"Cause I'm Black"
Season Survivor: Brazil
Author User:Pieniazek666
Episode Number 1/15
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This is the first episode of Survivor: Brazil


Reward Challenge: Concentration
Scattered in a challenge arena are 13 pairs of matching symbols hidden under covers. One at a time, contestants will enter the field and uncover two items. If they match, they score a point for their tribe. If the items do not match, they are recovered and the next contestant takes their turn. The first tribe to score a 7 points wins reward.
Reward: Flint
Winner: Juventude

Immunity Challenge: Getting Tanked
One castaway would stand at the top of a tower and pour water down five gutters held by five castaways. The water would fill a barrel, which would release a net of puzzle pieces when full. The four remaining castaways would assemble the puzzle. The first tribe to assemble their puzzle would win.
Additional stipulations: If Sabedoria wins they will receive flint.
Winner: Sabedoria


Day 1

20 castaways, divided into 2 groups are walking though the dense forest of Fenando De Noronha Brazil each with one goal in mind. Outlast the rest to claim the title of sole survivor and the million dollar prize. Each group has been randomly chosen and while they are not in their tribes yet first impressions are already forming.

I'm just looking around these people. I see a guy with blueish greenish colored hair and think what the f*** kind of guy is that. I also see an old lady who look pissed to be here.


Looking around, I think I hate that guy with a red hat, the guy in grey, that old lady with a cowgirl hat I hate as well.


I'm looking at these people and this blond girl is just looking every which way like a human bobble head. I'm expecting a crazy play from her.


I see all these young ones and I know I need to watch out for them. This blond girl though really has me curious.


Both groups walks through until they arrive at a beach with Jeff standing.

Welcome to Survivor: Brazil. Take a good look around. There are 20 of you here now and in 39 days only 2 of you will be left. You must adapt quickly or else you will be voted out. We will now divide into our tribes. I want those of you who are 35 and young on the left and 36 and older on the right.

–Jeff Probst

Everyone moves to their spot.

These are your tribes. The younger will be Juventude represented in maroon.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff throws a bag of buff to Jordan.

The older will be Sabedoria represented in orange.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff throws a bag of buffs to Cody.

Here are you maps to your camps. Head out.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff throws a map to each group. The tribes then head towards their camps.


The tribe arrives at camp.

Quote1Well I think we should a introduce ourselves. I'm D-Lamm.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1My name is Cody.Quote2- Cody
Quote1You can all call me Suz.Quote2- Suz
Quote1I'm Kyle.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1I'm Devin. Nice to meet you.Quote2- Devin
Quote1I'm Ruth.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1The name is Leo.Quote2- Leo
Quote1I go by JJ.Quote2- JJ
Quote1I'm Kelly.Quote2- Kelly
Quote1I'm KarenQuote2- Karen
Quote1Well now we have all gotten to know each other. I think we should start working on the shelter.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Who made you boss? Clown.Quote2- Suz
Quote1It's Cody and I'm just making a suggestion.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I think it is a great idea.Quote2- Leo
Quote1Okay. We will work on the shelter and then work on a fire.Quote2- D-Lamm

Everyone heads off to gather stuff to make a shelter.

Suz really looks pissed at something. She called me a clown. I'm not a clown. I am a police consultant.



The tribe arrive camp.

Quote1WHOOO. Let the game begin. Let's start on a shelter.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Shouldn't we introduce ourselves first.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1That sounds like a good idea.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1I'll start. I'm Andrew.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1I'm Jordan.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1My friends call me Goliath.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1I'm Callie.Quote2- Callie
Quote1My name's Emilie.Quote2- Emilie
Quote1I'm Yul.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Why do you have an Asian name?Quote2- Jefember
Quote1What just cause I'm black I can't have the name Yul?Quote2- Yul
Quote1I'm not saying that I just find it wierd.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Well why don't go next mister racist?Quote2- Yul
Quote1My name is Jefember.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1What the f***. You are making fun of my name and you have a calender reject name.Quote2- Yul
Quote1It's just a name.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Exactly. So quit talking about people's names until you get a better one. Blond chick, you can be next.Quote2- Yul
Quote1I'm Leann.Quote2- Leann
Quote1My name is Courtney.Quote2- Courtney
Quote1I go by Brownie.Quote2- Brownie

Jefember chuckles a little.

