"Chaos Is My Middle Name"
Season Survivor: Guadeloupe
Author User:Dskmd
Episode Number 5/14
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Chaos is my Middle Name is the fifth episode of Survivor: Guadeloupe.

Previously on Survivor...

The Worker Bees alliance split into two rival alliances after Beth and Lydia didn't vote according to plan. On Goyaves, Ida struggled to decide between sticking with Regan or betraying her by voting for Abbie. In an immunity challenge where both tribes had to vote someone off, Luke and Rodger won individual immunity. At Tribal, Joel revealed that Regan had an immunity idol in an attempt to swing some votes to Regan, but Joel was eliminated in a 4-2-2 vote. At Bananier's Tribal Council, Dallas made a shocking move by switching his vote from Izzy to Ruby, betraying his alliance because he believed it would further his position in the game. Ruby was voted out in a 5-4 vote.

Fifteen are left, who will be voted out next?


Immunity Challenge: By the Numbers

One at a time, maneuver past the other players standing on a balance beam and get to the finishing platform. If you fall, or touch more than two other players at once, start over. First tribe to get all seven members on the platform wins.

Reward: Immunity and donuts

Winner: Goyaves


Night 12


The Sweetheart Alliance was in shambles. Regan was angry at Ida for telling Joel and Rodger about her idol.

I trusted Ida, and she betrayed me. Now, she's gonna pay.


Holly and Abbie were upset with Regan for keeping her idol a secret from them.

I don't trust Regan anymore. I want her gone, but I'm not sure how I'll go about doing that.


Ida was annoyed at Brenden for being stupid and clueless.

Brenden is dumber than a sack of potatoes.


Harvey kept saying how he couldn't stand Abbie.

Abbie is still a nutcase, so nothing's changed, except for the fact that my annoyance towards her has increased considerably.


It was chaos. Absolute, honest to goodness chaos.

And Rodger was loving every minute of it.

I love all the chaos Joel and I created! I'm loving this, because I'm not the number one elimination target anymore. And I love chaos... because chaos is my middle name.


He immediately began talking to Holly, who was sitting alone while Abbie was arguing with Regan and Harvey, and Ida and Brenden were bickering.

Quote1Hey cutie, wanna chat?Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Shut up.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Hey, I'm not involved in this. And you aren't, either.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1I don't want to talk to you.Quote2- Holly
Quote1You're in a bad spot right now, I get that. And I know how to get you out of it.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1How?Quote2- Holly
Quote1Simple. You align with me, and get Abbie, Harvey and Brenden to come along too. Then, we vote out Regan then Ida, in that order.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1...I'll get back to youQuote2- Holly

I don't trust Rodger. I'm not sure if anybody trusts Rodger. But I also don't trust Regan. Right now, there aren't many options for me. Also, if I'm expanding my options, I don't want to align with Harvey. Harvey can be extremely rude, and he wouldn't flip on Regan. Regan and him are close... Too close for my liking...



Over on Bananier, it wasn't all rainbows and sunshine. Taylor was furious with Dallas, because in her mind, he was nothing but a dirty, no-good, traitor.

What Dallas pulled was so (bleep)ing horrible. I mean, what the (bleep) was that? I want Dallas gone now. Our "friendship" if you can even call it that, is over.


Taylor, being Taylor, was definitely going to call Dallas out on what had happened.

Quote1What was that?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1I had to do what was needed to survive.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Survive?! We were fine. Until you screwed it up.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Ruby had to go.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1We trusted you, Dallas. Congrats. You're a lying, scheming rat. Are you happy now?Quote2- Taylor

Taylor and her alliance can yell at me all they want, but Ruby was expendable. I was playing the game, which they don't understand the concept of.


Taylor discussed Dallas and his betrayal with Lydia and Beth.

Quote1We're screwed. Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Well, thanks for the vote of confidence.Quote2- Beth
Quote1I'm serious. They have the numbers. No one on their side is going to switch sides.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1There's always the Hidden Immunity Idol.Quote2- Lydia
Quote1We could look for it out in the open. We have nothing to lose.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1What if we can't find it?Quote2- Beth
Quote1Then, we're definitely screwed.Quote2- Taylor
I need that idol. My alliance needs that idol. If I don't get my hands on that thing, I WILL be the sixth person voted out of Survivor.


Day 13


Ida had quite a few things to clear up with Regan.

I hate sucking up to people. To me, it's a weakness. But I'm not an idiot, unlike Brenden. I'm aware that Regan's controlling the game, and in order to save myself, I need to get on my knees and do some begging. With my fingers crossed behind my back, of course.


