Carly Brookes
Carly B
Contestant Profile
Birth Date December 1, 1979 (1979-12-01) (age 38)
Hometown Towson, MD
Occupation Teacher

Survivor: Madagascar

Tribes Baobab
Placement Winner
Challenges Won 10
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 39

Carly Brookes is a contestant in Survivor: Madagascar.


32 year old Carly is a teacher. She isn’t the strongest competitor physically, but she claims to be a big mental competitor. Her camping skills from camping with the family will come in handy as well.

Survivor: Madagascar

Carly was able to survive to the tribe switch in Switchin Things Up because her tribe won all but 1 immunity challenges. At the swtich, Nicholas Landwehr was added to their team. She formed a close alliance with him.

When the indidual game began, Carly proved to be quite good at the challenges. She won the first immunity challenge.

I think I am pretty good at these challenges. I almost won the reward. I could've! But I quit. But I did win immunity! Ha! I barely beat Nicholas!


Carly and Nick were in a good position on Night 21, both sides needed them for a majority. They sided with Baobab and Hanson was eliminated.

She won immunity for the second time in a row and eliminated fellow teacher Antonia on Day 24.

On Day 27, Carly and Nicholas tried to get Drew to eliminate his ally, Jessica, but he couldn't team up with them, and in a shocking vote, Carly's ally Nicholas was eliminated.

Without Nick, Carly was alone. She saw the game for what it was, 3 groups of 2.

Very little have I felt alone out here. I usually have someone to talk to. Now, I see the tribe split into 3 groups of 2. Couples locked from the start of the game. And I'm here all alone.


On Day 30, after losing immunity, and with no ally's, Carly needed an out. She seeked out Elsa and Julian who thought they were on the outs and got them to side with her and vote out Drew, Jessicas's closest ally.

After Carly helped eliminate Julian, she bonded with Elsa who was alone. She included her on her reward win.

At the final 4, Elsa won immunity. But because Carly had bonded with her, she was on her side. At the vote, Elsa and Carly voted for Bobby and Bobby and Jessica voted for Carly. At the revote, Jessica switched her vote for Bobby and he was eliminated. Carly won the final immunity and voted Elsa out.

At the final tribal council, she won votes from Antonia, Bobby, Elsa and Nicholas. She was crowned the winner of Survivor: Madagascar, the first female winner in a Ckarimalis' fanon.

Voting History

Carly's Voting History
Episode Carly's
Voted Against
1 Baobab Tribe Immune
2 Sherbert -
3 Baobab Tribe Immune
4 Baobab Tribe Immune
5 Baobab Tribe Immune
6 No Vote
7 Hanson Individual Immunity
8 Antonia Individual Immunity
9 Jesica -
10 Drew -
11 Julian -
12 Bobby Bobby
13 Bobby;
Bobby, Jessica;[1]
Elsa Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Carly
Antonia, Bobby,
Elsa, Nicholas
Winner, Day 39
  1. In Never Give Up, the vote ended with a 2-2 tie between Bobby and Carly, forcing a revote, where the only eligible for elimination were Carly and Bobby. At the revote, Jessica switched her vote for Bobby.


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  • First female winner in a Ckarimalis fanon.
  • Most individual immunity wins in Survivor: Madagascar with 3
    • Most reward wins this season, 2.
  • Crowned Miss Madagascar.
    • Placed second in Miss Fanon Survivor 2012 to fellow "Carly"