Quote1What was that calender reject? Did you just laugh at his name? I'm sure that's only a nickname unlike yours.Quote2- Yul
Quote1It is. My full name is Kyle Brown. My ex started calling me Brownie a lot around my friends and after we broke up it still stuck.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1See. It was a nickname from a girl.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Whatever. Can we start on the shelter?Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Sure.Quote2- Andrew

Everyone heads off into the woods to gather material for the shelter.

I like Yul. He is playing a bit interesting. It will be harder to read his cards if I'm not with him.


Yul and Andrew are walking the forest gathering material.

Quote1Hey Yul.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1What's up?Quote2- Yul
Quote1What do you think about me and you forming an alliance together. We can then bring in a few other people.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Yeah. That's what's up. I'm in as long as we take out Jefember.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Sounds good. I think Jefember is getting on people's nerves already.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Yeah he is.Quote2- Yul


Cody, D-Lamm, Kyle and Ruth are working on the shelter while Devin, Leo, Karen, and Kelly are gathering more material with Suz and JJ are trying to make a fire.

Quote1What do you guys think of Suz?Quote2- Cody
Quote1She always looks mad at something.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Big time but think on Leo. Every time he comes back he has less than the other three.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1I know but what would we rather keep around?Quote2- Cody
Quote1I would keep Suz if she did stuff.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Hey clown man, I got your fire started.Quote2- Suz
Quote1Like that.Quote2- Kyle

Cody, Kyle, D-Lamm, and Ruth turn around to see Suz has made a good solid fire with JJ just staring.

Quote1Looks like we got a fire now.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1I hate making fires.Quote2- Suz
Quote1Well you did good on making one. I blinked and missed it.Quote2- JJ
Quote1Well now that we have a fire we can cook some of the rice.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I'll do it.Quote2- Suz

Leo, Devin, Karen and Kelly come out from the woods.

Quote1Here is the last of what we need. Should I start to try to make a fire.Quote2- Leo
Quote1Suz already made one.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Nice.Quote2- Devin
Quote1I know.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Well let's start making rice.Quote2- Kelly
Quote1I'll do it.Quote2- Karen
Quote1I already started.Quote2- Suz
Quote1Then what can we do?Quote2- Leo
Quote1Help me put the last of this crap on the shelter.Quote2- Cody
While we are gone Suz becomes superwomen over here. She made a fire, she is cooking, what's next she single handedly wins the challenge for us.


Leo and Cody put up the last of the shelter material while Suz cooks the rice. When Suz is done the tribe enjoys.


Andrew, Yul, Brownie, and Leann are setting up the shelter. Jefember is trying to make a fire while Emilie is looking for firewood. Goliath, Courtney, Jordan and Callie are gathering material for the shelter as well as some food.

Quote1Brownie, Leann, Andrew and I were thinking. Let's form an alliance, take out Jefember and then take the game. Are you two in?Quote2- Yul
Quote1I'm in.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Well, I guess I'm in.Quote2- Leann
Quote1Cool.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Okay. Let's get us a name.Quote2- Yul
Quote1How about Ngo alliance?Quote2- Andrew
Quote1What the f***?Quote2- Yul
Quote1Explain that please cause I'm confusedQuote2- Leann
Quote1We will call our alliance ngo alliance. When people ask us if we are in an alliance we reply we are in ngo alliance. It sounds as if we aren't in one but in truth we are.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1That is smart. Then they will tell us their plan of action.Quote2- Yul
Quote1That is smart.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Leann
Quote1Yo, Jefember.Quote2- Yul
Quote1What?Quote2- Jefember
Quote1How is that fire going?Quote2- Yul
Quote1I can't get it started.Quote2- Jefemeber
Quote1Well you better hurry.Quote2- Yul

Emilie comes out with a handful of sticks. Goliath comes from the woods with a bundle of bananas and he is followed by Coutrney, Jordan and Callie carrying shelter material.

Quote1I brought bananas to eat with the rice.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1No rice yet.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Why not?Quote2- Callie
Quote1Jefember can't make a fire.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Seriously?Quote2- Goliath
Quote1He's right. I would help him but he doesn't want any.Quote2- Leann
Quote1I will get this fire going myself.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1If you want help we are all here.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1I guess we will just eat the bananas.Quote2- Courtney
It's not that I don't want the help. I want to show I can do something because I already got off on the wrong foot.


Goliath passes out bananas to everyone including Jefember who just set his on the ground before going back to the fire.

Juventude Night

Jefember is still working on the fire. Leann gets up and goes over to him.

