"Can't Save Everyone"
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Season Survivor: Madagascar
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 12/13
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This is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Madagascar

Previously On Survivor...

Now alone, Jessica found an unlikely ally in Carly who was also without a partner. They agreed the groups like Corey & Bobby and Julian & Elsa had to be split before making it to the final four. In the end, Julian got the boot because the Fossa's should be long gone by now. Will Elsa find a way to stay in the competition? Will Corey and Bobby survive as an (allied) couple one more time? Will Carly and Jessica keep from turning on each other?


Reward Challenge: Touchy Subjects
In a majority rules competition, the tribe would answer questions pertaining to a different subject and castaway. If a castaway was correct and guessed the majority answer, where they would cut another castaway's rope. If all three ropes were cut, the castway's ragdoll would be burned up, and they would be eliminated. Last player standing would win Reward, and get to choose 2 fellow castaways to join them.
Reward: A cruise with food, beds, and a massage.
Winner: Carly (shared with Jessica & Elsa).

Immunity Challenge: Combo Platter
The castaways would run out into a field to six different stations and count the number of objects (pigs, crabs, rocks, baobab fruit, spiders, and fish) at each station. The count of the objects would be used to unlock a combination lock. The first castaway to open his or her lock and break the tile would win.
Winner: Jessica


Night 33

5 castaways returned to the cave that night, while the ex.baobabs rejoiced, Elsa was feeling lonelier than ever.

This is it then, I am the last Fossa. Somehow, I feel proud of myself to make it 33 days, and outlast all of my teammates, but mostly, I'm sad. I really don't have any friends here.


Elsa silently cried while the rest happily stayed awake trading stories. Later in the night, the rest went to sleep.

Day 34

The tribe woke and shared another chicken, sticking to ritual, they ate Julie. With only 5 to split between, they had a bigger meal than usual. The breakfast was quiet like the last few and Bobby tried to break the silence.

Bobby: "Well, we only have a few days left you guys. 5 days! Can you believe it?"
Jessica: "I know, I don't want to sound corny by saying this but I am a totally different person than I was 34 days ago. I feel so capable."

This experience is just so surreal! I'm going to take away so much from this! I'm happy I was given the opportunity to do this! Yes, I might not have any boobs right now, but in the end, this whole game was so worth it.


But Bobby's efforts to get the whole group talking failed. Elsa remained passive the whole time. The breakfast became too awkward and Carly asked Elsa to take a walk with her. Elsa nodded her head and the two left the group.

Carly: "Elsa, I know you are upset, but this is a game. You had to know what you signed up for when you came out here."
Elsa: "I know, it's just hard, I have no one here now."
Carly: "Don't you say that! You are a charming young girl and I would love to be your friend. Come on, let's talk."
Elsa and Carly had girl talk on their walk through the jungle.

Teaching has it's advantages. I know girls, Elsa is young and we really had a good chat. She really opened up to me, and that's a good thing. I want her to be my friend so when she is sitting on that jury bench I will be sure to have her vote!


I'm glad Carly took the chance to talk to me, she really isn't as bad as I thought she was.


When the 2 return to the cave, everyone is lively and Elsa chats with all of the others. Corey and Bobby privately go plotting next.

Corey: "Bobby, I'm worried about the girls."
Bobby: "Corey, relax! We have the idol? Remember?"
Corey: "Yes, but that only works for one of us."
Bobby: "Then I guess one of us has to win immunity! And why are you worried about the girls anyway?"
Corey: "Well, there's 3 girls and 2 guys. We are the only alliance standing that's been from the start. Carly and Jessica are great at challenges and Elsa is an easy boot. Enough reasons?"
Bobby: "Your just paranoid Corey."
Corey: "And I have a right to be! I've been here way to long to walk away with nothing now!"

I think the island is finally getting to him. It makes me a bit worried. He might do something drastic!


Inside I am just afraid that if neither of us win immunity, Bobby will play the idol for himself and I'll be out. I'm really worried.