Quote1Regan, we need to talk.Quote2- Ida
Quote1Why? Enough's been said. I just gotta say, wow. You must be incredibly idiotic, pulling a stunt like that.Quote2- Regan
Quote1I came to apologize.Quote2- Ida
Quote1Sorry doesn't cut it here. Welcome to the big leagues.Quote2- Regan
Quote1I'm aware that it in no way makes up for what I did, but I had no idea that Rodger and Joel would blurt it out at Tribal Council.Quote2- Ida
Quote1Oh, so you think that if you apologize that it'll be all good again? Well, tough luck. This is MY game now. And you're just a pawn in MY game. So screw you.Quote2- Regan

I am livid that Ida switched over to the other side. I thought we were solid, but she stabbed me in the back. Well, Ida, guess what? You stabbed me, now I stab you. That's how it works.


OK, it's official that Regan and I are now on opposite sides. I brought that upon myself, and now I'm stuck. Harvey and Brenden are in Regan's back pocket, Rodger won't want to work with me, and Abbie and Holly have their own little group.


Surprisingly, though, Rodger quickly brought Ida, Holly, and Abbie all together for some strategy talk.

Quote1This is strictly out of necessity. Guys, I know we've had our ups and downs...Quote2- Rodger
Quote1We've had more downs than ups.Quote2- Ida
Quote1(Glares at Ida) As I was saying, if we don't band together, Regan's going to control this whole game. We'll just be pawns, and if we don't get together and work together, then Regan gets what she wants.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1So, you're saying that sticking together is the only way to survive in the game?Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Well, as much as I hate to say this, Rodger has a point. Let's try this, maybe we'll be able to overthrow Regan.Quote2- Holly

I don't trust Rodger, but I need to work with him for now. Luckily, the merge can't be that far off, so I only have to put up with him for a few days.


Day 14


Taylor and her alliance were looking for the immunity idol. It was their only hope of surviving in the game. Without it, the Bananier Outsiders would be toast.

We need that idol. I'm just hoping that no one else has it.


Lydia was correct, nobody else had the idol. But that didn't stop Dallas. He grabbed a medium-sized rock and stuck it in his back pocket. His pocket bulged, so it was obvious that there was something in there. Then he went to go talk with his alliance.

Quote1Hey, guys. Guess what?Quote2- Dallas
Quote1What is it?Quote2- Luke
Quote1I found the idol.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1You did? (Dallas nods) Can we see it?Quote2- Izzy
Quote1(Dallas pulls his rock out of his pocket) Isn't it lovely?Quote2- Dallas
Quote1That just might fool them.Quote2- Ryan
Quote1Imagine if they start freaking out over the rock! That'd be hilarious.Quote2- Adam

Taylor, Lydia, and Beth were lounging in the shelter after failing to find the idol. Dallas walked by, and Beth noticed the bulge in his pocket. She nudged Taylor and Lydia as she silently pointed to the lump in his pocket.

It looks like Dallas has the idol. This is not good. I'm done. I'm absolutely done.


Day 15

Immunity/Reward Challenge

After everyone came in, the rules were explained, and Adam was chosen to sit out for Bananier.

When Jeff yelled, "GO!", the Bananier tribe immediately began having trouble. Taylor, the first on the beam for Bananier, was able to make her way past Izzy, Beth, Lydia, and Ryan with no problem. But when she got to Luke, she slipped off the beam, falling into the water.

The Goyaves tribe was able to get Holly across the beam quickly, and got Regan across the beam right after. They were currently finding a way to get Abbie past Ida, Brenden, Rodger, and Harvey.

Taylor, after making three unsuccessful attempts, finally got across the beam. Izzy started to work her way around the line of people. While attempting to go past Beth, she accidentally knocked her in the water, forcing Izzy to start again.

Holly, Regan, and Abbie were now finished for Goyaves. Taylor was the lone person finished for Bananier.

After two more attempts, Bananier got Izzy across the beam around the same time Ida stepped across the beam. Goyaves had three more people (Rodger, Brenden, and Harvey) to get across the beam, and Bananier had five people (Beth, Lydia, Ryan, Dallas, and Luke) to get across the beam.

Beth worked her way around Lydia, Ryan, and Luke, but slipped off the beam when she was near Dallas. Brenden finished, giving Goyaves an even bigger lead. But Rodger was struggling to get past Harvey, gaining Bananier some time.

When Beth fell in the water again, Luke groaned inwardly.