Quote1Hey, take a break.Quote2- Leann
Quote1I can't.Quote2- Jefmeber
Quote1Yes you can. Here eat the banana from earlier.Quote2- Leann
Quote1I'll eat when I'm done.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1You will be more energized if you eat.Quote2- Leann
Quote1Fine. I'll eat.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Thanks.Quote2- Leann

Jefember starts eating the banana.

Quote1Now isn't that better?Quote2- Leann
Quote1Yeah. Thanks.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1No problem.Quote2- Leann

Leann walks back to the shelter while Jefember finishes eating before getting back to work.

Jefember is working really hard at trying to make the fire. I hope he goes to sleep a little bit though because he will need it. This game is kind of crazy.


Day 2


Cody, Suz, Ruth, and D-Lamm are hanging around the shelter.

Quote1Hey guys. I was thinking. Leo is getting more and more useless.Quote2- Cody
Quote1What are you suggesting?Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Take him out.Quote2- Suz
Quote1What?Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Exactly Suz. We may have to vote him.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Eliminating him is becoming our only option.Quote2- Suz
Quote1I guess.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Let's focus on winning the challenges first.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1We'll lose one for sure.Quote2- Suz
Quote1Now you guys are talking about Leo but he tries his absolute hardest compared to Karen.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1You're right. We have to look at all sides of things.Quote2- Cody
Quote1He is getting exhausted.Quote2- Suz
Quote1That's what I think. He was working his butt off at the start.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1It's a lot to think about but ultimately D-Lamm is right let's not focus too much on this just yet.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I agree.Quote2- Suz
Quote1I'm going to head to the beach to talk with the people down there.Quote2- Cody
Quote1Have fun.Quote2- D-Lamm
Quote1Later Cody.Quote2- Suz

Cody heads off down to the beach to talk to Kelly, Kyle and JJ.

Suz has sort of lightened up a bit on the I hate everything front and she is great to work with if you can figure out what she is saying.


Suz is improving great. We had a good conversation without her once calling Cody a clown. She even called him by his name.



Jefemeber is still working on trying to make a fire with no success. Yul, Goliath, and Emilie are sitting around the shelter while the others are at the beach.

Quote1Come on dude. Get the fire going.Quote2- Yul
Quote1I have been trying all night.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Well obviously either you aren't trying hard enough or you just suck at it.Quote2- Yul
Quote1We can't eat just bananas all the time.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1I want some rice already.Quote2- Emilie
Quote1Alright. I'm tired of this. Move over I'm making the fire.Quote2- Yul
Quote1I told you I've got this.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Yeah, if you had it then we would have a fire already and be eating rice.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Sorry I'm not speedy gonzales over here.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1We know that. You are slow at making a fire or just suck.Quote2- Yul

Andrew, Leann, and Brownie come up from the beach.

Quote1What's going on?Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Jefember still hasn't made a fire.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1He is gone first time we go to tribal and then anyone who doesn't want to be here can go next.Quote2- Yul
Quote1I think everyone wants to be here.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Jefember, can you please hurry on the fire or ask for help?Quote2- Emilie
Quote1I'm not asking for help.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1You should probably get a little bit of rest.Quote2- Leann
Quote1I agree.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Great. Let him rest while we have no fire.Quote2- Yul
Quote1We can make it while he is resting.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1You can do whatever you want.Quote2- Jefember

Jefember hops in the shelter and lays down.

Quote1I'm making the fire.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Let's just let Jefember make it so he feels like a part of the tribe.Quote2- Emilie
Quote1Fine. We will wait for Jefember.Quote2- Yul
We are on day 2 and still no fire because Jefember has to be the one to make it. I could make it easily at any time.


Reward Challenge

Both tribes arrive at a field location.

Welcome to today's reward challenge. For today's challenge you will take turns picking and revealing two covered symbols. If they match you score a point for your tribe. If you are wrong they will be recovered. There are 13 pairs but 30 covered symbols meaning 4 symbols don't match anything. The first tribe to 7 wins reward. Want to know what you are playing for?

–Jeff Probst

Everyone, "Yes."

The winning tribe will get fire in the form of flint. I'll give you a minute to strategize and we will get started.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is in their spots.

Alright. Because Sabedoria is the older tribe we will let them go first.

