Cassidy Zenfield
Contestant Profile
Birth Date November 6, 1962 (Age 49)
Hometown Huntsville, AL
Occupation Alabama SPCA

Survivor: Malaysia

Tribes Lautan
Placement 15/18
Challenges Won 3
Votes Against 14
Days Lasted 12

Cassidy Zenfield is a contestant in Survivor: Malaysia.


Cassidy works at the Alabama SPCA, and cares for the rescued and injured animals. She loves her job, and applied for Survivor to try to win the million in order to refurbish the animal's care houses and buy new supplies for the center. She may not be the best at physical challenges, or mayby not even that great at puzzles, but she is a friendly go-getter that people will love to be around. She is a people person and should have no problem finding an alliance.

Survivor: Malaysia

Voting History

Cassidy's Voting History
Episode Cassidy's
Voted Against
1 Lautan Tribe Immune
2 Elena Alex, Beverly
3 Adam Sam, Elena, Adam, Tyler;
Sam, Elena, Beverly
4 Beverly Sam, Elena, Adam,
Beverly, Tyler
Voted Off, Day 12


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