tried. I hope Jodi can convince the others that I should stay


At Choiseul, the team are happy they won the challenge,

I was expecting to be first voted out but we won the challenge so I'll be here a while longer!


Brad tells the team it might rain tonight so there is no point making a fire. however Cynthia says that they could build it near the shelter, but not so close that it will burn the shelter. Brad and the rest of the tribe agree.

Cynthia is great, she's smart and friendly, I'm glad we have her on our tribe.


Cynthia uses her glasses to make the fire, with help from Brad and Tammie they have a fire going. Just before it begins to rain. The team sit in the shelter talking about their success.

On Exile Island, Regina can't make a fire. She sits down in the shelter where she finds a note saying there is a hidden immunity idol hidden at exile island.

The idol is the only good thing about being on exile! I hate it here!


She looks for a little while but finds nothing.

Isabel arrives at tribal council as it starts raining. Jeff asks Jenny how she feels about the challenge, she says that she was disappointed with herself. Jeff asks T-Man who might be going home tonight? T-Man replies "Jenny is going home tonight!" Chris buries his face in his hands. Jenny and T-Man get into a small fight about his comment which T-Man wins when he tells Jenny "You're going home so I don't care what you think, so please shut up!" Stephanie supports T-Man saying that Jenny is going home because of her physical weakness. Jeff ask Chris what he is thinking. Chris says he feels sorry for Jenny, but he's still going to vote for her. In the end, Jenny was voted out in a 8-1-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Jenny (8 votes)
T-Man, Chris, Johnny, Larry,
Lucas, Stephanie, Jodi & Rachael
T-Man (1 vote)
Larry (1 vote)
Jenny out
Jenny Road

Voting Confessionals

Larry, because your the oldest male, I hope the girls go the same way as me.


Youre a jerk! I might be going home, but I can say Im proud off how I played! Can you?


I nearly changed this to T-Man but you are the weakest sorry.


We need a strong tribe


I'm sorry but you need to go.


Have fun back in the US.


There are many reason to vote you out! They are 1. you are terrible in challenges 2. you're lazy 3. you ruined the shelter on day 1 4. I hate you


You were mean to T-Man, for that i don't like you!




Sorry girl, this could come back to get me but I think I'm doing good for the team.


Final Words

I'm sad that im first out, but i'm greatfull i was given the chance to play this game! thank you survivor, and to the Isabel tribe, i hope you do well, except for T-Man

–Jenny Road

Still in the Running






Jenny out



Andrew zarr

Cynthia Ballard




Next Time on Survivor...

When losing a challenge who could possibly be happy? and who would try to sabotage things for their tribe?

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