Andy ImKyle GirtonUrban Day
Hank BlackSimon PatelAngelo Castellucci
Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Terra Nova
Namesake The tribe is named after John Cabot who was one of the many
European explorers to travel to Newfoundland.
Tribe Type Starting tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe Beothuk
Tribe Status Merged with Beothuk on Day 23
Challenge Wins 8
Lowest Placing Member Hank Black (17/18)
Highest Placing Member Simon Patel (2/18)

Beothuk is a tribe on Survivor: Terra Nova.

Original Members

Post-Tribe Switch

Tribe History


  • Andy Im was the youngest member of the original Cabot Tribe.
  • Hank Black was the oldest member of the original Cabot Tribe.

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