–Jeff Probst

Cody walks up reveals an infinity sign and then a monkey."
Jeff, "Infinity and a monkey. No match. Brownie, you're up."
Brownie walks up and reveals the alpha letter then another alpha letter.
Jeff, "That's two alpha letters. Brownie scores a point for Juventude. D-Lamm, you're up."
D-Lamm walks up and reveals two EJP signs."
Jeff, "D-Lamm matches. We are tied at one a piece. Jefember, you're up."
Jefember walks up and reveals a fire sign and a calender sign.
Jeff, "No match from Jefember. Leo, you're up."
Leo walks up and reveals a monkey and an infinity sign.
Cody, "He just picked the same ones I did."
Jeff, "No match for Leo. Andrew, you're up."
Andrew walks up and reveals two yin yang symbols."
Jeff, "Andrew matches. Juventude is leading 2-1. Kyle, you're up."
Kyle walks up and reveal a turtle sign then a monkey sign."
Jeff, "No match. Yul, you're up."
Yul walks up and reveals the two monkey signs.
Jeff, "Yul scores a point for Jventude. Suz you're up."
Suz walks up and reveals two radioactive symbols.
Jeff, "Suz scores a point for Sabedoria. Juventude is leading 3-2. Jordan, you're up."
Jordan walks up and reveals two fire symbols.
Jeff "Jordan scores a point. Juventude leads 4-2. Kelly, you're up."
Kelly walks up and uncovers a gavel picture and an apple picture.
Jeff, "No match. Goliath, you're up."
Goliath walks up and uncovers 2 rock signs."
Jeff, "Goliath scores a point. Juventude leads 5-2. Devin, you're up."
Devin walks up and uncovers a horse picture and an apple picture.
Jeff "No match. Emilie, you're up."
Emilie walks up and uncovers the two apple."
Jeff, "Emilie scores. Juventude only needs one more match. JJ you're up."
JJ walks up and reveals a wet floor picture and an infinity sign.
Jeff, "No match. Callie you're up."
Callie walks up and reveals the two infinity signs.

Callie score. Juventude wins reward.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is back on the mats.

Juventude, Congrats on winning the reward. Come and get it. Sabedoria, I have nothing for you. Grab you're stuff and head back to camp.

–Jeff Probst


The tribe arrives back at camp following their win.

Quote1Jefember.Quote2- Yul
Quote1What?Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Now make the fire with this and hurry.Quote2- Yul

Yul tosses Jefember the flint.

Quote1Alright. I'll make it as fast as I can.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Hurry. I'm starving over here.Quote2- Courtney
Quote1Yeah. We can't just be eating bananas the whole time.Quote2- Yul
Quote1We will help you if you want it.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1If he wants it?Quote2- Jordan
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1We all know he needs it.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1Okay. I get it. I can't make a fire.Quote2- Jefember

Jefember continues trying to make the fire with no success.

Quote1Can we get this boy some matches already?Quote2- Yul
Quote1This is getting ridiculous.Quote2- Callie
Quote1I didn't think it was possible for some one to be this bad at making a fire.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1I'll go more bananas since that's what looks like will be on the menu.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1I'll go with you.Quote2- Courtney
Quote1No. We are fine. Jefember move over.Quote2- Yul
Quote1No.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Move the f*** over.Quote2- Yul

Yull pushes Jefember out of the way, grabs the flint and machete then starts making the fire. With in minutes Yul has it lit.

Quote1That's how you do it.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Oh good.Quote2- Leann
Quote1Let's make the rice.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1I'll help.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1Jefember will stay back cause then we won't have it made until tomorrow.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Whatever dude.Quote2- Jefemeber
We finally have fire after Yul pushed Jefember out of the way. I am glad because we can now eat rice. We can also have beans later.


Sabedoria Night

Devin, JJ, and Suz are up and out of the shelter.

Quote1I still can't believe Leo today.Quote2- Devin
Quote1The dude flat out didn't try.Quote2- JJ
Quote1He picked the same ones Cody had picked.Quote2- Suz
Quote1I know. I don't want to be mean but he has got to go if he keeps doing that.Quote2- Devin
Quote1But he is much stronger than Karen.Quote2- JJ
Quote1It comes down to what do we want to keep around.Quote2- Suz
Quote1I agree. Karen or Leo.Quote2- JJ
Quote1I'm not sure. There is a lot to think about.Quote2- Devin
Quote1We don't have a whole lot of time to just be thinking. We need action. We need strength.Quote2- JJ
As the days go on we have to talk more and more on who we are to vote out. I can't be going into a tribal thinking who is the one getting the boot. I need to be sure this person is going and if that doesn't happen then a blindside happened. Not going in and be like I think it's you tonight.