For those who were worried of their position, like Elsa and Corey, Day 34 seemed very short. But for the rest who are dying to get to the finals, Day 34 seemed to last forever.

Day 35

The 5 tried to split one chicken egg. It didn't work out. So they all had Baobab fruit as well.

Eww I'm so thin and gross, I look like a walking stick! I'll never get a boyfriend when I get back home... I hope today's reward is food, I'm so hungry. And my bones need some meat.


The 5 arrived at the reward challenge. They took their surveys and Jeff tallied the scores. He reminded them that they were looking for the consensus. He asked first, "Who does not deserve to still be here?" Bobby, Jessica and Corey said Elsa and Carly and Elsa said Jessica. Elsa was the correct answer. Bobby chopped one of Elsa's ropes, Corey chopped another of Elsa's ropes and Jessica chopped one of Carly's.

The next question was "Who do you trust with your life?". Bobby answered Jessica, Corey answered Bobby, Elsa and Carly answered Carly, Jessica answered Corey. Elsa and Carly got it right. Elsa chops Bobby's rope, Carly chops Corey's rope.

The next question was "Who most needs a wakeup call in life." Elsa rolled her eyes and thought it was about her, She and Corey both picked Elsa, but to the surprise of Corey, Bobby, Jessica and Carly all voted for him. Corey yelled "What!" And Jeff said that the correct answer was Corey. Bobby chopped Elsa's last rope and her doll caught fire. Jessica chopped Corey's rope and Carly chopped Jessica's.

The next question was "Who does the least for their tribe?". Carly said Jessica and Bobby said Elsa, but Corey and Jessica both said Carly and were correct. Corey chopped one of Jessica's ropes and she returned by chopping his last, Corey is out of the challenge.

The next question was "Who would you like to be most stranded with?". Bobby answered Jessica, but both Carly and Jessica were correct in answering Bobby. He winked at the two girls. Corey yelled "I saw that!" from the bench. Jessica hit Bobby's rope and Carly chopped Jessica's last, she took a spot on the bench. Just Carly and Bobby remained.

The following question was "Who do you hope to never see again after the game?" Carly said "This is mean." When they revealed their answers they both said Elsa, they were both correct, but since Carly had 1 more rope than Bobby, Carly won the challenge.

Jeff asked her to take one more person, Carly chose Jessica, and Jeff told her to bring one more, Carly chose Elsa. The three left for their cruise and Corey and Bobby had to return to the camp empty-handed.

Back at the cave, Corey confronted Bobby about the girls again.

Corey: "So, now do you believe me? These girls are going to take us out! "
Bobby: "Corey, please, just because you aren't sexually interested in girls doesn't mean you can target them like that! "
Corey: "Damn it Bobby! This has nothing to do with personal interest! I am trying to save our asses! "
Bobby: "Carly won and of course she'd share with Jessica, and she probably wouldn't think it would be fair to take just one of us on the reward, so she took Elsa, as one final act of kindness."
Corey: "I really don't think it's going down like that, they are probably planning our removal as we speak."
Bobby: "Just chill out."

I wanted that reward so bad. And Bobby is so dumb! How can he not see that they are scheming!


Carly and I have been with each other from the start, she wouldn't screw a Baobab over for a Fossa, Elsa is out next for sure.


While Corey and Bobby worried at camp, the girls were enjoying their cruise. First they took turns showering. Carly went first and then Jessica, but they didn't want to put dirty clothes back on. Elsa showered with her clothes and put them on the outside deck to try so they'd be a little cleaner. Then they had their massages.

This reward win is just what I needed. I feel very renewed. I will have a lot of energy now to carry me through the next couple of days.


I'm so happy Carly included me on this trip. I don't think it was a strategic move, just something done out of the kindness in her heart.


Then they enjoyed their dinner as the sun set and they slept together in a large bed, used to sleeping tight together in the cave.

Day 36

The girls returned to camp bright and early from their brief cruise on Day 36. Just in time for breakfast. Again, they tried to split 1 egg between the 5 of them and they failed. Their meager breakfast left the 5 ill-prepared for their next immunity challenge, which everyone was regarding as a big one.