Good-bye immunity and donuts. Hello Tribal Council. I don't know about you, but I'd prefer the donuts.


Rodger finally got past Harvey to the other side of the beam. Harvey jogged over to where his tribe was. Goyaves had won immunity.


Izzy and Luke, who had gotten pretty close over the past few days, were busy plotting about who would go home.

Quote1Both Beth and Taylor are on the chopping block, right?Quote2- Luke
Quote1Why not Lydia?Quote2- Izzy
Quote1Lydia is not as devious as the others. We can get rid of her any time.Quote2- Luke
Quote1Good point. How about we vote for Taylor? We won't need to split the votes, because I'm positive they think Dallas has the idol.Quote2- Izzy
Quote1Too bad it's just a rock.Quote2- Luke

The whole time Izzy and Luke were plotting, Lydia was listening.

Izzy and Luke will regret saying that I'm not devious. They're going to be really shocked tonight.


Lydia quickly went up to Taylor and Beth, telling them what she had heard.

Quote1That means that maybe the idol's still there somewhere?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Hopefully.Quote2- Lydia
Quote1Should we look for it?Quote2- Beth
Quote1Yeah, but we need to keep it on the down-low. Izzy and Luke need to believe we fell for Dallas's rock stunt.Quote2- Lydia

I hope we find the idol. This is what will save me in the game.


Tribal Council

Quote1Welcome to Tribal Council. Luke, you guys dominated early on, but now you're floundering. Why do you think that's happening?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Not sure. Maybe it's because the divide between the alliances got larger.Quote2- Luke
Quote1So, Taylor, there is a divide?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Yeah. It's Lydia, Beth, and me against the rest of them. One of us might go home tonight, and it's all because of Dallas. None of this would have happened if Dallas hadn't flipped.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1I did what I had to do to save my game.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1It was a stupid, paranoid move. We would have been able to vote off Izzy, who is currently sitting too pretty right now. Our plan would have worked, if it weren't for you switching your vote.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1You don't understand that I'm playing the game.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Couldn't you have played it similarly to mine?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1It is time to vote. Izzy, you're up first.Quote2- Jeff Probst

After everybody voted, Jeff asked if anyone wanted to play a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Taylor stood up. The majority alliance looked absolutely shell-shocked. Lydia and Beth could barely contain their glee. Taylor shot a smug smile at Dallas as she walked up to Jeff.

Quote1You know, Jeff. I found this neat little thing at camp today. I think I should give it to you. It looks like it'd be worth more than a rock.Quote2- Taylor
Quote1This is the Hidden Immunity Idol. Any votes cast for Taylor will not count.Quote2- Jeff Probst

First vote: Taylor. Does not count. Taylor. Does not count. Izzy. Izzy. Two votes Izzy. Taylor. Does not count. Taylor. Does not count. Taylor. Does not count. Sixth person voted out of Survivor: Guadeloupe is... Izzy. Izzy, I'm gonna need your torch.

–Jeff Probst

Luke could not believe it. His most trusted ally had just gotten voted out. That hadn't been supposed to happen.

Someone was going to pay.

Tribal Council 6:


Taylor (Used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Izzy, Luke, Ryan, Adam, Dallas
Izzy (3 votes)
Taylor, Lydia, Beth
Izzy GS

Voting Confessionals

Izzy, I'd vote out Luke or Dallas, but you're the next in line. We need Luke and Dallas to win challenges.


Taylor, if I played the game like you, that would make for boring, boring television.


You're a sweet person, but you're the most cutthroat and the least athletic. That combination pre-merge is deadly.


Izzy, you have no idea how happy I am to write your name down.


Sorry about this, I have nothing against you.


Taylor, you're like a ray of sunshine on this island. But it's time for the sunshine to go behind the clouds. This is a big kid's game.


Helpful hint: Don't talk about who you're voting out within the hearing distance of the ally of the person you're voting out.


Sorry to see you go. You've become like a little sister to me.


Final Words

I am flabbergasted. I don't know what just happened, but that was some amazing game-play on Taylor's part. I had the time of my life out here, and wouldn't trade the experience for anything... Except maybe to do it again.


Still in the Running

Louie GS
Chloe GS
Joel GS
Izzy GS
Conner GS
Ruby GS

Next Time on Survivor...

  • Will a mutiny turn the game on its head?
If you want to mutiny to the other tribe, step off of your mat right now.

–Jeff Probst

  • And Dallas contemplates making a bold move.
My alliance is still up in the numbers, but if somebody flips, it's all over. It just takes one person to change the outcome.. And that person might be me.


Author's Notes