Day 3

Immunity Challenge

Both tribes arrive at a field location.

Welcome to today's immunity challenge. For today's challenge, one person from each tribe will pour buckets of water down five gutters being held by five other tribe members and into a barrel. When the barrel is filled high enough it will release a net of puzzle pieces. The remaining tribe members will use the puzzle pieces to solve a puzzle. The first tribe to solve the puzzle wins immunity. Losers, will see me tonight at tribal council where somebody will be the first person voted out of this game. I'll give you a minute to strategize and we will get started.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is in their spots.

Alright, poring water for Juventude is Leann. Pouring for Sabedoria is Leo. Goliath, Jordan, Emilie, Callie and Courtney are holding the gutters for Jventude against JJ, Devin, Kyle, Kelly, and Ruth. Leaving Andrew, Yul, Jefember, and Brownie on the puzzle for Juventude against Suz, Cody, Karen and D-Lamm. Survivors ready...Go.

–Jeff Probst

Leann and Leo begin pouring water for their tribe. Juventude with a zigzag pattern going and Sabedoria with a straight path.
Jeff, "Both tribes have a completely different approach.
JJ, "Keep going Leo."
Callie, "Keep up the pace Leann."
Jeff, "Juventude is a quarter way there but Sabedoria is not far behind."
Leo and Leann continue grabbing a pouring water. Leo goes faster but spills a lot while Leann goes slower keeping all the water from every bucket.
Jeff "Sabedoria just passes Juventude. Their bucket is now at the half way point."
Goliath, "Leann, hurry up."
Emilie "You can go faster."
Leann "Alright."
JJ "Leo, just keep doing what you are doing."
Jeff "Sabedoria quickly getting ahead of Juventude. Juventude is not giving up and are not too far behind."
Ruth, "Keep it up Leo we are almost done."
Goliath, "Keep it up Leann."
Sabedoria's bucket fills up releasing the pieces. Juventude's pieces fall shortly after.
JJ, "Done."
Callie, "Done."
Jeff, "Both tribes have their pieces they can start working on the puzzle."
Jefember, "Let me do this. I can solve it easily."
Yul, "Like you made the fire easily."
Suz, "That goes there. That one over there."
Cody, "This piece goes here."
Jeff, "Sabedoria is quickly going through the puzzle. Juventude is falling behind."
Andrew, "Guys we can't be fighting."
Jefember, "Tell that to Yul."
Yul, "I want to win and why we put you here I don't know."
D-Lamm, "That piece is here."
Suz, "Bring this one here. That one there."
Jeff, "Sabedoria is almost done with the puzzle. Juventude is barely getting going."
Yul, "I'm doing this. Watch how I do it."
Yul takes control of solving the puzzle but however is too late as Suz places in the last piece on their puzzle.
Suz, "Jeff."

Sabedoria think they have it. They do. Sabedoria wins immunity.

–Jeff Probst

After everyone is back on the mats.

Sabedoria, come and get it. You guys will be safe tonight. Juventude, I will see you tonight where somebody will be the first person voted out of this game. Grab your stuff and head back to camp.

–Jeff Probst

Suz walks up and grabs the idol before everyone heads back to camp.


The tribe arrives back at camp following their win.

Quote1Congrats everyone.Quote2- Cody
Quote1That's how we do it.Quote2- JJ
Quote1Let's do that again next time.Quote2- Suz
Quote1I wish I could have done more than just pour water.Quote2- Leo
Quote1Don't be so down Leo. We won. Let the young ones worry about who should go because none of us will.Quote2- Ruth
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- JJ
Quote1Cheer up. Let's celebrate.Quote2- Kyle
Quote1Okay but I want to do more at the next one.Quote2- Leo
Quote1That's fine.Quote2- Cody
Quote1I say whoever is the best fit for it.Quote2- Kelly
Quote1Exactly. Let's rest up, celebrate and do again next time.Quote2- JJ
Quote1Big time.Quote2- D-Lamm
Leo is upset that we had him pour the water. Are you serious? That was one of the most important jobs in the challenge and you want to complain. Be happy we didn't have you stand there while we did the puzzle.



Everyone is hanging around the shelter.