A lot is riding on this challenge, either Bobby or I need to win so the other can play the idol and we will both be in the top 4.


I have to win, or I'll be out. It's simple, I'm the last Fossa standing and I have to win!


Arriving at the challenge, Elsa saw pigs and commented "Aww, their so cute." Jeff explained the challenge rules and he started it with a "Go!".

The group of 5 split off, all running to a different station. Elsa started by counting the pigs. Bobby counted the Baobab fruits. Carly rapidly tried to count the crawling spiders. Corey was mulling over the rocks. Jessica held her nose as she inspected the dead fish. Corey ran back to his lock to find his first number, the rest counted another group of things. When Corey finished, he ran on to go count crabs, and Elsa returned to her lock. The rest went on to count their third and fourth groups of objects. Carly returned to her lock after counting four stations of objects. Jessica returned after counting five and mentally keeping track of the numbers. Bobby counted everything at all 6 stations and then returned to his lock. Corey and Elsa remained on the field still far behind in counting. Carly returned to count her last two stations after finding all her numbers in the lock. Jessica went to count rocks for her last lock digit. Bobby was still working on his lock, if he remembered his numbers correctly, he should finish. He tried unlocking his lock, it didn't work. He frowned and went back out, not knowing where to begin again. Jessica and Carly finished counting and ran back to their locks simultaneously. They both worked quickly. But Jessica was the first to get the correct combination and unlock her lock and smash her tile. She won immunity and was "Garunteed a spot in the final four!" Jeff crowned her with the immunity necklace and they all made their way back to camp.

When I saw those locks I knew! I knew I'd win! I'm so happy, this win feels so good! But really, the others shouldn't have even tried! I crack locks for a lving!


At arrival, Carly and Jessica immediately head out.

Carly: "Ok, we have a problem. We don't know which of them is going to play an idol. "
Jessica: "It doesn't matter, we should really be voting for Elsa tonight anyway. She is the last Fossa and she can't slip through again."
Carly: "Oh yes she can! I'd rather have to worry about just 1 person, not 2. If both Corey and Bobby survive, we are gonna tie at the final 4 vote, and that can't happen."
Jessica: "It might not tie, I mean, I'd vote for you and you'd be gone!"
Carly: "Nice thinking, but then you'll have to win immunity at the final 3 to insure your safety. And whose to say they won't try for you next. You did just win an immunity, that's a perfect reason to target you. "
Jessica: "Ok, sorry. I won't betray you. I think Bobby will play the idol, let's vote for Corey."
Carly: "No, no, no. Corey has to have it. Bobby would've used it by now. I say we vote for Bobby."
Jessica: "Alright Carly, whatever you say."

She has guts, but I really think Bobby has it, my vote is for Corey and she isn't going to change that. In fact...


Jessica runs to talk with Bobby and Corey. Carly is busy talking with Elsa to notice.

Jessica: "Are you guys gonna vote for Elsa?"
Bobby: "That is the plan, isn't it?"
Jessica: "It was, but I want to change that. Let's vote for Carly, she has a great challenge record and is way more threatening than Elsa."
Bobby: "I think that is a great plan!"
Corey: "For real? I don't like where this is going..."
Jessica: "How could you say that? She is great at challenges and is the biggest threat to win, she needs to go ASAP."
Jessica walks off.

So if Carly doesn't listen to me and vote for Corey, she might end up blindsiding herself... And I'd be ok with that.


Bobby: "What don't you like about this new plan?"
Corey: "They're trying to get us to change our votes. Trying to mess us up. "
Bobby: "No they're not. We need to stick with Jessica's plan, because now if we don't vote with her, we will be one vote short."
Corey "No, we can get Carly to vote for Elsa."
Bobby: "But I really think we should get Carly out."
Corey: "I really don't like this. I'm gonna go talk with Carly."
Bobby: "No Corey don't! Let me..."

