Cindy Crawford
Contestant Profile
Birth Date February 20, 1966 (1966-02-20) (age 52)
Hometown DeKalb, IL
Occupation Supermodel

Survivor: Black Islands

Tribes Rhyvella
Placement 16/16
Challenges Won 0
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 1

Cindy Crawford was a contestant in Survivor: Black Islands.


Supermodel Cindy Crawford knows she will be recognized on the island. She doesn't care. She is competing to test her physical and mental ability. She plans on donating her winnings if she wins.

Survivor: Black Islands

Cindy did not connect with her tribemates. They recognized her as supermodel Cindy Crawford, and being the oldest woman on the tribe didn't help her either. She tried to vote out Tazyeko with Kaplan and Alex but didn't succeed. She was the first eliminated.

Voting History

Cindy's Voting History
Episode Cindy's
Voted Against
1 Tazyeko Jack, Malik,
Mint, Neonina, Tazyeko
Voted Off, Day 1


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  • Cindy holds the record for shortest time lasted in the game with 1 day.