Quote1Seriously Yul?Quote2- Jefember
Quote1I could have had that if you didn't try to mess it up.Quote2- Yul
Quote1There is one thing I have been good at and they are puzzles.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1I could have gotten that as well.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1We need to work together on the challenges not be fighting on who will do it.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1We can not afford to be losing the challenges like that.Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Well tell that to Yul.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1I can work with people that respect me. You are gone unless somebody doesn't want to be here.Quote2- Yul
Quote1After this vote we need to work together. Not be fighting like this at every minute on every thing.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1I'm good that.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Who cares what you are good with?Quote2- Yul
Quote1I think this tribal will be good for us.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1I agree. Yul can go tonight.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1I'm not going anywhere.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Well I think you should.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Can we please get along?Quote2- Leann
Quote1I can't get along with him.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1"Well good because you won't have to see me for long.Quote2- Yul

Tribal Council

The tribe arrives at tribal.

Take a torch, dip it in the fire and take a seat. In this game, fire represents life. When your fire is gone, so are you as will be the case for one of you.

–Jeff Probst

The tribe each grab a torch and dip them in the fire. They then place their torches behind them before taking a seat.

Quote1Andrew, What happened at today's challenge today?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1We were doing good keeping up the pace but then when we got to the puzzle Jefember and Yul started arguing about who will do the puzzle instead of working together.Quote2- Andrew
Quote1I said earlier. I can not work with Yul. I just can not stand him.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Well I can't stand you. You have absolutely no respect for me.Quote2- Yul
Quote1You don't have respect for me either.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1I had it and you lost it day one.Quote2- Yul
Quote1"Why because I made fun of your name? I'm sorry.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Oh well thank you. You are still going though.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Jefember, explain what happened on day one.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1When we started introducing ourselves, I made a note that Yul's name was asian and he overreacted.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1And then you laughed at Brownie's name when you have that calender reject name.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Well do you want to give me a better name then?Quote2- Jefember
Quote1It don't matter cause you will be gone after this.Quote2- Yul
Quote1It has been like this all day. We even had problems when Jefember couldn't make the fire.Quote2- Goliath
Quote1I tried my best on that.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1We all tried to help you but you pushed everyone away.Quote2- Yul
Quote1I should have asked for help but I figured you would just laugh at me.Quote2- Jefember
Quote1Leann, you are just in awe of this. What are you thinking?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1I'm just so surprised on how crazy this game is. I can't figure out why my friend loves it but she does.Quote2- Leann
Quote1Your friend?Quote2- Brownie
Quote1Yeah, my friend wanted to be here but got onto another show that she applied to be on and I thought it would be fun so I took her place here.Quote2- Leann
Quote1What the f***? You mean to telling us that you were not the original person to be here.Quote2- Yul
Quote1Yeah. This game is crazy though.Quote2- Leann

Everyone just stops talking and just looks at each other.

Quote1Um. Should we just vote now.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1To break the silence that has just occurred, it is time to vote. Callie, you're up first.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Callie walks over to the urn, places her vote and walks back. She is followed by the rest of the tribe ending with Courtney.

I'll go tally the votes.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff walks over to the urn, grabs it and walks back.

Once the votes have been read the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

–Jeff Probst

First vote...Jefember


Leann...2 votes Leann, 1 vote Jefember

Leann...3 votes Leann, 1 vote Jefember

Leann...4 votes Leann, 1 vote Jefember

Leann...5 votes Leann, 1 vote Jefember, 4 votes left

First person voted out of Survivor: Brazil...Leann. You need to bring me your torch.

–Jeff Probst

Leann gets up, grabs her torch and walks up to Jeff.
Jeff, "Leann, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go."
Leann walks out of tribal and into the night.

In what looked like one person was for sure going home quickly turned around by a simple comment. You guys need to work together or else I will see you over and over again. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. Good night.

–Jeff Probst

Tribal Council #1:
Leann (9 votes)
Andrew NBrownieCallie RCourtney KEmilie
Andrew, Brownie, Callie, Courtney, Emilie, Goliath, Jefember, Jordan, Yul
Jefember (1 votes)
Leann Rolff

Voting Confessionals

You should have just stayed quiet.


I think you just saved me.


So I think this is still the vote tonight.


Final Words

Well I guess I'm out. I don't know how my girl loves this game cause it's kind of crazy. Oh well, what can you do now?


Still in the Running

Andrew N
Callie R
Courtney K
Cody E
Karen W
Kelly K
Kyle R
Leo O

Next Time on Survivor...

Jefember and Yul try to put their differences aside and Leo tries to prove himself.

Author's Notes

The title was said by Yul after Jefember commented on Yul's name.