I can't let Corey mess this perfect plan up. I am going to just lie and say that Carly is set on eliminating him. Then he will have to betray her and vote for her.


They are trying to trick us. It's the oldest play in the book. We both have to vote the same tonight, it's very important, and I just want to stick with the plan and vote for Elsa.


Bobby walks on and looks for Carly, he plans to have a random conversation and then lie to Corey, when he spots her, he does from a distance. He sees her talking to Elsa, and he sneaks by. ...

Carly: "So Elsa, the plan tonight is to vote for Bobby. You trust me right?"
Elsa: "I guess. Who else can I trust?"
Carly: "That's the spirit!"
Elsa: "But why vote Bobby?"
Carly: "Oh Elsa, we can't save everyone!"
Bobby heard enough of the conversation and leaves. Carly leaves shortly after but Elsa stays behind, she thought she saw something.

Ooh, that b*tch. She is gonna be fooled tonight when I play my idol!


I thought I saw a bird that looked just like Bobby...


Bobby goes back and tells Corey his little lie.

Bobby: "I have sad news for you bro."
Corey: "And what's that?"
Bobby: "Carly and Elsa are trying to vote you out. We have to get rid of Carly. We HAVE to."
Corey "Really? Why don't you just give me the idol. They will both vote for me and you and I will vote for Elsa and she'll be gone."
Bobby: "And you'd rather have that traitor Carly still here?"
Corey: "Bobby, my head hurts. This is crazy, I am voting for Elsa, with or without you. But I'd rather it be with you so she can be gone!"
Bobby: "Ok Corey, you win."

Its ok, I'll play my idol, but I can still vote for Carly and with Jessica's vote too, she will be gone.


At least I feel a little better now knowing that Bobby is going to give me his idol because Carly and Elsa are gunning for me.


The 5 remaining survivors go to tribal and Jeff begins the ritual by welcoming the jury. Antonia, Nicholas, Drew, and Julian proceed in and take the bench. Julian gives Elsa a thumbs up. Jeff then talks about how there's 3 people fighting alone and one couple left, Corey and Bobby. Corey giggles at this but Bobby is upset that Jeff called them out on it. Bobby tries to explain that the three of them are more dangerous because they could all pack together and try to get one of them out. Jeff also mentions that there is still an idol and if it's to be played it must be played tonight. The 5 vote and then Jeff asks for and idol. Bobby stands and Carly's jaw drops. But then he says he will play it for himself and Corey's jaw drops. The votes are read. Only 1 is cast for Bobby. Corey is eliminated 2-1-1-0. The jury is in shock. Bobby tries to hug him goodbye and say "Sorry" but Corey is very angry and he doesn't accept the gesture.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
Corey (2 Votes)
Jessica & Elsa
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Carly B
(vote not counted)
Carly B
Corey B&W
Corey Canavough

Voting Confessionals

Oh what am I going to do?


See ya!


Fossa needs to be gone!


I thought I saw you earlier, and if you overheard our conversation then I guess I have to switch my vote.


Carly, you will only mess this up for yourself if you don't vote for Corey.


Final Words

WHAT! That stupid, self-centered, sexy man! He was supposed to give me the idol! Or vote for Elsa! This all could've been avoided. We were set Bobby! What happened?


Still In The Running

Antonia B&W
Bella B&W


Hanson B&W

Julian B&W

Kamila B&W

Nicholas B&W

Sammie B&W
Carly B
Corey B&W

Drew B&W

Jasmain B&W
Rikku B&W
Sherbert B&W

Next Time On Survivor

Elsa has survived without Julian. Carly has survived without her old ally Nicholas. Jessica has lasted without her freind Drew. How will Bobby fare without his partner Corey? Will the three girls stick together and snuff Bobby? Will the Baobabs oust Elsa? Or will Bobby and Elsa try to attack the challenge winners? 2 more are to be voted out. 1 will be crowned winner of Survivor: Madagascar along with the million dollar prize. Stay tuned!

Author's Notes